Dialing in precise exposure from ND 1.2 is just a matter of changing ISO and aperture slightly. So, without having any time to adjust the settings, we used our C100 Letus Helix Jr PID settings and it worked just enough to get by with simple moves. When we first started shooting with the C300 mkII, an officially supported SanDisk 256gb Cfast card was close to $700. . Local Pickup Only. The problem was, the C200 monitor and hand grip was left on the gimbal back by interview setup. Our DIY fix for the C300 mkII screen tilting to the right. The EOS C200 supports both Canon Log and Canon Log 3 Gamma. We can see the benefit of a C200B for production crews who will use it 99% of the time on a gimbal, or for C200 owner/operators who would rent a C200B as a gimbal camera on productions where they need a gimbal camera on standby. Canon EOS C200 (Steckplatz für Speicherkarten) Besuchen Sie den Canon-Store. Product description Canon's EOS C200 EF Cinema Camera features a built-in EVF, 4" LCD screen, top handle, Super 35mm CMOS sensor, and Dual Pixel Autofocus. There are many conflicting views about this camera, but the proof is in the pudding. © 2000-2020 B & H Foto & Electronics Corp. 420 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001. Canon is smart at giving that entire market something to consider with the EOS C200, especially because there are many up and coming filmmakers who are buying into one camera system that they’re using for all kinds of work, including narratives, music videos, documentaries, web series, commercials, and so on. . More recently, several C200 owners have reported success with the new DJI Ronin-S gimbal. Canon. Your Price: $239.00 Canon HDU-2 Handle Unit for the C200 / C200B - … 27,95 € Sennheiser AVX digitales Drahtlosmikrofon-System (AVX-ME2 SET-3-EU) ME 2 Lavalier-Set 3,9 von 5 Sternen 8. Who do you trust? It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor, which is not vastly different than the C300's APS-C CMOS sensor. And now that the XLR inputs are in the camera body, you can pair the C200 with the external monitor/recorder of your choice, without building up an excessively complex interview rig. With Cinema RAW Light. And the cost range hasn't changed much since. We bought it at its initial price and are still paying off the lease, and we don’t regret it a single day. The Canon C200 is certainly better than the C100, but it doesn’t perform magic. But then the specs were revealed, and we all felt a wave of confusion. UPC: 013803263268 See any errors on this page? Canon - EOS C200 + CFast 128GB - Jetzt online bestellen bei Mediatec. No more fiddling with the jog wheel to move the AF square to your subject. The Canon C200 uses the same CMOS sensor as the C300 mkII, but features more advanced Dual Pixel Auto Focus, including touchable AF on the LCD screen. And by "likely" we mean it will most certainly happen to you at some point, if you shoot on Cfast. A couple years ago we moved to the C300 mark II and it continues to amaze us. Shoot us an email if you have any questions or comments. If it theoretically cost more in Cfast cards than your camera itself, to shoot a day’s worth of footage, perhaps it’s time to look at other cameras. It's no secret that we're big fans of Canon Cinema EOS cameras here at Digital Filmmaker. And it’s relatively affordable. There’s internal MP4 recording on an SD card, up to 60fps in 4K UHD, at 4:2:0 and 150mbps. The EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera is a "ready-to-go" production camera that comes with a built-in electronic viewfinder and an array of accessories including a 4-inch touch screen LCD monitor, a versatile handle and ergonomic handgrip. Ende Mai kündigte Canon mit der EOS C200 seine neueste Kamera der Cinema EOS-Serie an (Wir berichteten). Manufacturer rebates, terms, conditions, and expiration dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic. That’s it. In a pinch, you can quickly take the C200 off the gimbal and use it as a regular camera, without having to reconnect the monitor and hand grip. Mic Holder Unit. Der C200 Z-Finder von Zacuto wurde speziell zur Verwendung mit dem Canon LM-V1 4" LCD Monitor in Verbindung mit der Canon C200 entwickelt und ermöglicht die Nutzung des Monitors als Sucher. And isn’t that the whole point of introducing new tech in our industry? Übersicht; Technische Daten; Zubehör; Produktbewertungen; Support; Vielseitige 4K-Produktionen. But there's something else inside that makes the image look way different. And we have to be honest here, the image is not nearly as similar as we had hoped. Shoulder Strap SS-1200 . There are a few things we really like about the Canon C200, like the new hand grip using an ARRI Rosette, which makes it so much more modular for rigging. Broadcast Technik ️ Finanzierung möglich ️ Sicherer Kurierversand ️ Not only is it bulky, but if you have it placed at the front of the top handle, any time you press on the monitor to use the touch AF, the whole camera shakes a little. The other part of the RAW Light equation is the Cfast media, which is still prohibitively expensive. Having a touchable AF monitor on the back of a gimbal is a game changer. So for most people out there, we recommend the standard Canon C200 on a gimbal. The actual video story itself is perfectly fine - it follows the journey of fish from sea to a chef's table. Jetzt hatten wir eine der ersten C-200-Serienkameras im Testlabor, mit denen Canon die Filmerwelt verbessern will. Cinema EOS C200 body. Shooting 4k at 60fps with reliable AF means you can slow down, reframe, and come out with some very decent gimbal shots. The portability, ease of use, image, affordability of lenses, and codec/bitrate all worked to the C300’s advantage in becoming an industry standard. 4K Camcorder mit Super 35-mm-CMOS Sensor mit Cinema RAW Aufzeichnung, EF-Mount und DAF Canon 0% Aktion - bis 31.12.2020! Color Confidence Total Balance Graukarte 4,4 von 5 Sternen 98. But in order to do so, you should consider the Wooden Camera EVF Bracket Adapter. Dabei können MP4 Formate auf SD Karten aufgezeichnet werden, während RAW … And we shoot everything in original C-log, rather than the new Clog 2/3 flavors, even though we lose a little bit of range. FIRMWARE UPDATE** The EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera is a “ready-to-go” production camera that comes with a built-in electronic viewfinder and an array of accessories including a 4-inch touch screen LCD monitor, a versatile handle and ergonomic handgrip. You can shoot in RAW Light and fix all the mistakes in post. Anyway, we’re getting off track here. But we used the C200 only in its 4k UHD MP4 mode. Die Canon EOS C200 bietet Ihnen mit dem Canon Log3 einen beeindruckenden Dynamikumfang von bis zu 13 Blendenstufen. But for a 2 minute video, we’ll have at least an hour of interview in 4k to deal with, and now the entire video project is slowed down because our timeline has to deal with a lot of 4k interview clips. Except when dual pixel auto focus and a touch AF screen is desired. When the Canon C200 was announced, we did a little happy dance. But sadly, you now have to carry around a big AC adapter, which kind of makes the size change moot. Canon EOS C200. Close. $4,800 (Seattle) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Canon's LM-V1 4" LCD Monitor is a touchscreen viewfinder monitor for the Canon C200 and C300 Mk II cameras. Not having to question 4k capture means you no longer have to worry about how to respond to clients when they ask for 4k, especially for very long productions where it seems wasteful and unnecessary. In just about any ugly condition, the C300 mkII makes the image shine. … The monitor unit is perfectly lightweight, now that nothing else is attached to it. In addition to the color difference, the C200 image looks so much flatter and deader than the very lively and three-dimensional C300II image. Canon LM-V1 4" LCD Monitor for Canon C200 & C300 Mk II Canon MA-400 Microphone Adapter for EOS C300 Mark II and XC15 Camcorders CAMVATE C0993 1/4"-20 Mount to Shoe Adapter (2-Pack) Manfrotto 492LCD Micro Ball Head Canon BP-A30 Battery Pack For EOS C300 Mark II, C200, and C200B Canon Battery Charger for EOS C300 Mark II, C200, and C200B Batteries But of course, new cameras need to come out every few years, and new industry standards (or at least industry movements) need to be addressed. Oh and it doesn’t do 4k at 60fps. However, the C200 doesn't currently support RAW output onto an external recorder. As a rough guideline, with a 128gb Cfast card, you can record 16 minutes of RAW Light at 4k/24fps. 558,35 € Nur noch 13 auf Lager. Well, at least theoretically. We’re terrible, unprofessional shooters who don’t know what we’re doing and are not properly utilizing the camera the way its intended to be used. To protect the C300 mkII, to make room for a C100 mkIII, and so on. These two improvements are almost enough to make us switch from the C300 mkII to C200 for interviews alone. Gimbals like the Helix Jr and the popular DJI Ronin M are certainly up to the challenge of carrying a C200. And really, it’s not necessary. The touchable monitor makes the Canon C200 one of the best gimbal cameras out there right now, for the solo operator at any rate. It would be great if we could get a coiled version of this cable, or various sizes without spending a fortune. Zinslose Finanzierung über 24, 36 oder 48 Monate bei der ALBIS HiTec Leasing GmbH. Outside of interviews too - can you imagine how easy it will be to track a subject walking away or toward you, by touching on the screen a couple times? Not only are internal NDs a thousand times more convenient, and less likely to affect the image negatively, they also save you a lot of money. So far there hadn’t been any confirmation from other users that a C200 would even fit on a Helix Jr, so we weren’t entirely sure it would even work. A slightly longer cable is very necessary, but unfortunately it's quite expensive for a cable. The ARRI Monitor Bracket for the Canon C200 LCD replaces the original bracket from Canon, the LCD attachment which came with your Canon C200 Camera.The ARRI PCA monitor bracket is an improved bracket to fit with your ARRI Viewfinder Mounting Bracket MVB-1.. Canon Digital Cinema Camera EOS C200 / EOS C200B Firmware Version [macOS] For macOS 10.15, 15th July 2020 . The reader? What makes the Canon EOS C200 very attractive today is its ability to shoot in compressed 4k mp4 media. But EgoDisk, a newer company, also insists that the popular Lexar Cfast readers are inherently bad and will corrupt your Cfast cards. Lexar, EgoDisk, SanDisk? How I rig the Canon EOS C200 Cinema Camera for production work. It is either an all-out 4k raw beast or a slightly underwhelming 8-bit internal recording camera. In interviews as well, being able to touch the screen to ensure your subject is in focus from time to time, is so comforting. The C200 uses the same batteries as the C300 mkII, which is great if you shoot with both cameras. The other supported Cfast manufacturer, Lexar, was recently shuttered. Both the LCD screen and EVF are much improved in their resolution and clarity (over the C100). However, to our surprise, the cable on the C100/C300 hand grip, with a Zacuto Grip Extender, works perfectly on the C200. 150mbps is within a decent range of quality and space compression for both narrative filmmakers and broadcast professionals. But computers become faster, the software gets better, and sooner or later all that will speed up.