Brian Turner You can also sync different clouds and leave the process to run automatically. The platform has a built-in service catalog with over 50 apps and best practice layouts for operating systems, databases, web servers, and more. AppFormix is an application management and cloud orchestration platform that aims to simplify operations and make them more effective through visualization of both virtual and physical environments. They’re all at Vantage Remixed on 21-22 October. The minimum requirements to be included in this category are products that incorporate self-service interfaces, provision system images, enable metering and billing, and provide for some degree of workload optimization through established policies. Administrators can provision and manage across physical, virtual, and private cloud platforms; in addition, CloudForms allows users to discover, monitor, and track private cloud and virtual resources and delegate provisioning, reconfiguration, and retirement to end users through a web-based self-service catalog. Information was gathered via online materials and reports, conversations with vendor representatives, and examinations of product demonstrations and free trials. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Commander also comes with features for cloud expense management and governance. Cloud Management Platform - Manage Complex IT Demands Telstra’s Cloud Management Platform lets you manage complex IT demands and move data across multiple clouds using a single interface for visibility What have a former PM, a demographer and a conman turned cyber security expert got in common? This makes it easier for general IT management as well as monitor performance and control endpoint security more easily, as well as reduce costs. The cloud platform is used to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines. Keystone supports multiple forms of authentication such as password credentials and web service logins. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, (Image credit: The entire system is intended to be simple to set up, with easy streamlining to run applications in either a test or production environment. Cloudability provides visibility and allocation capabilities, as well as utilization, continuous improvement and operations, and data transformation features. There's also monitoring of your clouds across hybrid environments, from which you can manage the performance of your apps to ensure a good user experience, while also allowing you to rapidly determine any problems quickly and easily. OpenStack Identity (Keystone) is a directory of users linked to accessible OpenStack services. The platform covers a number of key areas, such as multi-platform visibility which provides all the reporting and data analytics you need through a customized dashboard. By Solutions Review’s listing of the best cloud management platforms is an annual sneak peak of the vendors included in our Buyer’s Guide and Solutions Directory. Companies can identify and fix security issues in real-time, automating compliance checks for cloud operations using over 250 different audits. The platform provides self-service access to deploy applications tacks across multiple cloud environments. However, everything is run through a dashboard that aims to simplify the user experience, with a single user interface and single API all that's required for managing multiple cloud platforms. You will receive a verification email shortly. It’s time to leave behind the traditional way of managing cloud environments and move towards a future cloud management platform – one designed for microservices, containers, DevOps and hybrid IT.We’re calling it CMP 2.0. NY 10036. Cloud Management Platforms. The aim is to satisfy not just DevOps and security but also finance departments. Telstra Cloud Sight™ is a powerful web-based platform that simplifies the way businesses buy, deploy and manage multiple public cloud services and associated network connectivity all … The popular open source cloud management platform. vRealize speeds up the delivery of IT services through automation and pre-defined policies, providing high levels of agility and flexibility for developers and lines of business while maintaining governance and control. The platform controls storage for instances running on hypervisors (primary storage) as well as templates, snapshots and ISO images (secondary storage). AWS allows modern-day enterprises to hire powerful computers on the cheap. Description: Red Hat CloudForms is a cloud and infrastructure management platform that allows IT departments to control users’ self-service abilities to provision, manage, and ensure compliance across virtual machines and private clouds. Rackspace Managed Cloud Services allows you to bundle different cloud services into Rackspace’s platform, but rather than having to manage everything yourself, Rackspace will do that for you. The platform ingests exabytes of data, including billing, usage, performance and custom vendor pricing; the data is then pumped into the platform’s data analytics engine that provides granular insights on cloud costs. Description: Centilytics is a cloud management platform that allows users to manage their multicloud infrastructure. CloudCheckr users can manage single cloud or multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, with a unified cost, security, compliance, inventory, and utilization solutions. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Visit our corporate site. Users are given rich dashboards that provide visibility into multicloud infrastructure so IT teams can make informed decisions. Cloud management platforms are changing. Apache's open source cloud management software. MultiCloud offers a directory tree that works like Windows Explorer, making it easy to transfer files into different locations. CloudStack’s API is compatible with AWS EC2 and S3. Ultimately, the cloud management software you choose will allow for greater personalization for the demands of your businesses, ensuring that the software fits your needs, rather than the other way around. There's a Freeware plan available, and a Premium one with more features that costs $9.90 per month. Cloud Management Platform Manage and Govern Across Public and Private Clouds Flexera’s comprehensive Cloud Management Platform (CMP) provides a rich set of capabilities for discovery, template-based provisioning, orchestration, and automation; operational monitoring and management; governance; and cost optimization across multiple public and private clouds as well as virtual and … The Practical Guide to Cloud Management Platforms was written to help enterprise Information Technology (IT) managers, business decision makers, system operations staff, application architects and application developers understand the functions of a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) for managing applications and data across multiple cloud infrastructures. Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) enable organizations to manage multicloud (i.e., private and public cloud) services and resources. The editors at Solutions Review have developed this resource to assist buyers in search of the best cloud management platforms to fit the needs of their organization. Nate Drake, Offerings from cloud service providers, such as Microsoft Azure Stack*, Google Cloud's Anthos*, and AWS Outposts*, let you deploy cloud services where and how you want, combining the flexibility of cloud computing with the control of on-premises resources. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The recent study report on Multi-Cloud Management Platform market aims to provide an end-to-end analysis of this industry vertical with respect to drivers, challenges, opportunities that will influence the business growth in coming years. This is especially as cloud software is fast become an essential component in any business IT environment, with the ability to manage and run applications through a SaaS model, or set up and manage your cloud architecture with a IaaS, or PaaS platform. A cloud management platform (CMP) provides broad cloud management functionality atop both public cloud provider platforms and private cloud platforms. Managing so many different services and providers though can become a headache without the right cloud management software or services to help configure different applications and custom IT needs. The advantage of this system is that you have the scalability of some of the biggest cloud providers around but with the customer support of a smaller company.. MultiCloud provides a dashboard through a web application for managing files across multiple clouds. CloudHealth also grants insights into visibility and optimization for Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon ECS container environments. Related Tools: VMware Hybrid Cloud Platform, vRealize Automation Cloud. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! This is a handy feature for those who wish to deploy hybrid clouds. The platform provides management and visibility capabilities for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. It also aims to make it easier to manage diverse IT infrastructure with a focus on virtualization, along with deploying containers in the cloud to maximize efficiency. Data # 3’s cloud management platform empowers you to take control of your entire Azure cloud infrastructure. Cloud Management Platform (CMP) provides cloud consumer a way to manage the cloud computing products and services across multiple cloud infrastructures, including both public and private cloud. Users can control compute, storage and networking resources throughout a datacenter. Users can provision services and multi-tier apps that even span multiple clouds and platforms. Description: IBM Multicloud Manager is a cloud management platform that enables enterprises to oversee multiple Kubernetes clusters on both public or private cloud infrastructures. Administrators gain visibility into cloud consumption patterns across public and private clouds, as well as identify idle and underutilized resources and receive reserved instance recommendations for deep cost savings. The minimum requirements for CMP offerings … Description: CloudHealth by VMware is a cloud management platform that allows users to analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and governance. Apptio is another cloud management tool that helps in rationalizing the spending of the … BMC Multi-Cloud Management provides automated provisioning, governance, and management of secure cloud services. Learn more and compare products with the Solutions Review, Dan is a tech writer who writes about Enterprise Cloud Strategy and Network Monitoring for Solutions Review. Description: CloudHealth by VMware is a cloud management platform that allows users to analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and governance. Cloud Management Platform is a manager for hybrid (multi-cloud) environments running anything from traditional to container (cloud native) workloads. OpenStack works with many open source technologies. OpenStack Compute (NOVA) is a cloud computing fabric controller which is designed to manage and automate pools of resources. Related Tools: Cloud Visibility, Optimization & Allocation, Cloud Automation. The platform lets users leverage dynamic multicloud reports and custom dashboards, monitor increases in cloud spending, customize security policies across business units, and maintain control through custom policies and workflows. Description: Embotics Commander is a cloud management platform that helps users manage multi-hypervisor and multicloud environments. Multi-Cloud Management Platform Our multi-cloud provisioning and orchestration solution CloudPixy TM , is a one-stop solution for your cloud management needs. Users can enforce policies at the target clusters using Kubernetes-supported custom resource definitions and set up predictive alert systems, including automatic backup and disaster recovery options and workload transfers. Optimization & Allocation prevents cost leaks by planning with accurate recommendations for cloud optimization. Hybrid cloud management platform from VMware. This gives users access to command line tools and/or RESTful API. Overview of Cloud Management Platforms Category. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, You can almost monitor overall costs to identify all costs, as well as discover trends so you can plan ahead to budget according growth models. DivvyCloud offers a product more focused on managing security, compliance, and governance in cloud environments. Flexera RightscaleBest for Small to medium businesses looking for a solution to help them control … Related Tools: Red Hat Cloud Suite, Red Hat OpenShift, Red hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The platform lets users leverage dynamic multicloud reports and custom dashboards, monitor increases in cloud spending, customize security policies across business units, and maintain control through custom policies and workflows. Red Hat Cloudforms uses open source technology to provide management tools for virtual and private cloud infrastructure, which allows for automation of standard processes, visualization for analysis, compliance control and user self-service abilities. Sumo Logic delivers the only cloud-native, real-time machine data analytics platform that provides continuous intelligence. © 2012-2020 Solutions Review. Nutanix: Companies Are Increasing Their Hybrid Cloud Investments, Amdocs: Security Is the Top Challenge for Cloud Adoption, Accenture: Only 37 Percent of Companies Achieve Full Value from Cloud, The Top Cloud Computing Books You Need to Read in 2020, 7 Cloud Storage Security Risks You Need to Know About, The Top 12 Amazon Web Services Books You Need to Read in 2020, 6 Common Cloud Migration Challenges (And How to Overcome Them), The Top 9 Microsoft Azure Books You Need to Read in 2020. Solutions Review - Enterprise Cloud Strategy |, Avanade: 88 Percent of Executives Say Their Cloud Isn’t Optimized, The Top 6 Cloud Security Books You Need to Read in 2020. Users have noted that CloudStack is not entirely customizable compared to other open source providers. This allows you to see what resources are being used on a department, team, and individual level, so that these can be reallocated to reduce costs as necessary. It integrates with legacy systems and third-party technologies. It is a turnkey solution which includes compute orchestration, Network as a Service, account management, open API and resource accounting. Key Features of Cloud Management Platform Automation is one of the key features that any CMP should provide as a minimum capability. 5 Things to Look For in a Cloud Service Level Agreement, The 11 Best Cloud Management Platforms for 2020, The Best Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers in 2019. Microsoft Cloud provide you the control of your on-premises infrastructure with … What Is Elasticity, and How Does It Affect Cloud Computing? Here then are the best in cloud management software, featured in no particular order. Integrated Infrastructure System Cloud Management Platform Market report analyses the market potential for each geographical region based on the growth rate, macroeconomic parameters, consumer buying patterns, and market demand and supply scenarios.The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global Integrated Infrastructure System Cloud Management Platform … 25 November 2020, Cloud management platforms for hybrid clouds. Automation management continues through workloads, workflows, and DevOps. Cost-effectiveness is driven by automation and standardized application deployments. Description: Cloudability, an Apptio company, is a cloud management platform that focuses on reducing cloud spending for enterprises. The cloud platform is used to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines. Choosing the right vendor and platform can be a complicated process — one that requires in-depth research and often comes down to more than just the tool and its technical capabilities. Budgeting tools and reports make it easier to manage financial policy and responsibility, and sprawl prevention is built in to prevent spend on unnecessary services. Flexera offers support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware vSphere, and more. BMC Multi-Cloud Management allows users to manage multiple clouds in a range of different ways. CMPs manage cloud services and resources that are distributed across multiple cloud platforms. The platform can also integrate with ServiceNow, Terraform, Ansible, and Chef, among other tools. You can reach him at However, for those who need enterprise-level cloud computing services it often pays to work with different cloud services and providers and put them together in a hybrid cloud, run through a cloud management software platform. It could be as simple as provisioning the infrastructure on-the-go or as complex as supporting DevOps requirements with configuration … This category provides in-depth technical evaluations of leading CMP solutions. We've also highlighted the best cloud brokers, Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals 2020: all the best bundles, consoles and games, Where to buy PS5: restock tracker to find PS5 on sale during Cyber Monday, New Arm-based gaming PC set to take on Intel and AMD rigs, FIFA 21 on PS5 sounds way more fun than the Xbox Series X version, Best Buy Cyber Monday 2020: final deals on 4K TVs, laptops, AirPods, and more, 5 amazing Black Friday gaming accessory deals from Currys PC World, Apple’s M1 chip embarrasses Microsoft’s Surface Pro X by running Windows 10 on ARM much faster. Microsoft Cloud. Description: Nutanix Beam is a cloud management platform that provides users with capabilities to minimize cloud costs and security risks. Security, compliance, and governance are also built in to ensure you can protect your data and users according to strict and developing policies, to avoid being caught out by a data breach or other leak. Whatmatrix Cloud Management Platforms Category Consultant. This also means having more choice over which cloud services you want to use, not least from AWS, Azure, and others. Please refresh the page and try again. For example, there are features for cloud migration services, forecasting costs, as well as predictive service management. Users can automate approvals, provisioning, decommissioning and custom actions through built-in orchestration as well as enable self-service through easily customizable service catalogs and an on-demand user portal. IBM Bluemix: IBM Bluemix is the cloud computing solution from IBM that comes with the platform … Another key point is that Scalr aims to avoid vendor lock-in by encouraging policies that encourages integration with existing systems rather than buying into proprietary software. Deployments can be uploaded directly, pulled from a build server, pulled from Git or via Jenkins, Gradle, and Maven, and can include binary artifacts and compressed archives. A cloud management platform (CMP) can help your organization manage and optimize AWS environments while monitoring opportunities to improve efficiency. Note: Companies are listed in alphabetical order. Cloud Automation allows workloads and automated backups to improve engineering efficiency. Apptio. Amplify your cloud management with Acronis Cloud Manager (formerly 5nine Cloud Manager) - a unified, web-based platform for the public, private and hybrid cloud. To make your search a little easier, we’ve profiled the best cloud management platform vendors all in one place. Cloud Management Platform Transform Your Cloud Experience Are you ready for a new cloud experience – where hidden costs are detected, repetitive tasks are automated and you have assurance your cloud remains stable, secure and compliant? Gartner says Cloud Management Platforms are integrated products that provide for the management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments.. The platform lets users manage numerous Kubernetes clusters in multiple clouds for complete cluster lifecycle management in a single dashboard. Scalr CMP provides a hybrid cloud management platform designed specifically for enterprises that aims to allow you to build a cloud strategy that doesn't compromise on security, cost, or productivity. This is managed from either a dashboard or through OpenStack’s API. The best cloud management software platforms (CMP) aim to not only make it easier to administrate and manage cloud services, but also reduce costs and overheads. Cloud Visibility grants granular visibility into each user account across public clouds by services, regions, and resource tags. Description: Flexera is a cloud management platform provider that helps companies manage and govern across public private clouds. It is usually deployed as an infrastructure as a service (Iaas). Apache CloudStack is an open-sourced cloud computing company which creates, manages and deploys infrastructure cloud services. Description: CloudCheckr is a cloud management platform that focuses on cloud security, cost management, and resource utilization. What are Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs)? VMware also provide CloudHealth with approved partner cloud services to help build and manage your clouds with exactly what you need, to ensure full compatibility, cost oversight, and security. Furthermore, the report elaborates the industry segmentation in great length to uncover the top growth prospects for the stakeholders in the upcoming … This makes it suitable for heterogeneous networks. It’s designed for use by companies which offer on-premise cloud or hybrid solutions. It does this through a single interface which allows management and active policy enforcement over multiple clouds, whether public or private, and is compatible with AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba, and Kubernetes, among others. A cloud management analytics platform that provides security intelligence for your hybrid environment. The software is designed as highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service. The platform can automate all important processes such as workload provisioning, application lifecycle, networking, storage and container infrastructure. Some reviewers have complained that OpenStack documentation is not very comprehensive. Based on the principles of Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC), CloudPixy TM automatically manages and … We’ve also included platform names and areas of focus, as well as introductory software tutorials straight from the source so you can see each solution in action. The software is designed for creating private and public clouds. Sumo Logic can be your first cloud SIEM, replace your legacy SIEM, or co-exist with your existing SIEM solution. Cloud management platforms are integrated products that provide for the management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. He graduated from Fitchburg State University with a Bachelor's in Professional Writing. Description: CloudBolt is a cloud management platform that helps users manage their hybrid and multicloud environments through self-service IT. The platform generates a complete picture of their environment with solutions that include cost optimization, cloud billing, finance management, cloud security, total compliance, and cloud automation. **NEW** 2020 Business Cloud Buyer’s Guide – GET IT HERE! Other features include multi-cloud visibility by mapping hybrid assets alongside the automation of dependency mapping. Additionally, major integrations are usually available with VMware, Citrix, and other often essential computing applications. is a popular team collaboration and cloud management application. Description: Morpheus Data is a cloud management platform provider that allows users to modernize hybrid IT application lifecycles. There was a problem. A hybrid cloud management platform like VMware Cloud Foundation* helps you connect, secure, and manage applications across your hybrid cloud. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? OpenStack is a free and open source software platform for cloud computing. The platform offers capabilities for discovery, template-based provisioning, orchestration, automation, operational monitoring and management, governance; and cost optimization across multiple public and private clouds as well as virtual and bare-metal servers. New York, Platform: Flexera Cloud Management Platform, Related Tools: Optima, Flexera SaaS Manager. CloudHealth is virtualization giant VMware's latest software platform aimed at managing hybrid cloud services for enterprises. © Users are able to monitor performance baselines to ensure performance optimization through real-time monitoring using the Junos Telemetry Interface and OpenConfig. With CloudBolt, you can inventory your hybrid cloud environments, automate and orchestrate IT workload delivery, and manage and track cloud spend. All rights reserved. Therefore various cloud management solutions have become available, where you can directly aim to manage cloud architecture directly, or else bring in different cloud services under a single third-party for simpler management. Users manage their cloud through a user-friendly interface. Users utilize all compute, networking, software and storage resources from the API. Apache CloudStack supports VMware, KVM and Citrix XenServer amongst others. It works with bare metal configurations, virtual machines and containers. Cloud management platform designed for scale. The platform is divided into five products that each handle a specific cloud management capability. It’s designed for use by companies which offer on-premise cloud … It … A cloud management platform is a suite of integrated software tools that an enterprise can use to monitor and control cloud computing resources. This means a self-service approach to cloud management that allows for modular infrastructure with agility while keeping costs down.