Crash Bandicoot is an expressive, wacky, lazy, and somewhat dull-witted, genetically enhanced bandicoot created by the evil scientist, Dr. Neo Cortex. Cortex is seen hugging Crash (or so he thinks) because of his warm, soft fur. Feeling happy for themselves, Crash and his family decide to celebrate their victory with pancakes. Cortex complains again having under-estimated Crash while he and Aku Aku are watching in disgrace as Uka Uka gets angry and attempts to shoot Cortex but shoots at the engine instead resulting in a self-destruction sequence due to Cortex ducking out of range. Crash Bandicoot's promotional 3-D model from Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure. The next quantum rift lands them in Nitros Oxide's ship, right on top of Dingodile and Tawna. Crash has the most normal garage out of the eight Adventure mode racers, where he keeps his kart, some spare tires, and a gas pump. In another tape, say he give him his old shorts. Crash Bandicoot, or simply Crash, is a title character and the primary protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series. He attempts to pick him up, only to drop him on his toes. This has never been concretely stated within the series however, nor has Crash's personality prior to the Cortex Vortex ever been seen. However, he is soon abducted, to his surprise, by Doctor Cortex to a Warp Room, who claims to have changed his ways, as he states that he feels a written invitation would have been turned down. Crash and Coco watch this on a screen, only for Crash to accidentally knock over a power source, causing past Crash to be rejected by the Cortex Vortex. Up until Twinsanity before the N. Sane Trilogy, he had spots on his back that was of the color of his stomach. Wikis. Baby Crash, as he appears in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. When a playable character dies in the Crash Bandicoot series, they do so in rather comical ways. After defeating Cortex and rescuing al… He goes to the Space Temple where the brothers have a discussion. Throughout the series, Crash acts as … Cortex gave chase after Crash trying to recapture him, only for Crash to run out a window, falling into the sea below. Throughout the series, he has always been shown to be willing to help and is very attentive to others. Crash is famously a mute protagonist, though he does very rarely speak in some media. In another tape, it's stated that Crash's birthday is July 19th. Throughout the story, they often come into an agreement on things and are shown to enjoy doing things with each other. Tawna Bandicoot is a tall, curvaceous marsupial with orange fur, a short puffy blonde tail, and a spot of beige fur around the lower portion of her face. In Crash Tag Team Racing, Crash is recruited (along with other characters) by Ebenezer Von Clutch to gather the stolen Power Gems of his amusement park and win the park's ownership. Crash and Aku Aku come out on top and Crash earns the Crash Dash power-up. As seen in Crash of the Titans, they both tend to tease Aku Aku about the fact he has no body or feet. Crash gives chase to Cortex by jet pack in space. It turns out Cortex has almost completed a superweapon to eliminate Crash but needed an ideal power source. Since the very beginning of the series, Aku Aku has been by Crash's side as his protector, voice of reason and wisdom and father figure. Within the mountain Crash encounters a sleeping Lani-Loli. Crash is supposed to place a tracer on Ripto but he forgets. Aku Aku wakes up Crash and sends him off to investigate what's happening by finding a crystal. Crash's personality is hard to pinpoint, sometimes varying from game to game. Once there, Cortex takes off the disguise and battles with Crash while the friends are watching. The twins pull out a buzz saw and lightsaber, leaving Cortex even more shocked. Crash is unable to rescue his sister, but manages to defeat Cortex and begins his search for Coco, interrogating Tiny Tiger, N. Gin and Uka Uka on her whereabouts. According to Crash's character profile in. Throughout the series, Crash acts as the opposition against Cortex and his schemes for world domination. She often aids her big brother by building gadgets ideal for the situation or even tagging along with him in his journeys, using self-taught martial arts to defend herself. Here is a list of them: 1 Deaths 1.1 Crash Bandicoot 1.2 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back 1.3 Crash Bandicoot: Warped 1.4 Crash Bash 1.5 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex 1.6 Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure,Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Trancedand Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage … In the story, he is abducted (along with other characters) by Emperor Velo XXVII and forced to compete in the Galaxy Circuit. Infuriated, N. Trance duels with Crash. Coco used her pet tiger Pura to get a few collectibles. Crash was created by Dr. Neo Cortex, who later became his nemesis. In September 2020, a form was announced and published on the official website for registering users to test the game in the beta phase. whenever he got killed. In this continuity, Crash speaks fluent English with an Australian accent and has a habit of announcing what he's doing by saying "Extreme" before doing it. There, Uka Uka tells him and Cortex that the masks have decided to engage in a competition to resolve all the trouble between them. Games Movies TV Video. Crash expresses a stronger concern for Coco and is more supportive of her. After defeating Oxide, a cutscene comes where he states he wants a rematch once the player collects his time relics. Crash must navigate the hyperspace collecting Crystals along the way. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Wiki Guide. They learn from Aku Aku, that Cortex created a giant device known as the Planetary Minimizer, a machine that allows to (like the name implies) shrink any planet to the size of an orange. Soon Cortex's hoverboard is hit by one plasma blast too many, causing it to explode and send Cortex plummeting toward the ground far below. Given that Aku Aku and Uka Uka can't fight against each other because the Ancients would not have allowed it, both masks bring their players to the temple and begin the games. It's been three years since Crash got Cortex stranded on an iceberg. Then Crash fought Digger, a living skeleton, in the catacombs. In this game Crash receives power-ups to enhance his abilities after defeating a boss and can revisit any level once the crystal is collected to enter time trial mode to earn Relics. With Crash and Cortex not far behind. This design is included as a secret costume in. Coco also hacks into Cortex's communications and is suspicious of Cortex's true plans. During production of the first game, the marketing director of Universal Interactive Studios insisted that Crash be named "Wez the Wombat," "Wuzzles the Wombat," or "Wizzy the Wombat." Wumpa Gem 1 Wumpa Gem 2 Wumpa Gem 3 Box Gem 325 Fruit 490 Fruit 655 Fruit 176 Every Flashback Tape Location in Crash 4. Cortex begins to have a bit of an existential crisis, shuffling towards Crash on his knees and desperately asking if this constant fighting was all there ever be, to which Crash responds with an awkward shrug. Coco also displays a stronger concern for Crash, as she will often get worried about him and stagger back when he gets hurt. Luckily Spyro had been fighting Cortex and had placed a tracer on him. Crash Bandicoot: Warped, known in Europe as Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, is a 1998 platform game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation.It is the third game in the Crash Bandicoot video game series following Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.. Crash generally appears as an orange anthropomorphic bandicoot with a black nose, thick eyebrows, green eyes and reddish-brown hair on his head, styled into a typical Mohawk. This is the first game that he isn't really the main protagonist but Crash is still there. Crash joyfully accepts, running over to Cortex, hugging him tightly and nuzzling him. Upon realizing Tawna was held captive, he traveled across islands to save Tawna and halt Cortex's plan, defeating his other experiments and allies on the way. Crash is a playable character in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, a remake of the 1999 game Crash Team Racing. Doctor Cortex appeared in all main series Crash games as a final boss except Crash Twinsanity, and Crash of the Titans. One of Crash's concept designs had him wear a black mask, making him resemble. After everyone gets something to eat, Cortex betrays everyone, kidnapping Kupuna-Wa and fleeing in his airship. ", and he was often defined as stupid or dull-witted. In the 11th dimension Cortex talks to Crash via a hologram, threatening him with his evil plan, and demanding to meet him at the top of the mountain. Also they use vehicles to navigate tricky terrain. Crash and Coco are untied by Dingodile and Cortex, and they proceed through Oxide's ship and find another hovercraft. The gang overhear N. Tropy and N. Tropy (F)'s plan as they explain it to Oxide, and make their way through the ship post-haste. After travelling through the castle, Crash and Coco confront Cortex, who's holding his past self, as well as all four quantum masks, captive. Crash Bandicoot is a franchise of video games, originally developed by Naughty Dog as an exclusive for Sony's PlayStation console and has seen numerous installments created by numerous developers and published on multiple platforms. 31,202 Pages. Crash escapes, falling out a window and waking up on N. Sanity Island. As for Cortex he declares revenge on Crash while being chased by a very angry Uka Uka stranded on an iceberg. However, Cortex sends his evil allies in order to interfere with the bandicoot's plans. When he finally gets the parts, she turns the eye into a giant TV and Crunch sees a commercial for the NV on it. Crash appears in Skylanders: Imaginators as a Life-elemental Sensei. Tawna is used as bait throughout the game, with Tawna Tokens appearing throughout the various levels. So the player power-slides and boosts your way through races to win trophies to battle the bosses of each world which they give you keys to race Oxide. Angrily brushing off his failure, Cortex began repairs for the Cortex Vortex and moved on to the next candidate for brainwashing: Tawna Bandicoot, Crash's girlfriend. Ultimately, the name Crash was chosen after an ultimatum between Naughty Dog and Universal, who were in favor of the original name. Crash riding the Baby-T in Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Despite Cortex's cheating in his attempt to physically defeat Crash, the bandicoot repeats history once more as Cortex is defeated and the space station plummets down near Crash's home. Never one to shy away from danger, the legendary marsupial Crash Bandicoot leaps through the wormhole to join the Skylanders in the ultimate battle against Kaos! During 2007, Crash had been crowned as a symbolic mascot for the School and Youth Programs, as a part of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In real life, eastern barred bandicoots have stripes on their back, hence their name. Collecting five gives him a rematch with Ripper Roo, ten has him face off against the Komodo Brothers, fifteen allows him to outsmart Tiny Tiger (all three working for N. Brio) and twenty enables him to confront N. Gin. Future Tense is playable from the start of the game, and has the same futuristic aesthetic as Future Frenzy and Gone Tomorrow. She gets tired so Cortex goes next to destroy their cannons. Humiliated at N. Trance's demise, N. Tropy teleports away. is an upcoming mobile endless runner game, under development and to be published by King. In. As a result of Cortex constantly trying to take over the world or cause massive chaos, Crash usually has to (and always does) defeat him. In Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy, Tawn… Cortex's bodyguard Pinstripe Potoroo came next, opening fire in his office in the Cortex Power refinery with his tommy gun. Crash picks up the egg before being dragged away by Coco. Tawna encourages them but quickly takes her leave, insisting that she works alone, yet promising to help them out on the side. But he does appear on multiplayer mode. Only when Crash destroys his arms and legs he pulls a fast one by flying away, so Fake Crash decides to help by getting Crash to strap on his copter-pack and lure N. Trance close enough so he can release boiling lava on him. Crash is then sucked into a wormhole made by N. Tropy, who struggles as Aku Aku is pulling him from the other end. The wiki has been made to a high quality thanks to a number of people who have tried incredibly hard to make this wiki an excellent one. At the heart of the lab, Cortex unveils his latest invention, the Psychetron. Cortex tries to kill the bandicoots with use of the quantum masks and a large machine, which fails as always, ending with Cortex collapsed on the ground. They always help each other whenever Coco joined in on the adventure. The owner of the. Crash was originally designed by Charles Zembillas and Jason Rubin, and his original name was Willy the Wombat (alternatively spelt Willie). The machine failed just as Brio predicted and malfunctioned, rejecting Crash. He then proceeds to kidnap Nina and head for the mountain top. Cortex has an evil plan, but his machine goes haywire because of Fake Crash and causes troubles. Unfortunately Coco shows up thinking Cortex kidnapped Crash and gives him the boot resulting with the crystals flying into the Psychetron and the machine zapping and paralyzing Coco for a long time but temporarily. Meanwhile, one year after the events of Crash of the Titans, Coco is messing with the now destroyed Doominator, which happens to be laying over half the island. Sometime later, Crash awoke dazed and lost on the shore of N. Sanity island. Crash doesn't think of it too much and picks his ear. Every 5 crystals Crash collects grants him access to the platform to take him to the room above. Crunch acts like an older brother to Crash and Coco despite him being the youngest of the three siblings and Crash being the oldest. April 21, 2020: A new mobile game from King, titled Crash Bandicoot Mobile, received an early, test release on Google Play. Akano briefly threatens the bandicoots before Lani-Loli explains their mission, prompting Akano to lead the group through another quantum rift, leading to Tranquility Falls. She has curvy blonde hair, dark thin eyebrows with green eyes and wears pink lipstick. Crash began life as a simple, normal bandicoot, living freely as a wild animal in the jungles of N. Sanity island. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! Finally, Crash gathers all 25 crystals, but these are used to open a way to the Cortex's Space Station, where Crash and Aku Aku confront Crunch ultimately, after being attacked with the power of all the elemental masks plus Cortex and Uka Uka. Crash is also easily distracted, as seen in the credits of Twinsanity when he has to catch Cortex. Saving her from the NV, Coco goes on to Doctor Cortex's blog and (somewhat reluctantly) sends Crash to find Nina, who will hopefully confess her uncle's plan. With N. Tropy defeated, Fake Crash takes a photo of Crash, Aku Aku, Coco, Crunch and the captured N. Tropy. This game also marks the debut (outside of the DS version of Crash of the Titans) of Baby Crash, an infant version of Crash, who is available alongside Baby Coco and Baby T during the Back N. Time Grand Prix. In another tape, it's stated Crash likes wumpa and dislikes other foods. Cortex asks Crash to gather the twenty-five Crystals to stop a deadly 'Planetary Alignment.' After Crash rescues Aku Aku, they discover that Cortex and Uka Uka are stealing Mojo from a nearby temple and decide to stop them. He shares his stats and abilities with his sister Coco. Crash acts somewhat of an immature bully especially to chickens. Crash maintains his unique and quirky personality and innate Wumpa-ness, as both a fully playable Skylander Sensei character and brand new toy. Suddenly, the earth is stunned by great disasters, such as a volcano eruption, landslides, storms and tidal waves. Lani-Loli quickly dashes after him, with the bandicoots following behind him. He then asks Coco about her VR (Virtual Reality) Hub System, a machine that allows the user to travel to different parts of the world. Cortex, full of rage, curses Crash for ruining his plans, defeating his henchmen and destroying his lair. Upon collecting three tokens, C… Now they're forced to work together to get out while fighting over the power crystal they found. If five crystals are together, an elemental mask could be put back in a state of hibernation. Crash wins so Cortex sends his last creation, Mecha-Bandicoot, to battle Crash. After Crash defeated him, Pinstripe accidentally fired into Cortex Power's generator, shutting down power production for Cortex's lair. This wiki currently has 1,319 articles and 17,909 pictures. This is interrupted when Doctor Neo Cortex arrives and kidnaps Aku Aku and Coco. In the art for Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash, the gloves are cut at the knuckles, making all of his fingers emerge from one large hole instead of individual holes for his fingers. First Appearance: Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (2020) Voice Actor: Fake Coco is a brand new character created just for Crash Bandicoot 4. … In Crash Boom Bang, Tawna switched her shirt for a pink tank top instead. Coco is first seen in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back living on N. Sanity Island with Crash. Crash happily reunites with Tawna on top of the airship and two share a hug. Crash, Coco, Cortex and Dingodile arrive at the rift generator just in time before Tawna is killed by N. Tropy (F). The epilogue states that Crash sold his life story, titled "The Color Orange", to a major film studio, set to be released by the Christmas season. Due to being under Cortex's control when they first met, Crunch was hostile against Crash and was obsessed with crushing him. It is implied in Crash Twinsanity that he carries fleas. Which implies that him is from the cancer sign. Crash Bandicoot is the title character and main protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series. Wanting revenge on Cortex, Uka Uka trusts Crash and Aku Aku to use the teleportation systems to defeat Cortex at his new space station. Crunch runs off still under the spell, leaving Crash to force a mutated Coco into submission. He is an All-Rounder racer with equal Turning, Acceleration and Top Speed. Having a total of 6 crystals allowed Crash to face a brainwashed Crunch in an Arabian scenario riding a magic carpet and return him to normal. On the way back they manage to obtain 2 crystals, enough to power up the Psychetron, and head for the 10th Dimension. In Crash Nitro Kart, Polar and Pura, despite being brainwashed into racing for Team Trance, don't show hostility towards Crash or his friends. At the end of Salty Wharf, Crash finds Akano resting on a table. Next, the muscle-bound Koala Kong in a mine shaft. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? But overall, he has a rather wacky, cartoonish personality; in simple terms, he is a tornado. ; March 26, 2020: An update to Crash Team … If he or she is to lose the world will be turned into a concrete parking lot and the characters will become his slaves. Coincidentally, Baby Crash shares his name with a costume of Crash in Crash Tag Team Racing, in which Crash wears a diaper instead of his usual pants. Driven by anger that the doctors still have his girlfriend, he decides to thwart Cortex's plans and rescue her. At Tranquility Falls the group quickly encounters N. Brio, who offers a reward in return for going through his "tests". Crash and Coco soon defeat the Tropies, and Crash celebrates by doing an obnoxious dance. Upon gathering five crystals, Crash confronts and defeats Dingodile in a duel under the sea. Although Crash is rarely seen with Pura, they can be assumed to be good friends. Crash's fingerless gloves differ slightly across the promotional/cover art. What she finds are detailed schematics for an improved Cortex Vortex and a suspicious-looking space station. One of the scenes where this is evident is when Coco encourages Crash to play video games with her. Sometime later, Crash is sleeping under a tree and suddenly is abducted and taken to the Hyperspace Temple where Aku Aku and Uka Uka hold their "discussions." Being the main character of the series, Crash is the only character to appear in every single Crash game. After retrieving the bones from the most powerful Titans, Crash returns the voodoo bones to Uka Uka at Mount Grimly. He is the only Bandicoot in the series (not counting his "Fake" or "Evil" duplicates) to be designed in such a way, with other bandicoot characters such as Coco, Crunch and Tawna having far more human-shaped anatomy. In Crash of the Titans, Crash aids Coco in the development of a butter-recycling device. Although not being an official character in the game, according to statics, Crash, along with Cortex had been the most requested IP's in the. After gathering 10 crystals he and Aku Aku wash out Crunch and the elemental mask of water, Wa-Wa, earning the Double Jump power-up. Crash can speak full, fluent sentences in, Crash makes a guest appearance in the television series, Crash also speaks full sentences in the 100% completion ending cutscene in. His demented behavior was in fact extended to actual sadism/masochism in Crash Tag Team Racing, in which he took pleasure in torturing innocent animals, park drones, and even himself. Coco and the Professor (Spyro's ally) need Power Crystals to open a portal to the enemy's base. Cortex is Crash's creator and archenemy, who constantly tries to destroy him, claiming his creation was a mistake with his existence being a constant reminder. Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced is the only game not to feature Cortex because he blundered to stop Crash Bandicoot again. Coco appears to have a far more enthusiastic, pumped-up, and can-do attitude when her and Crash are about to start a new adventure or take on an enemy together. He is also fairly oblivious to his surroundings but this could be because of his muteness. Crash Bandicoot is main protagonist and bandicoot who often foils Cortex's plans. Back at the Bandicoot home, Crunch is grateful to the Bandicoot family and is especially grateful to Crash for freeing him from Cortex, so he decides to join the family from then on. Coco Bandicoot is the deuteragonist in the Crash Bandicoot series. However, Crunch is often annoyed by Crash's bad habits like burping and his antics, unlike Coco, who is more tolerant of them. In "Crash of the Titans" (except for GBA and Mobile), he had no gloves to reveal black tribal tattoos on his hands, which were replaced with cinnamon watermarked tattoos in "Mind Over Mutant." Coco has a machine capable of revert the effects of the Planetary Minimizer, but to make it work, she needs a large number of Power Crystals, which are spread across the world. Now he's relaxing in the beach while Coco is playing with a butterfly until Cortex shows up, paralysing her with his gun, he then disguises himself as Coco and leads Crash to the bay. Crash and Spyro deduce that their most feared foes, Cortex and Ripto have teamed up, and so, to defeat them, Spyro and Crash must form a group. Unfortunately, Coco was still in captivity. Crash, along with his friends and foes, compete in games to gain Trophies, Crystals and Gems, necessary to bring the victory to Aku Aku or Uka Uka. Internally, throughout all of Naughty Dog's games, Crash is still named "willy.". With all 46 gems at hand, Crash ultimately knocks Crunch unconscious, who wakes up finally free from Cortex's control. The cutscene goes on to show everyone preparing for the races in which Crash Bandicoot is sleeping on the grass. The two usually tend to help each other when needed, though they will be forced to fight each other whenever Crunch is made evil again. Throughout the series, Crash may collect power ups that enhance his abilities. While both Crash and this version of Tawna never appears to display romantic feelings for each other, they do express genuine concern for one another. He also uses it as a space to practice his yo-yo tricks. This page is a walkthrough for the Home Cookin' level in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.It will guide you step-by-step to break every crate and … Crash and Coco are in their house, and suddenly, they see the face of Cortex covering the sky. - Skylander Bio. The quantum masks then send Crash and the rest of the gang to the Sn@xx dimension to wind down. Later during the day Cortex gets kidnapped by Papu Papu and his tribe, forcing Crash to rescue him and finding 2 more crystals along the way. If he's lucky he may find some gem shards as well. Being the main character, Crash is naturally one of the only characters to have their name featured in a game's title. After knocking out his Ratnicians, Aku Aku and Crash see Coco and Crunch under what appears to be mind control through N. Gin's telescope. Finding Nina at Evil Public School and saving her science project, she tells Crash where N. Brio and Crunch are located, where he takes off Crunch's helmet, and N. Brio goes away. Cortex reveals himself to Crash and introduces him to his newest creation, a super bandicoot named Crunch, and taunts him saying he's no match for him. Crash was once an ordinary and peaceful bandicoot until he was captured by the nefarious Dr. Neo Cortex, and experimented on using the doctor's Evolvo-Ray with the intention of becoming the general of Cortex's army of mutated animals. As Crash couldn't collect everything on his own, he got his pet polar bear Polar to help him with a few of the collectibles. In the secret ending, a narrator shows where the characters are now after the events of the game. Games Movies TV Video. Crash and Nina are seen backing away as his look-a-like growls at Cortex who then realizes he's hugging the 10th dimensional Crash known as Evil Crash. Coco arrives just in time to pick up Crash, Aku Aku and Crunch before the station explodes. Crash and Coco gather 5 crystals and Crash outsmarts Tiny Tiger yet again and earns the super belly flop power-up, 10 crystals sent Crash to beat Dingodile and earn the Double Jump power-up, 15 crystals allowed Crash to knockout Tropy and earn the Death Tornado Spin power-up and 20 crystals got Coco (with Pura's help halfway) to shoot down N. Gin and earn the Fruit Bazooka power-up for Crash. When Coco discovers that Crash is gathering crystals for Cortex, she becomes suspicious of Cortex and decides to hack into his computer to see what he's really up to. Crash Bandicoot: Kragnorok Risesis the long awaited sequel to the first 4Crash games. Essentially, Crash resembles an anthropomorphic fox with large eyes and no tail. Sometime after the events of Wrath of Cortex, Cras is sleeping outside his house, while Coco is using her laptop and Crunch is lifting weights, when suddenly Coco and Crunch get sucked into a wormhole. Crash and Coco quickly give chase, jumping along cargo falling out of the back of the blimp before meeting Cortex up on top. Coco has more of a goofball and cheerful personality that parallels with Crash. His epilogue remains the same, except that now it'd says that The Colour Orange will be released for "the holidays" rather than "the Christmas season". Crash generally appears as an orange humanoid-bandicoot with a black nose, thick eyebrows, green eyes and reddish-brown hair on his head, styled into a typical mohawk. Determined to save Tawna and stop Cortex's plans of world domination, he set off on a quest to traverse the Wumpa Islands and reach Cortex Castle. Back in Bandicoot home, Aku Aku tells Crash and Coco about this terrible menace. While Crash, Coco and their respective pets relax around the fire, Aku Aku congratulates them for having saved the world once more. Kupuna-Wa gives Crash a quick grandmotherly kiss before informing them that she can see big things happening in the future. Crash was originally supposed to have spots on his back, but they were removed in favor of a large yellow patch. He is a genetically enhanced bandicoot created by the evil scientist Dr. Neo Cortex and was originally made to be part of Cortex's army of mutants, but after the Cortex Vortex failed to mind-control him, Crash fled from his castle. October 2, 2020: Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time has been released! Heroes Wiki. The number of fingers Crash has in the promotional art also varies, although he is mostly depicted with three fingers and a thumb in-game, with exceptions such as Twinsanity, for example, where he has four fingers. Crash flees through the lab and makes it to The Great Hall, reaching the end of his quest. On Crash's adventure he confronts bosses who are determined to keep Crash from getting through. In Crash Bandicoot 4 It's About Time, Crash and Coco are more of an action duo and Coco remains at Crash's side through the whole adventure. Finally, Crash collects all 21 crystals so he and Aku Aku can confront N. Tropy at his secret base. Along with Brio and Coco, he watches the station explode to pieces. However, due to his gullible nature and quickness to forgive others, Crash can easily be tricked by the doctor from time to time. In Japanese versions of many games, Crash is able to speak, though he still doesn't speak very often and only does so in short and simple phrases. This monstrosity chases Crash throughout the base, and finally it explodes, but Crash is able to escape in a space motorbike. Crash and Coco end up passed out on a floating rock before being awoken by Akano and led through a rift back to the generator. Tawna quickly shows up and sets them free. He was captured by Doctor Neo Cortex, in order to be made the general of Cortex's Cortex Commandos, as part of his evil plan to conquer the world. In most games, he speaks gibberish with a very basic knowledge of the language spoken in the game. The game is the fourth main installment and the sixth overall in the Crash Bandicoot video game series. Finally, Crash entered Mr. Crumb's mansion, and after several obstacles he could finally meet him. While he has a danger-loving, fearless nature and loves a good fight, he prefers relaxing in the sun and rarely seeks out trouble deliberately. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is the first original Crash game in twelve years, and returns to the classic, Wumpa-smashing gameplay of the PS1 originals. So Crash and Cortex take the airship to pickup Nina Cortex (Neo's niece) at the Academy of Evil. After the player beats him again the credits roll, after a final cutscene of course. Wikis. In the earlier games, despite himself being not so strong, he can use Aku Aku to defend himself and also uses the spin attack along with a range of other moves to destroy enemies. (Who Cortex initially wants Crash to give his current amount of crystals to.) mansion, Mr. Crumb, was an evil rich and stingy man without any friends. As the Bandicoots' pets are very close to them, it can easily be said vice-versa. After rejected pushes from Universal Interactive Studios to name the character something more "family-friendly", such as "Wez", "Wuzzles" or "Wizzie the Wombat", Naughty Dog decided to name him "Crash" after his tendency to break crates, along with shuffling the species of a few characters to accomodate for Crash's recently-decided name. Villains Wiki. He has been known to don other attires when needed, such as scuba diving gear, a biker's jacket, and numerous others. Crash begins to gather crystals and faces Tiny Tiger, in a duel over tanks in the South Pole, and the bandicoot defeats him. Beware his appetite, however, as he is very protective of his Wumpa Fruit, his favorite food. Despite warnings from his assistant, Cortex attempted to use an untested device called the Cortex Vortex to put Crash under his control, which resulted in failure and Crash wound up escaping out of the window and into the ocean. With 15 crystals gathered, Crash and Aku Aku toast Crunch and the elemental mask of fire, Py-Ro, and earn the Death Tornado power-up. With Fake Crash free from the hypnosis he decides to help Crash which he easily accepts. Crash soon encounters a witch doctor mask, Aku Aku, who watches over him and protects him from various perils, and would soon grow a close, fatherly bond with Crash. Category:Crash Bandicoot Heroes - Heroes Wiki - The ultimate good-guy resource. Crash was given his final name due to his tendency to crash onto crates. Crash and N. Tropy battle warping through space. These include: In the Radical Entertainment games, Crash has an extremely limited vocabulary, preferring to speak in unintelligible gibberish; and can say words like Nina, Pancakes, and Wumpa (in the GBA version, this was extended to "Pancakes? Despite his usual apathy towards Cortex and Uka Uka's threats, he is left angered and horrified when they kidnap her and Uka Uka threatens her by saying that Nina will not need her anymore. Despite Crash being the face of the 3D platforming genre of video games in the mid-to-late-90s, no one is sure what exactly a bandicoot is supposed to be. Warning: this wiki contains unmarked spoilers. He is available in the PS3 and PS4 Crash Edition Starter Packs of the game as well the Thumpin' Wumpa Islands expansion pack, but is playable on all consoles. She was noticeably absent after the first game, which went unexplained in-universe, though Crash and Tawna still seem to be on good terms as Crash keeps a picture of her above the fireplace, as seen in Warped. Crash and Coco share a typical brother/sister relationship, strengthened by their opposite personalities. Crash is a very emotional character who is quick to laugh and to cry. At the end of the story, he interrupts the Viscount's wish to the Super Big Power Crystal and wishes for a vast amount of Wumpa Fruit. Crash with his jetpack in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The bandicoots soon reach Brio and defeat him. Crash has been confirmed to be one of the most popular western video game protagonists in Japan. The quantum masks banish present Cortex to the end of the universe, and the masks and bandicoots finally return home to play video games to celebrate their victory. Meanwhile, Nitrus Brio, angry at Cortex for replacing him with Doctor N. Gin, asks Crash to gather the forty-two Gems instead to destroy Cortex's space station and warns Crash that he will use strong forces to stop him from gathering crystals. Aku Aku's plan is to use the device in order to seek the Power Crystals. June 22, 2020: A new game, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, has been officially announced and is scheduled to be released on October 2, 2020. Later, Crash defeats Doctor N. Gin, who is aboard a mortal robot. After that, he faces Tiny Tiger in singular combat, also beating him. The bandicoot siblings quickly recognise her, and come to realise that she isn't from their universe. Afterwards, the group ends up Salty Wharf, where both Crash and Coco are kidnapped by pirates. After being defeated, Brio transforms into a pterodactyl and tries to attack again, only to suddenly lay an egg, then fly away in embarrassment. This is because any character can play adventure mode. Crash and Cortex then catch up to Evil Crash who chases Cortex after he demands he let Nina go and take him instead. In Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, she even encourages Crash to dance with her. He was mutated by Cortex and his right-hand-man, Doctor Nitrus Brio, with the Evolvo-Ray, which gave him human sapience and made him anthropomorphic. After N. Tropy appears via a hologram to break off his alliance with Cortex and explain his plan to wipe clean all of time and space, Cortex suggests that the bandicoots team up with him to save the multiverse. Having gathered 20 crystals, Crash and Aku Aku fly circles around Crunch and the elemental mask of air, Lo-Lo, and earn the Fruit Bazooka power-up. Crash appears near the end of episode ten of Skylanders Academy's first season. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", "Uh-oh" and "Boo-yah." After years of failure, Cortex and N. Tropy successfully travel back forward in time to a short time after the events of Warped. Throughout the series, Cortex is Crash's usual arch-enemy and is always defeated by Crash in order to keep peace around the island. After gathering 5 crystals, Crash and Aku Aku bury Crunch and the elemental mask of earth Rok-ko, earning the Tip Toe power up. After finding Polar and Baby T in their respective habitats, Crash took them in after he defeated Cortex. Crash can also be seen with fingerless gloves almost always except for Crash of the Titans, Nitro Kart 3D, Mind Over Mutant and Mutant Island. Spyro and Crash fight each other, but eventually they realize they've been tricked. Register Start a Wiki. In one of Crash's early designs, he was going to have a tail which was cut due to the limitations of the PlayStation. Top Contributors: KBABZ, Wiki_Creation_Bot, Zenayru + more. At the Bandipedia Wiki, we know how many people like Crash that are on Wikia, so why don't you take a look at the official wiki for everyone's favorite marsupial today? Aku Aku is taking in some sun, Pura is building a sand castle, and Coco is riding a jet ski, with Crash attached to the back surfing. From that moment on, Crash and Spyro remain as a couple of true friends. In the Naughty Dog games, the few English words he is capable of speaking include "Whoa! Crash returns home where he's relaxing on the beach with Coco who informs him that Cortex is still a threat as his Space Station, the Cortex Vortex, is still operational, meaning he was not done yet. The game has references to earlier games in the series and was first soft-launched in select Asian countries on April 22, 2020. Crash and Tawna grew very close while imprisoned in Cortex Castle, and entered a romantic relationship together prior to the events of the first game. In real life, bandicoots have long hairless tails. N. Tropy seeing this, angrily scolds N. Trance for failing to hypnotize the real Crash,  but N. Trance reassures him that they'll never find their secret base. Crash Bandicoot is a multi-million dollar video game franchise starring Crash Bandicoot as he battles his enemy and creator: the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. Frustrated, Cortex and Crash fight and roll deeper into the mines where they find a power crystal. Second was the insane kangaroo, Ripper Roo, Cortex's first failed experiment that he had abandoned in some ruins at the top of a waterfall. One day, when the battery for her laptop runs out, she sends Crash off to find a replacement battery for her. The tattoos do not appear in "Nitro Kart 3D" and "Mutant Island" which resembles him without tattoos and gloves make him go bare hands. While Crash has a number of offensive maneuv He has a yellow-orange colored stomach and a peach muzzle (In Twinsanity onward until the N. Sane Trilogy, his stomach and muzzle were the same, whitish peach color). The Crash Bandicoot "Bandipedia" Wiki is a collaborative database about Crash Bandicoot, a video game franchise starring Crash Bandicoot as he battles his enemy and creator; the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. In the later games, he is considerably stronger as he can beat up titans using his bare fists and scale certain walls. Crash's design is different in Japan, having had his teeth made smaller and his eyes bigger (with Pac-Man eyes) to appeal better to the Japanese market. He explains to Crash that they'll use this machine to confront and defeat the evil twins in their dimension, plus steal their riches, but they're short on power crystals as they need 6 crystals to power it but only have 4. Meanwhile, Crash, Aku Aku, Polar and Coco are relaxing until Aku Aku hears evil laughter booming, revealing that to be Uka Uka, his evil twin brother. 51,262 Pages. After the events of Warped, Crash along with Coco and Aku Aku lived peacefully on N. Sanity island, with their enemies seemingly gone for good. There, Uka Uka shows Aku Aku that he has awoken the Elementals, 4 powerful masks, each one controlling one of the four elements. The Crash Bandicoot franchise has been a major international success, selling over 160 million in dollars and is the 25th best-selling franchise as of March 31, 2011 with around 40 million copies sold since its debut in 1996. With the machine finished Crash and Coco use it to gather the crystals. Crash is a playable character in Crash Boom Bang, in which he is brought along by Coco when she is invited to the World Cannonball Race. Cortex Strikes Back and The Wrath of Cortex varies between these two different glove types for its art. He was originally made to be part of Cortex's army of mutants but after the Cortex Vortex failed to mind control him, the bandicoot fled from his castle. But with Kaos on a quest to take over Skylands using his army of Doomlanders, the Skylanders must focus on stopping his evil plans. Finally, Crash and Spyro gather all the crystals and the bandicoot faces Ripto in aerial combat, and the foe is defeated. He has come to announce the once-in-two-decades Synchronization Celebration--a time when all of the worlds align perfectly. When Velo relinquishes his power to Crash, the latter seriously considers the possibility of ruling over Velo's empire, but decides to turn Velo down and leaves him with his empire. The game's story takes place immediately after the events of the second game. The two battle on the top of the airship; Cortex fires blasts of plasma at Crash with his ray gun from his hoverboard, only for Crash to deflect the bolts right back at Cortex by spinning them away. Once confronted and defeated the evil ghost Mr. Crumb, Crash found his legendary and immense treasure. Despite Brio's warnings of the machine's unreliability, Cortex then sent Crash through the Cortex Vortex, a machine designed to make Crash into a genius and brainwash him into becoming 100% loyal to Cortex's every order. However, the machine fires a bolt of electricity to Cortex and his allies, merging them and forming a hideous monster known as the Mega-Mix. In this game, Crash along with jump and spin can also perform a belly flop, crawl, slide and high jump and spin jump. Category:Crash Bandicoot Villains - Villains Wiki - villains, bad guys, comic books, anime. Crash and Spyro follow Cortex and Ripto to their base and fight them in space. Crash Bandicoot is a mutated bandicoot and the main protagonist in the Crash Bandicoot series. N. Tropy (F) decides to kill Crash and Coco instead, and tosses Tawna at their feet before teleporting her, Dingodile and Cortex away. This resulted in Crash and Aku Aku stranded on the other end of hyperspace and N. Tropy with Fake Crash who proceeds to have N. Trance hypnotize him as well as Coco and Crunch. In the earlier games, he tended to say "Whoa!" In Crash's taunt he mocks his opponents by flapping his arms like a chicken and making clucking noises. They clearly cared deeply for one another, with Crash running through the many dangers of the Wumpa Islands in order to save her from Cortex. Things he does that seem dumb could best be attributed to his obviously impulsive nature. Crash's intelligence level was something of a question since he is mute and Aku Aku even made a comment that brain damage was "not much of a danger to Crash. The Crash Bandicoot Wiki is affiliated with the following wikis: A Hat in Time • Alex Kidd • Azure Striker Gunvolt • Banjo-Kazooie • Blaster Master • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night • Bonk • Broforce • Bubble Bobble • Bubsy • Castlevania • Cave Story • Code: Hardcore • Conker • Contra • Crash Bandicoot • Croc • Cuphead • de Blob • Donkey Kong • Drawn to Life • Earthworm Jim • Electronic Super Joy • Epic Mickey • FEZ • Freedom Planet • Giana Sisters • Ganbare Goemon • Geometry Dash • Gex • Ghosts 'n Goblins • GRIS • Hollow Knight • Hugo the Troll • Jak and Daxter • Jazz Jackrabbit • Jumping Flash • Kirby • Knack • Kya Dark Lineage • LittleBigPlanet • Mario • Mega Man • Metal Slug • Metroid • Mighty No. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About … Crash soon defeats him, sending Cortex onto the ground in front of the bandicoots. He also finds Von Clutch's lost Black Power Gem by the end of the game. However, he has been known to enjoy Pancakes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At the time of its initial release, the character was considered the "unofficial mascot" of Sony, rivaling Nintendo's Mario and Sega's Sonic. In this game he shares the Crash Dash and Super Belly Flop power-ups with Coco only Coco stomps instead of belly-flopping like Crash. In fact, Spyro traveled to N. Sanity following the path of strange orange monsters, like Crash. Original design sketches by Charles Zembillas. In most of the later games, the gloves have individual finger holes, and are cut off after the first joint. After venturing through the Eggipus Dimension, Crash and the others encounter Ika-Ika, the quantum mask of gravity. After that, Crash and Aku Aku go to Mount Grimly, where he frees Uka Uka and is sent to go find his bones. Aku Aku is attacked by the Elementals and is forced to escape. However, they're not done yet as Cortex and Uka Uka still have the 42 gems scattered. 9 • Mirror's Edge • Mischief Makers • Oddworld • OwlBoy • Pandemonium! With the help of some shnurgle cubs, Crash navigates the planet and finds a large rift that takes them straight to the generator. In the game, he is killed in mini films that one can find located around the game called Die-O-Ramas, which consists of Crash getting killed in multiple different ways. Aku Aku is capable of understanding Crash and talking for him. However, this may have been a tease, especially since he is shown to be smart enough to prevent Cortex's attempts at ditching him in Twinsanity and has been able to outsmart various bosses far more powerful than himself in the past, like Tiny or N. Tropy, or drive several vehicles, like jeeps, motorcycles, cars and planes. Seeing that he's free, Aku Aku takes Crash and Coco to use Doctor Nefarious Tropy's Time Twister (While Polar looks after the house. She is the highly intelligent and spirited younger sister of Crash Bandicoot. Meanwhile, Crash, Coco, Aku Aku and Pura are having a day on the beach. The Crash Bandicoot franchise is a series of platforming video games originally developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation.The first installment in the series, Crash Bandicoot, was released worldwide in 1996.The series was created by Naughty Dog co-founders Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin to compete with Nintendo's Mario franchise and Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series, with the … Crash's "wacky" mental state has often been attributed to his exposure to the at-the-time imperfect Cortex Vortex. When Crash does something silly, she will often laugh and has her own take on his signature dance. Speed: 2/6Accel: 2/4Turn: 3/4Difficulty: Intermediate. He is not known for his anger; even towards his greatest enemies, he rarely maintains a great deal of contempt. He has red-orange fur and some blue pants, albeit his design has changed over the years, most likely due to his unstable genetic structure. Crash and Aku Aku then have a rematch with Cortex and Uka Uka, now with all 42 gems, and defeat them for good as the Time-Twister Machine, unable to hold itself together, implodes on itself trapping the evil duo plus Dr N. Tropy as prisoners of time. After Cortex lures Crash down the mountain in a chase, Crash ends up facing Cortex on his airship. Register Start a Wiki. Crash is often accompanied by his ally, Aku Aku, the series' deuteragonist. It goes on to say that he can be found on an island doing what he does best, dancing and napping. Episode eleven, titled Crash Landing, is centered around the Skylanders helping Crash find a way back home. The group then proceeds through the next quantum rift, ending up in the 11th dimension. Crash picks up up off of his pedestal, which causes the ground beneath them to collapse, dropping them directly into the path of an ancient beast. First of all Crash and the others end up in the wasteland, where they encounter N. Gin, who is holding Akano prisoner to use him as a power source for his mech. In the end, Pinstripe Potoroo's species (along with his goons) was changed from bandicoot to potoroo, and Crash's from wombat to bandicoot, though no design changes were made to either. He ventured to the crypt, where he defeated the first of Mr. Crumb's henchmen, Grumbler the Mummy. The Crash Bandicoot encyclopedia that anyone can edit! All the inhabitants of Wumpa Island are having a party and they want to invite the Skylanders. Afterwards, Crash lives on Wumpa Island with hi… Crash, followed by Aku Aku, ventured into the haunted place. Crash Bandicoot is the titular character and main protagonist of the series of the same name. With 11 crystals he uses his copter-pack to knocks some sense back into Coco, who was operating a machine inside a volcano. They banter and fight them in their improved bird cage, Crash runs off and Cortex is in shock making Nina attack first by disabling the robot's power supply. After journeying through Mosquito Marsh, Crash and Coco encounter Kupuna-Wa, the quantum mask of time. After a brief chase, Crash and Lani-Loli jump off of a cliff, landing right next to Aku Aku and Coco, who are investigating a quantum rift. Crash, in search of adventure, went to visit a villa that was said to be full of treasures, but protected by supernatural beings. Tawna is willing to do anything in her power to protect Crash and Coco. Crash also has his own story, which is set in 2016, twenty years after the events of the first game. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Theme . I thought you'd never ask!"). Bandipedia is a comprehensive database focusing on the. The only other characters with this distinction are. Having been defeated by the bandicoots once again, Cortex drops Nina off at an Evil Public School, and returns to Uka Uka to plan for his next trick. Such as being eaten, blown up, and many more. Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders: Imaginators. Alberto Bernal (Spanish, Skylanders Academy)Holger Umbreit (German, Skylanders Academy)Paolo de Santis (Italian, 2007)Alessandro Campaiola (Italian, Skylanders Academy)Wojciech Chorąży (Polish, Skylanders Academy)Alexandre Drummond (Portuguese, Skylanders Academy, Season 1)Douglas Guedes (Portuguese, Skylanders Academy, Season 3)Alex Barone (Portuguese, 2020)Thomas Magnussen (Danish, Skylanders Academy)Freddy Åsblom (Swedish, Skylanders Academy)Gia Huy Nguyễn (Vietnamese, Skylanders Academy). He attempted to fight Crash off with his chemical solutions at first, but has to resort to downing the brew himself, warping his body into the Brio Monster. Doctor Nitrus Brio is the penultimate boss, fought in his chemistry room. His sense of right and wrong is also intact, as he helps out those in need and, although Cortex has numerously tried to destroy him, Crash did not object to teaming up with him. • Ratchet & Clank • Rayman • Rocket Knight • Rogue Legacy • Shantae • Shinobi • Shovel Knight • Sonic the Hedgehog • Spark the Electric Jester • Spyro the Dragon • Strider • Tearaway • The Messenger • Toki • Turrican • Valis • VVVVVV • Wonder Boy • Yooka-Laylee. Add … A mailman brings them some, and Coco and Crunch use it for browsing the Internet, but Crash is shocked by electricity every time he touches it. Last Edited: 7 … However, this ended as Coco's personality changed and she tries to make Crash's life more sophisticated. On his deathbed, to protect his treasure, he summoned an army of monsters and turned himself into a ghost. This marks his debut in the Skylanders franchise and his return in a game after a six-year hiatus. Crash and Aku Aku fight many green and purple dragon-like monsters who are roaming the N. Sanity Island. While re-visiting a location and exploring a previously inaccessible path, Coco finds the Super Belly Flop power up for Crash and her to use to find the rest of the gems. Unlike in the originals, his sister Coco is a playable reskin of him in all 3 remakes, and she also does her own version of the iconic Crash Dance. They have a brief interaction with the siblings explaining their current quest. Crash finally confronts and defeats Nina Cortex inside of the Doominator robot, frees Coco who then hugs him and, with the help of her part, which Crash kept in his pants all the time, averts the destruction of Wumpa Island. Crash is a playable character in Crash Nitro Kart, in which he drives for the Bandicoot Team, in a well-rounded kart, with Coco, Crunch and Fake Crash. He is an Eastern Barred Bandicoot living on N. Sanity Island, who was captured and evolved by Dr. Neo Cortex. From Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy onwards, Crash and Coco has a stronger sibling relationship than ever before. After Lani-Loli explains the other quantum masks must be assembled to seal the rifts, Crash and the others set off through the rift. However, Crash, being faster, dodges all obstacles in his way and spins Cortex three times, destroying his jetpack and sending him flying into deep space. Crash Bandicoot™ 4 It's About Time 20201001220026.png This spot is also where you can get the Red Gem! Like his sister, Crash also expresses sadness when Tawna leaves them behind and refuses to join them. Upon first meeting her, Crash appears surprised and confused as he begins to poke at her before she punches him. After Crash defeats Brio, a bunsen burner from Brio's chemistry table is knocked over, setting the castle alight. Finally, Crash reaches the Cortex's base, defeating him and destroying the Planetary Minimizer in the process. in joy, making Coco and Crunch look at him oddly, as he almost never speaks. He meets and teams up with Doctor Nitrus Brio once more and introduces their new project to Uka Uka: The NV. Besides Crash himself, Fake Crash, Dr. Neo Cortex, Komodo Joe and Nitros Oxide are also All-Rounder racers (supposedly because of their engine sound). Originally, however, he took the role of a silent protagonist and thus expressed little of his personality or opinions (a trait developer Jason Rubin later claimed to regret), though in later games he has played a larger role. A year later, Crash is relaxing in the woods with his little sister Coco Bandicoot, who wakes him from his nap and asks him to find a new laptop battery for her. First meeting of Mr. Crumb and Crash Bandicoot. Past Cortex wakes up and goes into the other room to proceed with his experiment, which is Crash's run through the Cortex Vortex. Aku Aku is usually the only ally who joins Crash on pretty much every adventure he goes on (with one exception). As it nears an end, Crash Bandicoot is shown to be the one narrating. This allowed Crash to escape and run loose within the lab. At this point, Crash returns and is in control of Mecha Bandicoot which ends the fight, causing the Twins to flee, only to end up being food for Evil Crash while Crash, Cortex and Nina return to the 1st dimension where Cortex tries to get rid of Crash with the Psychetron, only for it to malfunction and send him into Crash's brain. Crash appears as a playable character in Crash Team Racing, in which he drives a blue go kart. Crash Bandicoot is the titular protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Introduced in the 1996 video game Crash Bandicoot, Crash is an Eastern Barred Bandicoot that was genetically enhanced by the series' primary antagonist Dr. Neo Cortex and was soon banished from Cortex's castle for his perceived unworthiness. Crash was originally named Willy the Wombatand was created as a much bulkier character. Upon realizing Tawna was held captive, he traveled across islands to save Tawna and halt Cortex's plan, defeating his other experiments and allies on the way. the earlier games, she ordered him around and used him as a delivery boy, like when she wanted him to get her a new battery for her laptop because the old one had run out in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. If Crash wins a race he will do his classic dance on the podium. Willy the Wombat model chart by Jason Rubin. Crash throws Coco's machine at Cortex's airship, severing the chain holding Aku Aku's cage, which causes the cage to fall into the nearby forest. He wins again but unfortunately the robot explodes, Cortex loses control of his hover board and bumps into Crash, falling into the pit. Cortex expresses his plan to use Kupuna-Wa to travel back in time to stop Crash from ever being created before generating a massive rift to travel back to Cortex Castle in 1996. When Tawna refuses to join up with them, Crash places his hand on Coco's shoulder to help her feel better. Once there the three realize that this dimension is quite different to theirs, such as the sky, sea and snow being purple instead of blue and the sand being brown instead of yellow and everything being the complete opposite to what they're used to.