Gewicht: 65 g Unser vielseitigstes … We use cookie on this site to enhance your user experience. Its modified tube design provides considerable bite for catching lead falls, and it locks off by itself when your partner needs to rest. MANUAL. Edelrid is a good brand and delivers. MANUAL. PRODUKTINFOS. A soft catch sounds like a big improvement! In essence it is an assisted braking device (note: not an auto-locking one! : 318-0102. … Weight: 121 g The most versatile ever belay device. BRAKINGASSIST TUBERS. EDELRID Mega Jul Sport Sicherungsgerät Klettern NEU by EDELRID. One demerit to Edelrid for nearly doubling the weight from the Mega Jul (120g vs 65g, respectively). BUY Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device. Will we love the update as much as we loved the original? Bestell-Nr. If you appreciate UKClimbing then please help us by becoming a UKC Supporter. By continuing to browse this website, you are confirming your agreement. Edelrid are a German climbing manufacturer of hardware & rope with a long and distinguished history. BRAND ROOM. Comment Report abuse. Billed as the most versatile belay device ever, the Giga Jul is the latest in a long line of belay devices under the Jul label. This works well as the thumb on the braking hand naturally finds itself sitting in the thumb space to allow this action to happen. BRAND ROOM. 5.0 out of 5 stars Best of all passive braking devices I have tried. JUL 2 DETAILS. extended off my belay loop with a sling it was hard work to descend as my arm needed to be continually raised so my thumb could unlock the device. What we like: We felt like this was the closest feel to an ATC and it looks it too. EDELRID FAMILY. The size does come with a reason: due to the slide mechanism and how it operates the device is a tad bit longer as the slide effectively blocks out a portion of the device. SPORTS. The Edelrid Mega Jul is a durable and versatile, stainless steel belay device, with an auto-locking capability that makes it suitable for all types of climbing. As with any belay device that does not have a hands-off failsafe lock, it is possible for the rope to feed through at a fast rate if you let it. PRODUCT INFORMATION. So far, all we've asked of you is that you visit and interact with the site but we are in uncertain times. Design: Autotube Recommended use: Sport climbing, Alpine climbing Suitable ropes: 7.8 mm - 10.5 mm Weight: 65 g Item No. Athleten. With its soft catch, the Jul 2 is a really nice forgiving indoor and sport climbing belay device that can be used on a wide range of rope diameters, from 8.9-11mm. TECHNICAL INFORMATION. Originally founded as a rope manufacturer in Berlin in 1880, its first braided textile products were fishing lines. See this product at the Joe Brown - Snowdonia shop, See this product at the Needle Sports shop, Tough core material of abrasion-resistant stainless steel, Optimised geometry ensures easy operation even for beginners, High braking performance assists the belayer with leader falls, Rope can be paid out faster to a leader by holding the device in the "open" position with the thumb, Perfect handling, even for ropes with larger diameter. Despite a rocky start, Edelrid’s Mega Jul is now my belay device of choice for all alpine and multi-pitch rock climbing. TECHNICAL INFORMATION. Although it's fair to say that my braking hand must not have been tight enough on the dead end of the rope and therefore that I wasn't using the device correctly, I think this does emphasise that the Jul 2 is not foolproof. EDELRID FAMILY. TECHNISCHE INFORMATIONEN. The Jul 2 is slated as a single tubular belay device. UNTERNEHMEN . Order-No. Edelrid Mega Jul – Weight: 65 grams. Beal ORIENT EXPRESS is a unidirectional screw locking karabiner designed for use with belay plates where the ropes pass through the karabiner. 737420006630. Athletes. Kontakt. Price: £26.85 + £11.50 delivery: New (4) from £26.85 + £11.50 Shipping. 718320001380. BRAND ROOM. Customers say: Lightweight. KNOWLEDGE BASE. SERVICE. (DE): Das Mega Jul ist eines der vielseitigsten Sicherungsgeräte auf dem Markt. SERVICE. This Video shows how to use EDELRID's 2013 presented belay devices Mega Jul and Micro Jul. EDELRID FAMILY. Your right actually, it did look like the device was back to front. SPORTS. After six months of use we give the verdict here, especially with a view to how it suits UK trad climbing. SPORTS. However on first acquaintance they often leave the new user scratching their head wondering how to correctly operate the device. SPORTS. Access to a year's subscription to Rockfax Digital. Training. EDELRID FAMILY. I have a mega Jul and a lead fall on that is a pretty violent experience compared to a tube. Edelrid Mega Jul: 14.0: Grivel Master Pro: 14.0: DMM Pivot: 14.0: GrandWall Equipment Gimli: 14.5: BD ATC Guide: 15.0: Beal Air Force 3: 16.5 * measured midway along slot as shown in photo. Order-No. This will stand out for those of you that are Mega Jul users. It is a light, small, durable, and multi-function device. Contact. AUTOTUBER. 50% Edelrid. Giving out a lot of slack felt smooth and instinctual. This resulted in him hitting the ground much too fast from about 4 metres up. The Edelrid Jul 2 is Perfect for Climbing Gym Belays gripped December 5, 2016 The break-assist Edelrid Jul 2 is a single tubular belay device designed for beginners, gym climbers and single-pitch climbers. © UKClimbing Limited. COMPANY . EDELRID's expertise is based on long-standing experience, honed by constant technical innovation. Contact. SERVICE. Training. This device is super light and can accommodate two ropes and is multi-pitch enabled. Edelrid’s belay device has been lauded in both the big US magazines, by serious people who know their gear. The Edelrid Mega Jul is an innovative belay device. Assisted braking belay devices typically offer a range of mechanisms and geometry to help you catch a leader fall and reduce the chances of accidents caused by inattentive belaying. PRODUCT INFORMATION. Our desire to remain at the cutting edge drives our dynamic approach. Training. MEGA JUL (0) DE EN US FR (0) MEGA JUL. KNOWLEDGE BASE. You can help us by becoming a UKC Supporter. Made with a stainless steel core that will last years and won’t heat up like other belay devices. Use the versatile Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device for belaying … WORK SAFETY. It was much easier when the device was connected directly to my belay loop. Training. To find out more about our privacy policy, including use of cookies, please visit our, Tough core material of abrasion-resistant stainless steel, Optimized geometry ensures easy operation even for beginners, High braking performance assists the belayer with leader falls, Rope can be paid out faster to a leader by holding the device in the “open” position with the thumb, Perfect handling, even for ropes with a larger diameter. Weight: 105 g Innovative belay device with high braking performance for single ropes. The Edelrid Giga Jul is a new and improved version of the older Mega Jul, and we think it is worthy of our Top Pick for Multi-Pitch Climbing because it combines assisted braking, standard tube-style use ("manual" mode), and auto-block all in one single device. The Edelrid Jul 2 is a single rope belay device with an innovative design which creates large amounts of braking assistance during a fall. 'I have not come across this issue before and can only think the device was held open without the tail end of the rope been held firmly' said Paul Craven. Buy the selected items together. The lock down photo appears to me to be in need of some rotation. The Giga Jul combines all the advantages of our best-selling Mega Jul with those of a standard tuber. PaulD. The Click Up+ is an updated version of the popular Click Up. Helpful. € 29,95 € 23,96 (2) remove from comparison compare. These items are dispatched from and sold by different sellers. BRAKINGASSIST TUBERS. COMPANY . I do not remember another piece of climbing equipment that seems to split opinion so much as the Mega Jul. As a result, anyone can pick it up and get using it quickly - even beginners. There is a sweet spot between too jerky and too fast that gives the best lowering pace and the smoothest descent for your partner - but finding this takes some practise. When a fall is taken the belay carabiner is pulled upwards into the Jul 2's notch, this squeezes the rope creating high braking performance. The Jul 2 is a single rope assisted braking device, the Mega Jul takes two ropes and has a sport climbing version as well, and the Micro Jul is the incredibly lightweight version of this for use with Edelrid's super-thin alpine ropes. Thicker ropes seem to rub on the sidewalls … Athletes. An innovative bit of design means that the Mega Jul auto-locks when the climber falls, once locked you can lower them by releasing the rope a little with your thumb. Small eyelet for releasing unit with a … 20% Edelrid. ... After some research I found the Jul 2 and I enjoy using it. The device feeds out rope like many others of its type. The optimised Mega Jul geometry ensures easy and secure belaying even with thicker ropes. UKClimbing is a vibrant web site with rich content and an amazing community. If there's a big weight difference between lead climber and belayer, the Edelrid Ohm offers a genuine safety gain. GEBRAUCHSANLEITUNG. In September Black Diamond and Visit Innsbruck teamed up to invite UKClimbing, among others, to the World Youth Championships. 2-year warranty 100 days returns policy > 1,200,000 satisfied customers All items in stock 93% recommend . The first bi-directional belay device with a backup. The majority of the Jul 2's 87g weight comes from the wear resistant steel from which the body is made. VIDEO. INSPECTION INSTRUCTION / SUMMARIES. PRÜFANLEITUNG / NORMEN. When a fall is taken the belay carabiner is pulled upwards into the Jul 2's notch, this squeezes the rope creating high braking performance.Details: Sign in to get an e-mail when this product comes back in stock. Catching a fall is nice and forgiving. INSPECTION INSTRUCTION / SUMMARIES. One person found this helpful. You can use it just like a standard belay device and it is safe to use with ropes from 7.8mm - 10.5mm diameter. Contact. TECHNICAL INFORMATION. Colour: slate. I've rotated the photo so it look's correct now. For other applications, trad climbing for instance, it is arguably a bit bulky, and of limited use anyway since it only takes one rope (for trad you'd want the Mega Jul - see our review - or the Micro Jul). This can be in a small way or in a larger package that includes discounted products from our sister-publishing company Rockfax. Luckily, not once have I experienced that embarrassing moment of fumbling trying to release the lock and inevitably apologising for my poor belaying skills. When paying out, all that is required is a gentle lift of the Jul 2 away from the carabiner to stop the assisted braking from engaging. So where does the Giga Jul fit into the range? KNOWLEDGE BASE. With its soft catch, the Jul 2 is a really nice forgiving indoor and sport climbing belay device that can be used on a wide range of rope diameters, from 8.9-11mm. Show your support UKC Supporter badge on your profile and forum posts. The Giga Jul … asegurador,escalada, Frequently bought together + Total price: £116.26. It’s also worth noting that Edelrid produces multiple variations of the Mega Jul design: the lighter and smaller Micro Jul that’s designed for twin and half ropes from 6.9–8.0 mm, the sport climbing-oriented Mega Jul Sport designed for 7.8–11.0 mm ropes, and the Jul2 — a single slot belay device with the same assisted braking function and rope specs as the Mega Jul Sport. Combining features from a number of other belay devices, the Edelrid Mega Jul offers one fairly unique package. Also check out the Edelrid Micro Jul - a smaller version suitable for 6.9mm - 8.5mm twin and double ropes and 8mm - 9mm single ropes. Please help UKClimbing continue to provide varied and free content by becoming an official UKC Supporter. WORK SAFETY. All rights reserved. Suitable for 8.9 –11.0 mm single ropes. Show details. MANUAL. Also, from my experience of owning one, and I like it btw for general wall use, I found myself abseiling from the top of a single pitch climb a few weeks ago and when used as I would my normal unbraked belay device e.g. When used properly and paired with an appropriate rope system, the Mega Jul offers good assisted braking capability in a lightweight package. For the first few times using the device this will require a little bit of extra concentration until they are safely on the ground. For less experienced belayers it has an advantage over some of the more complex assisted braking devices with moving parts in that the key action, holding a fall, is basically the same as with standard belay devices, only with the added safety benefit of the assisted braking. Product description. € 69,95 € 34,98 (8) remove from comparison compare. And it just gets even better when they decide they might try abbing with it. In essence it is an auto locking tuber plate. Measuring the rope gap. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. Just remember: this is an assisted braking device, not an auto-locking one! Video EDELRID Micro Jul & Mega Jul EN from EDELRID on Vimeo. Order-No. Our most versatile belay and abseil device made of solid stainless steel for durability. As an example, on the first route I belayed with the Jul 2 I lowered my partner much faster than expected while distracted trying to find the lowering sweet spot. Not surprisingly, the sweet spot for single ropes with the Giga Jul lays at the bottom end of the spectrum in the 8.5 to 9mm range. The braking doesn't snap on instantly, but rather a small amount of rope slides through the device before slowing into your catch. Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2017. Belaying with it was fluid and did not hinder the climber at any point. The best thing about these is watching people lose the plot trying to use them. Nevertheless, on the UKC forums a number of people have expressed an open hatred of the Mega Jul as the worst handling belay device ever! Weighing in at 2.3 oz, it's also light and affordable. However, the Mega Jul is certainly not the perfect all-around belay device, which is why I continue to use other belay devices for certain situations. This evolution of the successful Mega Jul (winner of our 2014 Editors’ Choice Award) is a single tube-style belay device designed for gym- and sport-focused climbers that works smoothly, even with the fatter ropes found at many gyms. The Mega Jul from Edelrid is considered a "passive" assisted braking belay device. 65 g. Material information & features. 717840006630. I'm sure you get used to them :). Edelrid have released a new belay plate to the market. Women's Glory Pants III - Climbing trousers. 4.4 out of 5 stars 25 ratings. We need to look at ways to keep the site moving forward whilst maintaining our key aim of allowing free access to everyone to our main content. The Mega Jul weighs just 65 grams and can be used for double or single ropes from 7.8mm to 10.5mm. INSPECTION INSTRUCTION / SUMMARIES. VIDEO. WORK SAFETY. 'The Jul2 is an assisted breaking device; it is important for the free rope end to be held at all times, especially when opening the device for lowering.'. It is a two-handed action, with the thumb of one hand lifting the catch while you control the dead rope with the other hand. The Revo makes belaying simple, safe and more intuitive. BRAKINGASSIST TUBERS. The optimized Mega Jul geometry ensures easy and secure belaying even with thicker ropes. This product is available for pre order and will be shipped as soon as it arrives in stock in our warehouse. VIDEO. This is an especially important point for the first time user while they are still getting to grips with lowering smoothly. Innovative belay device with high braking performance for single ropes. You can show your support in one of two ways; both come with rewards, and one includes discounted products from Rockfax. I only tested ropes in the 9.1 to 9.8 mm range. The Edelrid Jul 2 is a single rope belay device with an innovative design which creates large amounts of braking assistance during a fall. SPORTS. KNOWLEDGE BASE. It makes the device look threaded in the wrong direction. It's light, it offers loads of grip for secure belaying, and it works smoothly on a range of rope diameters - what's not to like? Weight 69g! Do note however that the device never automatically fully locks, so as with any standard belay device a controlling hand should be firmly on the braking end of the rope at all times. GIGA JUL (0) EN DE US FR (0) GIGA JUL. Weight: 65 g Our most versatile … Women's Kamikaze Shorts II - Climbing trousers. The first thing that I noticed is that for its size the Jul 2 feels relatively heavy in the hand - not the biggest issue, as this belay device is best suited to being battered about down the indoor wall or at a sport crag. It’s most similar to the Edelrid Mega Jul ($34.95) and the Mammut Smart ($29.95), but adds the benefit of a much softer catch. WORK SAFETY. PRODUCT INFORMATION. It is also very large in size compared to the Mega Jul. JUL 2 (0) EN DE US FR (0) JUL² . $28.85 The Edelrid Mega Jul is a pretty special bit of kit. Lastly, there's the very fair price: I think you'd struggle to find an assisted braking belay device for less than £25. The new kid on the block. It is well worth watching the video to get some idea of the full range of use that the Mega Jul offers. Edelrid is also making a sister device, the Micro Jul (not tested), that weighs 60 grams and is meant for half ropes in the 6.9mm to 8.9mm range. Cue a tirade of swearing followed by complete defeat.... 'I think i'll just sell it'. ), but one that operates with the familiar feel of a conventional belay device and with no moving parts. SPORTS. Fabric/Material: Stainless Steel, Weight: 2.3, Application: Multi-Pitch Routes, Sport Climbing, Belay Type: Manual Catch, Climbing Hardware Type: Belay & Rappel, Rope Capacity: 7.8 - 10.5 mm, SPORTS. A long journey then followed before EDELRID pioneered the kernmantel rope in 1953. Add both to Basket. If you have a question about this product, or would like any technical advice don't hesitate to post a question using the link below and one of our team of gear experts will reply as soon as possible. Its name is the Mega Jul. Women's Highball T - T-shirt. € 34,95 € 20,97 (15) remove from comparison compare. MEGA JUL (0) EN DE US FR (0) MEGA JUL. SERVICE. COMPANY . MORE DETAILS. It pays out smoothly even with thicker ropes (the range is 8.9 –11.0mm). Lowering is arguably the Jul 2's weakest attribute as it's something that has a bit of a knack to it. SPORTS. This soft brake might be particularly good for a belayer with little experience, but really in most sport climbing situations anyone is going to feel the benefit. Mega Jul Sport - Belay device. The stainless steel core means it will last for years without wear and it’ll reduce heat build-up on long belay sessions. Thanks for pointing that out. Read more. BRAND ROOM. The Jul 2 is slightly different. It takes ropes between 7.8 and 10.5 mm and has a smaller brother called the Micro Jul. Athletes. 20% Edelrid. Banana Fingers — Unit 8 Whitehall Trading Estate, Gerrish Avenue, Bristol BS5 9DF. It’s tied for the least-expensive brake-assist device on the market at $29.95. 717840006630. The site will continue to be mainly funded by a subtle level of outdoor-only advertising but we now need extra support to ensure we can continue to provide the UKC that we all know and love. The Joe Brown Shops (Est 1966) and The Climbers Shop (Est 1959) With over 100 years of retail heritage our shops are incredibly proud to offer a huge choice of clothing and equipment for climbers, mountaineers, hillwalkers and trail runners. There is a flipside to this however, which would be of particular disadvantage to less experienced belayers - that lowering action, which takes practise to get smooth.