Mix these into a glass and add ice if necessary: This drink works well as is, but you will find that it also makes an excellent party punch. Privacidade | Regista-te e recebe as melhores promoções. Absolut Vodka 1.5L was born in 1879 in Åhus, Sweden, from the mind of Lars Olsson Smith. Tito’s Vodka Prices Tito’s prices compete well with many of the biggest brands in the vodka industry. Delivery is included in our price. Cookies Absolut Vodka 1.5L from $27.63. Copyright © 2020 BottledPrices.com. This bottle of Holland vodka offers a light, crisp experience. Even so, the brand has a strong presence not only in its hometown of Chicago but also in the party centers of the United States, such as Los Angeles and Florida. Submit. How are the Prices for the Effen Flavored Line? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Everything about ultra-premium EFFEN® Vodka was painstakingly designed. See Price in Cart ... EFFEN® Vodka is a super-premium vodka whose name … Effen vodka was carefully constructed as a high-end vodka brand by a few Chicago-area entrepreneurs in the early 2000’s. EFFEN ® Vodka wasn't just distilled for them—it was designed for them.. Made from premium French wheat, EFFEN ® Vodka uses a … Additional Information on Effen Vodka. Descrição A vodka claro, suave e macio com um frescor agradável e um toque de limão. EFFEN® Vodka is a super-premium vodka whose name means "smooth, even, and balanced" in Dutch. Servindo Pur, desfrutar no gelo ou como ingrediente cocktail exclusivo. You have control over the decision on whether to drink alcohol or not. Registe-se e irá receber as melhores ofertas por e-mail. SUPER-PREMIUM VODKA, IMPORTED FROM HOLLAND . Shop our latest collection of Vodka at Costco.co.uk. There are a lot of expensive well-known vodkas out there that out-price Tito’s, but spending around $20 is a safe bet since you know that you’re paying a good amount for good quality vodka. Shop our collection of EFFEN Vodka. Gin. Here is a list of Effen’s average prices, and you will see that they are quite reasonable for a company that first intended to compete with the luxury players: Effen vodka’s prices don’t even come close to the luxury brands. EFFEN Vodka is a super-premium vodka whose name means smooth in Dutch. From their clothes and clubs, to their cocktails and company they keep. Vodka is a clear, high-strength alcoholic beverage made from two base ingredients; ethanol and water. Melon, strawberry, and apple slices work well for this. Holland- EFFEN Vodka is a continuously distilled Ultra-Premium Vodka with a smooth, clean and crisp flavor. Still smooth and refreshing. This, our very first variety, was designed by bartenders to be a perfect base for mixing cocktails. Receba as melhores recomendações e ofertas de vinhos e espumantes em seu e-mail. I can’t find Effen Raspberry anywhere. EFFEN Vodka is a super-premium vodka whose name means smooth, even, and balanced in Dutch. FEATURED BRANDS Here are a few of the more interesting ones for those of you who enjoy this Dutch brand: Cucumber is a poorly regarded in the juice world, as it does not carry the sweet taste of fruits such as strawberries or mango, but did you know that it’s a delicious addition to lemonade? In order to try it, mix the following ingredients together: Mix this all with ice or, better yet, refrigerate all of the ingredients before mixing it, and you have yourself a refreshing summer cocktail. As stated by the Surgeon General of the United States, pregnant women should refrain from drinking alcohol as it increases their baby’s probability of having congenital defects. Final suave e equilibrado. The definitive neutral spirit, vodka is an essential ingredient to be enjoyed in any number of mixed drinks, and sippable straight in upscale, premium versions.. Just about any fermentable material can be used to make vodka. In this respect, Effen is, again, a good value if you believe that its taste is comparable to the premium players, as its offerings won’t cost you much more than $20.00. Good Spirits. Gift a bottle of EFFEN Vodka for any occasion. Vodka Prices Guide in 2020 – 20 Most Popular Vodka Brands in US. Vodka flavored with any number of different additions has become an increasingly important sector over recent years, as brand owners seek to attract new drinkers and encourage existing consumers to try new ones. Get it today with Same Day Delivery, Order Pickup or Drive Up. Termos e condições | All Rights Reserved. Delivered. The range of daring flavors, including Black Cherry, Dutch Raspberry, and Cucumber. Enjoy low prices on name-brand Vodka products. Se continuas a navegar, consideramos aceitas a nossa, Vodka Effen Vodka - Países Baixos. Critics have scored this product 89 points. It’s worth mentioning that this company’s flavored vodkas That’s why we offer eight exceptional vodkas each continuously distilled, each crisp and smooth, each suited for many delicious cocktails. The company has currently taken the drink in a different direction from that originally planned. It has all the stereotypical markings of luxury vodka. Do they still make it? Filtragem não é no carvão, mas em turfa, que é o de assegurar uma maior pureza. Drink it alone, on ice or as part of a cocktail. Effen was initially planned to be sold as one of the ultra high-end vodkas, competing with the likes of Belvedere and Grey Goose. Inside EFFEN Vodka (and each flavor of EFFEN for that matter) you'll find a light, crisp vodka experience. Does the Company Sell Any Other Types of Vodka? Producer Effen Contact us: 1 (518)-899-9463 43 Round Lake Road Ste. ABSOLUT Vodka Grapefruit - 750ML. Effen Vodka Yuzu Citrus 750ml. Countless times distilled. ... See Price in Cart Age Restricted Item. Absolut Vodka Grapefruit - 750ml What's in the box 1 X 750ml Absolut Vodka Grapefruit Effen Vodka Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. It is currently trying to form strong bonds with bartenders in order to get Effen recognized as the perfect spirit for mixing cocktails. EFFEN® Vodka drinkers are a unique mix, with varying styles and tastes. ½ part cucumber juice (can be made by just squeezing the juice out of a cucumber), One part fruity schnapps (this can be whatever you prefer). Of the well-known brands, then, we can say that Effen occupies a space between Absolut’s $15.00 average and Ketel One’s $24.00. From Sweden to New York in one sip! This, our very first variety, was designed by bartenders to be a perfect base for mixing cocktails. In this case, you can put it in a large bowl and add various small pieces of fruit to the mix. Notas doces e elementos cítricos com notas de baunilha. Effen Vodka Cucumber 1.0Ltr. Effen is one of the few brands currently offering cucumber-flavored vodka, and it’s great for promoting this flavor in lemon or lime-based drinks. Have you tasted it? Grey Goose is one of the highest, hitting the upper limit of about $30.00 a bottle of their fruity line and most other brands hovering around $20.00. The word EFFEN literally means "smooth" in Dutch, which explains why all of our flavors can be enjoyed straight or in a cocktail. We only provide the approximate prices. In 2012, according to The Economist, global vodka consumption reached 4.4 billion liters. The price range tends to lie between around $10.00 and $30.00 for any flavored vodka. Made with the finest spring water and winter wheat, this unflavored vodka is distilled five times to remove impurities. Effen Vodka Alternative in the Same Price Range? Odor: Neutro com algumas notas cítricas e algumas notas de chocolate branco e baunilha. Bodega: Hooghoudt Distillers. Share your opinion! Effen Black Cherry Vanilla has the heart of Effen Vodka, so no matter how you drink it, you know that it's smooth, even, and balanced. vodka Vodka Effen, Vodka. This is also a standard price across different brands. Shop ReserveBar FREE Home Delivery. And definitely the bartender-designed touch that adorns each bottle: a polymer sleeve. Luxury Flavored Vodka Botanical Organic American Vodka BY PRICE Under $100 $100 to $200 $200 and up. The word "effen" means "smooth" in Dutch, and to say this vodka lives up to its name would be an understatement. Sabor: Fresco, limpo e direto. Vodka is the most-consumed spirit in the world. The purity of the ethanol and the quality of the water are essentially the o ... Stores and prices for 'Effen Vodka' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. EFFEN ® is Dutch for “smooth, even, and balanced,” and was created for those who are deliberate about every detail they choose. Buy Effen Vodka 1.75L at discount price from USA's best online liquor store. Vodka (1.75L) being sold at Warehouse Wines & Spirits. Temos também um catálogo com mais de 59.000 produtos à venda. Once again, it’s recommended that all of the ingredients are chilled in a refrigerator before mixing, if possible. Sabor: muito macio, limpo, fresco e equilibrado com notas de frutas cítricas e baunilha. Close search. $39.51 32 x 7.2 x 6.8 cm; 1.42 Kilograms Item model number 606191 Volume 700 Millilitres Units 700 millilitre Serving Recommendation Drink straight or use as the perfect base for mixing cocktails Country of origin Netherlands Alcohol Content 40 Percent by Volume Brand Effen Vodka Manufacturer Effen Vodka, 70cl 63 Veterans Memorial Drive. This is a super-premium vodka whose name means "smooth, even and balanced" in Dutch. Compre ao melhor preço desde $29.32! Effen Vodka Tasting Notes. $33.57. Much like Ciroc, it even got a pricey endorsement from a major figure in hip-hop - 50 Cent. Get Directions. The Official EFFEN Vodka Lounge of the Phoenix Suns, located on the 3rd level of Talking Stick Resort Arena. While Effen doesn’t currently produce any high-proof product above 80 proof, they recently came out with a Limited-Edition 50 Cent football bottle. BottledPrices.com does not provide advertisements or recommendations on alcoholic beverage brands. The Hive Wine & Spirits. Origem Holanda, Groningen fabricante Hooghoudt destilador produzindo um processo de destilação contínua forma a base para Effen vodka, a destilação é realizada a uma temperatura invulgarmente baixa, a fim de evitar a caramelização indesejável. Product Description. vodka Vodka Effen, Vodka. Se quiser comprar Vodka Effen, no Drinks&Co encontrarás os melhores preços para Vodka Hooghoudt Distillers. Conveniently located on Hwy 35 across from Kangaroo Crossing, The Hive strives to be Kosciusko's premier Wine and Spirit retailer. These days, its ambitions are far more moderate. Taaka Vodka Location. They are even lower than those of brands such as Ketel One, although we can say that at around $24.00 per fifth, Ketel one is on the same level.. Of the well-known brands, then, we can say that Effen occupies a space between Absolut’s $15.00 average and Ketel One’s $24.00. They are even lower than those of brands such as Ketel One, although we can say that at around $24.00 per fifth, Ketel one is on the same level. That’s what makes EFFEN® Vodka perfect for those who love good design. Thanks to Effen’s new marketing direction, stressing the effectiveness of the vodka in packing an alcoholic punch for cocktails, there are a wealth of cocktail recipes involving the liquor. This bottle was released at around $40.00 in 2016, but these days you may be able to find one for cheaper than this. $21.94. A fresh take on the Cosmo. Burnett's Vodka, 1.75 Liter. Inside EFFEN Vodka (and each flavor of EFFEN for that matter) you'll find a light, crisp vodka experience. Whereas 750 mL of these vodkas will probably cost you somewhere around $30.00, Effen is at the lower end of the middle, with a 750 mL bottle of the standard 80-proof offering going for less than $20.00. Effen Vodka Rose 750ml. Hi there, I am James Hart, an ex food and liquor photographer, who has a keen passion for different kinds of wines and liquors. The Effen flavored line costs about the same as the regular vodka at around $20.00. Eight distinct vodkas. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Effen Black Cherry Vodka … © 2020, Usamos cookies, próprios e de terceiros, para oferecer-lhe os nossos serviços. Read reviews and buy Effen Vodka - 1.75L Bottle at Target. Effen’s flavored vodkas are generally geared toward refreshing mixed drinks, such as beach cocktails. Drinking alcohol can lead to serious illnesses and have a negative effect on motor skills, which are required for driving and machinery operation. Effen vodka’s prices don’t even come close to the luxury brands. Deixamos à tua disposição mais de 59.000 produtos à venda graças ao apoio de mais de 38.000 clientes que compram na Drinks&Co. Close Categories Wine, Beer & Spirits Spirits & Mixers Vodka Vodka (86) ... Ketel One Vodka 80 Proof - 1.75 Liter Smirnoff Vodka Triple Distilled Recipe No. It is distilled only from the finest ingredients and best spring water in a Dutch distillery that had been going about its trade for over 100 years. It even went so far as to design a rubberized bottle that is easier for cocktail creators to hold. Still the original. The content of the bottle is just plain Effen, but even people who aren’t football or 50 Cent fans will agree that the pigskin container, meant to resemble a football, makes for a very attractive collectible. 907 were here. The continuous distillation process that ensures extraordinarily smooth taste. - 2 Parts EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka is a super-premium vodka whose name means "smooth, even, and balanced" in Dutch. The refreshing flavor makes it a favorite for cocktails, especially in the summer. Free shipping on orders of $35+ from Target. EFFEN Ultimate Cosmo. Effen Vodka 1.75L, Netherlands. Poupa com a Drinks&Co de forma 100% segura e com a maior facilidade. 90-95 points: Wine Enthusiast "Initial nosing passes reveal a zesty and mildly spicy aroma that’s focused on the cereal grain; the bouquet registers on the leaner, drier side of neutral grain spirits and as such is in direct opposition to other creamier, sweeter Dutch vodkas. e compartilhe a sua opinião Some five years after its conception, it was sold to Beam Global Spirits, and it was only making sales of about 10 million at that time. (Preços aproximados). Monday - Saturday. Winery: Hooghoudt Distillers. ... Stores and prices for 'Effen Raspberry Vodka' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. com o melhor trigo holandês, 5 vezes destilada e limpas com muito cuidado por um filtro de turfa. Nose: Hint of grain. You can get the accurate prices from local stores. Despite all this, the brand is one of the smaller players on the list. Skip to content. As “ultra-premium” as brands such as Ciroc or Grey Goose claim to be, their flavored vodkas are never too expensive. SVEDKA Vodka is a smooth and easy-drinking vodka infused with a subtle, rounded sweetness, making it an ideal addition to countless vodka cocktails. $21.60. Inside a bottle of original or flavored EFFEN Vodka … A splash of lime here, a splash of cranberry there. Effen Vodka makes a fabulous addition to any liquor collection. I like to travel around the world to discover local brands of liquor, that’s the reason why he can recommend all these authentic yet not well-known brands. Indique-nos o seu e-mail e informá-lo-emos quando puder comprá-lo. Again, its nearest competitor, Ketel One, offers its flavored vodkas for slightly more at around $23.00, but it is on the same level. All of the products in Effen’s flavored line are of 37.5% alcohol by volume rather than the typical 30 - 35%, which means that you’re actually getting more alcohol for your dollar than you’d expect. The green apple flavor is another offering that is excellent for those lovers of sweet cocktails again. The cool, crisp flavor of EFFEN® Vodka Cucumber makes it a pleasure to enjoy straight or in cocktail form. Store Hours. Effen Vodka é uma vodka premium feita ?? | Consuma com moderação | RSS | Drinks&Co Online prices do not reflect in-store pricing/availability. The cheapest brands of vodka will cost about half of this, but we have to consider that Effen was once in the same league as Ciroc, so its marketing claims it is much smoother than those other vodkas, which makes it worth the price. have a stronger alcohol content than is typical for the fruity liquors.