My strategy has been to, as soon as one swoops me, to stare straight at him (usually accompanied by a few choice words) and don’t look away for a moment. Even rarer are attacks designed to wound rather than intimidate. To stop the swooping, the best thing to do is to get off and walk rather than ride past them. It gets stuck in the top of their beaks and rots, or they die of calcium deficiency. Not all Magpies swoop in breeding season. 2. comprehensive in interests, tastes, etc. in my neighbourhood. I left town because of him (Not really, I left for other reasons, but I don’t miss the tourment at all). Chris I like the cut of your jib, I will get onto this. I have so many terrible memories of those stupid birds. I have a feeling in 6wks I’ll be feeding more new baby magpies when they drop by. Amazon will send some loose change our way if you buy through this link. Who the flamin' heck is really going to go all Mad Max on some poor little magpies. Yep thats right. I don't know what planet Ben Wilson is living on, but it's clearly a planet with different magpies to Planet Earth. David – I’m with you. Swooping Magpies; Magpie Mp3’s; Newsletter; Resources; Contact; 3 Aug 2018. Have a safe spring. Cycling travel tips, resources and product reviews. For some reason, certain males (around 10 per cent of breeding pairs) have come to view humans as serious threats to their chicks and act according. If I were you guys, I would just post this every two months or so… Because that doesn’t smack at all of Today/Tonight’s “journalistic” practices…. We feed our local magpies; not on bread of course. I suggest if you have magpies in your street that are swooping – take some raw mince and stop and feed it. Or take the advice in this song I wrote after being swooped by a Magpie. If you think that these bloody birds are picking on you specifically, you are probably right!,,, territoriality — they are trying to keep us out of their patch, testosterone poisoning — they are so pumped with male juice they can’t help themselves. Mr Kanard said people stop and take photos of him feeding the magpies. Here are some tips on how to survive. I was also absolutely shocked–SHOCKED–to read Bicycle Queensland chief executive Ben Wilson assert that zip ties are ineffective against magpie attacks. How to Avoid Magpie Swooping Season – The Misunderstood Australian Magpie. So my advice to you is do your own research and ignore the so called experts. Can you please provide more detail on the type of zip tie, and optimal length? Magpies don’t generally swoop at night because they are not active and cannot see as well. It feels like a mcdonalds drive through sometimes. Magpies can sing, listen here: I can’t find the video now (at work) but there is a group who tested this and they ended up with either taking off the helmet or a novelty afro wig from a $2 shop stopped a magpie from swooping. They still catch bugs in the garden. I tried the same approach. If I keep doing it then that 10% strain will die out…. Where it is possible for an aggressive magpie to know people as individuals, providing small food snacks (cat food) in an obvious way such that the bird can associate the treats with the person often lead to complete cessation of hostilities. Thing is the magpies around here are pretty confident, have some food in your hand and it’ll fly right to ya. If you befriend the magpies around your house/street by feeding them during the year, they will remember you and wont swoop you during swooping season. Ive been swooped hundreds ofs times so I know what Im talking about. However, not all birds swoop to protect their eggs and young during breeding season, so don't be concerned simply because there are magpies or other common swooping birds in the area. Had one near the front of my uni and i just had to keep looking at him for a good 200 meters. As lots of readers say, I give way too much information away for nothing, and it really does take a lot of time and effort (but I do love doing it!). Magpie still got a piece of his eyebrow, When a magpie swoops me I find its nest and destroy it…. Feeding the pests … I don’t have time to feed the ten thousand or more Magpies that nest in and near my town. }. He receives funding from Brisbane City Council, the Queensland State Government and the Australian Research Council. I suggest if you have magpies in your street that are swooping – take some raw mince and stop and feed it. The idea of having mince pinned to my jersey is pretty funny. It feels like a mcdonalds … Every year, many thousands of people are swooped, some are slightly injured and a few seriously (especially cyclists) — and a very small number may lose an eye. He missed. swoop. They see us as potential snack providers not predators. Swooping here occurs 8 months of the year, well outside of breeding season. They are a wild animal. One of the numerous unexpected findings of research I’ve been a part of was the extent to which those magpies that are aggressive specialise on particular groups of people. The pattern I have installed these in is proven* to repel 99% of magpies. If I ride past these magpies with no zip ties I am mercilessly attacked. Maggies like some mince with a bit of added calcium. There are other places for Magpies to nest. Meat needs to be frozen for at least 3 days before use to ensure this parasite is not transmitted. There is a lot to love about these distinctive Australian birds. & activity helmets. in the video below. I get swooped no matter what. From a road cycling perspective just take the hits and cycle on. If a magpie swoops you turn and face it. There is a pair that have raised chicks here for 6 years and because we feed them occasionally (they like mince) they have never attached anyone walking down the street. Magpies! I could sit on the ground and be surrounded by adult and baby magpies within a week. Magpies are not endangered species, but are protected. I suspect Darryl’s referring to Northern hemisphere magpies, which aren’t at all closely related…. However because most bureaucrats don’t ride bikes and hardly get swooped in any other context ….so don’t appreciate the problem a regular cyclist faces. These affiliate links provide me a small commission (2-4%) on each sale and they don’t cost you a cent extra. Lets see what happens …. Here’s how you can avoid being swooped when going for your regular morning jog. This strategy has worked very well for us too. When we fetched escapees, they seemed to enjoy the ride. 1. The only thing I have ever done to a magpie was back-handing one as it came in for an attack. "People feed magpies and kookaburras bacon, sausages, mince, cheese. I think best way to stop getting swooped is to avoid the birds if possible, and with that in mind, I had an app developed. :), Self Massage and Stretching for Cyclists Guide, Fuelling for Etape (and other gruelling events), Cycling Holidays Information and Resource Page, Swiftwick Socks review: the best cycling socks in the galaxy, The Almost Complete Lowdown on Road Disc Brakes. It protects & shields against swooping bird attacks & the harsh Australian sun. As a regular cyclist there are no alternative swoop free routes to use in this area at peak swooping season…which lasts 4 plus months here. So, what, are they knocking you off your bike? Previous Post: SRAM Red eTap: is it right for you? 2 Through a process with absolutely no scientific process or rigour whatsoever. Usually will get two strikes and then you are out of range. Next Post: Swiftwick Socks review: the best cycling socks in the galaxy. The best defence is cable ties attached to helmets. 1 Or at least it has been for a few months in my area. Being so common and virtually ubiquitous in Australia, this phenomenon has lead to the development of lots of counter-measures including: Such tactics can be roughly placed into one of three categories: The success of these categories can be equally roughly evaluated as “futile”, “well worth trying” and “sensibly obvious”, respectively. I guess it falls in the same category as the eyes on the back of the helmet. 1. universal; relating to all men; all-inclusive (To be fair, maybe it's just a Queensland thing: if daylight savings can fade their curtains and make their milk sour ‘cos their cows are “up an hour earlier” then it's perfectly reasonable to think Queensland magpies would be impervious to proven AMDS' and generally be completely illogical, irrational and unreasonable.). ), the resulting swoops and attacks seem to be an attempt to drive intruders away from the nest tree. Deterring Magpies and other larger birds! Magpies recognise faces, attack same people every day: research Doctor Daryll Jones said cyclists needed to make themselves look "completely ridiculous" to avoid swooping magpies. I have been swooped regularly over the years – always thought it was the colour of my hair (red-ish). The best way to avoid being swooped is to change your route. Check out our new Kickstarter project, new helmet brim to help during the next magpie season It’s clearly because you’re a goose, ya goose! Tim. its like the butcher birds protect us as we walk!! Best of luck dude! I gave you an up vote but I just want you to know that is soo wrong…….yet if I had a shotgun…….. i gave you a down vote as I just want you to know that is soo wrong……. Lots of kids walk by my fence now and are not afraid of the magpies. The magpie at home we just ended up feeding……now it comes over and gives you a worm if you’re sitting outside, it also seems to show off its babies to you, we call it frank. These articles are also full of misinformation. I live in Bendigo :(. Privacy Policy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nope, for a few bucks, you can safely and effectively discourage attacks these birds, who, by the way, have one of the most wonderful native Australian bird calls after probably the whip bird, bower bird, butcher bird, kookaburra, and the very prolific Peroni bird (“hooooo! It is certainly the most significant human-wildlife conflict in the towns and cities of this country. Hi Hanabira, cool story. Prepaid France SIMs, taking your bike, Etape du Tour (and other sportives), campervanning France and loads more. Small group of kindergartners on a field trip should placate them. Wrong! 1. I live in Magpie Hell. paint eyes on the back of your bike helmet, hold up a branch etc.) Some of us enjoy all types of birds and other wildlife visiting our garden or local patch. The meat may becom… Further north Tim – Banora Point and cycle mostly Tweed Valley/ Numinbah/Springbrook. Tried packing along a chook or two? Australian Youtuber Alister Laidlaw … this month two of the young adult magpies returned to the house for food for their nest across the road in the park. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"lifehacker","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"life","amp":false,"ctype":"article","article":"how to survive magpie swooping season","article-tags":["annoyances","au","clips","feature","magpies suck","safety","science"],"native":["null"],"aggregate":["annoyances","au","clips","feature","magpies suck","safety","science"],"pageID":["null"],"sub-sec":"travel","cat":"life","cat1":"travel","item":{"objectid":533358,"title":"How to Survive Magpie Swooping Season","text":"September is the peak of Australia's own version of \"home-grown terrorism\" (as memorably described to me by a distraught and bleeding school principal, valiantly attempting to protect his pupils), when a small but conspicuous proportion of magpies through","url":"https:\/\/\/2020\/09\/how-to-survive-magpie-swooping-season\/","img":"https:\/\/\/content\/uploads\/sites\/4\/2013\/08\/Magpie.jpg","category":"Travel","published_at":1599473109,"updated_at":1599496397,"kind":"article"},"ad_location":"mrec-content-mobile","targeting":{"pos":"2"},"provider":"google-dfp","element_id":"ad-slot_mrec-content-mobile_section-index-1_pos-2"} ); the traditional eyes on the back of the hat (or ice cream container). The local Magpie-san, they are most-vicious. I never once thought that taking my helmet off would work as a form of dissuasion. For the rest of the year, people are completely safe from swooping Magpies! I've been conducting some Very Scientific Research2 for some time into this critical area and have some astounding findings to share with you all. It's at this time of year that cyclists of all persuasions take on a slightly unhealthy pallour, and get a bit wild around the eyes at the prospect of solo rides: magpies are unabashed cowards and will rarely attack a large group.