Neptune is also the Roman God of the seas so there’s a coincidence. I ᒪIKE ᕼᑌᗷᗷᒪE ᗩᑎᗪ ᔕᑭIᖇT I ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩ TEᗩᒪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷᒪᑌE/GᖇEEᑎ ᗷETᗩ ᑎᗩᗰEᗪ ᒍᗩᔕᑭEᖇE (ᖴEᗰᗩᒪE). Male Bettas are known to have an aggressive temperament, and if you put two male Bettas in the same tank, you will see their competitive and fiery side. Choosing your betta fish's name can be a tricky thing to do. Bash (Bashful) June 27, 2018 By Johnny Salib 12 Comments. Whether you’ve settled on Flow or Jaws, we’re sure your betta will be impressed with your choice. (surfin…. How about “rojo”, red in spanish. !I am also a Harry Potter fan!☇☇. Please Share This Post Share this content. Red Betta Fish Names Red bettas are the most common among the breed. I’m wondering if it’s stylish to have a purse fish? I named my new fish Spud. that was the reason i picked him, I have a female named suki and two boys one being a dragon tail betta named Aikio and a veiltail named corona, I have a veiltail named Doug and I like the two male names. We just named our new blue betta fish, Tuukka Thanks! Girls: Other keepers conjure up names from their ancestry, use colorings or markings as inspiration, or even pick names from their favorite TV show actors or sports athletes. That was a mouthful . Thanks! BART and Gilbert. Riff Raff The top of the tub they come in says only feed then 3-4 times a week. Their scales often appear iridescent and can even change color when in different lights. betta fish names Amazon Disclaimer SaveMyBetta is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to So we call him Mookie Betta. I love those names. Betta fish is one of my favorite fish. Let’s do The Time Warp again!! Or you could go the opposite direction and name him Fluffy. All comments are moderated and will not be visible until they are approved. Julio Finglesias and My 2 boys are obsessed with Mingau Beef Jerky so the name was really cool for them and easy to remember , you need to ad bubals for blue betta fish, I’m getting a blue Berra fish and I’m stuck between Azul, Topaz and Aqua. Aquamarine- sushi- aquata- tiger- mako- trident- flare- Finn- Neptune- Atticus- This list was really helpful and my sister’s fish is named Sadie. But could use some good suggestions based on his personality and his colors please. I have 6 Bettas my kids have 2 Average Lifespans. Betta doesn’t need much care and attention. Angela: Angela has its root in the word angel and with their wing-like fins, beautiful colors and graceful movements betta fish can certainly look angelic at times.Just remember that a betta with this name will not suddenly become peaceful and caring with other fish. Betta fish make a great pet for kids, beginners, and old pros. If female maybe Charlotte sienna or holly or maybe lily! They are S’s…I ᒪIKE ᕼᑌᗷᗷᒪE ᗩᑎᗪ SPIᖇT I ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩ TEᗩᒪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷᒪᑌE/GᖇEEᑎ ᗷETᗩ ᑎᗩᗰEᗪ ᒍᗩSᑭEᖇE (ᖴEᗰᗩᒪE). I think that Columbia and Magenta are great names for two females. It is short for Deatheater. What is your last name because u remind me of my best friend Kathryn.? Love them all. She was a beautiful little girl and I miss her still. I like the last fish names because they are very very very good excellent so excellent I am choosing a male name . Bettas are fairly recognizable fish, with gorgeous flowing fins and tail. Or Fire, Shadow, Dark, or Magic. I just bought a dark blue male betta with red outlining the edges of his body and tail. Im getting 3 so.. here are my ideas I’m going to get a betta.don’t know what to name it. References. It’s no wonder we want to give them a meaningful name the moment we get them home. Tamale. Betsy (Ross) And you commented this on my birthday! does not intend to provide veterinary advice. Satin or Silk 1. My Betta is named Shakespeare… He is Blue black and white! We had a fish named Neptune passed away 2weeks ago and we just got a female this time white with red not sure what to name her any suggestions? Male Bettas have majestic tails, vibrant colors, and masculine features. I want a name like Spike. Maybe you have a Betta with a bit more fire, a bit more feistiness, and a whole lot more red. Cotton Candy (C.C.) He’s a halfmoon. Muse Or… You know silver for sonic forces , I just got a black and green bata I can’t for the life of me figure out a name. I like using Asian names for bettas. They’re all so cute! I was aiming for Crowley or Dean, but he looked more like a Castiel, because he’s blue and Castiel’s grace is well almost blue in comparison. My blue one was sapphire! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ♥♥♥ Some of the names are repeated! My first Betta was Frederick and means Peaceful Ruler. Years ago, a public aquarium invited people to submit names for a couple of their fish. I also like Columbia. Sorry if this is late but you should know not to over feed him. , I named my Betta fish Neptune like the Roman god of the sea, I just got a clear- white fish with pink fins. For my handsome blue, white and red butterfly betta, I somehow settled on the name Lennox. Whether it's a betta, a clownfish, or a guppy, you'll be sure to find a unique, funny, cute, or plain fish name for your scaled, aquatic friend in this list. It says you need to keep the fish bowl warm. You need to find them names that will suit their personality and maybe even add to it! She’s a female and I can’t think of a name. Its a red and white dragon scale betta. Pepper, Coral, Corey, Fin, Gill, Gills, Remedy, Tin, Blackmist, Emerald, Spike and Buddy, My red betta is fast so i named him comet. , “Come and assist Riff Raff. Names are: Finley, Finway, Finnegan, Sponge Bob, Bubbles, Sir Kingsley, Drako, Demetri, Maraca, Hennessey I feel like I would name a blue Betta swim shady or Dory, I named mine Flash! These cute betta fish names will have you squealing with joy! Now you'll just need to be able to tell who is who in that school of fish. Last one we just got today, his name is Crayon because he looks like an art canvas. Since we’re talkin names . Does anyone else here feed their fish pork? You look like James Murray from impractical jokers. If he or she is a super fast lightning swimmer you may want to name them Turbo for example. I want to redo it though so that the tank is split up in half instead of just having it split up in the three because it’s less water. Make sure to put them in a tank and those are beautiful names! I named my male betta tutti-frutti because he’s red, blue, and purple. Picking a name for your betta fish is a big deal. I had a red betta I named Skippy because fish can’t skip and the name felt ironic and funny. Ninja good too. Well I named mine Vanilla because she was white, but now she is plenty of colors. I have a blue beta fish named Neptune- like the planet because I really like space. To name your betta fish, start by brainstorming a list of names that come to mind when you think about your fish. I got a white male betta for my 15 gallon tank today named Hamilton. From modern names like Pax, to traditional names like Cash, you'll find that perfect name for your new goldfish, betta, guppy, and platy. I have a black and yellow bicolour half-moon male (almost looks like a “mustard gas” morph, but not sure). Claire deLune Trying to decide on… Betta fish are known for their vibrant colors, beautiful fins, and awesome personalities. I named Betta Frisk, after the game Undertalet. Kind of odd but he was so cute. I named mine Flash is your a female or male? I prefer a small amount one a day. I know I can convince my sister to name him that because she is really into the Greek Gods and especially likes Poseidon so thanks for the wonderful idea! 1. Did you know they will play with a ping pong ball if you place one in their tank, or flash their fins and tail at themselves when they can see their reflection in a mirror? There are ones based on sex, ones on color, and ones that are amusing too. I named my blue male betta Poseidon and my purplish female Athena. , I’ve got a white Betta. For my blue betta fishes name I called him ocean, Our fish died so mrs. buckner is getting another fish and naming it hope. Otocinclus Dwarf Sucker: So spoiled. 4. Boys: 9 DIY Hedgehog Cage Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures) →, 7 DIY Guinea Pig Beds You Can Build Today (With Pictures) →, 9 DIY Hamster Toys You Can Make Today (With Pictures) →. My second Betta was Ezekiel and means Strength of God. 7. Some of these sund to girly though, but I really like storm dewdrop and snowdrop. betta tankHere is a picture of my tank in my fish I have actually created a divider so that I can have three different set ups for three different beta fish and 110 gallon set up. I named my betta Charlie, like Charlie Bradburry from Supernatural. What about Perseus? I am sad, I want him back… he shoved himself under a decoration and died. I named him jaws. I just got a white beta fish and I’m wondering if anyone has a great name for It ? So here are a few suggestions for your cute pets… Naming any of our pets is quite a task, but it is fun anyway. I mean, it’s a male, but Charlie’s a gender neutral name. We have a Jeffery in the house. How about this name, Rhett Bubbler or instead the name, Pogo. I like the name General Blueberry. We named ours Fluffy lol cause he fluffs up every time one of the animals gets near the tank lol, lol… yes! I have 3 betta fish. I just got 4 girls for a sorority and perfect names were Pearl, Kaida, Camryn, and Sky ? Here are the girl names that seem to be most popular among betta keepers. You’ll want to choose a fitting name for your betta that’s fun, cute, punny, or unique. I was asking my daughter for help and said, I wanted a dog name because he’s like a puppy, and I wanted one that had had a rough life. You know from Harry Potter? But if you have a Betta, things are a lot easier: you won’t have more in the same tank, so you can easily name your Betta. It is one of the easiest to look after and also the most inexpensive one to keep. Betta Fish Names: Badass, Funny & Cool Names for Your Pet Fish. OOOO I like dream for a white Betta or heaven ???? I not sure about Columbia. Picking a name for your pet fish can be a lot of fun but it can also be really tricky (especially if you have a tank full of similar looking fish)! Whether you’re looking for a perfect name for your neon tetras or your gouramis, surely you are sick of herring the same old pet names? Blush Grace, you should name your betta eclipse! Ruby Rod He’s a really small White Betta so I thought that that name would be perfect fit. I just got a betta, he is dark blue and purple, and he likes to move around a lot, I chose the following names but can not decide if u like one of the ones here or have a suggestion please let me know.. Aqua, River, licorice, Saphire. It’s also possible to train them to swim through hoops and take food from your hands. Hey Pet Parents & Pet Lovers, I wanted to have some fun today and compile a list of the funniest Betta Fish names I could find and come up with. get it lol), Cirrus, Cream, Cumulus, Divinity, Ethereal, Frost, Glacier, Marshmallow, Pale, Purity, Starshine, Stellar ☺. Female Names For your lady betta fish a girl name might be just right, but not just any popular female name, it should be a name that is somehow suited to your little betta. Good fish names for Betta December 22, 2016. I’m a Miyazaki fan jus so u know, I had 6 betta’s at one point. We have separate lists of names for every color, type, pattern, gender and personality in our guide. Their names are Blue(Female crown tail), Fade(Female crown tail “fades from blue to green”), Dots(Female koi orange, black, and white), Alby(Female white dragon scale), and Dragon(Female white and red dragon scale), My male bettas name is Connor from Detroit become Human and my crowntail female betta is named named north also from Detroit become Human and my Dumbo Halfmoon female betta is named Mushu, I named my male Betta Prince and my sister named her female Betta Tina (because she was tiny when she bought her), i named my betta blue moon cuz hes dark blu ❤❤❤❤❤, My betta fish are named Galaxy, constilation, zippy, and Neptune. Does anyone know a good name for a boy Betta that’s mostly white with some blue on his fins and body? what type of beta do you have or do you even have one? Silver tabby I’m hoping to take really good care of him too! I like Snow flake for a girl and Finely MicFinerson (your last name) that is wat I named my fish or are there any other suggestions…, Or of they swim fast then Flash did I mention I am a superhero addict…, I usually name my fish after the superhero’s secret identity, like Bruce (for batman) and Barbara (for Batgirl), Mine is passing away now but I have a new one I got today to ease the transition-, My betta’s names are; Bruce (like batman), Opal, Lulu, Cherry, Harley (like Harley Quinn), Barbara (like Batgirl), and last but not least Pearl. I know! Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window ; Opens in a new window; Betta genetics could be an entire article on its own. So, we have put together a list of the greatest Betta inspired names. Or you might be looking for some really different animal names, like snake names! It’s a great name. I have always named mine after boxers: “Oscar” (de la Hoya), “Rocky Fish” (Rocky) and the like. Plus, your pets have super cute names! Wow how can u afford to feed all them critters? But this guy’s name is Ruff. An avid animal lover, Roland started this blog to help all varieties of pets and their owners on their journey to living their best lives. We have a new one in our family, also Blue and a male his name is Mingau after a beef jerky that is made in KY where we are from..I know he’s not beef but the name is oriental and these fish are from those parts of the world that are of oriental, Vietnamese descent. Betta fish have several nicknames, including ‘fighting fish,’ ‘Siamese fighting fish,’ ‘Japanese fighting fish’ (despite their origins in Thailand) and ‘bubble fish.’ The nickname ‘fighting fish’ comes from the showy males’ aggressive gill and fin display towards other males. Although they are not limited to these, the most common colors typically range between deep reds to bright blues and can sometimes include an alluring combination of both. Food names are generally a good bet when coming up with cute name ideas, but any name that screams “adorbs” has made it onto this list. (it sounds nice,but looks weird when i spell it) . Band names, music artists, and movie characters like Nemo are also popular areas for inspiration. Ours is named Mae Sue, in respect to the fish’s heritage. Alpha Dima (female) (my son’s fish) Droid R2D2 I named my first betta fish kaspean. I had a blue male Beta fish called Galaxy. I named my blue male betta fish, Castiel after Castiel from the show Supernatural. In’fin’ity, In’fin’ette, or generic Izzy. Some have uniform colors while others have a combination of colors, making them look almost like a rainbow. I named mine sythier. Chill, people can buy as much animals as they want as long as they take care of them, Only if you can take care of them and not make them have a bad life. a red one and naming in Draco or Lucifer I’m trying to get a female to breed I.F(Icy Fire) I heard that for $4.00 or something. He’s also my little buddy, Gilligan! 6. Glitch. Sarah April 30, 2016 . I’ll make sure to credit you! I recently got a light blue and pink male betta. I’ve had Flipper for six years and he is a great friend. I had a red-tipped blue veil tail male betta named sapphire. If you’re adding a new betta to your family, you need to perfect name. Keep in mind that fish often have a short lifespan. I have a pink and red boy betta and have no idea what to name it so??? My favorite betta fish, Norman Bates (Betta) from Phsyco our son named his male Taffy just cause he liked that name…we looked it up and it can be a form of David that means “beloved friend”. Of course, before selecting names for betta fish, it’s important do determine if you have a male or a female betta fish as well as the specific type of betta fish. I DO! It’s always great to hear from other betta owners too, so please share any names for betta fish you’ve used in the comments below, especially if it’s not in the list above. I have a red, white, and blue halfmoon betta and his name is Julio (July in Spanish), My first betta was red and blue and his name was Myran, but when he passed away i got a pink fish and i named him Alberto, I have 3 bettas, 2 females sky and scarlet and 1 male sapphire, and i spoil my fishies too much, sapphire is a huge betta, he enjoys being in a tank with 2 other fish(goldfish) he’s a little over 4 cm long and the females i just got and their really small, 2 dogs, 1 cat , 3 vailed camilons, 2 turtles ,19 mice, and 1 beta fish, Emerald, Coral, Gill, Gills, Gem, Jewel, Crystal, Fin, Remedy, Pepper, Spike, And Star, I named my betta Ponyo. Name it silver. Some of the best names are the ones that are inspired by your betta… I like jelly bean for a betta I also like betta fett. 1. One is red white and blue so his name is ‘Mercia obviously. First time fish. I had one many years ago named Wishy. I named my girls Ruby and Buffy Blue (BB for short) , I have 5 betta’s all female. IDK how to comment so I’m replying…My first betta fish name was filetto, like filet-o-fish. . A Amanda, Andrea, Annie, Amy, Andy B Brea, Bubbles, Betty, Buffy, Bessie One of my males is actually called Blueberry too. She was named that because, when she was swimming around, she would make a sort of “wishy” noise in the water. Your fish are your darlings, aren’t they? (The proud caretaker of a red, white and blue Crowntail called “Liberty”) I love the name Raven for a black betta, Angel for white, I really want a betta! I just got a purplish betta fish. You can figure out the sex of your betta fish and much more info by looking at these facts about betta fish. Let’s have a look down. I like the name Oscar in the Niddles but I am I name one frozen because of the new frozen coming out. That name is way better . Wow, I had a blue betta fish called Galaxy too! The name really fits him. Boba Fett A Cute Betta Pet Names for Fish is mandatory to enhance the spice of this lovable hobby. I don’t know what to name him. Choosing a name for your betta shouldn’t leave you stranded in the deep end! Satori is Japanese term in reference to defending yourself. Maximus Mandalorian I’m naming my xenis I thought of the name when I saw xenia. Does anyone get the reference? I like majenta. I have a red Plakat. Reply. 2. One is named Lava, because he is so red. Juno Eclipse (female) The fish I named that was very hardy!! My betta spike died. Jango Fett Here are there names 4. Ascension, Celestial, Damsel, DejaVu, This is a comprehensive list of over 300 funny and creative names for you to consider when naming your new pet fish. Bettas can come in an array of blue shades such as royal, steel, and indigo. If you’re still looking for more inspiration, make sure to also take a look at Betta Fish Names and Goldfish Names! I am totally naming my blue one Poseidon. So 33 in all. I have three bettas, one is named Kaida (Little Dragon in Japenese)(Male), then there’s Niji (Rainbow in Japenese)(female), lastly there’s Amejisuto (Amethyst in Japenese)(female) I’m thinking of getting one more male that I hope will be a white HM, but the breeder I go to is very popular ? My red, blue, and purple fish is named tutti-frutti. Juniper, Hello! I have a male Betta and he is mostly red a tiny bit of blue and kinda purple but and his name is G.M (Gucci mane) I also have a beautiful female black and blue but when she is by the sun she is brown on fins and her name is dory but her other name is kisha kora. Our Favourite Funny Betta Fish Names (165 Names to Choose!) Rico They Always Act Starved for some reason I seem not to know why. I just got 2 boys. I’ve just gotten my first fighter in a very long time. Three I haven’t named yet. Whether it is a … I am getting a new beta fish and u helped me with names, You can name your fish sushi,Nacho or cookie. There are many ways to choose your betta fish name. All comments are moderated before going live. 431 Responses. Dawn and Dusk Two of the suggested fish names were Scarlett O’Herring & Rhett Bubbler. Also really funny and aggressive. ♥ ***I don't own any photos! Personally, I believe that a great name for a male or female green betta fish is seaweed. These names work well for any color betta, particularly gold shades like orange, yellow or pineapple and of course purple, the color of royalty. My mum named him! I have a cambodian crowntail male named Shocktop and a female (unknown) named Dive. All of us want our beloved pets to have unique names, don’t we? I just got a Male Betta Fish.I named him comet because he reminded me of space I don’t know why but he did.I’m very happy with my new pet!!!!! I’ve had several betta over the years, Buddy, Masta Betta, Ruda Betta, Darth Betta, Crimson Fin & my newest is Finnegan. If you have 15 pets, you DO NOT need more. I have 5 fish- 4 GloFish Tetras and 1 Betta. He’s super spunky so I named him Mustang. Also, there is a lot of traditional names for fish like Bubbles, Nemo etc. If you still find yourself stuck after reading these suggestions, consider our list of the top betta fish names to help you out. thats cool Mine live in m 2.5 and 10 gallons and they live super long, Mine is khal drogo (my blue betta male) and when am soo in luv with him I call him vaavachu, Hey! Little Ancient One Best Names for Betta Fish By Color. We know that it is a whole lot to look at, but between all of these names, you should have no problem finding at least one that suits you and your betta fish. Do they ALWAYS act like they are starving? Names have a tendency to define us, but also latch on because of certain characteristics or habits (like nicknames for humans). I have a betta that has the EXACT colors and his name is I.F.L. We honestly lost count along the way, but there have to be around 600+ Betta fish names here you can choose from. John Quincy You could also choose a name that hints at the type of Betta you have, or alludes to their coloration. Am I supposed to be able to read that or do I need to put it into google translate? These fish names include betta, goldfish, and more. These sickly-sweet names might not be for everybody, but if you’re a fan of the cute and kawaii, pay close attention! Bettas are known for their vibrant colors. If you don't recycle names, you may have to keep coming up with new ones. Carbonite I have a teal Betta fish that I named Jaws because when he looks at me head on he looks like a shark. Red, Pink, Blue, and a tiny bit of gold!! Can anyone help? Dive is very smart (knows when I’m going to feed her ^^), very fast, and nosedives when her food sinks. For a male blue betta. I named him Simon, because to me he is a bit dorky and geeky and a bit smaller than the rest. Wanda – from the 1988 British comedy ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, about a heist, and only slightly about a fish Ariel – this mermaid from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ has fiery red hair and also lives under the sea! / We Suggest Adorable Names for Your Delicate Darling Betta Fish. Perhaps you are searching for a name that represents how incredible and unique your betta is. Bettas are from Thailand and our fish is white. Home; Names; The Betta fish is a freshwater fish and comes in beautiful and extraordinary patterns. If male maybe name it mike or jack or bailey or even bubbles! Male Betta Fish Names. Or “rubrum “, red in latin. I have 2 males 1 all blue named Zuma (he zoom swims around his tank and 1 all red named Merlin. I named my blue betta Aquarius after the constellation. I didn’t see it on the list, but do you think I can name my new brownish betta fish Nutmeg? Whether you are set on a name that reflects their beautiful coloring, a cool and unique name, or perhaps something a little lighter, and funny, we have them all. Let me know what you think and let us know what you can come up with and if I can add it to the list! Indy (Independence) It’s always great to hear from other betta owners too, so please share any names for betta fish you’ve used in the comments below, especially if it’s not in the list above. 3. Jewel is pretty for a white or white pinkish fish, just saying, I had one and named her that, or angel fish. For multi-colored bettas, red is usually also found to be the dominant color on the fish. ‘Fin’eas and ‘Gil’gamesh or Gilly for short have been my favorites so far, i have one dragon scale male betta red and white and named him syther. My blue betta is named Elvis ’cause he’s so flashy! I was thinking ibis, bepper, kile, tandrum, scamp, klyde, harper, bailey, tess, quincy, and cooper. Other pet fishes include Danios, Black Molly, and Platies Fishes. ☺, My betta’s name is RuPaul, cause he would make an excellent drag queen. I named my little guy Beethoven. Finding the Right Name for Your Betta Fish, Male vs Female Betta Fish: Visual & Behavioral Differences, betta shouldn’t leave you stranded in the deep end, 9 DIY Hedgehog Cage Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures), 7 DIY Guinea Pig Beds You Can Build Today (With Pictures), 9 DIY Hamster Toys You Can Make Today (With Pictures). 1. Also, I named him that for 1 more reason, today I went to a rodeo in Colorado Springs, I just got a purplish get beta fish he’s supper spunky so I named him mustang also I named him that for 1 more reason today I went to a rodeo in Colorado springs. He is very inquisitive and smart, and has a lot of personality. Heally (really). He’s named icicle but I don’t like his current name. Just follow the following simple methods of looking after them and you will have healthy fish. a black one and naming it Severus, I love those! Diana May 13, 2016 . I was Thinking Maybe Dracko Or fire But I need help On naming him. Types of Betta Fish: Names, Tail, Shape, and Color. Betta Fish Name Origins What we in America call the Siamese fighting fish, fighting fish, or just betta, is scientifically named the Betta splendens. With their cool fishy demeanor and stylish scales, it only seems fitting! <3 plus its my birthstone! If you are still unsure and want to look a bit further, take a peek at one of our other pet name lists below. Liberty My wife gave me the naming rights though… I don’t know why or how it just really seemed to fit him c: He’s my first betta and I haven’t found another betta as gorgeous as he is. My betta is named Picard, and his mystery snail is named Number One. (Icy Fire Lucky) My first name I came up with was Dash since he was really fast! I feed my fish twice a day. It is a common misconception that Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish are great starter pets. Slash Those are my fishes names and Rose for a female at least that was there, I’m only 2 years late on this, so there’s a good chance you won’t even read this, but, Riff Raff has to be a similar color to Magenta, and Eddie has to be blue, and… I got nothin for Frank. Male Betta fish are known for their pugnacious personalities, so it’s not uncommon for them to earn mean fish names like Brutus or Killer. Red Betta Fish Names Can’t relate to the Betta Blue? To grossly simplify, bettas have four layers of color in their skin: black, red, yellow, and an iridescent layer. I named mine GOHAN!! Lullabalacky Cute! I will entertain the cameraman.”, I like the name clov for my girl and jack for my boy. Having troubles finding one for my new black little guy. What Would I name a Betta Male with a red spike tale and Silver skin Maybe Rosa? 3. The betta fish is also called the Siamese fighting fish because it is aggressive and very territorial. I just got a blue-green male and I named him Blu!!! 3. that’s the names of all of my fish ? they always do better. My first betta was a red male I named him Dexter after the show, I named my male beta fish comet because he is blue on the body and half the tail and purple on the other half he is a veiltail beta so beautiful, Yesssss!! 2. His name is Len, from the scientific name for betas: Betta splendens. They were very macho fish. Time warp! We just found a great Betta. Does anyone get the reference? I getting hopefully 2 male bettas and I’m calling them topaz for a blue or Mr.NIbbles aka nibbles or bubbles any other names? I’m thinking about getting a red male baby betta. I have a beautiful blue betta fish named Gilbert and I love him to death!! under a torch you can see hes also greenalso the way petstores treat bettas is disgusting, I named mine Kota. He is a black orchid crowntail male. I wanna call mine, Nami (Japanese for wave), sushi, chi or Saki (Japanese for destination). He passed away yesterday, but he was good to me and I was glad to have him in my life. The other is a pretty blue butterfly and idk what to name him maybe freedom to go with ‘Merica..? He goes from his tank into a clear teapot when I clean his water. I named my Teal Betta Fish Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I named 2 of my GloFish Tetras Chip and Salsa and the other two Buttons and Bows. , I thing Funky , Fibbles and Mr.Bubbly are good names., I think that stella or melody are good names for female fish. Royal Names for Betta Fish Crown tail and half-sun bettas go well with names derived from royalty as their fins and tails form "crown-like" shapes. Alternatively, if you got your betta fish in the summer, maybe names like Sunshine or Sunny would be a perfect fit. 5. Learn how your comment data is processed. There is a lot of Betta fish names, so if you are struggling with choosing your betta fish name, we are here to help you! my other is a halfmoon male betta blueish white color with yellow tiped fins so his name is GOHAN. Firecracker I always wanted to name my dead dog.sapphire. A good name for a betta is one that has meaning to you. While they are, of course, fish and do not require you to walk or pick up after them, it is important that new owners research how to properly care for these tropical creatures as they are known to be territorial. Read on to find out our favorite Betta fish names. Here are our picks for the top blue betta names: Related Read: Male vs Female Betta Fish: Visual & Behavioral Differences. The Albino Cory Cats: Adorable, right?! But I have 8 tropical fishes I have 15 pets in total but I want a chameleon, ferret, parett, turtle, another hamster, another Betta fish, I used to have a male betta fish named Felix. Idk how to comment but what about Sapphire and Galaxy for male or unisex names? The Japanese god of thunder and lightning. For the fortunate caretaker of two, in the appropriate colors, you might consider: I not sure about Columbia. He stood out to me. When deciding on a name for your elegant gull, we know that you might get stuck searching muddy waters. Junior I was going to name him Merlot like my favorite wine but thought it seemed more of a girly name. So exited!!! Snapper Titanium, ivory, Snowdrop, Dewdrop, Storm lol, Mine are Neptune, Ra and John Wayne My 6 inch Goldfishes name is Cheeto. I love them very much as they are present in many colors, and I have almost 24 betta fishes in my 50-gallon fish tank of different colors that include red, yellow, orange, blue, black, white multi-colored any more. And Cantelope my blue beautiful boy RIP . These names work for girl or boy pet fish. 2. We love Mae Sue, sometimes we cuddle. They do deserve a name that enhances their personality. So i was thinking Nova or Comet. Going to Petco tomorrow because Lava outgrew his tank. I think you made the right choice. tell meh if u like! Swedish Fish – for your red betta; Funny Fish Names Puns. I call him Ozzy for short , this name is not on the list but I like it, Behta, I am getting a new Betta and these are all great names but I don’t know what type I should get. Any suggestions, any name ideas?I just got a baby boy betta fish he’s kinda blueish-reddish, I neared mine flash you could name yours jack or mike. These names are all good! Besides betta fish pet names, you can also use these pet names for tropical fishes as well as you can use these pet names for goldfish. If this sounds like your betta – this fun and witty name list is for you! Great names! Here is a list of potential names for a female betta fish. Shocktop stays in the corner alllllll the time. I think that Columbia and Magenta are great names for two females. 4 boys 2 girls. I like majenta. I actually have to get him a new tank that he can’t see his reflection in because he is constanyly flaring up at his own image lol. If you hate the little pellets then only feed him 3-4 twice a day. I have a blue male betta fish he is also all different colours so I do not no what to call him I think I might call him opal???? :):):):):):):):):):), Make sure to put it in a 2.5 or bigger tank, not a bowl. It’s a really good list and I found a name for my betta fish. Sunrise and Sunset Even though this isn’t in the list, I like the name Steve Trevor, Just got a pure white fellow, his name is Sir Thaddeus Oswald Arthur The Third. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Love them both. those are cool names…I named my teal-halfmoon-female-betta SearSha He is also the most aggressive betta i have ever had. If you’re stuck and can’t think of a good name, the list below contains the best betta fish names that I have come across. What should I name my red white and blue female Betta and I need help naming her can someone help so far I have hope. My fish is always at the top of the tank that is normal the air is helping them breath but to answer your question yes they are normally kind of hungry, Why not the names Gills or Gill and Pepper, Coral (my previous fishes name) , Fin, Comet, Remedy, Kiwi, Kiki, and Emerald, I just got a beautiful betta but I want it healthy and happy it’s so sad when they die you feel so bad I ❤️ my new friend Please help is it true that they need heaters because I had healthy and happy girl betta she’s still alive it’s been two years I moved and gave her to a freind she’s never had a heater : Note my new one is a male scene I’ve moved they have all died: Note my new one is still alive HELP. Sometimes fish have first names, last names, and even middle names. I want my beta fish at least have a 5 gallon tank set up. I had a Blue male Betta named Cobalt and he passed a year ago. He is a beauty. (My son is a Bruins hockey fan). You’ll want to settle on a betta fish name that has meaning to both you and your new buddy, so make sure you take your time and choose wisely. I named mine poison, hes a delta tail betta, dark blue/black with red tail/fins. Those names are great!I think I am going to name my fish Felix and Fang (he is a bit more agressive ). it shows all these amazing names and mine is just named bob, I have a male betta named king grumpy nugget, Well Columbia is kinda off for me but I kinda like magenta. He’s red with black around his eyes but a red face and very cheeky so we’ve called him Deadpool. I have a black one named Dee Dee. Your Betta your choice though. Lil Confuscious (Made up some names myself ) I’ve been a betta owner for many years (I have 2 males) and now it’s perfect time for a sorority, I have three male bettas one is red and blue and another is blue and another one is green and pink I named my red and blue was named berry and my blue was named comet and my green and pink one is named luna. Raiden. Hawkeye I like heaven and dream for a white Betta Fish, I’m naming mine if it’s blue then topaz and if it’s anything else then mr.nibbles (nibbles) Bubbles. Ace Because Rosado is pink in spanish. *** Just got a new baby male named Macaroni. I think Platinum is a cool name for a white betta fish, I Named mine… Sir Fin. Our two names were My personal favorite is still Swim Shady. Our Blue Female Betta is named December because we got her for Christmas! Fish & Fishkeeping . In Indonesia, Betta Fish are called Ikan Cupang. So, I named him Castiel. Betta fishes are very common pet fishes. See below at very bottom. Female Betta Fish Names. Nov 27, 2018 - Looking for a name for your Betta fish? Sorry. For multi-colored bettas, red is usually also found to be the dominant color on the fish. If you name a fish after a loved one, you may be in for some sorrow when your fish passes away. Geisha, Kimono, Madame Butterfly, Mikado, Monsoon, Nebula, Shogun, Sushi, Swim, Tidal, Yin, Yang. Vibrant color combinations include shades such as crimson, burgundy, and can reach as bright as a cherry! If your little swimmer is head to tail red or has the hue throughout their scales, maybe you could consider one of the following scarlet-inspired names: Bettas also have a lighter side. Red bettas are the most common among the breed. (Pet stores lie about bowls; fish die faster), I am getting a betta fish this week, after MONTHS of begging.. Feature Image Credit: Shutterstock by Mr.Soonthorn Thonglor. I just got my Black Orchid Betta today and named him Bada Bing Betta Bob… Or Bob for short. he has yellow tiped fins. I bought a new butterfly betta fish today and I named him Zamasu. I wish I had that many pets! Whisper. 8. We know what you are thinking… this list is not bad, but we cod do better. And different from each other! I have a blue male betta and named him Rodan. You can name it after your family member, favorite movie character, athlete, musician or TV star and so on and so forth. 1. 1. Magenta might be nice for you but I prefer Magic. Aries or Mars This list of 100 fish names will give you tons of ideas for funny, cute, cool and overall good fish names. His name is Ruff. I have 2 cats, Ace and Sunshine, 2 dogs, Dakota and Kia, 1 parrot, Scarlet, 4 horses, Starlight, Caramel, Ginger, and Lucky, 2 pigs, Queen and King, 5 hamsters, Alaska, Snowflake, Dumpling, Carob, and Struedel, one turtle, Forest, 1 cow, Milky, 1 cameleon, Cactus, 1 ferret, Sappire, 2 bunnies, Hopps and Carrot, and 10 chickens, Princess (only one is named because it’s mine and will not become food, and 2 mice, Mickey and Minnie.