Usually, spices are meant to produce taste. But in some dishes, spices are also used without making them powder such as […] Green Dream Explanation — (Fertile; Good harvest; Longevity; Paradise; Youth) Wearing a green garment in a dream is a sign of piety, religious attendance, assiduity and devotion. Dear sir ,your efforts in introducing the vegetables by names in urdu and english through the pictures ate appreciatble. Learn the names of Vegetables in English with Urdu translation. Sir it would have been a comprehensive job had their origins calendar of sowing and the different ways of propagation been added.Any how keep it up sir to induce the youn generation to adopt thi kitchen gardening as hobby through different ways and means....Hameed from … this lesson will boost your fruit vocabulary a lot. Cook till rice is tender on low heat, sprinkle fresh coriander leaves and simmer. Often times the spices used to made powder and put them in the curry. Vegetables play an important role in our life we use them everyday in different ways especially making eatable dishes so it is important […] In serving large platter, put rice at bottom , place chicken pieces on top. Please Comment below) 1. Spices such as salt, pepper, turmeric, onions, garlic, ginger, black peppers, cumin, etc., which are used in cooking. coriander definition: 1. a plant whose leaves or seeds are added to food to give a special flavour 2. a plant whose…. Vegetables in English and Urdu! By joining us on all social media networks you … Remove the cilantro. In this lesson, you will learn more than 45 vegetable names with their beautiful pictures which make it easier to memorize the names. Ginseng Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Ginseng in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. Urdu2Eng on FB . Delicious Machboos is ready to serve. Urdu meanings, examples and pronunciation of cilantro. Green has always stood for vegetation, nature, and growing (deep green in astrology relates to Taurus, ruled by Venus). Spices names! There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Ginseng in Urdu is چین کا … English to Urdu Names of Herbs (If you want any other names of fruits, and photos for how they look like. Coriander Is Also Called Cilantro Or Dhania Or Chinese Parsley In Different Languages And Fresh Coriander Leaves And The Dried Seeds Are Used Because Of … Sprinkle topping and serve with Dakkous. It’s worth noting that fresh cilantro is 92.2% water. دھنیا Similar Words:, coriander; Word of the day. Vegetables Name in Urdu and English with Pictures learn Vegetables Vocabulary names commonly used in Pakistan and India with their meanings in Urdu and Hindi using their pictures also download PDF Book. Green … Meanwhile, coriander seeds are only 8.9% water. Saute fry removed chicken pieces in oil to be ready for serving platter. Green silky garments are the robes of the dwellers of paradise. Learn more. When the green color in the dream is stark, it refers to overwhelming emotions (is hope all you have in your life?). Green reminds us of spring; only a “poison” green is ugly. Do not add cilantro in this food.