Yes, it might be a bit shocking to us these days but the profession of veterinary medicine was born out of our love for our furry and four-legged babies! By 2000 BCE, humans were giving consideration into what to feed their dogs. �������� Very interesting history as well as a very important message to fellow dog lovers not to believe everything they say in their advertisements. Ken-L-Ration brought the first canned horse meat option. It was made with horse meat and the dogs did love them, especially once the Chappel Brothers began sponsoring events to market their products and advertised on popular radio shows such as The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. Some sponsored reports��� even talked about the dangers of table scraps and feeding the dogs raw meat. Newer Post. Acana Dog Food Recall History in 2020. Using the extruder, a mixture of cereals and other ingredients were pushed through a tube wherein they were cooked under high pressure and then puffed up with air. and marketing. For many years, the brand's main television commercial spokesman was Lorne Greene, who created the concept of eating one's own dog food by claiming that Alpo is so good he feeds it to his own dogs. One such example are the Pekingese dogs of Empress Tzu Hsi of China who was known to have been feeding her dogs antelope milk, quail breasts, and shark fins. These ���new rich��� loved luxury and had more leisure time, often treating dogs as ���luxury items��� and ���status symbols���. 1890s. But we better not talk about that here since we���ve already touched up on that topic in our blog on the 10 Real Truths About Manufactured Food for Cats and Dogs. Spratt knew that the biscuits have an extremely long shelf life (because there was no refrigeration back in those days) and he saw an opportunity in that. Dog, domestic mammal of the family Canidae (order Carnivora). The dogs kept in these kennels were fed stews made with meat by products such as the lungs, livers, and hearts of various animals plus various grains and vegetables. In fact, raw foods are biologically comparable to the diets dogs and cats would consume before being domesticated by man. To avoid the risk, you should start by mixing ¾ of the previous meal to ¼ of sportmix wholesomes dog food for two days. We hope that you���ve enjoyed this article on the history of dog food and that you���ll tune in for more parts of this series. Roman poet and philosopher Marcus Terentius Varro wrote a manual on farming, “Farm Topics,” that advised providing dogs with meat and bones, and barley soaked in milk. Spratt knew that the hard tack (the other name for the ship biscuits) are what sailors usually eat. Royal Canin, however, tried to explain the presence of the trace melamine. Canned dog food, “Ken-L Ration,” was introduced in 1922. The canned dog food became so popular that the company had to begin breeding horses just so they can meet the consumers��� growing appetite for it, resulting in the slaughter of about 50,000 horses a year by the 1930s ��� and yes, that���s just for their brand of canned dog food. Live assistance for a smooth shopping experience, weekdays from 9-5 eastern time. The 1930’s seemed to be the golden age of processed dog food. Now in the year 2019 my lab is overweight with fatty lypomias which add to his problem. He also knew that the biscuits can be kept for months and it is relatively easy and cheap to make. Dry dog food became popular again because manufacturing canned dog food took a downturn (because of scarcity of metals since they were used for the war) and the government had to start rationing food items such as meat. Not to be left out are the dogs of European nobility which was fed candies, liquor, roast duck, and even cakes. There are records of dogs being fed better than what most humans ate in their time. Owners of farm dogs often give them a mixture of lard and grain to keep them healthy so that they can do their job. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Pay with the world's most popular and secure payment methods. The Pet Food Institute began a campaign to get pet parents to only feed their dogs packaged dog food. The use of bagged and canned foods became popular in the United States after World War II. Things did change because WW2 happened. By 2000 BCE, humans were giving consideration into what to feed their dogs. In the late 1930s, Morris Frank, a young blind man, was touring the country with his guide dog, Buddy, promoting Seeing Eye ® dogs. Some of them are created for specific life stages while others are focused on a more specific protein or lifestyle. He started his veterinary career working with horses and bulls. One theory is that they make huge profits by skimping on ingredients. 1964 to Present Time History of Dog Food. The history of commercial dog food is short in comparison to the length of time that dogs have been companion animals. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signed into law in 2011, is a more recent regulatory evolution. That���s more than 50 years ago so you can just imagine how much they are spending now. We���re sure plenty of you are familiar with that, especially with the current world we live in where we are bombarded with ads everywhere (like in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various other social media networks). Read on to find out if this is the next food you should feed your pup! Dog food took a new turn with the advent of people making a living by searching for dead horses on city streets so that they could cut up the carcass and sell the meat to wealthy dog owners. History has shown that humans and dogs have gotten along for thousands of years and many scholars wrote about the importance of a good diet. Sound good? That was how things were for a few years until something big caused a huge change. Now hundreds of dry foods crowd pet food aisles and confuse owners as to the best possible choice. They also started a campaign to really start making Milkbones as the ���standard��� dog food of the day. But nothing gold can stay: with the tin and meat rationing that came with World War II, dry pet foods became the standard. The first farming manual written by the Roman philosopher and poet Marcus Terentius Varro contained passages wherein he advised giving farm dogs the bones from dead sheep as well as barley bread soaked in milk. AAFCO first included language for pet food in their model bills in 1917. Where can I buy Royal Canin Dog Food? Surely there was no name-brand ���prepared��� dog food a few hundred years ago and yet today, the business of manufacturing dog food is a multi-billion dollar industry and still growing. This resulted to the Chex we���ve come to know which stays crispy after milk has been added. He is a senior dog. Have you ever wondered how commercial dog food started? Thanks for such a well written article . You see, around this time, a lot of pet parents has been complaining about the digestibility, texture, and appearance of their dog���s dry food. However, Buddy, a German shepherd, was suffering from kidney failure, and Mr. Frank asked Dr. Mark Morris Sr. for help. Nabisco (The National Biscuit Company) bought Bennet���s company and renamed the dog biscuits as Milkbones. But what does this have to do with dog food? The public loved his dog food! I was ready on dogs and obesity and owners denial of their animals condition. The concept of convenience is something everyone was exploiting and science is not as advanced as what we have now. Over the years he came to believe that food could impact the health of animals. The last recall issued was in 2007 due to melamine contamination. Sadly, when the dog food industry boomed the focus was more on the money but thankful history was corrected with the introduction of these governing bodies. Roman poet and philosopher Marcus Terentius Varro wrote a manual on farming, “Farm Topics,” that advised providing dogs with meat and bones, and barley soaked in milk. If you know much about the history of dog food you probably know that commercial dog food started with hard “dog cakes” or biscuits for dogs in the second half of the 19 th century. According to the FDA recall database, Acana has no reported recalls as of April 2020. The science of veterinary nutrition emerged in the late 1800s. In this Orijen Dog Food review, we look at the brand's history, dog food cost, recall history & more. This same thinking strongly influenced the pet food industry for almost a century. The commercial pet food industry started in 1860 with James Spratt's invention of the first dog biscuit in England. People back then still fed their dogs human food and sometimes raw meat. After adapting them for protection, work, and companionship, people began to care at least in part for their nutritional needs. There���s just too many questions regarding the history of dog food and we���re hoping to be able to answer some of that for you as well as give you some new information. In this detailed CANIDAE dog food review, we look at their recall history, dog food costs, and more. Made from vegetables, beef blood, wheat, and beet root, Spratt reportedly was inspired by observing sailors throwing hardtack to dogs at the docks. Near the end of the 14th century, Gaston III, the eleventh Count of Foix Count in Southwestern France and an avid hunter, wrote a book in which he described how his beloved greyhounds were to be cared for. However, as cities grew and people thought that going for the ���convenient��� route is what progress is, they veered away from feeding their dogs raw meat and went more and more into feeding their dogs the dog biscuits which eventually became kibbles. If you have a pet-or soon will-you've come to the right place. Ken-L-Ration began advertising their canned dog food via television, hooking viewers with phrases such as: ���This dog food uses only USDA government-inspected horse meat!��� Their commercials were aired during popular shows of the time such as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, prompting viewers to ���love��� their product. The campaign worked so well that dog biscuits became a regular part of grocery shopping for everyone who has a dog. History of Raw Pet Food. Most people born in the last fifty years do not have any memory of feeding dogs in any other manner. This is when the strong preference for cooked meat as dog food started. In 1968, he creates the ‘yellow soup’ for dogs. We don���t subscribe to convention and we are always looking for ways to help our puppy Westin (he���s an adorable golden-doodle) attain the best health he can have. With the Industrial Revolution and rise of the middle class in the 19th century, families with disposable income began to keep domesticated dogs and cats as companion animals – rather than just as working animals. Have you asked yourself any of the questions above? Ouch! By Patrick Mahaney, VMD. Hi Estefania, Thank you for your excellent question. Yes, the doggies are still somewhat classified as working animals at this time! During that time, it is quite common for the grand houses and royals to keep hounds. A British public company took over Spratt’s formula and production began at a U.S. operation in about 1890. We���ve written this article to share with you the history of dog food in a hopefully non-boring way. In general, the greater the wealth and status of the master, the more varied the diet of the dog. FSMA represents one of the most comprehensive changes to U.S. food safety regulation in more than 70 years, and requires the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and food producers (for both food for humans and animals) to focus on preventing foodborne illness. Businessman James Spratt introduced the first commercially-prepared pet food in England in approximately 1860. By 1941, 90% of dog food was canned. Used by animal lovers, breeders and vets in over 80 countries. Older Post Not really. The nutritional needs of dogs have been recognised for over 2000 years, yet, by comparison, the history of pet food manufacturing is relatively short. What is the best food to feed him? Before the rise of commercial dog food and after the domestication of dogs, there was a long stretch of history when dogs were eating “human” foods – either selected for them by their owners or by default as scavenged from human garbage. I really enjoyed reading your article!! FREE shipping on orders $49+, low prices and the BEST customer service! That���s why we started gathering information on raw dog food and thought of writing this series to share what we���ve found out with you. What Formulas Does Acana Dog Food Have? Hello, I just subscribed to your newsletter. People were truly thinking that only wild and ���uncivilized��� dogs would eat raw meat. In the 1920s, canned horse meat became the first popular canned food for dogs. Why? In 1918, WWI just ended and technology like cars and tractors eliminated the need for horses. The historic record of this changing approach dates back at least 2,000 years. You may not realize but raw pet foods have a long history. As for canned dog food, it outshined the kibble form in popularity at this time. Inspired by a Guide Dog. It is a subspecies of the gray wolf and is related to foxes and jackals. … The Ralston Purina Company began making their Chex cereal with a cooking extruder. Have any thoughts? Ask yourself, won���t you rather give your pet REAL beef? I have had dogs all my life and my dogs never has problems with weight. A Brief History of Dog Food The first commercial dog food was introduced in England about 1860. Jean Cathary was born in May 1927 in the small French town of Puy-en-Velay. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), an organization of state and federal regulatory officials, develops model legislation for pet food safety regulations, that can then be adopted by states. Is this the first ���specialized��� dog food? What is known about the dogs from the Middle Ages is mostly from passages from the records kept by scribes for the European royalty. The Food and Drug Administration has been investigating a … CANIDAE is one of the smaller, premium dog food manufacturers. As part of our mission to help everyone focus on their dog���s health and well-being, we thought that a backgrounder on raw dog food and manufactured dog food would be useful for everyone contemplating on starting their pet on a raw food diet. Can you believe that? Ready for a blast from the past? Today, manufactured dog food is a huge part of the $11 billion pet food industry. VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Formula. In the beginning, NUTRO was located in Industry, California and was a family-owned and operated company offering dog food to the local residents. The thing is, most of the competing pet food companies are claiming that their dog food is made with pure beef, all in the name of advertising. What can you do to be a positive part of that trend? Canned and semi-moist offer even more confusion. I would not mind raw if it is best. Manufacturers got a lot of complaints (and pretty quickly) about the texture and digestibility of dry food, and Purina took them seriously. While scientists aren’t yet certain exactly when these animals transitioned from work animals (employed primarily to guard livestock, assist with the hunt, or catch vermin, etc.) The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training: Dog Training Secrets Every Pup Parent Should Know, How Hiring A Professional Dog Trainer Can Change Your Life, Brain Tumors in Dogs: Causes, Signs, and Treatment, Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs: Symptoms, Life Expectancy, and Treatment, 10 Real Truths About Manufactured Food for Cats and Dogs, Everything you want to know about Lymphoma in dogs, The 3 Most Common Types of Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs, Why You Should Know About Prostate Cancer in Dogs, 4 Natural Remedies for Fatty Tumors in Dogs, The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Raw Dog Food, Short Guide for Caring for your Pet Naturally. James Spratt , an electrician from Ohio, was in London selling lightning rods when he saw miserable street dogs ganged up along the piers waiting to being tossed mouldy hardtack biscuits and scraps of rotten food. First 5 Ingredients: Beef meal, Grain sorghum, Chicken fat (preserved … The dog is one of the two most ubiquitous and most popular domestic animals in the world (the cat is the other). What dog food trend are we looking forward to in the future? You have to understand that all of these happened during the industrial revolution. But it certainly wasn’t always that way – and in some ways, we have come full circle when it comes to the dog food … The convenience and economy of dry food made it the most popular pet food choice for pet owners. Sportmix Dog Food Recall History. Any thoughts? The earliest reports of purpose made “dog biscuits” stem from the mid 1800’s, originating in the UK and USA. As a result of this, a trend towards more scrutiny of pet food began. Where do they get the money and more so, how can they afford it? Spratt was doing so well that he soon took his new product to New York in 1870 ��� thus giving rise to the American Pet Food Industry. Then keep reading! The ���stew��� for the day is usually made by the kennel cook. Canned pet food became the most popular option on the shelves after Ken-L Ration, the first canned dog food in the United States, was produced in 1922. Mars own household dog food names most of which are very familiar to pet owners in the U.S. and are some of the most commonly purchased and recommended, such as these popular dog food … Formulas (Tye of Products) Although some dogs can transition quickly, some are sensitive. In typical households during the middle ages, the dogs were given whatever food their owners can spare. The concept of making dog food in different sized kibbles for different dog breeds and ages caught on. Recalls History. Let���s start shall we? Up until the last 100 years, we’ve always fed our dogs appropriately. Orijen Dog Food Reviews: Recall History, Ingredients & More. The first dog biscuits were made with vegetables, beet root, and wheat which was mixed together with beef blood and then baked. We all know the answer to that, but we���ll talk about how come that happened below. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 28-lb bag. Background for semi-moist dog food. In fact, it was officially founded in 1895 in the United States. Both the Nunn Milling Company and Midwestern Pet Foods have not had any recalls. History of Dog Food. That industry is still growing but to what trend? Currently, Acana has 20 different dry dog food formulas. Why are we no longer feeding our dogs people food? A.C. Daniel���s Medicated Dog Bread was introduced by a veterinarian from Boston, Massachusetts. With more and more people lavishing affection to their pets, it means more money spent on the pet industry and thus, the profession of veterinary medicine was born. In fact, they even hired 3,000 salesmen whose job is centered on getting Milkbones into the national consciousness by making sure that every food store has it. Its main ingredient was horsemeat, which was considered an acceptable ingredient source at the time. $46.54 Autoship & Save. Ed McMahon also had a long association with the product on television, and Garfield was a "spokescat" for the brand in the 1990s. The dry food preference started during the war now had a mass market capability. This created a surplus of horses. It’s interesting how my grandparents and great grandparents went from feeding their dog table scraps (and the dogs living until 15+ years of age), to packaged food, and here I am a huge believer of feeding my dog raw food. Prior to being domesticated, dogs, being canines, fended for themselves and survived on a carnivorous diet. This prompted Purina���s pet division to try experimenting using an extruder from their cereal division to make better dog food and they���ve done it well. The desire for prepared dog food resulted from a combination of dogs being viewed as luxury items with a need to protect the owners’ investments, the increasing availability of such food (dog biscuits, dog bread, canned food, etc.) According to the pet food institute: Businessman James Spratt introduced the first commercially-prepared pet food in England in approximately 1860. The dogs living like this actually ate a lot better than the common folks of the day. Despite the difference in size, CANIDAE’s quality has earned them comparisons with larger premium dog food brands like Nutro. People have fed, domesticated, and kept dogs and cats for work and/or pleasure for millennia. Hello fellow dog lover! We promise to keep your email a secret and only share with you animal-related articles and blogs! The history of dog food has always amazed me. The regulation of pet food continued to advance over the years. Things were very different back in this time, as dogs were treated more as working animals rather than pets (because they are indeed working animals before they became fur-mily members!). Our understanding of animal science and nutrition also continued to evolve throughout the 20th century—the first pet food specifically formulated for the unique nutritional needs of puppies was introduced in the early 1960s—as more people came to view their dogs and cats part of the family. 3374. First known as the Association of Feed Control Officials, AAFCO was founded more than 100 years ago in 1909. In 1926, John Saleen bought a small dog food manufacturing company, rebranding the company NUTRO. That���s what aggressive marketing and advertising is guys! Ken-L-Ration, which was introduced by the Chappel Brothers from Rockford Illinois, became the first canned dog food in the market. The ROYAL CANIN® brand is registered. Copyright © 2006-2020 Pet Food Institute | Non-Discriminatory/Accessibility Policy. We’re talking about them funding reports and getting those reports published in magazines and local papers. Like you, we at HomeoAnimal are somewhat skeptical pet parents. to our best friends, dogs and cats have a long history of living with humans. Since then, dogs and cats have become an integral part of our households, and the scientific understanding of pet nutrition and food safety has advanced to help better protect the health of four-legged family members. Claims like that has been proven as nothing but claims and are far from the truth. A man named PM Chapel saw the opportunity to buy up cheap horse meat and sold the first canned dog food under the brand name Ken-L-Ration. Our understanding of and relationship with horses has since evolved, and as they have become pets, there is no longer a market for horse meat. Pet owners saw that their dogs preferred the commercial wet dog food as compared to the dry dog biscuits and kibbles and bought it more. History of Zignature Dog Food Brand. Dog food was only going to get better from now on. After the untimely death of John Nieman’s first wife, he leaves for Hermansville, Michigan in the early 1890s to participate as a businessman and merchant in the logging boom of northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula.. 50,000 horses a year were slaughtered for the production of dog food. I think it’s what they are putting in their commercial food source more so than lack of exercise. And the dog food industry has responded to the American love of dogs in a big way – there has never been a time where healthy dog food is more accessible and affordable. After seeing dogs being fed leftover biscuits from a ship, Spratt formulated the first dog biscuit: a mix of wheat meals, vegetables, beetroot and beef blood. Bennet Biscuit Company began making bone-shaped biscuits and also began manufacturing the first puppy food. WHAT THIS HISTORY OF DOG FOOD MEANS . After 3 years, they came up with their Dog Chow, a brand and formulation which is still popular to this day. Zignature is part of the larger company, Pets Global, which is a holistic pet health company. They sponsored a popular radio show, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. You can get all royal canin dog food at any of their retailer. The hounds were usually given their own kennels. The dogs loved it and so did the pet parents back then, making Spratt���s Dog Cakes a big hit in England once it was introduced to the market in 1860. Near the end of the 14th century, Gasto… Currently, both federal and state officials inspect pet food manufacturing facilities and test products on retail shelves for compliance with safety and/or nutritional requirements. We believe that when it comes to pet parenting, we are all on the same page, right? When Archie goes to work with his human, he loves to find the most comfortable chair in the office conference room. We do adore our pooches and we love nothing else than pampering them, but how sure are you that you are giving your fur baby the best food you can provide? After seeing dogs being fed leftover biscuits from a ship, Spratt formulated the first dog biscuit: a mix of wheat meals, vegetables, beetroot and beef blood. Hey, that���s not very appetizing! You see, throughout written history, the very wealthy and aristocrats have always fed their pets very special food. We are not trying to convince anyone to do something they don���t want to do but rather giving you, our readers the information you need to make smart decisions for your fur baby. Are we going to continue feeding our dogs GMO corn, wheat, and soy or are we going to change the course of history by going back to the basics? Do you know what is The History of Dog Food? Do you know that as far back as 5 decades ago, the dog food industry was spending an incredible $50 million a year on advertising alone? Research suggests that dogs were domesticated 16,000 years ago, and possibly were keeping company with humans for more than 30,000 years. Shop for all of your pet needs at Chewy's online pet store. Additional companies began to develop their own recipes for biscuits and dry kibble, using the current nutritional knowledge of the time period. Blog about Pet Health, Tips and Advices, Training Tips and more. He thought that he can easily make and sell the cheap and convenient biscuits to urban dog owners and he was right! From crunchy dog treats to grain-free dry dog food formulas and dog treats, VICTOR Pet Food has high-quality and nutritious dog food with specially formulated formulas for all breeds. Pets Global is an independently owned business focused on producing high quality, physiologically appropriate formulas that meet if not exceed AAFCO recommendations. 90% of the dog food market was all about canned dog food and pooches loved it! 1918: Dog Food Made of Horse Meat. Before the industrial evolution, canine working nutrition for working class dogs was much like the diet of their working class owners - basic, simple and sometimes not very good. By 1941, canned dog food accounted for 90% of the market. The answer to all that is up to you, and so is the future history of dog food. Research suggests that dogs were domesticated 16,000 years ago, and possibly were keeping company with humans for more than 30,000 years. After all, the biscuits were made with only some salt, water, and flour which was mixed together, baked, and allowed to harden and dry. Then feel free to leave a comment down below, talk to us on Facebook, and sign-up for our newsletter. To date, the FDA issued Royal Canin dog food recall three times only. Around the same time as the founding of veterinary medicine, there were more and more self-proclaimed experts who were giving advice on dog diets. The Pet Food Institute began a campaign to get pet parents to only feed their dogs packaged dog food. Dog owners are getting a new warning about concerns over pet food that may be linked to deadly congestive heart failure. Farm dogs are becoming the norm and are often loved and valued animals. Looking at this timeline we can see that dogs, for tens of thousands of years, have been eating a diet of scraps, meat, and bones at the side of their human guardians. For thousands of years, there were few choices available to undomesticated dogs and cats. The History Of NUTRO. In common households during the middle ages and through the mid-19th centuries however, little consideration was given to feeding dogs, as a dog’s diet was much like that of its owners, consisting of whatever owners could spare, such as knuckles of bone, cabbage, potatoes, onions and crusts of bread. In the mid-1980s, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council published nutritional requirements for dogs and cats, and released updated profiles in 2006 that reflected the evolving science and understanding of animal nutrition. Most commercially-prepared U.S. pet food is now formulated to be “complete and balanced,” meaning that it is provides all of a pet’s nutritional requirements at the correct levels. The ���experts��� are also commenting on the dogs��� behavior and the common thinking of the day is that the dogs need to be more civilized. Shop Chewy for the best pet supplies ranging from pet food, toys and treats to litter, aquariums, and pet supplements plus so much more! In the mid-1800’s, a dog or cat’s diet may have been more slightly more varied in cities where it was common for people to purchase horse meat for their pets, as working horses would die in the city streets. Spratt’s business venture was a success, meeting a new market demand and selling to English country gentlemen for sporting dogs. This means that the typical domestic dog back then ate cabbage, potatoes, bare bones, crusts from bread, and whatever else the dogs can get on their own. Examples include in the 1933 decision to prohibit the word “pure” from a brand name in 1933, or establishing a definition for “complete and balanced” pet food in 1969. We���re talking about them funding reports and getting those reports published in magazines and local papers. What started the dog food ���modernization��� and how did it change throughout history? The history of dog food truly took a drastic turn in the mid-1800s when the Industrial Revolution created a growing middle class. The F.H. If so, you���re in luck! Dogs also lived with the common folks. It has lived with humans for more than 12,000 years. This included reference to what they were to be fed: bran bread, some of the meat from the hunt, and if the dog was sick, goat’s milk, bean broth, chopped meat or buttered eggs. Now dog food was in grocery stores! You see, the concept of having dry kibbles, biscuits, whatever you call them is less than a 100 years old, whereas eating real food and raw feeding has been around for millennia after millennia.