In recognition of World Hepatitis Day on July 28, the New Jersey Department of Health is joining the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis. Parkinson’s Foundation State Impact. August 2nd is special in meteorological history because it’s the day all of New England sweltered in what is still the hottest day ever recorded. As of 2019, New Jersey was one of the fastest-warming states in the nation. Climate change is affecting New Jersey faster than much of the rest of the United States. Suggested countries: United States ... 2019 2021; Show holidays on ... New Year's Day New Year’s Day is the first day of the year, or … New Jersey History Day Website. Calculations of sunrise and sunset in New Jersey – New Jersey – USA for November 2020. And the number of top-five-hottest months so far this decade is more than double the number counted from 2000 to 2009, with 26 top-fives in 2010-2018 compared with 12 in 2000-2009. New Jersey's climate is shaped by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean which provides moisture and moderates temperatures. Phone: (973) 720-3131 Fax: (973) 720-3503. In fact, it was the 10th-hottest July on record in New York City, according to data from the National Weather Service, which has been monitoring temperatures in Central Park since 1869. February — 4: February 2017 was the hottest, 2018 ranked second, 2012 ranked fourth and 2002 ranked fifth-hottest. By Associated Press , Wire Service Content Dec. 12, 2019 By Associated Press , Wire Service Content Dec. 12, 2019, at 8:46 a.m. I actually buy a new one every year. Commenting on 2019, he said: “2019 will be remembered as an exceptional year for weather records, as it is unusual to get … It's another way of identifying the “coolest” player on the team. Saturday, May 2, 2020. Opened by New York transplants and restaurant veterans Amanda Maher and Amar Gautam, Meeting House fills the location, about 10 blocks off the Princeton University campus, formerly occupied … Here are the rankings for the five hottest of every month this century in New Jersey: December — 5: The five hottest Decembers on record in New Jersey have all occurred since 2000. Subscriber Additional support for NJTV News is made possible by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, PSEG Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, the E.J. Enjoy a historic holiday feel and New American cuisine at Metuchen Inn. Major funding for Reporters Roundtable with David Cruz provided by; RWJBarnabas Health, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group, and New Jersey Realtors. A recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists states that if climate change continues unchecked, New Jersey will see 24 days with a heat index of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit each year by 2050 and 49 such days by the end of the century. She joined NJ Spotlight News in 2011 and now serves as its data reporter, as well as covering general assignment topics that include elections, politics, criminal justice, social issues and affordable housing. Colleen O’Dea has spent her entire career reporting New Jersey news and won numerous state and national journalism awards and fellowships. Warm spells have also more than doubled in length – increasing from 5.3 days in 1961-90 to over 13 days in the most recent decade (2008-2017). Lambertville Station – Lambertville The Lambertville Station will be serving up a Christmas Day buffet as well as an a la … Several months in 2019 had record average temperatures, with July being the hottest month ever, averaging 0.07 degree Fahrenheit (0.04 degree Celsius) higher than July 2016. The New Jersey State Climatologist has ranked the five hottest — and coldest — of all months since 1895, when temperature records began to be kept. Hepatitis refers to a group of contagious liver diseases — A, B and C — each caused by a different virus. The temperature could hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) on Saturday … Grassmann Trust, the F.M. For global temperatures, July was the hottest month on record, with August coming in second according to the Washington Post. A graphic of temperature extremes from the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist at Rutgers University illustrates the pattern. The record warmest year was 2014 with a mean daily air temperature of 13.34°C. since. September — 4: The second-hottest September occurred in 2013, the third in 2018, the fourth in 2005 and the fifth in 2016. Summer 2019 brought some serious heat to the world — breaking the record for the hottest summer on record for the Northern Hemisphere ever recorded. The statistics New Jersey State Climatologist David Robinson collects and disseminates are important to discussions of climate change, which Robinson has said is happening and is influenced by the actions taken by humans. RELATED: Best Nutcrackers and Holiday Shows for New Jersey Kids. Princeton. Mon 29 Jul 2019 13.41 EDT Last modified on Mon 29 Jul 2019 20.00 EDT The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK – 38.7C – has been confirmed by the Met Office. NJ Spotlight exists in part thanks to generous foundation support, including our founding funders the Community Foundation of New Jersey, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the William Penn Foundation -- as well as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Fund for New Jersey, the Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, the Wyncote Foundation, and the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, and the Nicholson Foundation. But global temperature rise doesn't mean it just gets hotter everywhere at the same rate. The hottest was in 2015, second-hottest in 2016, third-hottest in 2001, fourth-hottest in 2012 and fifth-hottest in 2011. New Jersey Contest. For more information about our local programs funded through your support of Moving Day, please click here. Major funding for NJTV News provided by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, New Jersey Education Association, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group, Orsted, PSEG Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and RWJ Barnabas Health. The second phase of New Jersey's black bear hunt is off to slow start. May — 4: May 2015 was the hottest May on record, with the second-hottest in 2004, fourth-hottest in 2018 and fifth-hottest in 2012. Overall, Robinson’s report on July temperatures was sobering: Eleven of New Jersey’s 20 warmest Julys since 1985 have occurred in the last 18 years. Phil Murphy signed into law a bill requiring the state to do a better job of monitoring and reporting on greenhouse-gas emissions and issue within the next year a report on additional steps to curb carbon pollution. Whether you’re visiting Jersey Channel Islands for a luxury weekend break, a family holiday, wedding or honeymoon, our stunning hotels in Jersey will cater for your every holiday need. From world renowned tomatoes to legendary hot dogs, New Jersey is chock full of culinary treasures. But some environmentalists want Murphy to issue a moratorium on all new fossil-fuel projects and say that without such a ban, New Jersey will fall short of meeting its carbon-reduction target. Adelaide recorded its hottest day on record on 24 January, surpassing the previous record from 1939, reaching 46.6 °C (115.9 °F) at 3:36pm local time, and many settlements across South Australia set new records the same day. From the Archives: The 30 Best Restaurants in NJ 2019. Hottest day on record: 38.7 °C recorded at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens on 25 July Dr Mark McCarthy is the head of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre. Around 10 states have hit over 120 degrees Fahrenheit on their hottest days, while the US Virgin Islands hasn't passed a record of 99 degrees. NEW JERSEY — Restaurants, fast food joints and coffeehouses and other businesses in New Jersey are offering a variety of Veterans Day deals in 2019 for retired and active duty military personnel. ©2020 NJ SPOTLIGHT NEWS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, If you’ve been around since the year 2000, you have lived through most of the hottest months on record in New Jersey. The highest maximum air temperature recorded during 2019 was 35.7°C on 23 July, the second hottest day in the Island since … Meeting House. Three years are tied for the record high of 78.4 degrees F: 2011, 1999 and 1955. August — 4: The hottest August on record was in 2016, second-hottest in 2018, third-hottest in 2005 and fourth-hottest in 2002. Major funding provided for Chat Box with David Cruz provided by; New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group, New Jersey Education Association, and Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey. April — 3: The hottest April on record occurred in 2017, the second in 2010 and the fourth was this year. And the state’s new draft energy master plan seeks to electrify the transportation and building sectors and shift away from gas and other fossil fuels. The initial Community College Opportunity Grant pilot started in January 2019 at 13 county colleges, and earlier this month was expanded to cover students at all of New Jersey’s 19 county colleges for the Spring 2019 semester. None of the five coldest months on record have been this century, so far. ... Oct. 3 was its hottest day of 2019, hotter than any summer day. But of course, a great jersey is so much more than just an article of clothing. March — 2: March 2012 was the hottest on record and the fourth-hottest occurred in 2016. And to celebrate all the great food and drink that the country’s most densely populated state has to offer, we’ve rounded up 23 of the Garden State’s claims to culinary fame as part of our second annual guide to the … In South Jersey, the average temperature last month was 78.9 degrees F, ranking it as sixth warmest July there ever, while in north Jersey, the 76.4-degree F average ranked the month as fourth warmest in that half of the state, tied with 2013. Such was the case during October 2020, with abundant precipitation occurring from the remnants of two hurricanes, an episode of measurable snow in the north, several weeks of quite dry conditions, a … Historically, the state has about three days a year, on average, with a 100-degree F heat index. hottest summer on record for the Northern Hemisphere ever recorded, Morrowlong [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], By Robert Linsdell from St. Andrews, Canada - Punalu'u Beach, Pahala (504428), CC BY 2.0, By David Wilson from Oak Park, Illinois, USA - 20030720 22 East St. Louis, IL, CC BY 2.0, By Billy Hathorn at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, By Unknown photographer - Reproduced from an original postcard published by the Springfield News Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, Public Domain, By Gary Bridgman - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, By Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States CC BY-SA 2.0, By Ken Lund from Reno, Nevada, USA CC BY-SA 2.0, By BenFrantzDale - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, By Youngamerican at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, By Mainstreetaltus - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, By Wing-Chi Poon - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Brian Vander Brug/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images, By Olav76 - Own work of User:Olav76, Public Domain, Greg Vaughn /VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images, By CosmicPenguin at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5, 20 photos that show how US towns still haven't recovered from devastating hurricanes that took place months or years ago. The average temperature at night — 67.4 degrees F — was the second warmest for July on record, tied with 2011. New Jersey has taken some steps to tackle its contributions to climate change, although critics argue the Murphy administration is not doing enough. This August was the second hottest ever in New Jersey's 123 years of keeping meteorological records, the state climatologist said Wednesday. Kirby Foundation, the Hyde and Watson Foundation, and the Union Foundation. Several New Jersey cities broke 100 degrees and Atlantic City set a new record as intense heat simmered across the Garden State Saturday. Robinson’s recap of last month’s weather states that the average statewide temperature was 77.9 degrees F, 3.3 degrees higher than the temperature mean for the period from 1981 to 2010. This followed one of the hottest Septembers on record in some of the same areas. People are fleeing from New Jersey more than any other state—here's the No. Central Jersey Restaurants Open Christmas Day. Promotional support provided by New Jersey Business Magazine. Summer 2019 brought some serious heat to the world — breaking the record for the hottest summer on record for the Northern Hemisphere ever recorded.For global temperatures, July was the hottest month on record, with August coming in second according to the Washington Post. Dolan Hotels is one of Jersey’s longest established hotel groups with 4 star luxury hotels in the beautiful St. Brelade’s Bay and St. Aubin's Bay. New Jersey Birth Data 2017; New Jersey Birth Data 2017 State Rank* U.S.** Percent of Births to Unmarried Mothers: 33.9: … Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for many cities, with daylight saving time and time zones taken in account. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? Like what you see here? June — 2: The hottest June occurred in 2010 and the third-hottest was in 2008. New Jersey History Day. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Election Day 2019: Everything Parsippany Needs To Know - Parsippany, NJ - Find out polling locations, hours, and who is on the ballot in Parsippany for Election 2019. Summer 2019 was the hottest summer on record for global temperatures, but global heat doesn't mean everywhere gets hotter at the same rate. In fact — some states in the US reached their all-time toastiest temperatures in the 1800's. Holidays and Observances in Jersey in 2020. Views expressed by our advertisers and sponsors are their own, and are not endorsed by NJ Spotlight News. Account active Promotional support provided by InsiderNJ. “We’re seeing changes, and the connections are undeniable.”. January — 1: January is the only month without a record this decade. Brace yourself for the hottest day of the year. “You’d have to throw physics out the window if you believe that you can keep putting more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere without having an effect,” Robinson was quoted as telling the New Jersey Conservation Foundation in a column published on the organization’s website last February. Robinson attributed that to the excessive humidity that plagued New Jersey throughout most of the month, saying “a moist atmosphere inhibits the loss of the previous day’s heat during the overnight period.”. list buttonComplaints about this summer’s heat and humidity have been justified: Last month was the fifth hottest July on record in New Jersey. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. The fourth-hottest January occurred in 2006. November — 4: November 2015 was the hottest on record, second-hottest in 2006, third-hottest in 2009 and fourth-hottest in 2011. Here's a list of every state and their hottest day on record, from the high 90s all the way to above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, according to data found by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). That accounts for two-thirds of the total number since 1895. 1 reason why Published Fri, Jan 11 2019 2:16 PM EST Updated Fri, Jan 11 2019 2:26 PM EST Shawn M. Carter @shawncarterm monitoring and reporting on greenhouse-gas. This makes 2019 the 8th warmest year recorded since 1894. The Parkinson’s Foundation is making a great impact in the state of New Jersey, with significant investment in the areas of research and better care for people with Parkinson’s … Some states across the US broke records of their hottest days over a century ago. At least one man, 90 feral horses and 2,000 bats died, while 25,000 homes lost power. Last month Gov. The mean daily air temperature for the year was 12.79°C. July’s high temperatures brought to 38 the number of months in the rankings for the top-five-hottest that have occurred since 2000.