One other kind of fish that can breathe out of water is the Walking Catfish. The whole process happens in a matter of seconds, but with enough gulping, air-breathing catfish are able to sustain themselves, at least for a while, on land. What the heck is that! Walking catfish, Species (Clarias batrachus) of Asian and African catfish that can progress remarkable distances over dry land. After big rainstorms, the Walking Catfish wiggles or “walks” dry land to … This is a freshwater fish that can skip around from place to place, find new water habitats, and even find mates for themselves while on land. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect solution: Air-breathing catfish can only survive out of water as long as their skin stays moist, so it’s important for them to get back in th­­e water again as soon as possible. The Walking Catfish. Others like snakeheads and walking catfish have well-developed air-breathing organs that allow them to survive many hours out of water. They were introduced into Florida, and are now an invasive species in the Everglades, although they are undesirable they have not had any noticeable negative effects on the native species. Not only can they breathe air, but they can also survive on land up to four days, provided they are wet, and are known to migrate up to 400 m (1/4 mi) on wet land to … Mudskippers So, do not be surprised if you find a Walking Catfish walking next to you on the road after a big rainstorm. Males and females are similar in size and shape, but there are some defining characteristics. This is a type of freshwater catfish native to Southeast Asia. They can walk on land using their fins to stay upright and wriggling like a snake They were introduced to Florida by humans in the 1960s They “thrive” in the Florida climate They are able to stay out of the water for up to 30 hours if they are searching for a new habitat. Treelike respiratory structures extending above the gill chambers enable it to breathe. Facts about walking catfish. The walking catfish can grow to be 8 to 47cm long and weigh up to 1.2kg. And they can easily stay in this condition for at least 15-18 hours. A female C. batrachus has a broader belly than a male that is especially prominent during mating season. Many Catfish are even kept alive for sale in a glass tank or bowl with just as much water as can keep them wet. As long as it is moist and can find food, the Rockskipper is known to be able to stay on land for several hours at a time. It uses its pectoral-fin spines as anchors to prevent jackknifing as its body musculature produces snakelike movements. The walking catfish, a Southeast Asian native that's invaded South Florida, has an extra organ that supports its gills and helps it take in oxygen from the air. Over time, the fish has developed an extra organ that aids their gills to inhale oxygen from the air. These Fins are Made for Walking … This is so funny and amazing because i thought before that catfish or mudfish can only leave on the water and mud but it can also walk on a dry land and with grass too!