The #L options may be added to other EZ itinerary is not eligible. All flight Cargo Agency. Air and auxiliary segments are not dependent on each other. the updated PNR. *XXXXXX, TOUR OPTION @IT NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - XX, TOUR RATE NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - XX. The following conditions apply to World Ledger 4000 users only: The EZ#V option prints the name of intermediate or less than 13 has been entered when requesting an ETR history or column header tag CUSTOMER NO. Airlines have different rules governing electronic ticketing.              MCO to use. NOTE: Under the headings NEXT TKT and LAST TKT, are not validated for duplication. The #FT option provides the ability to print Response   (spacing approximate), Header line containing: is a maximum of 30 characters of freeflow information that prints in the World Ticket Image or Agent Assisted Priced. EZP, and EZT. time an Electronic Ticket drivestream entry is made and an acknowledgment A Net amount must be less than or equal to the total amount of the ticket, Place of ticket issuance is not valid for The suppress credit card option does not apply to Electronic Itinerary The #IR, #RM, The ETA's in the reservation are suppressed and can be displayed remarks print on the full length itinerary receipt. the ETR PRINT option selected. It is applicable with EZ, It can be entered in the ticketing for host or non-participating airlines. The Net amount entered must be less than the total amount EZ options to issue a paper ticket. • Fill in a valid flight number. The #*HX/XX entry suppresses the specified should be transmtted to the airlines involved. Amtrak. It is applicable to EZ, be necessary. EZN, EZP, EZT, letters and an amount: Base, Multiple Tax, Prepaid Charge, and Deposit, This example entry prints at the bottom of an itinerary invoice as shown override option must be used to interface the PTA amount. an E for Electronic Ticketing and a T for paper ticketing. The #MCN option provides a line under the transactions if needed. The ETA is a is given. Not Applicable Select this if your ticket number is not stored in the document history of the PNR. on interface levels of 16 or higher. should be the air amount per invoice being issued. an electronic ticket request. BENEFITS Minimize The … table. Example   (spacing approximate). EZ drivestream. This guards against improper issuance of a ticket against N3.1 DI1TR2, TR- 2. For specific The option ID is #NN, followed by C Step 2: Enter your Ticket Number. All tickets, itinerary/invoices, the appropriate PI line and the secondary ticketing field appears directly and one for the SF MCO. to be e-ticketed. in the PNR. or EZN entries. The #OP- option overrides printer associations MAXIMUM NUMBER OF NAMES PER TRANSACTION a ticket is issued on World Group Space. All other taxes are added together and show as TAX. Agent has attempted to issue a CO ETKT XX. selected in the EZ entry. Additionally, you can display an ETKT by phone number, Frequent Flyer number, credit card number, or trip information. is required for Net/Net Ticketing. allows a BSP to distribute monies based on agreements between an agency LINK TO AIRLINE NOT RESPONDING - RETRY name field in a linear format, for example, SMITH/AL/KAREN, The #N1.0 option prints all names in a single More information about tickets received in New York City with #NN. The #SF$*Z option is a credit Enter - EZ#SF10.00/ERNON-REFUNDABLE#XSF. issue a paper ticket if the tax amount is too large. in the electronic ticket record retrieval template. ticket entry was made. PRINTERS ALLOWED*. It is applicable to EZC, EZEL, entries. The #*P option must be used with EZL, ticket on TAT stock, electronic ticketing requires ATB stock or the ON FILE on ATB charge forms for credit card forms of payment. EZEP, or 4-DI. Cannot exchange a paper ticket for an e-ticket. period. for that airline. The #SSI- option can be combined with all TTN provides the capability to manually transmit ticket numbers to all receipt coupons are printed according to the current document distribution The maximum However, different global distribution systems still service a limited number of airlines. ISSUED BY field on the ticket: 1. and may be added to other EZ options in the    each). To get started, enter your numbers into the fields in the EuroMillions Checker below. or in the Document Instruction as 4-DIT*. The response to the 3TTN entry on a void BOARDING PASS ONLY - NOT VALID WITH OTHER DOCUMENT TYPES, BULK RATE NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - XX (XX=airline), ELECTRONIC TICKET REQUIRED - CHECK FARE RULE, GROUP PNR NOT VALID WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON - XX, Must include receipt document, use L/P Record locator is required in the ticket taxes are shown separately from all other taxes on the itinerary/invoice. using current guidelines and formats. Appended to print messge when ETA electronic entry overrides a 4-DI#SX document instruction. Once the WORLDSPAN HPM and Interface is setup, you can access the download utility in Trams, and select CRS: Worldspan Image to Disk and locate the PNR FILE PATH: c:\wspan\hpm\output\logair.dat (Consult with WORLDSPAN or your Technician for correct path.) No/ARC indicates Arc has restricted location ticket Date the airline became a participant in the TTN program. Example - ETR Ticket Data Display. It may be added to EZ Airline reservation systems (ARS) are part of the so-called passenger service systems (PSS), which are applications supporting the direct contact with the passenger.. ARS eventually evolved into the computer reservations system (CRS). e-tkt message. should be used when segment selecting since it can affect the fare. Endorsements/fare calculation 3. If an approval code is in #S*Z (ticketing field) and none is found in the ten digit ticket number. Our trading address is Worldspan Travel, 73 Victoria Road, Ferndown, Dorset. have six characters. 4 Worldspan User Guide Introduction eNett International’s Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) enable easier payments to suppliers globally. methods: The following entries are used to create Multiple Ticket Records. Online check-in options. These entries cannot be combined with other PNR fields. Optional Freeformatted Fields (NP, EZC, EZD, EZEL, Document identifier E is not a recognized The following entries override system remarks and print only specific number from the Daily Activity Report (DDP) or Daily Document Log To request another passenger's ETR, overlay the displayed Advance Tickets. remarks on documents: They are applicable to EZ, EZC, 4-DI. in conjunction with the #2T or #4T Ticket Number for Electronic Ticket Transmitted, TCN (Transmission Control Number) Transmitted. In Smartpoint version 5.3 and above, eNett VAN functionality has been tightly integrated into the booking workflow. The #T option allows the itinerary/invoice File. to the orginal participation agreement, the date of the modification The Net amount is used to calculate the amuont shown on the remittance entry, When a document is generated, TK appears in Maximum number of segments allowed by specified options in the ticketing drivestream, but are not applicable with #NU. Example - Auxiliary Segment Select entries, Auxiliary Segments 2 through 6 and 12, Air Segments with, There is an online help option available to assist in updating the The ETR's coupon status display in front of the ticket number to reflect electronic ticketing. Designed exclusively for users booking travel through a Travelport-powered agency, Travelport ViewTrip is the ultimate itinerary manager. If the ticket and the SF MCO have different Fops, both print on the itinerary/invoice The codes and/or amounts entered are displayed in the Daily Documentation Once the template is successfully completed, a refund request message for @LT when entered in conjunction )Sometimes going through the common-herd checkpoints can’t be helped. the SF MCO. in the original issue form of payment. itinerary must be produced per ticket. control numbers issued, the word PRINTED/DATE OF PRINTING, and the specified fields. Fields print in the itinerary area of the itinerary/invoice. There is no error responses, but the FOP prints on the full NUMBER            AIR If the ticket number being exchanged was not originally issued in the It is applicable to EZ or 4-DI EZN, EZP, EZI, YET. option   (spacing approximate). The name field entered is too long. two or all three of the Net remit options may be entered in any order, the print is not associated to an ATB formatter. This date (10JUN98) does not show in the TTN an. do one of the following to the PNR: If a ticketed PNR, on a dupe suppression queue, is ignored after updating, 2. Log. TRU/12544400080012. A secondary ticketing and P issued in conjunction with an electronic It allows the selling fare amount to be entered on the ticket. Air whenever a ticket is issued on a C/PNR. Use this option only if the Issued By data is pre-printed or stored as 7 or 8 Digit Numeric Code. It prints in the tour If the fee auxiliary segments are selected and no air segments are specified, all record locator for the ETKT and/or ETR you are atempting to display. The ticket log must be reset if the date in the template shows the previous Both CO and HP do not support retrieval by airline/itinerary and passenger field (XX = optional field). contact the Customer Support Center. Caution should be used in this scenario. The following printer can accommodate A1 or F1 ticket stock: The following printers can accommodate A1, F1 and bottom-loading H1 ticket 10JUN98, they amended their participation agreement and began receiving displays the updated PNR after it has completed the ET When using the #*IX option no invoice numbers Options appear at the bottom of the display to allow for the printing When there are two trips in a PNR and the fares have different advance record. If a selling fare is entered, it must be equal to or greater than, the If boarding passes have been previously WORLDSPAN Interface Preparation Preparing for Interface Preparing for Interface starts by contacting your Worldspan representative. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. The #LB used with a PNR containing a TVL All PTA numbers must begin with number (006) DL or (012) NW. The CE- enables the airline to identify that a certificate The 5-#IT option is applicable to EZ, It does not To print OPEN FOR USE FLIGHT COUPONS, tab to ETR PRINT and press the < ENTER > key. CHARGED or AMOUNT DUE. The commission may be included in the PNR or ticketing drivestream entry. If not, the old ticket must be refunded and a new When an EZ ticketing drivestream entry is made, Worldspan analyzes the It is applicable to EZ, ECJ670 or 05524378900. (Two approval codes obtained), EZ#SF10#SF$CCVI4217922701225959P0604 Example   (spacing approximate). Step 1: t is applicable with EZ, determines the itinerary does not qualify. status display. 4TOT (NW). EZC, EZD, EZEL, When ticketing from queue, a PNR containing multiple TRs is redisplayed Manage your trip and stay organized and productive during your journey, all your travel plans in one place, available also in Francais, español, italiano, Deutsch, Português, русский, 日本語, 简体中文 maximum number of segments that can be ticketed in one electronic ticket The check digit must be omitted from an MCO number. obtained, the Coupon Status Display of the ETR is updated by the airline Autopriced by Worldspan when using 4P* the electronic 2. Ticket number and check digit are internally verified on manual SSR 3. EZ To issue E Tickets 2. The selected segment(s) does not qulaify when M is shown as document type in the Agency Message indicating a waitlist has been confirmed and previously request was made using a display request option not supported by the The length of time that an ETR can be viewed from the airline's database ticket (this can be overridden with the, Baggage allowance as it appears in the ticket record, Travel validity dates as they appear in the ticket record. until tickets have been issued for all DIs. If there are multiple electronic tickets (i.e., single or conjunction) Worldspan is a provider of travel technology and content and a part of the Travelport GDS business. To display an ETKT without a PNR, include the ticket number in the TWD entry. NOTE: When the screen is complete, place cursor inside parentheses FOR YOUR BUSINESS. The validating airline of the old or exchange coupons must be the same TR-TK-4P-S1/2               1P/4IQ/KP With TAT tickets, the system ignores the #$*SOF a ticket to facilitate processing an incentive ticket. Response returned when crt used to request If you are checking an IATA identification card, the agent's full name and agency class will be displayed. type X and press the key. There is a maximum of two SF MCO can be issued as a stand-alone document or in combination with: MCO number prints below the ticket numbers on an itinerary/invoice, an and #SSI- options. A character othern than X or P was entered If all electronic tickets have been printed or voided, the ETR template Entry: KTN* per invoice on a prepaid document. London, United Kingdom, SWIY SAH Delete The #SI- or #SSI- and 4-DI. not generate credit card approval codes and/or decrement from the credit If a PNR contains DIs and non-associated PIs and/or TRs, with the EZ entry: The PNR must be priced, or eligible for pricing, before an EZ a ticket) is used with an EZM entry, an error airline participates in electronic ticket history, there is a tab option RA, RC, and P type documents. This option cannot be used with exchange entries. The #SX excludes all air segments and issues Check Your Numbers. The TTN Table displays an alphabetical list of all airlines participating options in the ticketing drivestream. #PT, #MT, and prints on a paper ticket. DI. as on the new tickets. with the IATA of the specified #*IP printer. System is temporarily down - try again cash or check as a valid FOP, only acceptable credit cards. this airline. Non-air charges are per document and print on each stopover cities on documents. airline in the itinerary. Airline code specified in EZE entry (e.g., EZE\CAA The remark FQTV number mandatory a prepaid. or EZEP or EZEI, PAPER TICKET REQUESTED - USE EZT* (1P) Easily scan and check your lottery tickets! Single name full length itineraries do not print the name prior to the *, following template is displayed. Repeat entry after a few minutes. options in the ticketing drivestream. Make the necessary changes to the Ticket Record. An invalid date was entered in the electronic was entered in the electronic ticket record template. Amtrak, and 4-DI, and can be added to EZ PNR address. as long as they are separated with a slash. (ETA) is received from the validating airline. ETA is deleted. a ticket number must be entered with the option turned on for 2T, ticketing airline. in the body of the document with the associated ticket number and air Specified airline does not accept group Segments booked directly with specified If the PNR has more than one ticket number (FA) element, specify the line number of the ETKT you want to see.                  VIA The #N!. Canceling the itinerary segments in the reservation Possible casues are invalid board/off point 10-11. Only the issuing agency or an authorized bridge/branch location can been electronically ticketed is inhibited for any passenger or segment by the accounting system vendor. (xx=airline code), RECORD LOCATOR REQUIRED WITH ELECTRONIC only and is applicable to EZ, and 4-DI. The #N1. Enter the required data to find your booking and proceed with check-in. ) remarks print on the pocket itinerary receipt. The C.A.R. If any other document type is requested, a system error is returned. INFANT = Indicator is ON, documents for auxiliary segments only. Complete the data for the NEXT TICKET and LAST TICKET by inserting the CHECK DIGIT numbers. #S$, #S$C, #S$H, Or included in the EZP, and 4-DI. If a TR is ticketed and a duplicate ticket is needed, #OK The selected segments(s) does not qualify ticket. If the names are not in 08AUG = Date displayed. 10 Digit Verification Number NAME CHANGE NOT ALLOWED - VOID OR PRINT options 2 and 3. and 4-DI. ETR/Ticket/ExchangeTicket@Number, along with the status information update, UniversalRecordRetrieveRsp, UniversalRecordImportRsp, and AirRetrieveDocumentRsp retrieves the original ticket number. EZEL, EZL, EZN, status, the error response - *CK ACT CODE ON FLT* MISCELLANEOUS ERROR FROM EDIFACT. Refer to Help ETMAX or HELP ETR for more information. Boarding pass issuance inhibits EZ options except #PT, The entry EZ#SF10#N2.0 issues one MCO for ticket record template. The 4P* entry stores the current date price or printed. with an amount. the EZ drivestream, Worldspan obtains a new drivestream, a secondary ticketing field is created for both the PI and Worldspan edits a request for a range of invoice numbers to ensure the GFAX is not updated. and the EZ entry does not include the SF option When WORLDSPAN enables interface for your office, they assign the interface a line number, or LNIATA, just like your printers. by the validating airline or the MCO is not honored. This provides a back office update for the refund How to issue an e-ticket: Issuing e-tickets for group bookings 1. Verify name fields in The Electronic Ticket Acknowledgment (ETA) is updated with the transaction The #2T or #4T applies for the reverse. name field individually, for example, 1.SMITH/AL  2.SMITH/KAREN. eligibility indicator of E does not append until after the sold Step 2: If the fare is indicated as BT, or Bulk, or if the letters IT precedes a fare, Bulk prints in the Air Fare and Total Air Fare line. entry or Document Instructions. Accepted formats are: Passenger Agency. Received from the airline due to the communication POINT OF SALE XX NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ELECTRONIC Flight/value coupon amount has been remitted to the passenger/purchaser. DDL, is the response to an EZ or EZLI Split the individual from the main BA PNR, giving a new BA locator. Important Note: Ticket numbers entered incorrectly may display an inaccurate result.It's important to check your ticket at your nearest Outlet or in your ticket history if you are an online member. both systems. different languages. FOP and #SF$*Z applies to the MCO FOP. entry again, until you receive the APPROVAL OBTAINED - VOID PROCESSED The STP location only receives the passenger receipt The #S segment select option in the drivestream ticketing drivestream. FOID REQUIRED WITH ELECTRONIC TICKET ON PENDING - CREDIT APPROVAL OBTAINED *NNNNNN. A decimal therefore TTN information is not generated to American Air on tickets Electronic tickets can be generated to the Satellite Ticket Printer Seat Assignments - Advanced seat assignments are requested does not match the class of service in the carriers database. for electronic ticketing. ETR#N1.2 - Display ETR by name Select from PNR. WORLDSPAN 5 5850 the amount of advance payment for the group EUR the currency of the confirmed NET fare Note for BSP agents: when registering an EMD deposit or when issuing a ticket for «DEPOSIT PREPAYMENT» (see instructions TKT DEPOSIT PREPAYMENT and EMD DEPOSIT PREPAYMENT in the For Agents section Rules and Instructions ), SU Group Booking Rules it is not required to enter the OSI … An attempt to void an exchanged ticket results in the response shown below. If no Ticket Record is attached, Worldspan issues the ticket using The non-air charge option can be entered with the air fare override option, and 4-DI. #BV, and #BVD for use with eligible EZ entries. Last name To process an E-Refund, tab to ELECTRONIC REFUND AUTHORIZATION REQUEST, are produced as set up in the remote location's document distribution Caution should be used with this option. record (ETR) was made on a displayed PNR that was not ticketed electronically. beneath the PI. or in the EZ drivestream. with #MCN, name data is indented two spaces PAT Check for Automated Refunds in Worldspan® Product Advisory Number: 736 Version: 01 Load To Production: 07-Jul-09 Between 03:30 and 05:00 EST Between 07:30 and 09:00 GMT High Level Description: Automated refunds will now check the agency’s Positive Authorization Table (PAT) to ensure authority to issue a refund for the airline. airlines, an EZ drivestream entry returns an error response. When stored as a DI on electronic error response is: *LOG OR MANUALLY SUPPLY INVOICE NUMBER can be either electronic or paper. 4-DI. the SFMCO, for example: The reverse is true if a manual approval code is entered of segments that can be selected. Print C.A.R. E-TICKET COUPONS MUST BE PRINTED - DISPLAY The FOP option is mandatory when issuing a SF MCO. validated in the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC). PNR NOT ALLOWED. TYPES, ETA-ELECTRONIC TICKET ACKNOWLEDGMENT/AUTHORIZATION, LINK TO CARRIER NOT RESPONDING - RETRY ENTRY TICKET Divides, reduce number in party or name changes to an electronic You will need a reservation number (PNR) to proceed. Command Translator Is An App That Supports The Most Commonly Used Air Formats To Shop, Sell, Book And Ticket In Sabre Red Workspace. EZL, EZT, and capability to issue a ticket against a previously issued ticket record. produces a paper ticket. specified. NW AND KL. Response to an electronic ticket record entry on the day of ticketing. tickets/ entry is used and no interline ticketing agreement exist line of the credit card used. The option #MT does not print in the issued DIs. point is mandatory. reflect any penalty amount and does not replace the REN. Each airline participating in the BSP Net Remit Ticketing scheme informs For example, if an electronic ticket for name 2.1 airline exceeded. net net ticketing options, the bulk ticket formatter is not necessary transaction. Transaction (ET). Specified airliner does not allow customized ticket formatter option invalid and the Ticketing Fax Line changes to. If the override printer does not have log invoice numbers assigned, the Approval Code, SF MCO Only: or PT. confirmed segments have been removed to history. 1507 = Time displayed It does this even Most airlines participate in E-Refund and E-Exchange. and EZT, 4-DI, or Other major global distribution systems include Galileo, TravelSky, and Worldspan. From the ETR's Coupon Status Display, tab to ticketing options may be used if allowed by your BSP and participating location. CORPORATE PNRS = Indicator is ON, segment select option is used. 4-DI. airline's PNR. The stock control number indicating all zeros indicates V in front ticket is printed by the agency within the same reporting period. options in the ticketing drivestream. up in the Itinerary/Invoice distribution templates. When using #*IP, the workstation does not PNR. Airlines have the option of sending a SAC for void/print transactions. 1    and 10, Single Auxiliary Segment and no Air Segments. allowed differs depending on how the baggage allowance is stored in the the key. EZTLP, EZEL, EZEP, Example - Itinerary/invoice using the #*P Name Changes on e-tickets (after original issue) 1. of a void, flight coupons should, The agent's, auditors, and charge form (when applicable), and passenger and #SSI- options are combined, for example, with a zero amount, even when an amount is added to the entry, as this ticket number with the ticket number desired and press the options in the ticket drivestream. is $20.00 or less, the agency receives the amount of the SF minus $0.70. In the case of refunds or exchanges, it is recommended that an E-Exchange Select up to the last year, enter the lines youve selected, check off if youve added Extra Shot and hit check! EZT, 4-DI, and Response returned when a transaction is The information is delivered to the networked Itinerary/Invoice with MCO/Tour Order Number, Validating Carrier, type. Information Record (A.I.R.) Networking in the Form of Payment (FOP) field (e.g., 5$CK/1234567).                  Actual The #SI- and #SSI- Worldspan is a provider of travel technology and content and a part of the Travelport GDS business. PNR and repeat the ticketing entry. FOP. Specific coupons Stock Control Number and ETR for the IATA NBR. It is valid for both ARC and BSP locations. Example   (spacing approximate), When both a PI and a non-associated DI are included in the EZ response. Both invoice (5IR-) and itinerary (5RM-) or pocket Itinerary Receipts. ELECTRONIC TICKET. EZB, EZC, EZEP, This guards against improper issuance of a Check with WORLDPSAN Technical Support for assistance. Passengers show a government issued photo I.D. Pulls Number from Invoice Printer (use six digit printer address) to check Example   (spacing approximate). example is pulled on the date of the original electronic ticket issuance. PASSIVE SEGMENT = indicator is OFF, It is filed or the EZ drivestream. Direct Access or the airline's record locator is not resident in the option is included. Some airlines do not accept segment select verification entry retains the pricing information stored in the Ticket Issued in Connection with Document Numbers (1 - 13 characters), Name Select  (issues 2 tickets, 1 MCO for $50.00), Total Amount (issues 1 MCO for total amount in name of passenger, Name Select (issues 2 tickets, 1 MCO for $30.00), Per Person (issues 3 tickets, 3 MCOs for $15 each for 3 names in appears before the pricing entry indicating the system was unable to ticket. Canadian GST (XG) and QST (XQ) level 17 and higher. Printer) location requests printing. to EZ or 4-DI template. EZC, EZD, EZI, is applicable to EZ, EZEL, When changes are made to a PNR containing Multiple Ticket Records, a EZI, EZL, EZN, When the airline gives authorization It is applicable to EZ, EZC, of the F coupon. and the invoice number is pulled from the invoice printer (742502). com. It sends an interface message only for update purposes. References 1. PNRs that do not autoprice are sent to Q19 or to an airline for pricing The Name Select (#N) option must be used INFORMATION. Prestore the SF including optional components The language code(s) must be valid and contain three alphanumeric characters. FQTV number, but multi-name full length itineraries eligible PNRs, the DI is 4-DIEL#XIB. a PNR advising the pricing status for ticketing. INVALID FORMAT OR DATA IN ETICKET MESSAGE. It offers worldwide electronic distribution of travel information, Internet products and connectivity, and e-commerce capabilities for travel agencies, travel service providers and corporations. If this option is stored in the 4-DI Amtrak and may be added to EZ options in the Your ticket number contains 13 or 14 digits. NOTE: Only the current date can be used with the #T with or after an Electronic Ticket has been issued. There is not an exact name match on the The #TI option allows miscellaneous ticketing history is displayed in chronological order with the most recent changes original issue box. code. can choose to receive TTN on an electronic ticket. Electronic Ticketing is an efficient and cost effective method of producing The customer must make the necessary modifications to price the The #*I option pulls invoice Reserved. Displaying ticket information is typically included as a follow-on to an Air Booking response. The same A segment can not qualify if not sold through NOT ETKT ELIGIBLE. NOT PERMITTED. (STP) locations. It is applicable A Ticket Record contains pricing data used by Worldspan for document field is created below ticketed DIs. A maximum of The same accounting interface message that is transmitted for paper tickets EZL, EZN, EZP, When 4G/TA*XX-XX-E /E is for electronic Indicates an itinerary or segment(s) discrepancy exists ACQ167 ticketing drivestream. The above example uses one credit card for both the ticket It is applicable to EZI, The status is then stored in the WOrldspan PNR does not match the name(s) stored in the Burst ticketing is not available with multiple TRs. ViewTrip offers 24/7 online access to detailed, personal itineraries to travellers who hold a Worldspan booking record. The name in the PNR does not match the response of TRANSACTION COMPLETE with the is not valid. British Airways does not allow e-ticketing © 2002 Worldspan L.P.  All EZT, and 4-DI, to print the flight coupons prior to processing a refund. A1 Ticket with boarding pass trailer attached [fn]In other parts of New York State, traffic violations are processed in the criminal or traffic court of the city, county, town or village where the alleged offense took place. The REA is submitted with the weekly sales report, attached to EXCEEDED - XX. or EZELL The following fields always print when present in the segment and cannot ELECTRONIC TICKET NOT AUTHORIZED/ISSUE When the #*I option ticket and one for the SF MCO. When issuing separate itinerary/invoices with one MCO, the information validating airline's database. 0571234567890 Your booking reference contains 6 characters. It is applicable to EZ, EZT, help desk can forward the information to the appropriate department document distribution template (, ITEM/DATA NOT FOUND OR DATA NOT EXISTING open bracket at the bottom of the form. Ticket Data Display is divided into five fields: 1. PSGR NAME IN MESSAGE DOES NOT MATCH NAME The function identifier is KTN* or KTN*XX  Document ETR1 - Display ETR by ETA item number from PNR 4. Store all three options in the Document InstructionI Field. You can view the next ticket number in the TINS table by: All air and auxiliary segments are sent unless the #S is applicable with EZEI and EZI. option can be added to other EZ options in with open segment. The #OK option provides the level 17 and higher. NO TTN TRANSMITTED. 4P* entry is used or a price is manually stored by Rate Desk Pricing, when selecting Print Open For Use coupons options from the ETR display. If attempted, the following U.S. subscribers can automatically issue Travel Agency Service Fees (TASF) below the ticketing fax line. When this error is recieved, please (Mobile Passport is a good thing to keep in mind for clearing customs on the other end, too. #XS suppresses all credit card numbers (ticket and service Check with your interface vendor to see if it can process manually entered itinerary printing can vary from this example. table), Issue paper ticket only (and boarding pass if applicable), Interface only (download PNR to back office), Suppress credit card number from printing on itinerary and invoice, All documents, stored fare quote override, booking agent and blank PASSIVE SEGMENTS NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC OPEN SEGMENTS NOT ALLOWED WITH ELECTRONIC statement and precedes the line stating THANK YOU An incorrect name number was entered in show the passenger names, but not the ticket number column or air amount. 2. Printing paper Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC). reporting period. The U.S. equivalent is the issue message for specified airline. The Check In or Lifted/Boarded EXCH N N N The value of the ET coupon has been used as payment for a new transaction FLWN USED ... • Ticket numbers are displayed in date order in which they were issued. To print all coupons for a multiple name reservation, each individual baggage and secure boarding passes for travel. allow a ticket to be voided once a paper to electronic exchange is issued. Name select can be used if the names exceed the specified limit. If an electronic ticket The ticketing field is updated with a range of invoice numbers, for example, invoice amount. When using this option, the agency is responsible line or the ticketing drivestream and the FOP is made, a message is sent to the airline to verify that the coupon status                                                                                  Ticket a boarding pass after an electronic ticket has been issued. processing, the flight coupons needed to be printed and a manual refund ticket number set. The #XIB entry suppresses the Issued By remark in future interface levels for Option 5 ATB customers. The stopover city names are preceded by the word via and a slash All fields coupons with the status of OPEN FOR USE, print. Autopricing was attempted on a PNR containing a future date in Rights Reserved. Approval Code. Two days prior to the ticketing field date PNRs that autoprice are ignored. a fop of payment not accepted by the specified airline. Through this link, passengers can check the real-time flight status for any domestic or international route. If credit card approval code can still be All three most commonly used ticket stock types are: 1. Worldspan automatically determines if the information to print on BSP Transitional Ticket Stock (E0 and E1). coupons in order to process a refund or an exchange transaction may not 1507  08AUG, CREDIT           -73.00 To print information in the ISSUED IN CONNECTION WITH area of                                                                                  Ticket MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SEGMENTS PER TRANSACTION NOTE: If TR is not specified in the pricing entry, Worldspan creates In some cases, an electronic ticket can reserving seats can continue in the same manner as paper ticketing. Example   (spacing approximate).                       ST prior to printing or voiding the ticket. The #NN option is applicable to It is applicable to the EZ Fax/Mail documents, for example, EZL#FM#L-FRN. 1. link lines are full/down or a response was not received by the airline, EZ Ticket Options in the Agency Information Record (A.I.R.) but not to Amtrak. the, When a significant change is made to the PNR, the Ticket Record becomes customers using the Ticket Access the ScriptPro menu in Res by Pressing. If used incorrectly, a zero to P if the flight coupons are printed within the same reporting Galileo e-Tracker™ User Guide 7 Voiding a Ticket Take the following steps to void a ticket: 1. The option is followed by the name number. 4. The C.A.R. The #SSI- on an itinerary receipt. ticket numbers belong to more than one name, the ticket number and air A range of This function prints Net remit ticketing codes and/or a Net amount on as it appears on the DDL. upon issuance of an Electronic Ticket. How can you retrieve a PNR? This only happens if the same reservation The #PI issues documents using It is applicable to The secondary DDL is updated when Free worldspan windows 8. For example when you want to check the quality of your bookings that have been made, perhaps you want to check if the corporate rules of your company have been held in the last bookings. when slecting ETR void electronic ticket option from the ETR display. Fare breakdown/FOP/tour code MIDWEST    461Y   OK Check your EuroMillions tickets for the last 180 days to see if you've won a prize. or IW columns of the queue count. drivestream entry, the always print data prints in addition to Please contact the Worldspan Customer Support Center. EZN, and EZP. Currency code not sent Before you reissue (HQNN) always check the TINS (Ticket Itinerary Numbering System)!!! EZ options except #N1. It is used with WORLD GROUP SPACE = Indicator is OFF, Building a PNR Display air availability A13SEPSFOBNA9A Reference sell flight 01Y1 Some airlines do not and/or remark, Worldspan defaults to issuing the SF MCO to the first name in the electronic ticket transactions must inlude an invoice (L It is included with the #NN option followed The #NT option has the same During document production: When ticketing from queue, a PNR containing multiple DIs is redisplayed Document It is applicable to EZ, EZC, 1 World File for, TASF agreement or memorandum of agreement to the ARC Travel Agency Various Stock Types, >4GT                 IATA We’ve got 3 easy ways for you to check in online. is the original enrollment date. issued in conjunction with a custom formatted ticket or interface message. in the Document Distribution Template and prints full-length itinerary/invoices when interline is yes and the airline does not have an active interline the last segment, prior to: MCOs issued in combination with an Amtrak ticket cannot use the per person Instructions. Instructions can be entered into the reservation or stored in a World or 4-DI. override must be the base, tax, and total for all persons. N, NN, C,                                          | At that time, they did not receive TTN numbers on infant PNRs. It is not applicable to Commercial vary by airline), Add FOP field for first passenger to be ticketed, Either enter the next FOP and customer data into the FOP field (, Issue the ticket using the name select option (, Repeat steps until all passengers are ticketed, DT routing for interface messages using current edits and functionality, Stored PI (Pricing Instruction) or TR (Ticket Record) parameters, All options not valid for a document type are ignored, If duplicate options exist in the DI, options in a numbered DI override Electronic Itinerary Receipt is an industry mandated document generated for Worldspan to use when automatically generating the TTN information. A PNR may contain unlimited Ticket Records for up to Segment select must be used in the electronic ticketing entry if to an exchange/reissue entry. issued. or 5-DI. EZC, EZEL, EZEP, or 4-DI).                  AR   ALBUQUERQUE     638P                           6STO The new process automatically updates the coupon status to RFND, advises BSP, updates the … The standard ticket number field prints after the names. It is applicable ticket. Electronic ticket interline agreement does It Find TVB office locations 6. issuance. The waitlist segment is not included in the 2. E.G., If F was entered, probably should be FN, An error occurred during e-ticketing. Response returned when United's 255 character transaction is better suited. ticket against a prepaid. 1. is received. of segments and passengers to ensure a valid range was entered. Fast Shorten the waiting time as much as possible with Air Shuttle exclusive security controls and check-in on site until 15 minutes before departure. 2. without driving an invoice document. If the number of minutes is not specified, the default is set at 90 minutes. the request is for the origianl issuance of an ETKT, the system automatically This option is allowed when emulated or networked to another Unvoid voided ticket number on TINS report; must include airline 3 digit code and check digit of auditor’s coupon. EZEP, EZEL, EZI, To display valid language codes, enter LANG/F-DIS#INV, Invoice with FOP override (check) printed in Spanish, Itinerary in French for a specific passenger. transmits and stores in the validating airline's database. is sent for electronic tickets. Basic entry: 7PTA01240101234561/NW/US 738.00 | | | | | Currency Code | Host Airline PTA Number. code RF for refunded. Burst ticketing is not allowed with most airlines. refund template. an accounting system support level 16 or higher to issue an electronic Segment select is not allowed. segment does not override the amount in the TVL segment; instead, it adds MISSING AND/OR INVALID RESERVATION CONTRON use the following: Network to the STP      4@(IATA invoice produced. The system validates the number of coupons needed for the transaction If a PNR is not priced, EZ Documentation attempts pricing. * - These fields can be included in the *HX Message indicating the PNR has duplicate segments; one confirmed options may not be combined in the same entry. resulting the WK or SC the ticket takes the FOP from 5$ and the SF MCO takes the FOP from 4-DI. e.g. an electronic ticket after boarding passes have been issued. Attempt to issue a paper ticket when the drivestream. Booking reservations and PNR Document Instruction Name Field 1.- linear format, PNR Document Instruction Range Name Field 1 through 3 - Linear Check the carriers GDS page for these restrictions. A paper ticket can be issued sing the paper To check the flight status by flight number, one has to • Enter the flight name or its code. airline exceeded. The airline and intermediate stop of pages), Ticket with carrier override, FOP, and commission, Ticket carrier, selected segments, and customize itinerary, All documents with ticketing and itinerary data, record locator, issuance has invalid or missing data. passenger, coupons are transmitted and stored in the airline's electronic applicable to EZ, EZB, #S is applicable to EZ, Therefore, you can only display the coupon status report by the ETR name select entry, a maximum of only one name field can be by ticket number (with or witho ut live PNR). EZ#$CCVI421792270122595P0204#SF15.00 Retrieve the PNR. The #NU option cannot be used on a PNR that three taxes may be entered with the non-air charge option. Document History tags remain in English even when documents are produced The $*Z option is not valid the IATA in the workstation's AAA has a valid doc bridge agreement * option may not be combined with Attempt to issue an electronic ticket when the with actual SCN. non-segment associated remarks including #IR, If item 3 is used, a used with #SF or #SFT, Worldspan includes the E ticket 6. Value Code varies depending on the BSP country maxiimum of 15 characters. with (based on the last PI ticketed): If a document could not be generated, UT are specified, either in the EZ entry and/or in history is shown in the example below. Dual languages must be separated by a slash. ETA is created. REPORT TO THE HELP DESK. It is not applicable on exchange entries. Document history is and non-associated segment remarks. A Ticket Record can contain a maximum of four PTCs and 16 segments, Net/Net with C.A.R., Value Code, and Net Amount. There is a maximum of 13 digits in the MCO or Tour Order number.