Veins is located in a canyon in the southern part of the country near the dangerous Volcano Thor. With the ingredients you collected (the Green Herb, Milk, Jellopy, etc set) you have 5 chances to collect a dropping. If you enter the portal next to you, you find the dancers performing for a group of people, including a Rekenber PR Representative and Arunafeltz priest. (BE CAREFUL WHEN WALKING AROUND!!! One such merchant while staying in Rachel heard of a valuable mineral which was black as a beetle, but when exposed to direct sunlight shone brightly with many different colors just like an opal. What could be going on in Thor Volcano? Before him and his companions was a busy village embedded within the canyons. north part of magmaring map leads to thor's volcano 1 with byorogue archer and sword guardians kasa and salamander bottom right corner of that map is a portal to Thor's volcano 2 with imps knockers and those fire guys that drop coal He won't let you visit him unless you know him personally or can get someone to write explaining why you should be able to visit. Talk to the camel, and start collecting the droppings. 7. He tells you to give the rocks to the Factory Worker (ve_in 54, 49). Go outside to the Rachel Temple and to talk to High Priest Niren (Located at 165, 57), and Ask about Veins Smugglers. Veins, the Canyon Village (veins) iRO Wiki Map viewer This is just a map viewer. Go back to the farmer and explain about not finding the right camel. 4. And go straight to the Magistrate. Go into the portal in Thor Volcano 2 thor_v02 144 78. According to legend, Thor fought a fierce battle with evil fire spirits and hammered them down with such force that the earth itself was wounded and shed burning blood, thus creating Thor Volcano. Then inquire about the items he needs. 3. Head down the path until you come to a room at the end with a girl (Little Curdie (que_thor 32,64)) in the corner. 23. Go upstairs and look around, but you can't find the Geologist. Are these events related to the sudden rush for Hetarium? 5. He asks you to meet several people for him. Go to Veins Field 5, and talk to to the Wincing Old Man (Zabaroo) (257, 130). 9. Go to Level 2, and click on the spots at (165, 37) and (170, 100). Down the hall to the right, break the blue vase (ra_temin 115 140) in the corner to attract the attention of the second guard. Vitre takes the two and blows incredibly hard, blowing the cell door off. So I made a little list of the possible monsters and ranges that could be in those boards. Head east on the walkway and you will pass by an entrance. Acolyte Class players can register Warp Memo Points in any of the fields in Veins, making it a little easier to access this distant dungeon. 14. Water Veins are found throughout the Scorched Earth, Valguero,Crystal Isles and Ragnarok DLCs. Walk back to Zabaroo, and give him the device. Walk to (109, 167) and click on the Control Panel there. After agreeing, talk to the Cheerful Dancer (job_dancer 83, 52) and she takes you to meet the others on the Airship. 02 l At the Veins pub you will speak to the Guild Master there named Mayshell who will give you a special task to perform. 17. I pledge my honor to overthrow our mortal enemy. You go back and think of a way of getting her out of her shackles. Talk to Lasda, and receive 600,000 Base Experience and a Jewelry Box. This city is built around an enormous tower, which was the symbol for magic in this world. 4. Go up the ladder and then go west under the rock overhang to the next ladder. Talk to Sir Krieg in the Morroc Castle (moc_castle 173, 122) who tells you Vitre is in prison for espionage. Detailed Information on Veins Field Ragnarok Online, include map images, monsters on each map, monster amount on each map, links to each monster's details. THE MAP DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO RELOG THERE, AND YOU'LL END UP BACK AT YOUR SAVE POINT). New accessories,cards, Crafting new recipe. 12. You agree to return to town and seek the help of a locksmith. So, now you look for Young Town Native (veins … Talk to Organic Soap Maker Ivory (veins 227,127), who asks you to bring some ingredients to make the soap (but she wont take the items off you yet): 8. Go south the Ragnarok Veins town. You may be able to make the map as a memo so if you die you could go back right away to continue the Ragnarok Sura Quest. After that talk to the Young Town Native (221, 120). While the town grew too quickly to develop an Airship line for passengers, a warp service is available between Veins and Rachel from the Cool Event Corporation. Abasar says he'll help, but needs some items. Talk to the soap lady again, who can now make the soap for you. Talk to the drunkard’s kid named Karyn (veins 327, 185) He’s the one you helped in the Veins Siblings Quest. Approach and talk to Little Curdie. byebye HARPY???? 15. 18. The first sign is the murder of the God Baldr, the son of Odin and Frigg which has already happened.. 1 Surroundings 2 Information on Event 2.1 1. ; @memo - Saves a warp point. He tells you to ask in the market for a locksmith. From Rachel town, exit right then go 3 portals to the north. 13. Take the letter to Krieg, who says he holds Lasda in high regard, and will tell the Warden to allow you speak with Vitre. Keep doing so until you have the 5 droppings. Go back to Lasda, who asks if you can help his friend who is being held in the Morroc jail. There are the guild of the Magicians and the guild of the Wizards. 8. After explaining about the locked up little girl, he gives you the master key to the locks. He tells you to go to the camels and feed them the concoction. 5. Many people were killed by their wrathful flames, and so the people of Veins blocked the main entrance to the Thor Volcano caves. Agree to help him, and he makes you his new assistant and gives you "Note of geologist" which reads: 1WN, 2ES, 2EC. [ro] nameless entrance quest -pro version-. You'll be asked to give an oath to Colonel Vito, choose Freya then reply to him with the following: Once you complete the oath, speak to him again and he'll send you yo investigate some pipes. He thanks you, and gives you an Old Purple Box. Go back through the same portal once more and talk to the Mature Dancer to travel to Comodo again, and talk to the Dance Instructor, who sells you a Megaphone for 500,000 Zeny. There might be something big going on over there." Go to the Bar in Veins veins 148 216, and talk to the waitress inside, Waitress Madelle. 6. 81-120 Roween Hill Wind Anaconda Galion Siroma Drosera Muscipular Desert Wolf101-130 Gazzeti Snowier Ice Titan Magmaring Isilla … 10. 19. Airship 1 (international): Izlude - Yuno - Rachel - Veins Airship 2 (local): Hugel - Yuno - Einbroch - Lighthalzen If you wanna go there by walking, use the map (CTRL + %) and find the town on it, it's near the top of the map! Once you're in Izlude, head south from the town and then follow the pathway until you reach the airship port. "I see. High Priest Zhed seems disturbed by your words. After bringing the items, talk to the camel farmer again. No one can ascertain the truth of this story, but it is quite believable: the volcano's caves are teeming with mysterious fire spirit monsters that attack adventurers that may be seeking shelter from the rain and typhoons outside. On payon field 3 go through right/east portal to get to Alberta. Go to the Tool Shop at veins 230 162 and talk to the Young Merchant inside. The Veins consul dispatched an investigation team to check the boy's claim, but could not find a way to enter Thor Volcano. Once you run out of tries, you have to collect enough ingredients (First Set, under the Soap Maker) to try again. After days of tiresome traveling and fending off monsters, the young merchant was starting to lose hope. After handing over the rocks, go back to Zabaroo, who thanks you and gives you a reward. How to go: Destination: Kafra Employee (Lighthalzen) Service Fee: 5,000 Zeny . Go to Volcano Thor level 2, and go to (144, 78), and enter the portal there. They serve as a source of water for survivors which may be upgraded through the construction and placement of a Water Well. Most of these fiends are Fire attribute and Boss type monsters: Thor Volcano might be a little easier than the Biolab, but it will still challenge the most battle hardened players. 7. The second sign will be three uninterrupted long cold winters that will last for three years with no summer in between. Talk to the "Upset Looking Bard" in the jail cell, Vitre, who says he has no clue why he's there. The local geologist is studying the Volcano, and may be in need of assistance from passing adventurers. 21. You need to bring some more items in order to get the camels to poop for you to collect the droppings. To get to Alberta head south/down two maps from Payon Town. Quests added with the Veins update can be found here. Walk to Colonel Vito(194 220) where you'll be drafted into the anti Rune-Midgard army. chenee08. Veins: Billboard Warper (Eden Group 169, 187) Service Fee: 4,000 Zeny . Talk to the Karyn again, who thanks you and gives you some experience. He asks for 1 Fried Monkey Tails, and then he'll let you in to visit Vitre. Beware their bestial ferocity! 18. Go back outside. 7. He says he needs you to make a special soap to create a mold for the key. So far the main Rune-Midgarts towns Prontera, Geffen, Izlude, Payon, Morocc, Alberta, and Aldebaran will be accessible to players. Talk to the Mature Dancer, and after an announcement that the ship is about to land in Einbroch, you disembark and find yourself inside the Einbroch Hotel. 10. 17. Return to his room, click the bookshelf for another File Folder (ve_in 280,212) and the wall closet for the Broken Thermometer (ve_in 277,229). Go to Volcano Thor level 2, and go to (144, 78), and enter the portal there. 19. Return to the little girl in the volcano, and free her. There was an incomparable hustle and bustle within this town as just about everyone seemed busy. Talk to the girl, who reveals herself as Karyn's sister. There will be some warning signs if Ragnarok “the end of the world” is coming. Go back to Vitre (morocc 297,154) and he will award you with an Old Blue Box. Aside from the Kahos, all the monsters in Thor Volcano are new additions in Ragnarok Online Episode 11.2. Talk to High Priest Zhed inside Rachel Sanctuary (ra_temin 277, 159), he will ask you who created Ymir's Heart (the answer is Varmunt, but you don't have to type it in to pass this part, unsure what effect typing Varmunt in has). 13. He’ll tell you about the ghost that he saw in the sea. Go to Veins, and enter the building (veins 151,176). She'll lend you a megaphone if you escort some of her dancers to the Schwartzvald Republic. 1. From Prontera, use the Kafra Service again to teleport to Izlude. In Veins (the pub), give the Geologist the File Folder. Head to Veins, and find Abasar in the back room of the Tool Shop (ve_in 169, 310). Take the copy of the key to the Locksmith. Head down the path until you come to a room at the end with a girl (Little Curdie que_thor 32 64) in the corner. Originally introduced on iRO in 2007, this update brings high leveling areas to our Pre-Renewal server and greatly expand the Arunafeltz States. ; @save - Sets the current position as your spawn point (aka save point). Bring the Megaphone and Violin (Purchasable in Comodo) back to Vitre. Go one map below town (ve_fild07 235, 42) where you find the Silky Camel with an injured leg. Aside from the Kahos, all the monsters in Thor Volcano are new additions in Ragnarok … SummerLily @SummerLily (346) • Philippines. Upon th opening of the gates of Rachel, it's trade and economy boomed thus increasing the number of travelers and merchants in the city. Veins is a canyon village located near Thor's Volcano. First to talk to Karyn and tell him the news. 3. On payon field 2 (the second map south obviously), go through the east/right portal. Go back to Zhed and tell him what you found. Speak to the Assassin Guild member in the Morroc Assassin's Guild Pub and he will tell you to go to their guild branch in Veins. Talk to the Female Follower (Lamir) on the far left side of the sanctuary temple, next to a bookshelf. You will see a ladder going up. (You'll be teleported to the training room to the south part of the map. Quest Part 3: Der Name Der Rose. Go back to Lasda, and tell him what Krieg said. Players may drink directly from a Water Vein by looking at it and pressing the use button (default E). 10. Alberta. 3. Click the dummy at (156, 65) to attack it. Step 10. Go to the Comodo Dancer Guild (talk to Robin next to the Kafra Employee), and talk to the Dance Instructor (job_dancer 93, 107). Juno, Einbroch, Lighthalzen, and Rachel are in the mobile game's near future with players wondering if Einbech and Veins … 16. You make your escape outside with him. Veins, the Canyon Village - veins. 22. 9. (aka fly wing) @jumpto/@goto/@warpto - Warps you to … Then the merchant spied two people holding up some kind of jewel... even from afar, he could tell that it was black but at the same time, it radiated various colors under the sunlight...this was it! If evil is afoot, then the Rune-Midgarts adventurers must be there to stamp it out! 21. 5 responses. 🏜 Veins is located in ... 👉 Swipe through the pics to see how to go to Veins and to know more about the monsters in Veins Field and Thor Volcano! How to go to Rachel,Ice Cave, Holy Sanctuary Dungeons possible new farming spot? Rachel and Veins' bounty boards - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Hey! 5. You get to know where is everything at their exact location. 12. 4. Go to Veins and enter the Veins Tavern (Located at 149, 217) and … If you say "Excuse Me," you interfere with an experiment, and lose some HP in the process. 10. 20. 12. You will now be asked by Karyn to go to (town 221, 120) and find a Locksmith. Ragnarok, RO, Job Quest, Build, Quest, Tips, BOT, Guide, Ragnarok Quest, No more Lonely Knights (Alberta) - Daily Quest, Swab The Deck Quest (Alberta) - Daily Quest , Openkore Run multiple BOT in one folder Tutorial, New Loki Dual Log In, New Loki Dual Client, New Lo... , Openkore BOT Priest Auto Warp Config, Openkore BOT … Now, go back to (Veins 327, 185) and tell Karyn that you've seen Little Curdie. Once again, you are next to the wall of spinning fans. Water Veins … Head down the path until you come to a room at the end with a girl (Little Curdie (que_thor 32,64)) in the corner. After bringing him the steel(it will not be consumed), he demands to know why you need the key.