It just means that the person doesnt even care to compose 2-5 seconds of his/her thoughts to honostly wish … 0 0. And I hope the same for you, Bonnie and Jerry. I had a discussion with my mate in which he claimed that the verb in the sentence modifies the subject (You) but I'm convinced it actually modifies the noun (Wish). same to you phrase. [Late 1800s] See also: same. Or " hope you have a great weekend too!" If this person is having a weekend too, just say "thanks! Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. To sound more polite, you may add "Thanks/thank you" to whatever response: Have a nice day! 1 decade ago. 0 0. 6 years ago. "thank you" but if you want to wish them luck as well say "you too" 0 0. Hope the same to you too!" I would hope the same for you, Mr Skinner. Last night, someone told me "Happy mid-autumn day" and I said "Best wishes to you too". Both seem correct. Wally C. 5 years ago. Hope the same for you, Dr. Mcnamara. If they don't, you can simply thank them or if they work or study you can say "thanks! Anonymous. As for the "likewise" response, I think it might work too; although the "I wish the same to you" part seems to be redundant. You believe in angles more than angels Feel like I've been going through too much to explain to you But I'm still the same way I was when I came to you … We wish someone whole-heartedly and when that person just reflect same words back to you by saying "wish you the same" or "Same to you" I feel so irritant and let down about that person. I hope the same for you too, Jimmy. The French for I wish you the same is je vous souhaite la même chose. Definition of same to you in the Idioms Dictionary. it is a reaction or reply to the words you … For instance, if someone wishes you a Happy Birthday, it's nonsensical to say 'You too!' since "And to you" also means the same, so you cannot say its incorrect. Hi, I'd like to know about the phrase "best wishes to you too", I want to know whether it works as a reply when someone says things like "Happy New Year" or "Happy Mid-autumn day" to you. Seyyed milad. Editor Kory Stamper explains.. You, too and same here have different meanings depending on the context, but they generally appear in informal or spoken English to answer a wish or confirm an experience.. You, too has two primary uses, and the meaning of the phrase depends quite a bit on punctuation. Find more French words at! it also means i wish or pray that you are happy,healthy,and success full. "The same (wish) GOES to you" It is also proper to say: "The same wishes GO to you" in case we have more than one wish? unless they happen to share the same birth date. wish you the same are considered as an equal to the one who told you. I always respond with "yes" and a smile. Thanks, you too! I think it is something that depends on the region you are from. Reader Payman asks for an explanation of the phrases "you, too" and "same here." What does same to you expression mean? I wish you the same (as you have wished me), as in Merry Christmas!-Same to you. I would say I wish u the same,but I am not 100% sure whether is right or wrong. Some say wish you the same and few say same to its similar to these to phrases to use "you too" and "And to you".