Interactive software for all Multitouch screens, tables & walls. New Update 4.0 of Touchscreen App Platform: Learn More. 01.06.2014, 15:00 Uhr . Built-in analytics allow you to track every interaction users have with your experience so you can see what people have been clicking and watching and for how long. WASPi Mimosa - Interactive Touch Screen Presentation Software is a non-linear interactive storytelling presentation software for “walking the viewer through the story” with dynamic interactive graphics that simplify conveying information based on complex data analysis as commonly found in business. It helps to make content compelling by transforming it into visually appealing presentations and infographics. FlowVella is a tool for sales and interactive presentations. We needed to use an app which was specifically designed to make best use of multi-touch systems, enabling people to explore The Royal Mint’s coins in a way never possible before – encouraging them to discover more and stay longer. Educators who want to create interactive touch-based lessons and gamify students’ experience. Nearpod is used by all levels of schooling. At the beginning of the lesson, teachers share content with their students by sending out a special access code via email, shortlink or social media. Produkte innovativer präsentieren sowie Platz & Kosten sparen mit innovativen Interactive Digital Signage Touchscreen Lösungen für POS, Shops & Stores. By clicking “Subscribe”, you agree to our Privacy Policy. However, over the past few years there has been a proliferation of touchscreen laptops, desktops and display systems which will only accelerate. You can import PowerPoint slides to convert a static presentation into an interactive one – but to make full use of the interactivity our recommendation would be to build the presentation from scratch in Intuiface – that way you can explore all that it has to offer. OKTOPUS allows you to annotate and work over or alongside any software … To get started, drag files into a playlist pane to set the necessary playback order. Interactive multi-touch display panels bring a fresh and exciting approach to business data presentation, and to any business setting where presentations are given. You might not have heard the name, but you have probably used touchscreens running the software. Stay tuned to get our latest eLearning tips and tricks! Reactiv HUDDLE is a communications hub that allows remote colleagues and presenters to participate in your session. It’s perfect for groups of 20 people or more if your goal is gathering feedback-based statistics. For every project type, there’s a vast collection of pre-made customizable templates. Intuiface is the leading application for creating measurable interactive experiences for all touchscreen devices. If you need to create professional-looking courses containing slides, scenarios, screencasts, and assessments without spending time on training, start with an. You don’t need to be tech savvy to use iSpring Suite. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits … The Multimedia Browser generates a stunning interactive user interface directly from simple media files like Powerpoint presentations… This is the best touch-screen interactive presentation software. You can make any non-touch huge display, a wall projection, or floor screen or projection interactive with the use of OptiTUIO. Interactive online resumes, commercial offers, books, or presentations. Recently, iSpring Suite got an online counterpart for teamwork and collaboration with iSpring Space. Presentations, infographics, reports, interactive demos, ad banners and visual resumes. Once the playlist is created, the content plays back as one file. Multitouch technology mainly used for multitasking. © 2001-2020 iSpring Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Live lessons or self-paced online study sessions. Traditional presentation apps work perfectly well on touchscreens but if you want to really push the boundaries of what you can do, then Intuiface, by Intuilab, is an application designed specifically to create multi-touch experiences. Also, clients are increasingly demanding more innovative approaches to their presentations – wanting to stand out and have more engaging experiences with their customers. Log automatically every interaction made on your presentation - scenes visited, items selected, location of the presentation, etc. Deployable on all interactive touch screen systems. At Presentation Guru, we continuously try and keep our audience updated with the newest technology available. Yes, by using multi-touch large interactive devices more than one persons can work at a time on the same device without interrupting others. It can be also useful for sales reps to reach their customers. As presentation designers we are always working with our clients to really understand what resonates with their customers, the most effective way to get their message across and the most engaging way of telling their story. All graphic content is automatically responsive to tap, swipe, pinch and other common touch screen gestures. iSpring Suite Max is designed for extremely fast course authoring and collaborative projects. Advanced plans range from $10/month to $20/month billed annually. The results can be viewed instantly on the screen and can be exported for further use in a PDF or Excel file. Prezi Design allows you to make professional looking graphs, infographics, and more with a simple drag and drop editor. Our premium interactive displays & touch screen signage enable simple, effective touch interactions and serve a variety of industries. Do I Really Need Slides in Every Presentation? As you would expect there are also built in animation effects which really help to bring movement and life to your experiences. Create online courses and assessments in record time. It allows you to create mobile-first presentations on your Apple device, share them, and get alerts and insights on your presentation leads. Export to EXE, Mac App or Video. It does nothing while finger touching on it (but mouse clicking is ok) in kiosk mode. She’s always ready to share in-depth insights on the most hardcore eLearning topics with her readers. For example, you can record a screencast without leaving PowerPoint and synchronize it with the slides. Pricing plans range from $5/month to $59/month. Interactive presentation software provides multiple design tools and easy storage. Teachers can track and analyze real-time statistics, as well as apply a reward badge system. SlideDog also has a Remote app to control playback from a smartphone, tablet, or another computer. Advanced plans range from $120/year for 75 students to $349/year for 90 students. Intuiface supports a plethora of external media such as Flash, video, 3d models, Photoshop as well as custom coding allowing you to create almost any kind of experience – if you can imagine it, then it’s most likely possible with Intuiface! ClassFlow is a free interactive cloud-based teaching platform. Once done, you can easily convert your Prezi into video format, and it will appear alongside your presentation. To get started, download the FlowVella app for your Mac/iPad/iPhone from the App Store, then choose an appropriate template, or start creating a presentation from scratch. There’s … The output can be published online, or downloaded as a document or an image. Interactivity is at the core of Intuiface. For effective interactive digital signage at … Bis zu drei dieser Touchscreens der Profi-Klasse können miteinander verbunden werden, um eine vielseitige interaktive Lösung für Leitstellen, Ausstellungen, moderne Empfangsbereiche und andere große Plätze … It allows teachers to display students’ work and other content on any type of interactive display, get real time feedback on assessments, and track student behavior. If you need to create professional-looking courses containing slides, scenarios, screencasts, and assessments without spending time on training, start with an iSpring Suite 14-day trial and explore all its features right now. Below is an overview of ten interactive presentation software tools which can help you easily create and deliver captivating interactive content. myShowcase is a system for creating online portfolios and interactive albums with personal achievement tracking. Your email address will not be published. When lessons are ready, students can join using their preferred device. So the problem we are now faced with is that when we run our Slideshow on our touch monitor – it operates as a normal presentation and clicking anywhere on the screen just advances our slides. Pro Multitouch Designer will help you to win over your audience. Just send your colleagues a link, and they’ll be able to edit texts and polish the project’s appearance. Touchway - interactive sales presentations with multimedia browser presenter including seamless integration of powerpoint, PDF flipbook, video, images, web pages and touch apps. For individuals, educators and employers to curate evidence of capability and competency. You can share a survey and its results with an audience as short links or embed code. Individual plans charged from $15 to $29 per month. ClassFlow is a feature rich interactive presentation software. There is no need to email files or use products such as Dropbox to share files. Omnitapps4 offers you a unique way to create interactive multi-touch experiences to present your products or services. When it’s ready, simply share a link with your audience. You can also add some interactions to your presentations; for example, insert questionnaires or live chat with an audience. Try Presentation3D, expand your … Creating interactive presentations with stunning animations and effects has never been easier. Speakers and presenters who are looking for an internet-delivered solution for seamless switching between different speakers’ materials for an event. Making presentations is something that everyone has to do whether it is at school or at the workplace. K-12 teachers who want to turn existing lessons into interactive ones including VR lessons. iSpring editor and boots-on-the-ground author. Plus, you can also share projects with a unique URL. With Mentimeter, you can make interactive presentations with real-time voting, quizzes, and more. ⭐ Interactive touchscreen display software - 3D solutions for architects, developers and real estate business, furniture designers and product customization You can share your project online or download an EXE file and copy it to a flash drive. The behaviour we want is that clicking on an ‘Image Button’ takes us to the … You will get a web-ready presentation, each section of which will be easily accessible in any order while presenting with a click or tap. iSpring Suite is perfect for small and medium businesses, as well as companies that deal with employees, partners, and customer training, and is especially great for teamwork and collaboration. The audience feels more involved in the presentations, as they can give their input using a mobile phone or any other device. OptiTUIO is very easy to set up and very reliable in its interactive behavior. With API integration you can also control connected devices such as lighting and incorporate NFC and beacon technology. Courses built with a web-based authoring tool can be published to SCORM or xAPI (Tin Can) and imported into an LMS as well. It converts all your media into interactive content for mobile devices and multi-touch displays. Open the interactive panel in our software – Presentation 3D, you can seen in the software design of interactive animation list. View a quick video Copyright © Presentation Guru Publishing Ltd | Design by Qi Marketing. Intuiface is the leading application for creating measurable interactive experiences for all touchscreen devices. Free demo software. You can also use pre-built templates provided by myShowcase. Thank you for sharing the best information and keep updating. On one level, coins are commonplace objects, but experiencing them in original, dazzling ways brings a new dimension to the every day. Traditional presentation apps work perfectly well on touchscreens but if you want to really push the boundaries of what you can do, then Intuiface, by Intuilab, is an application designed specifically to create multi-touch experiences. Intuiface is a program for creating and sharing an engaging digital experience that you can use at trade shows, conferences, or exhibitions. Visme is a cloud-based content creation tool for the presentation and visualization of data. the most engaging way of telling their story. Pro plan charges $99/year or $49 for 14-days. Customizable apps for all touch displays, tables, kiosks & videowalls. All the formats are combined and played one by one. Lessons, activity plans, and more can be downloaded for free from the ClassFlow Marketplace. Zooming into images to explore the detail. Intuiface is the world’s leading digital experience creation platform. In this article, Damjan introduces us to Intuiface,  a multi-touch capable program for presenters that’s geared toward the ever-growing market of touch-screens.Â. Free version which you can use no more than 15 minutes at a time. Aurora 3D Presentation … Panel Industrial PC - Tradeshow Touch Presentation - Parma (Italy) SPS 2017 Tradeshow, the goal was to have a multi touch software capable to proof their multi-touch displays. As its name suggests, it is basically a free tool to create a virtual classroom for teachers and students. Using Intuiface to create engaging, enjoyable and tactile experiences for customers has enabled us to elevate our customers’ content to another level and talk to their customers in a much more intimate way. Students can use Nearpod to study content and participate in assessment and collaboration activities. An online collection of your knowledge and skills. Business teams who want to create interactive courses for eLearning fast and easy. With 2013, it works in both modes. The Multimedia Browser is a presentation software to produce interactive presentations, electronic documents, multimedia sales presentations as well as interactive kiosk systems, digital signage solutions and touchscreen apps. HUDDLE allows you to video conference and share ideas instantly. With Prezi Present, you can create engaging animated content and present it live on the same screen as you with Prezi Video. Content made with the desktop-based authoring tool can be published online in HTML5, or uploaded to a learning management system, as the tool supports all eLearning standards: SCORM 1.2/2004, AICC, cmi5, and xAPI (Tin Can). Academic and business speakers who would like to organize real-time voting in their live and online presentations. Creative 3D Interactive Business Presentation Software (Mac & Windows) | Aurora3D Software. Upon request, we also develop a completely individual solution according to your requirements. Intuiface allowed us to do things that PowerPoint or Prezi just couldn’t. It’s a cloud-based tool, just sign up and you can start creating a presentation right away. With interactive carousels, collections could be explored; coins could be zoomed into showing the exquisite craftsmanship in minute detail; videos could be watched of interviews with coin designers and craftsmen and interactive content could be explored to learn about the history and rich heritage of The Royal Mint. Transform brands and products into an interactive … To get started with Mentimeter, you don’t need to download or install anything. Here are a variety of control and animation mode choice, and can play a sound and set a camera animate. Videowall running an Intuiface experience. It is basically a cloud based presentation software using which you can create a presentation from scratch and present it to live audience remotely. As a result, you get interactive online presentations with the feel of a mobile app. An interactive mobile-ready presentation that can be shared or embedded as well as work in a kiosk mode. With Powerpoint 2016, finger touch cannot work as mouse clicking in Kiosk mode but it works in speaker mode. The older version of visual aids like pamphlets, paper handouts, whiteboards, flip charts, and so on are now replaced with customised themes, graphs and charts and various question types. These can be PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, webpages, Prezi files, and YouTube clips. For example, an picture is assigned an action "hyperlink to the first slide". Intuitive screen flows to allow your guests to interact and engage with your content. To stand out from the crowd, you need to create content that establishes close relationships between you and your audience. A playlist saved on your computer. To share your presentation with others, you can upload it to the cloud and share your unique URL. The purpose can be learning, promotion, or spreading great ideas. You can use an existing PowerPoint presentation or build one from scratch. Students can join in by entering the code that has been generated and sent them. Interactive multimedia presentation … How to Give a Great Presentation With Just Your Phone. The Multimedia Browser generates a stunning interactive user interface directly from simple media files like Powerpoint presentations… Find and compare top Presentation software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Whoever is orchestrating the presentation, Intuiface Analytics can help you generate design, operational, and business insights of the experience. Educators, presenters, communicators, and anyone who needs to share their ideas. Your next step is to create a showcase by dragging and dropping files to the showcase pane. Many people will be familiar with the most popular presentation applications such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote, with plenty of other lesser known apps available. Experiences can be created for any mobile device, touchscreen displays and video walls – you can make experiences as large as you like to cover multiple displays. Once you’ve signed in, you need to add some content to My Stuff. It's … $3/user annually for academics and charity. But let’s face it: in the internet age, interactive content has beaten traditional presentations. Features such as scheduling information, way-finding capabilities, digital directories, and facility information are accessible right at your users’ fingertips. Those who need to create multi-touch apps, digital signages, or corporate presentations for trade shows, conferences, or exhibitions. People viewing the experiences can also annotate and make changes to the experience in a live setting, so if you are discussing a graphic with a client, they can make changes to the graphic on the screen and this can be saved into the experience, adding a whole new level of engagement. Business and educational teams who need to create memorable presentations for customers, present, and analyze the results. You might not have heard the name, but you have probably used touchscreens running the software… Once the program is installed, you’ll see the iSpring Suite tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, which provides quick access to all the features of the tool. What Is the Best Multi-Touch Presentation Tool Around? Top 8 eLearning Authoring Tools: The Ultimate…, 50+ Best Instructional Design Software Tools You…, 12 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows…, 21 PowerPoint Add-ins and Plugins – Free and…, Top 10 Flipbook Software (Updated 2019 List). For more advanced projects you can integrate Intuiface with an Excel database – allowing you to create an experience with a wide range of content, all controlled from one location for advanced asset management. To make your learning content more visually engaging, you can create interactions. ClassFlow is great for both in-person and distance learning. Interaktive Hardware, Software … Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks can deliver online content from websites to your exhibition stand, run your corporate video, and play video clips of your latest production equipment or products. Once an account has been created, teachers can build lessons, create tests, and manage their classes. When you are ready, press the start button to begin the presentation. Both the iSpring Space interface and its content creation tools are extremely intuitive and easy to use. Animation can also set the length and delay, is very flexible. Free trial. If you are trying to find ways to make your presentations more interactive and creative then you will be able to use the interactive presentation tools. Prezi is a multi-faceted tool for making lively presentations. Learning activities include tests, flashcards, different interactive widgets, and more. Products, Services & Offers. Intuiface really comes into its own with presentations by enabling deep interactive experiences for the audience – empowering them to interact and explore directly with the experience. Touchway - Software for interactive presentations, kiosk terminals, info screens and digital signage display management. All the created projects are saved on your device. Easily customizable touch screen software via the eyefactive Online AppStore - as well as individually developed Multitouch software according to your requirements. You can start from a blank canvas, import from PowerPoint, or use pre-built templates for making video walls, drawing pads, interactive maps, and more. You can combine text, images, recorded video, and links into one interactive conversation. Teachers log in to the Nearpod website, upload their existing materials and add interactive activities: embed videos, polls, quizzes, or memory tests. When everything is ready, you can share a project via links, embed to a site or blog, or download as a picture or PDF document. Assuming the presentation has been well structured and designed in the first place, then these apps can be used to create visually persuasive and impactful presentations. The above functionality is only a small part of what is achievable with Intuiface and although we are Gold accredited Intuiface experts we feel we have only explored a small part of what is possible. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy, We hope that these ten popular interactive presentation tools will provide you with a solution for the sort of task you’re dealing with. nuiSense allowed them to create an interactive … Creating interactive courses in record time is made much easier with the Content Library, which contains over 68,000 eLearning assets, including ready-made templates, backgrounds, icons, and characters. Intuiface can communicate with either an Intuiface hosted cloud storage account or your own company’s Amazon S3 or FTP site. Most of the businesses in the world adopting this technology due to its multitasking nature. Then distribute it Royalty Free! Educators who want to enhance their classes, create interactive touch-based lessons and gamify students’ experience will get the most of this tool. Beautiful web-ready presentations, infographics and banner ads created quickly and easily, and shareable both on and offline. $4.50/user annually for government and profit use. All emails include an unsubscribe link, so that you can opt-out at any time. The Multimedia Browser is a presentation software to produce interactive presentations, electronic documents, multimedia sales presentations as well as interactive kiosk systems, digital signage solutions and touchscreen apps. Students can view and study lessons in the form of in-class presentations, on their own devices, or as a combination of the two. Why do we make presentations? An interactive mobile-ready course that can be published online or uploaded to a learning management system. iSpring Suite Max will allow you to quickly create e-courses that will work on any desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile platform. news, elections, weather or sports. With these tools, you can make interesting presentations and 3D elements could be added to 3D interactive presentation software. Come see why so many people are using myShowcase and download the free demo today. Apps that allow the audience to interact with them using mobile devices, interactive walls, and any multi-touch displays.