The average salary of an Electrical Engineer according to is $94,114 per year in the United States. If you are thinking about majoring in it, I'd say, follow your passion as there is nothing about the degree itself that closes the doors you allude to, and the journey to get it is an extremely rewarding experience. Is Electrical Engineering Worth it? Graduates in Electrical Engineering can work as: There are many good schools that offer Electrical Engineering. An electrical engineering master’s degree requires coursework in areas such as science, math, technology, electrical circuit theory, systems design, design and drafting, and physics. Hi fellow electrical engineers. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. You will not use the same processor component for more than 10 years. Georgia Tech: This public university in Atlanta, Georgia, offers excellent value for in-state applicants. From a purely financial perspective (life-time income) the MS the optimal degree for a working engineer. Other than involving electricity, they couldn't be more different. Most engineering PhD students are supported by grants or RA or TA positions, so almost nobody pays the costs directly. I’ve been strongly considering majoring in EE switching from my original decision which was ME. This is because it provides solutions to real-life problems. Verified employers. The median salary for electrical and electronics engineering technicians was $63,600 in 2017, with the top 10% earning more than $93,800 per year. Search and apply for the latest Director of electrical engineering jobs in Fort Worth, TX. At the undergraduate level, about 80 students graduate with electrical engineering degrees each year. Some electrical engineering concerns are also found in mechanical and civil engineering. Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline concerned with the study, design and application of equipment, devices and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.It emerged as an identifiable occupation in the latter half of the 19th century after commercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone, and electrical power generation, distribution and use. Also, my degree was cheap and got me a great job. They do not typically do big-picture encompassing things like develop apps. Went to a relatively cheap state school and got it mostly funded including work while in school. tl;dr EE is a challenging degree that can easily take the place of a SWE one. Especially if you take a couple classes in computer science, which is what I did (double majored in that and computer engineering). Since everything is apps and stuff, it appears that software engineering is much more in demand. Their knowledge and command over signal processing, design, communication, as well and computer skills make them an essential and indispensable part of the organization. The average salary for an Electrical Engineering Technologist in Canada is C$53,521. However, not all electrical engineering courses are cheap! He is the author of the #1-ranked Amazon Kindle study guide 30-Minute EIT: How to beat the FE exam without beating your head, which currently holds a 4.8/5.0 star rating on Amazon and has been educating engineers for the past five years. 2 answers Follow discussion × Follow discussion. You'll learn how to work effectively with a team. ", "I am an engineer. CPU: Intel® Core ™ i7-950 @ 2.03 GHz 0.96V Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R (BCLK: 135) CPU Cooler: NZXT HAVIK 140 & Noctua NA-SRC10 RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR3-1600 7-7-7-19 (1x2GB), Crucial DDR3-1600 7-7-7-19 (2x4GB), Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3-1600 7-7-7-19 (1x4GB) GPU: ASUS GeForce ® GTX 770 DirectCU II 2GB (Core Clock: 1050 MHz, Memory Clock: … And they like to have fun. I got a Computer Engineering degree. 2. Should I Get a Master’s in Electrical Engineering? Note: engineers work on big projects. To summarize, it is definitely worth it. This shows that graduates have such a degree and regardless of how much time or money they invest, they will pay a lifelong dividend after graduation. In addition, most of them work internationally, giving you extra opportunities to travel while you work. This variety offers the students with a wide range of specialization areas as well as a diverse range of career choices. The term electrical engineering often includes electronics engineering. To confuse things further, electrical engineering technology (EET), is the name given to the applied electrical engineering domain that deals with the hands-on manufacturing, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and circuitry, and involves working with everything from industrial electronic motors to consumer electronic products. One thing to consider is getting into sales. You can still major in EE and do this. The average salary of an Electrical Engineer according to is $94,114 per year in the United States. Working as an electrical engineer can't really be compared to working as an electrician. 1-2 years experience. When engineers have advanced to a certain level in their career, they may find they have to decide whether it’s worth investing the considerable amount of time, money and effort that’s needed to obtain their Professional Engineer license. Engineering degrees require a lot of work in advanced math and physics classes. Perhaps some will shower less than others in your classes. What You Can Do with a Electrical Engineering Degree? We're looking for an engineer. In the industry, this becomes even more true, because by definition, your peers are the type of people who have succeeded. Electrical engineers basically designing several electrical systems that work in automobiles and aircraft systems. #7 New Inventions Every Make Electrical Engineering Relevant for Life: #8 You can Work in another Country after Graduation: #9 Many Affordable Learning options to choose from. Electrical engineers design, develop, and test different processes in the manufacturing of electrical equipment. Is A Masters In Electrical Engineering Worth It Should I Get a Master’s in Electrical Engineering? Are you ready to pursue a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering? Since the discipline is based on fundamental and universal laws and core concepts of maths, physics, and electricity, there is an immense scope for electrical engineers to seek better career opportunities across the globe. Archived. Earning a degree in electrical engineering is a good move to provide you with the knowledge and skills to qualify for many engineering positions that are coming available in the expanding economy. I am planning to stay in-state for my undergraduate work. This is a sure tell sign that the domain of electrical engineering will undergo further expansion in the future and will maintain its stature as a promising career field. I made $58k when I graduated in 2004 and make about $92k now. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For instance, it’s not uncommon for starting faculty in engineering to make $100k+ per year when you factor in summer salary (just google salary with U of State and engineering). An Electrical Engineer in the Kitchener Area area reported making $95,000 per year. Electrical engineers make an integral part of the workforce in all manufacturing and processing industries. First let me tell you my situation, I want to work with computers (mainly hardware) for a living. With the help of electrical engineering, you help the society and get a living for it. Press J to jump to the feed. This is to be expected, as most engineering education careers, teaching or otherwise working in academia, typically require a Ph.D. I am currently working on a 100k s.f. My situation: I have completed a HNC in Electrical Engineering but do not currently work in a technical role. I would encourage anyone considering engineering as a profession to pick a good solid foundation (mechanical, electrical, etc.) Seeking your first electrical engineering job won’t be a hassle since many companies are always on a lookout to hire fresh talents to foster a fresh, advanced, and competitive workforce. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects only a … Read: Best Accredited Electrical Engineering Schools in Florida …. Is a double major in Electrical and Computer engineering worth it? $2k profit sharing. Competitive salary. The three were: Civil and Structural Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Why Choose Electrical Engineering. It's true, many more will be males. Secondly, the degree is tough. This is a pattern we see with many other engineering fields, as well. So, if you are a young mind who is on the verge of choosing Electrical Engineering as a career, welcome on board! $30. Right now my city is top 10 for job growth and EE is a big part of that. A full PhD in electrical engineering may not actually be worth the costs in time and money that are associated with getting a PhD, unless the student has a specific goal he or she cannot achieve without the degree. The workload for students is intense, is it worth it? I think you would get a better response in the engineering subreddit, if it exists. These professionals also calibrate and perform preventative maintenance on systems and equipment. hourly. Is an Electrical Engineering degree worth it? Those jobs are consistently in high demand, and aren't disappearing for a long time. The procurement managers, after the EEs give recommendations. Degree Types by Job Role We also surveyed respondents’ job roles, to determine what level of education is held by engineers and technical professionals at different levels of employment, from technicians and engineers to managerial and executive roles. With my work schedule and the classes I have left to complete (basically all of them except precalc and physics 1 and engineering economics), my director says it … The first engineering licensure law was passed in Wyoming at this time, ushering in a new era of engineering standards. If you have recently completed your high school, you might be weighing your options to pursue higher education. The first engineering licensure law was passed in Wyoming at this time, ushering in a new era of engineering standards. Some electrical engineering concerns are also found in mechanical and civil engineering. The field of electronics was born with the invention of the thermionic valve diode vacuum tube in 1904 by John Ambrose Fleming, and was the foundation of all electronics, including radios, television and radar, until the mid-20th century. Electrical Engineering Programs Teach Electrical Theory and Systems Design … Electrical engineering degree programs are heavy on math and science courses. Why Choose Electrical Engineering. Job Highlights . Yes, electrical engineering technology is a good major! Read about the difficulties of different engineering majors. With some experience under your belt, your salary can climb over $90,000 in the right markets. Electrical engineer salaries in Quebec are significantly lower than the national average. Viewed 191 times Is the pay for this program decent? Electrical engineers, in particular, are a staple in almost every undertaking which singles the discipline out as ideal […] Electrical engineering is a vast and ever-expanding domain that interpolates a wide range of secondary and tertiary disciplines such as signal processing, control systems, robotics, communications, and microelectronics.. A full PhD in electrical engineering may not actually be worth the costs in time and money that are associated with getting a PhD, unless the student has a specific goal he or she cannot achieve without the degree. Electrical engineering dates back to the late 19th century, and is one of the newer branches of engineering. Lower cost does not mean that you have less learning experience. A PhD starts with a higher salary after a delay, but tends not to go much higher (a full professor with 30 years experience doesn’t make much more than a newly hired assistant professor, unless they have gotten super-star status or played all sorts of salary-manipulation games). Let’s first take you through the scope of electrical engineering in foreign countries before moving on to the financial worth of higher education abroad. I'd say 'technical engineers' in general are way more prone to play musical instruments, work out, play video games, etc., than the average person. 6. The good reasons to study Electrical Engineering are numerous but we have listed just 10 of them. Today, Professional Engineer certifications are highly respected, and sometimes a necessity. Since everything is apps and stuff, it appears that software engineering is … Three NUS engineering subjects were ranked among the world’s top 10 in Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by Subject 2019. This will give you the reasons to Study Electrical Engineering. But this doesn't mean they aren't great, talented, motivated people. Electrical Engineering at Thapar University is worth joining as it is one of the best branches of Thapar University, and the institute offers ample opportunities to the students. 10+ years experience. The average salary for an Electrical Engineer in Canada is C$70,257. Is A Masters In Electrical Engineering Worth It. You should do what you enjoy. Story aside, I found my first job without much trouble, am getting paid well enough to make a living. The good reasons to study Electrical Engineering in 2020, the best EE schools to study, and lots more have been carefully crafted for you. 25 Reasons Electrical Engineering is a Good Major Engineers are as important to society as doctors, accountants, lawyers, dentists etc. Hundreds of electrical engineering courses are taught worldwide in English. These are the reasons to study Electrical Engineering. What is the future employment outlook in 15 years? An Electrical Engineer in the Toronto Area area reported making $30 per hour. Electrical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with heavy current, electric light, and power systems.