By Audrey Morton Oct 11, 2018. Pulling the Plug: Controversial Programming on Public Access Television and the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992, 28 J. Marshall L. Rev. It depends on what is stopped by pulling the plug and the policies of the hospital involved. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The Ottawa Citizen 19 March, 2010 Reproduced with permission. Typically, people are on electronic life support because they cannot sustain vital organ functions like breathing without mechanical assistance. pull the plug phrase. Pulling the plug: ICU 'culture' key to life or death decision The decision to withdraw life-sustaining care varies widely in intensive care units, ICUs, across the U.S., a new study finds. 'Pulling the plug' isn't euthanasia. Texas doctors protected by law to pull the plug. By Bradley J. Howard, Published on 01/01/95. ELI5: Why is it illegal to pull the plug on someone who is brain dead(or a "Human vegetable") and legal to pull the plug to someone who is on life-support or in a coma? Explained I know there is such a thing as doctor-assisted suicide in states such as Oregon. Answer: The document you want is a health care directive -- known in various states as a living will, directive to physicians, or health care declaration. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. The hospital wants to "pull the plug… Some measures are considered "basic sustenance" such as feeding and hydration tubes, while others such as intubation and mechanical ventilation are not. Definition of pull the plug in the Idioms Dictionary. In Missouri what is the law as far as pulling the plug if you are in a coma, unable to breathe on your own, flat eeg or - Answered by a verified Lawyer. I have a pump action shotgun, and my stepfather and I have a disagreement on the law about the plug which limits the capacity of the shotgun from 6 to 3 rounds, he thinks its illegal to take it out, I say its legal to take it out and leave it out as long as you aren't hunting, and if it is kept on private property. It showed the silhouette of a patient lying on a bed. This is the reason that lawyers and health care workers alike encourage all people to draw up a living will and other paperwork making their wishes clear. I heard about a legal document called a right-to-die form, where you state that if you become a vegetable your family or doctor should pull the plug. Margaret Somerville* Recently, I saw an illustration that accompanied an article about euthanasia. A Tarrant County judge is declining to extend a restraining order to keep a nine-year-old Grand Prairie girl on life support. 399 (1995) Can you tell me about this form? It is not unusual for a person to be incapacitated without leaving a person designated as their medical power of attorney. Article Title. What does pull the plug expression mean?