The Hollywood Pride were seen in front of camp earlier this month and while we can’t report anything new on the Hollywoods at this time, we can tell you that 3 new male lions were seen further south at Big Bend. A lion prides takeover always causes turmoil among the prides and it takes a few months for them to settle down again. Lion dynamics. The Eastern Bank Males that came into the region, and killed some of the dominant male lions, have now settled with the Biyamiti Weir pride. Our guides will be watching to see if there is any interaction between these new males and the Hollywood or M-K prides around Lion … We recorded the total number of cubs recruited to each pride in the study area, the proportion of cubs that survived to 1 year of age, the proportion of cubs that survived to 2 years of age, and the annual rate of pride takeover between 1974 and 2012. Smithsonian Channel(TM) Captures a Fierce Pride Takeover in . Lions have no particular breeding season, and often synchronize breeding, especially after a pride takeover, raising the cubs communally. The Mapogo lions were born out of the Sparta pride* in the summer of 2001/2002. Birth peaks have been observed in Kruger (February – April) and Serengeti (March – July) National Parks related to seasonal weather patterns … At the same time, however, females show heightened sexual activity, being more active in initiating copulations and seeking a greater number of mating partners. A male leopard feasting on a warthog at Pondoro. Hollywood Pride Takeover After driving for 3 consecutive days we had not yet come across any lions. 3:43. Nomad immigration, pride takeovers, and cub survival. Lions will mate roughly every thirty minutes (each mating lasting for around 20 seconds) … There is no fixed breeding season for lions, though pride females will often synchronise the timing of breeding, especially after a pride takeover by new dominant males, to ensure maximum food and maternal care available to cubs. When is a lion’s Breeding Season. On this particular morning our mission was to go and hunt for the Male lions typically weigh 330lbs-573lbs and females 265-397lbs, according to San Diego Zoo. We were lucky to have had a lot of leopard, wild dog and other animal sightings but the lions were still eluding us. This is probably due to the tendency of males to be nomads, take on more dangerous game, and be killed in pride takeover attempts. In larger prides, it is rare for the whole pride to be together, but individuals or small groups, typically of three-five members will scatter throughout the pride’s territory for days or weeks … “Those females that remain in the pride and mate with the new males show low fertility in the first few months after a takeover of their pride. or [01/16/20 - 08:41 AM] ... the Hollywood pride, consisting of six female lions and the once-powerful MK pride, made up of 17 lions. April 21. The Sparta pride ( named after one of the farms that formed part of their territory – this farm is better known as Londolozi and borders Mala Mala ) *The Sparta pride was also known as the Mala Mala “Eyrefield Pride”