In the entire world, the number of principal rivers equals 165. It is the largest dam in the world (about 1 ½ miles in length and over 300 feet thick). City Country River; Alexandria: Egypt: Nile: Amsterdam: Netherlands: Amstel: Baghdad: Iraq: Tigris: Bangkok: Thailand: Chao Phraya: Belgrade: Yugoslavia: Danube, Sava World: Rivers - Map Quiz Game: There are many rivers in the world, but none quite as impressive as the Amazon. on 18 March, 2020. The river passes through six countries including the Netherlands, … World River Map showing course of major rivers passing through different countries. Here is information about the most important of the major rivers of the world. River Nile. It is also the second longest river in Western and Central Europe. Positives of a dam: generates electricity from a renewable source Negatives: loss of animal habitats, people have to move More people in the world live along the Yangtze and Huang He (Yellow) Rivers than on any other river systems in the world. The river flows through the countries of Guyana, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia as well as Peru. Not only is it the world’s longest river, it has the largest drainage area and the fastest discharge rate. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages. and its length: This is a comprehensive list of lists of rivers, organized primarily by continent and country. is a user-supported site. and display its location with its mouth and the crossed states. This shapefile contains the major rivers of the world. Field Value; Modified Date: 2020-03-18. Click a river name here below. Nile is the world’s longest river … Download Major Rivers of the World . The Rhine River is the longest river in Netherlands covering a distance of 764 miles. In addition, there are thousands of other smaller rivers as well flowing through different regions on the planet earth. Go to resource Major Rivers of the World(Feature Service) wb_waterdata. The Amazon River, flowing for over 4,100 miles through the exquisite Amazon Rainforest, is the second largest river of the world. And while the Nile is the longest river, the Amazon boasts of being the world’s widest river. The major rivers of the world. General lists. Major Rivers of the World(Feature Service) data. Major Rivers Of The Netherlands Rhine. on 05 June, 2017. Even the Congo has an 80% slower discharge rate the Amazon, it still has the highest such rate in the world. Data Resources. Major Rivers of the World SHP ZIP. This video gives a glimpse of all the major rivers of the world. Find all major rivers of world. Label Major Rivers of the World - Printout.