: SIM Card: No SIM card installed in the device. Two sim cards one in front of the other with 2 ‘H’ on it. The fastest is the LTE (4G) data network, which is available only on the iPhone 5; the next fastest is 3G; the slowest are EDGE and GPRS. Android phones, as well as most Android apps, feature common icons. It stands for EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution). From what you have you have described, it looks like a contact profile of someone. If you see this icon, do not worry – you are not in a call. When you have this icon, you are likely not going to be able to use your internet connection. The star symbol shows that Priority Mode is active. It’s called Location services on some phones, and can appear as an upside down tear drop (see above). Thank you :). It simply means that your phone is configured so that it can make calls over Wi-Fi. I have a icon thats like a window with a read x on the right corner,don’t know how to send the screen shot, Wat betekent dit pictogram de V(raar ding)LTE. It’s shaped like a sales tag, white with three dots in the box in a line. It is basically a square with mountain-like landscape inside. In the top left corner of the handset in the screenshot there is a number 3. It could also be a GPS speedometer app you may have installed. Most operating systems, including iOS and Android, allow you to restrict … When your device is in this mode, you will not receive any visual, audible, or vibration notifications except for alarms you’ve explicitly configured to be allowed. The Data Saver icon is 75% of a circle with an addition sign in the middle, and it's on Android devices running Nougat and later. I see the handset with 4G symbol . My phone recently had an upgrade to Android 9.0. As far as I know, this could be related to a booking you have made for a hotel from an app and the app is aiming to notify you. Dessen Bedeutung suche ich! Thank You, Hi can someone plz tell me what this is? Usually ciricle appears when you are recording something. Anyone have a clue? A new icon will show up in the status bar as well—to the left of the other data icons (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, etc.). I have a Galaxy S7 and just noticed this icon recently. Let’s begin! There are users with the same problem. mi appare alla sinistra della barra di stato del mio samsung J7 un cerchio con all’interno mezzo busto di omino…. i.pinimg.com/originals/9d/78/5c/9d785c58b13b60c44d6bed797839e073.png. To complete the icon gallery, you should also save these htc android status bar icons meaning, samsung galaxy s3 notification icons and samsung cell phone icon meanings. This interesting feature can be stopped from the settings menu. 3 across and 3 down. The information from the dropdown notification bar no longer exists. Hoi, Many thanks! I’ve had this phone for years and have never seen it until today ibb.co/sFdnrzk. Please have a look of the icon, in the following MEGA link: mega.nz/#!HIdGxC7S!ae7T9kKedCyQGzzLjvvdNvNXWGocc6_sAhV6V_n-RU4. You might see this if you’re on an underground train or if you're out in the wilderness away from civilisation. I see a triangle symbol in the top of the screen (between the phone bars and wifi symbols), but I'm not sure what it means. The active data connection icon shows that a data connection is active. Dette ikon er dukket op på min Nokia 8, Android 8.1 mobil, jeg kan ikke få det væk, og det er heller ikke lykkeds mig at finde betydningen af det. Do you know where it belongs or how to get rid of it ? This is the first time I hear of such Icon. Da ist das Symbol, was ich suche in deinem Bild! If so, you should disable access to location from the weather app and it should not show you the weather anymore. It says the text is delivered. : SIM Card: No SIM card installed in the device. What is mobile data? This kind of semi-circle with curved lines coming off it is supposed to look like a satellite, meaning your GPS, or global positioning system, is turned on. Similar to a billiard triangle, this technology is the same as the R symbol, indicating roaming. But what is mobile data? I am unsure of what the symbols on the wifi signal is I can’t find anyone who knows what this is. This symbol shows that your phone’s using the new Smart Network Switching feature to give you the best possible internet connection. There is an icon at the top of my phone that I have no idea what it is? Hello, Sonia, it is not easy to help with so little information, but from what it seems, this hand could mean that you have enabled or tinkered with Gestures for your smartphone. Hello, i believe that this is an app-related problem. What is the triangle symbol on my notification bar. It basically means the Near Field Communication. File : ibb.co/CWMcVSD. source: I cannot find this on the LG website nor in the manual. : SIM Card: No SIM card installed in the device. almost always the system icons by android are on the right, but the app icons are on the left so… check your apps, maybe there is the answer, I suddenly started seeing a new symbol when I expand my notifications. Because I have few applications and I do not install any trash. assuming I can upload an image … Hello, i believe this is the Data Saver mode. Copyright 2020, Sensors Tech Forum. It is basically using 4G to make voice communications, similar to what VoIP (voice over IP) is. ibb.co/en9PHU. Are you sure, you inserted your SIM card correctly? There are lots of reasons why you might need to remove your Google account from your... Can't play video on your Samsung Galaxy? Restrict Background Data. ibb.co./.HKK3xJh In the upper left corner, there is a triangle pointing to the right with a check mark inside it. Any help? I have not seen this icon, but i do believe that it could be because of an application you might have installed. Ik kan het Nergens vinden. Can you please email me so I can email you a screenshot of the I can in hopes that you might be able to tell me what it is. Basically, it’s the battery symbol with a circle inside with an elongated “S” across the circle. The capital ‘R’ that appears next to the signal bars on phones is the data roaming symbol. Signal Strength: The greater the number of bars, the stronger the signal. She has a green witch/gnome/bearded man icon at the top of her screen. But remember that downloading things over 4G will be quick, but will use up your data quicker. At the time, this phone did have VPNs and private browsers installed yet there seems to be no correlation. And therefore, you may notice the following icon in the right side of the status bar. The crossed out means that it’s either disabled or forbidden because of a setting or an app doing this. It looks like a battery icon from some battery app you installed. Tried to look it up but no luck. If you’ve taken a shot of your screen by accident, you’ll find the image in your gallery, which can easily be deleted. Hey 13. Your carrier’s 5G network is available, and your iPhone can connect to the Internet over that network. Was bedeutet es? It is very likely that this is a shortcut to quick calling someone or some type of quick access to some option in your phone. Came up on my daughter’s phone after an update. Lo apretó y no se abre ni desaparece. Me aparecen dos corazones en la barra de notificaciones. In your case, that is the data usage warning. I think that you may have accidentally locked your phone. Ist links oben in der Statusleiste zu sehen bei Samsung Galaxy mit Android. There is a square-shaped head on the bottom right corner of the page with two small yellow arcs like speech coming from the mouth region of the head. The E is the same technology, but in a more advanced and evolved form, called EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GMS Evolution. I have a screenshot of an icon but not sure how to upload it. Try uploading here; uploadfiles.io. Weet iemand wat dit icoon betekent? This symbol shows that your phone’s set up for Wi-Fi calling. Hello, I have a broken triangle that looks like a microphone. She restarted the phone and the icon was gone. I briefly saw an icon that looked like a person’s head that was listening, but it immediately disappeared when I pick up my phone. Hi. I have a symbol on Android and cannot find it anywhere online. This method can differ slightly depended on which smartphone you’re using. hello, i believe that it means that you have LTE enabled, but if it is LITE, it may also mean that your phone is in such a state which optimizes it’s performance so that it runs faster. Thanks. Now mobile phones have become smart and millions of … The mobile data is enabled and the device is currently in the LTE/4G network. It shows mostly on older Android devices. Hey, this is the icon which tracks how much data usage you generate while browsing the web. Please help, this is very strange. The symbol "triangle with exclamation mark" in the status bar is a common symbol for a warning. The reason i am asking is that either a new app or an update might have made it to start appearing on your phone. The telephone with a keyboard or buttons underneath it means you’ve got a TTY accessibility feature turned on. A lot of people have been asking about this one. We’re going to break down mobile data, cover how mobile data […] This is a relatively new extra that allows users to make phone calls via Wi-Fi instead when the conventional mobile signal is weak. A mí me aparece cada un tiempo (entre las 1am-5am) en la barra un cubo, sin letras ni nada. Hi there. Mobile-enabled devices can send and receive information over a wireless cellular connection. No new connections. At least this is a start, I myself had no luck when I contacted Kyocera back on January 3rd when the icon first appeared on my phone. Thanks, There is one up arrow running parallel to a down arrow and both are inside a triangle. Hi, Bailey, by any chance, have you added a wireless mouse or purchased one anytime soon? If this icon is highlighted green, it means your iPhone can use cellular data. What does that represent? This app says it is “weather” and “weather forecast” but it just appeared, is sending notifications, and can’t be disabled. I search all about status bar icon, still not find the correct one. To learn what an icon means, find it below. ibb.co/7tpwZjf. You can turn it off from your Data menu in Settings. ibb.co./.YBgmdxB Any help will be appreciated. These symbols work as buttons on the touchscreen: Tap an icon to perform a specific task or action. Make sense of these icons that appear in the notification area with this information. Do you know what this one is? For example: Me aparece un triángulo blanco con dos flechas una hacía arriba y otra hacía abajo no se que signifca me pueden decir que es y que puedo hacer esta del lado derecho inferior. Mobile technology news, reviews and advice. I believe it indicates that you tried to send SMS or another message, but it was not sent. Try restarting first. In the lower right of Google News videos (where I hoped to find a full screen icon) there is a rectangle with a arrow pointing to the upper right corner. It looks like a recycling triangle with up & down arrows. Instead it aims to tell you that you have turned on a priority mode. This mode allows you to receive only notifications from contacts that you have added as favorites. Can you help? Android 11 has been officially released, and it comes with a whole load of new features.... Apple’s iOS operating system has always put user experience front and centre. G is the slowest and oldest internet connection speed. NFC lets you tap your phone to another device to instantly connect to it or transfer data. It is the latest mobile internet connectivity technology 4G. with what looks like a finger pointing or a figure of a person in front of the three lines. GPRS mobile data connection icon. Voici le lien de la copie d’écran : ibb.co/mJ8nGpY, which APP uses such an icon left side of the screen Block style S showed up recently on my LG always on display. Gone are the days when mobile phones were used mainly for voice calls. It could just as easily be data from a web browser or any other app. It’s suitable for all internet activities like video streaming and movie downloading, video calls and so on. This status icon indicates that your Galaxy S20 is connected to the mobile data network in GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) mode, which is a 2G mobile data connection and the slowest mobile data connection. Weet iemand wat dit icoon op het vergrendelscherm van een Samsung A50 telefoon betekent? Your email address will not be published. That is incorrect. The arrows will also let you know if an apps using the internet in the background, as they’ll flash when you’re not trying to get online. This could be because you may have installed some type of network related app, that optimizes your apps’ network usage to make your connection faster. content://media/external/file/359054. What does thai icon means???? Lately I observed this icon (remarked in yellow; the “1” besides included) I´ve never seen before. Can you tell me what is your phone model at least? I have a Galaxy J7 2016 and just noticed this icon recently. ?, Hi, what is icon third from left, Ciao Grazie If you have Smart Stay turned on, the screen will not automatically power off while you’re looking at it. While your phone will automatically switch to Wi-Fi if a network is available, you can manually control your mobile data use by enabling and disabling it. Just showed up yesterday after restarting my phone. ibb.co/Z6fcNws, I have this weird symbol that recently showed up and only when I pull down my notifications screen, please help identify it! Was wie ein S um ein Bildschirm aussieht. Phone not charging properly? Further information: Connect to Wi-Fi network When your mobile phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can connect to the internet without using the data connections on your mobile phone. see our Cookie Policy. Hi… i got this icon on the top left corner of my samsung android phone that often pop up for few seconds and gone. ATT does not know if the data is from a third party messenger. It could also be message related, like an unsent mms or an e-mail saved in “Drafts”. These haven't been put there to confuse you. To take a screen shot, you generally have to hold the power button and home button at the same time. I have a new icon on my Lenovo tablet. I thought my apps were closed I was wondering what that was. H+ is short for HSDPA+. en faite il s’agit de l’affichage de la vitesse de connexion au réseau. Its 2 arrows parallel but at an angle with a circle below and a heart in the circle. Try turning off all your third-party apps to see if it is still there. Hi Jane, i would be happy if you provide an image of the icon. Usually this problem arises from pressing the new “+” icon that appears next to “Mobile network” on your “Network & internet” screen, which mistakenly disconnects you from your data connection. I have a better idea. This icon aims to tell you that you have successfully made a screenshot on the screen of your phone by pressing a key combination. With each Android version, new changes arrive for each of these. This Galaxy S10 status icon indicates that Galaxy S10 is connected to the mobile data network in GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) mode, which is a 2G mobile data connection and the slowest mobile data connection. Können Sie mir sagen, auf dem Screenshot von „Rückblick“ auf die Frage nach dem Circle… da hat er im Screenshot ein Symbol- das dritte von links! Thanks! It means that if you are deaf or having difficulty in spreaking or hearing, you can type messages, to make the communication easier and possible. (google your device type + factory reset and you shall be fine) . Here is a link: sensorstechforum.com/forums/off-topic-discussions/. So far this technology is being tested by most cell phone carriers, but it is already implemented by few of them. Wat betekent dit pictogram op de Samsung telefoon? Was bedeutet es? And what does it mean when you're co, Mobile data opens a world of possibilities on your smartphone or tablet. Asus ZenFone ze620kl, Android 9, The text is a little deleted upon publication. Check your open apps and see which is active, like a GPS speedometer or something of this type. It seems to do nothing, nor do I find a way to make the video full screen, nor an icon for casting. If you don’t see the Wi-Fi icon in the status bar, Internet access is not currently available. Da ist das Symbol, was ich suche in deinem Bild! 3.Copy the generated upload link and send it in the comments. Speeds make music streaming more reliable, but you’ll need lots of patience if you want to download a movie. It probably means that someone has connected to your Hotspot, likely your device. Thank you. triangle with a up and down arrow in the middle, what does this mean, Bonjour, Ik zie een icoon boven mijn notifications die ik nergens terug kan vinden, als jullie me meer info zouden kunnen geven,graag! These icons show that you are currently using internet data. Always going over your data cap? (BT – bluetooth). I believe that it is some sort of account lock problem. It helps you save on your data allowance, and be turned on and off by heading into your data usage settings. It can be turned on an off in your phone’s network settings. It is to the left of my wifi signal and cell signal icons. Your email address will not be published. Anyone familiar with it? me pasa lo mismo. hola, pudiste solucionarlo? Step 13 of 14. if I can’t upload image its an open circle with square bottom left corner, with two solid shapes inside circle, one about 1/3 of circle, bottom left, other about 1/4 of circle right edge. How do I remove the Chromecast notification from ever showing up? An upside down teardrop at the top of your phone’s screen show’s that your GPS/location services are turned on. We believe that its roaming issue. Any ideas? This symbol indicates, that the device is currently connected to a mobile network and visualizes the strength of the signal (relative as bars). Hey, i am still looking on this icon, but nothing so far, sorry. Don’t know what the icon between the fb icons is? The most common icons are shown here. Bonjour, J’ai trouver. I’ve had this LG stylo 4 since it came out. Das dritte von links oben im Statusbar! It can be frustrating if your phone's asking you for a 'PUK code' and you don't know... What does it mean when your phone says 3G and why is 4G better? This icon is very similar to the Location icon and it means that the GPS technology on your device is turned on. This teensy […] Huawei P20 Pro is showing an icon that looks like a speedometer. Change it to celsius and see if the icon will change. dit is op een sony xperia 10 net nieuw ingesteld, ibb.co/0ZBMDMz was vergeten de link toe te voegen, ibb.co/BcP0LRH what is the heart rate sensor on the system try just left to battery icon … How to remove it boz camera is not working, There is a broken triangle with arrows pointing up and down inside the triangle. Can you please upload an image and link it here so I can answer? My note 8 has bot SIM slots in use, the signals icon apear. I have a very unusual icon in my status bar that no one from Verizon or Kyocera can identify. The small radar symbol means you’re connected to Wi-Fi. It never happened before and I haven’t changed my settings. No notifications about it, doesn’t match any apps installed, no OS updates (currently runs 7.1.1). It is also known as Priority Mode. It can be turned off in the ‘Wireless & Networks’ settings menu. I’m charging a samsung j2 pro, and the icon displayed is a circle with lightning logo at the top and it seems the battery is not charging .. here’s the icon link It comes on and off the screen periodically now. 4G, or Long Term Evolution, is by far the fastest connection, and is almost as fast as the Wi-Fi connection at your home or office. What does it mean? After studying Value Chain Management, Network Administration and Computer Administration of System Applications, he found his true calling within the cybersecrurity industry and is a strong believer in the education of every user towards online safety and security. I’ve had this phone for years and have never seen it until today ibb.co/sFdnrzk, Hi. Hi all, can you please let me know what the highlighted symbol means, looks like a speedometer. Depuis hier des chiffres défilent dans la barre de notification de mon téléphone Honor 6X et je n’arrive pas a savoir ce que c’est. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now… hope someone can help. first is zoiper (voip app), second is wifi hotspot, third is ?? Is it a app notification? The device id MI A1 running on Android Oreo 8.0. hey, sorry for the late response. Thank you. I would send you a screenshot but I don’t know where to upload it. It is blue and black when the screen is locked, just a white silhouette when unlocked, and hasn’t been on my Sonim XP8 before today. Any idea? Hi, Have you done an update of your LG before this icon started appearing? : No Signal: No service is available. Ever had the situation in your Android device where you would get an unfamiliar icon on either the top right or top left corner of your screen which cannot be removed? Could you please upload it again? It is a white solid circle with a black horizontal bar – a minus symbol? Memory card notification. ibb.co/rZ9NDtN, Hi, we have a – Samsung A10 dual sim with two sims in. Wireless (that is, cellular) carriers may offer one of four data networks. We have summed up lists that we have gathered from around the web underneath to provide further information regarding Android Icons: In case you are experiencing issues with icons that are unfamiliar to you on your Android device, we are here to help. Hey sorry I thought I added image ibb.co/meyfbJ it is the symbol next to the call notification. This could mean that you have installed an app successfully. The MMS icon shows you've received a new MMS. What is this for? This is the Google Cast symbol. H is short for HSDPA, which stands for High-Speed Downlink Packet Access. Signal Bars with R – Roaming and connected to network outside service area LTE with arrows – Connected to Long Term Evolution (LTE) data network H is a faster form of 3G. This is a feature that exists in most UK networks to incease the quality of a call, if a phone does not have enough reception “bars” when you are inside your home, for example. One can see various “Icons” in Windows Phone, which appear on the top status bar from time to time and not all look familiar or are known. Subscribe for our newsletter regarding the latest cybersecurity and tech-related news. Hello, Could you post a link with the snapshot, I will have it approved after I check it. 1.Click on the “Start Uploading” button. Can’t paste the image in here, but it is a fat swirl, almost like if you have an oval word bubble with another point on the top pointing the opposite way. Betreft vergrendelscherm Samsung telefoon; touchscreen functioneert niet meer. Zu welcher Funktion? It’s a new feature brought in by the UK’s biggest networks to help give you the best call quality. A symbol that looks like a no entry sign tells you that you don’t have a data or cellular connection, preventing you from sending messages or making phone calls. Keep in mind that once you turn this on, background data access will be restricted for all apps. Hey, it says that the page does not exist. Not sure, though. All rights reserved. Hej If you have come across this icon, do not panic, you are not in an active call and your monthly telephone payment is not going to be sky high. It’s a circle with the arrow pointing around 1 o’clock position. It’s very fast and great for all types of internet activities, but only works when you’re in range of a Wi-Fi connection. ik mijn drop screen naar brenden haal verschijnt er een nieuw icoon een batterij met een soort van recycle icoontje erin. Her is a pic. i have a lg k51 icon thats a phone handset facing up with a half circle above it and i cant see what written in the middle but its on in notification bar on right hand side next to wifi singnal cant find it anywhere please help. Merci. Vale. Can’t get a screen of it. Bear in mind that since the number of those icons is vast, we will focus only on the most unrecognizable ones, to help you understand them. Salve, io ho un samsung galaxy A3 e co.parsa un icona a forma di triangolo con dentro 2 freccine una verso l’alto e una verso l’alto cosa significa?? Hallo Rückblick! Using OPPO, I can’t work out what this icon is on the top right screen….ibb.co/Fx546cc. Thanks! Unfortunately, this looks like some kind of unlock pattern. I have the same icon on huawei p20 pro and i haven’t installed any new applications on phone recently. It may also appear if you’re using a smart TV to do the same thing. This shows that your phone’s roaming, like the ‘R’ symbol above does. This icon basically means that your Android device is casting via wireless to another device that is connected on the network, like an Android smart TV for example. When you go into the internet, open a page or download a file, your network usage increases and this is the actual speed which is used, this is why it changes from 0 K/S to 160K/S (for example). The H, respectively stands for HSPDA or High-Speed Downlink Packet access – basically 3G, but a bit faster. Jeanie, based on what folks from another tech site have found out by emailing Kyocera about this same exact icon on my phone, they said it is a Verizon security app icon that cannot be removed at this time. What that is exactly, you can read in the question regarding the data usage warning.Roughly said, this warning is displayed in the case your mobile data … He has been researching, covering, helping victims with the latest malware infections plus testing and reviewing software and the newest tech developments. Zu welcher App gehört es? But i do not believe that this is the case. It’s upside down but the weird icon is right between the wireless and battery icons. Lately I noticed a notification icon in my android phone with MIUI 11, that is The silent mode icon shows silent mode is turned on and all phone sounds are turned off. This showed up on my Moto Z recently. Hello, this is the Data Saver mode. Try factory resetting your phone. Streaming anything longer than a few minutes might also take a lot of time. For more details about cookies and how to disable them, It means you can type messages instead of saying them, making general communication easier. Your carrier’s 5G network with higher frequency is available, and your iPhone can connect to the Internet over that network. ibb.co/KmLyQvs If it’s there it means your data is turned off. The Wi-Fi icon shows your mobile phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. I’m super new to Android, I’ve had an iPhone since the day they were introduced, however, due to finances I was able to qualify for an Obama phone. I am going to go back to Verizon and speak with the tech’s that previously had no idea what it is and show them the message from Kyocera’s technical support and see what they say. Please help me to sort out the problem. Mobile data is the internet that you get from your mobile provider. Solo está unos segundos. It looks like a triangle with an upside down arrow inside. Cannot find anything that explains this and it’s new within the last couple of hours. Please help. Can you tell what does it means of *stop left hand* icon shown on my notifications bar? Sie haben das Symbol das ich suche auf ihrem Bild! This is normally found in your house, at work or in coffee shops. Cordialement. The technology allows you to e transfer data with nearby devices by connecting directly to it via wireless. To the right of the Airplane Mode icon is the Cellular Data icon. Could you please upload it here: imgbb.com. Just appeared today on my home screen and cannot remove it or move to another screen. I have tried searching for roaming settings, but there aren’t mobile network settings on this particular tablet device. Hello! 4G and LTE are used as synonyms, it depends on the devices branding, what is shown. The Data Saver icon is 75% of a circle with an addition sign in the middle, and it's on Android devices running Nougat and later. ibb.co/r43CkzB Das dritte von links oben im Status-bar! See how to turn mobile data on or off. I am unsure of what the symbols on the wifi signal is I think that the Wi-Fi symbol with an S indicates the type of coverage involves. Web browsers load up fairly quickly and music streaming is possible, although it’s not really fast enough for video streaming or downloading. Cannot seem to add a screenshot. Hello. Hopefully you can help. There is a little white triangle on the upper right corner of the device, it is blank, there is no letter with it. As long as you have a cellular connection, you can use the Internet. Please help ibb.co./ 6XyxDbf. In general, the letter N, around which there are two brackets on each side, they are either round or sharper. My voice and data work fine. ME HA PASADO LO MISMO, TENGO ESE ICONO HAC DIAS , SABES DECIRME Q ES Y COMO SOLUCIONARLO? It acts weird all the time. any help with this weird icon on note startup would be grand. Sometimes you’re to use the volume button, too. You can search in Google for the full list of material icons. Hallo. With 3G, internet becomes more practical. It is basically using 4G to make voice communications, similar to what VoIP (voice over IP) is. The new symbol is in the upper left corner of the uploaded picture. Are You able to identify the symbol? It has a function, known as Smart Stay. Please post photos that are uploaded on online sharing services where they will stay there more than one day. Hello, i believe these hearts are likes from Twitter or Tinder. Does anyone know what it is precisely? TTY stands for teletypewriter - for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have trouble speaking. It’s Google Maps saying “Updating your shared location.” through android’s Voice over.