WOW ~ the stairway turned out FABULOUS! After careful consideration, I don’t think I’ll be using wood stain on mine. I plan to do this same project but am concerned about major scuffing on the painted white risers (we have pets and young kids). Wow! The old light beige carpet was almost black at the edges by the wall! Did you read this post: ? Ikea Linnmon Hallway Paint Colors Colours For Hallways Hallway Inspiration Hallway Ideas Blue Grey Walls Dark Hallway Entry Hallway Entrance Hall. It’s Good Work, thanks for sharing the great information of stairs. Maybe one step at a time. They are a very light and VERY polished solid oak. I would like to do this to my stairs as well and I just had a question for you: I noticed that there was some paint on the treads of the stairs and I was curious if you took the paint off first or if you stained over it. Any ideas on what to do in this situation? I did every other step so we could still go up and down. The stairs look beautiful. :-(. What made you decide on the color of the stain on your steps. This photo is before the steps were sanded to remove the overspray of paint on each side of the steps. You can find them in the sandpaper aisle. It is a lot of work, but once the carpet is up and the sanding done, the staining and painting are pretty easy. After (excitedly) reading this post, I went and got a flat-head screwdriver out of the drawer and peeked at what was under the nasty carpets on our stairs. I’m not trying to take off paint or anything, just prepping for a new stain obviously. I got a quote to have it done professionally, way to expensive. Sharp objects can fall, cutting carpets, but most often, tears and rips occur along the seamed edges or at the edges of badly worn […] I am trying to convince my husband that we could do the same thing. I would ask at the home improvement store what brand name filler takes a stain. Hi Libby – I didn’t fill the holes, I sanded them smooth to lessen them. Hi Darlene – I did every other step, let them dry and then did the others. These steps are high quality but do have an open and hollow bottom and are only partially carpeted. I found that stripes about 8 ft long were easy to handle without getting tangled. My dogs have also experienced several different types of hardwood stairs. That goes for kids, too. Beautiful job Diane. We are currently thinking about a reasonably-priced makeover for our stairway. :) It is what took the most time, we used an electric hand sander with medium grit and then finished it up with fine sandpaper, so it would be smooth when we put the stain and poly on. :) Wish I had done it sooner as they look so much better. At first we had to get used to the new feel, but they are not slippery. I have always yearned for hardwood steps and white painted risers. LOVE the new steps! They look fresh and modern, but add a no-slip cushioning. Hi Norman – Minwax sells stainable wood putty now that would be perfect for you to use. We used a small hand sander, one that had a pointed tip so we could get into the tight areas around the balusters. Or maybe I make a rule – no shoes on the stairs. Before getting started, be sure to learn the terms for the different parts of your staircase. amazing! If you want to paint the steps, then filling the holes with wood filler is OK. We have an oak railing and pine steps where the treads and riser were already painted white by the previous owners. I found your site last night through Funky Junk Interiors and loved your stairs. I really love your stain color…. How to ensure stairs are safe for someone with dementia Find out all you need to know to prevent falls and accidents on stairs and steps in the home Don’t panic It’s probably the area in the house that you worry about most. My wife found this. I have a question. Using the scissors, cut the plastic sheet into strips that are about 12 inches wide. Did you happen to do anything about the holes made by the carpet staples? I am inspired! It looks like my stairs (currently fulled smoother in disgusting carpet) are commercial grade plywood- with NO bullnose (major bummer) so I appreciate all you had to do to earn such a great staircase. Your stairs look fabulous!!! I’m wondering if the aesthetic value would override the noise. Love the look, love the ease of cleaning (no vacuum to lug up and down), love the safety of non-carpeted steps. Carpeted stairs to second floor landing. I don’t see it in stores anymore, but I did find it here. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I agree that bare feet cling better to wood than carpet. I’m happy to hear that you are on your way to simplifing things and most importantly, making yourself happy. I will be posting about it soon. I am redoing the staircase in my new house. lol sorry…just noticed you JUST answered this question! I can't add 2+2 to save my life, but I can help you decorate your home in a style that you will love...YOURS!Â, Before & After Exterior House Painting Reveal, Adding a Kitchen Island to My Small Kitchen, Why I Like To Decorate Using the SLOW Method, Copyright © 2020 In My Own Style, Diane Henkler, Invaluable Painting Tips For the Home Decorator, Paint Recommendations for the DIY Decorator, DIY Chalk Paint Recipes For Painting Furniture, How To Make a Petite Gift Box for Your Valentine ». Stairs with flex/bonus space underneath; Open vs. Closed Stairs. I’m letting you know in advance as I’ll be out of town during the party and will be unable to notify you on Thursday. I thougyT I had to keep everything the same color as on the main floor, but maybe I can do a mediun stain like yours on the steps AND second floor too. Absolutely love it! Hi Rebecca – Love when I hear success stories. With a dark stain it may not be noticeable. The estimate for installing engineered oak to match the other areas of our home was $1200. I have been hating the carpet on my steps but was not sure if we would think plain wood would feel too ‘cold’, but I love the way they look. Carpet Runner. Hi. Looks awesome! So envious of your beautiful new staircase! pay for shipping only free viagra where can i find the best and cheapest overnight viagra? [email protected] andthentherewashome says. High gloss semi gloss or a matted finish? Thank you for sharing! If you fill the holes with any kind of wood filler, they will stand out once you stain the steps. Hi there- these are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I’m going to walk you though step by step how I gave the staircase a makeover. The house I moved into had carpet on it like this one did. Your stairs are Beautiful!! Do not use regular wood putty as it will not take the color of the stain and you will be left with light colored spots under the stain. I LOVE this transformation. But your color on the steps works very well. I too, as some many others have noted, am inspired by your transformation. I would love to do this to our. The kitchen features fully concealed appliances, flip up high storage units for easy access, and a countertop that wraps into the main … I love how your stairs came out- WELL DONE!!! The individuals are provided with expertise by a team of specialists having experience of 100+ years in combination. I have a question though. So beautiful and I know it is worth all the trouble and cat tracking you had to do! Thank you. thanks. Stair Carpet Treads Non-Slip - 8.5x30in Stair Rugs w/Landing Stair Mat & Brush, 14 Carpet Treads for Wood Stairs, Stair Treads Carpet Non Slip Self Adhesive, Brown Carpet Stair Treads Non-Slip Indoor. Beautiful! How did you remove the “Overspray” of the white paint the builder left behind on the stair treads that were to be stained? Great job, now what i can’t figure out is how would you deal with the top step if you were to go from carpet to wood? See more ideas about stairs, carpet stairs, stair runner. what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. Wow Diane that is stunning!! I want to start ripping up carpet right this minute!! It takes a lot of effort, but the rewards of redoing a staircase are worth it. This looks magnificent-what a beautiful staircase-nice job-I’m your newest follower-Come by to visit-Claire. I do believe I will start slowly. I plan to use it again on the staircase makeover in my new house. I painted them white. Thank you so much. Hi Amanda – If you want to stain the steps, then you have to remove the paint otherwise the stain would look uneven and get not take over the painted sections. It was pieced where the fist step ended, and the riser for the 2nd step started. Could you tell your steps were rounded under the carpet? Broken ankle, tibia, 6 screws and a metal plate. It’s Good Work, thanks for sharing the great information of stairs, It’s Good Work, thanks for sharing information, Nice article we loved it and you got exceptional results, your stairs transformation look superb congratulations. To me, the most important little tool is the tack cloth because even after vacuuming and cleaning the stairs I still got a huge amount of lint on … If I can find the site where I saw the steps I will forward the link to you. I have a question for you: My steps have a ‘landing’ separating the staircase. We need to rip out the construction grade 2X6’s (2 for each step) and replace with a bull-nose piece. It looks fine, I don’t even notice it. But low and behold when I went to take a peek to see what was under the carpet I was surprised to find bull-nose steps – a big plus. Wish me luck! By Dado Interior Design. My husband used a small sander to get into the corners and edges. There were some marks, but nothing that looked awful. If new flooring was installed upstairs, the bullnose that meets the staircase on the second floor may have to be removed and a new one that matches the flooring installed. However, if you exchange the carpets on the stairs with a more simple-to-clean alternative, there is definitely a possibility of reducing your weekly workload. Beautiful job! I have already filled the staple holes & gouges with a wood filler. Very nice. Cut a piece of two-by-four to a length of 4 inches. I’m in the process of putting down hardwood on all floors except the stairs. I have cleaned a smudge or two from them over the years, but that is it. Hi Theresa – I left the banister as it was. googletag.cmd.push(function() { It should have a long hose and power cord so that it is more convenient. that. Just recently completed this project on our stairs, it looks great. If the steps were not nice, I would have just placed the carpet back in place and back over the carpet tack stripping. Love your stairs! Enjoy your new stairs. Seeing your before and after makes me want to go home and tear the carpeting off and start today! Thanks for posting! I just sanded, stained and polyed them. Can you kindly provide reviews on this issue after living with it for awhile? I took up our carpet and I noticed the sheet rock is cut uneven and there are gaps. What a find to see those lovely rounded steps under that carpet. Have you had to re-do it or touch it up at all? Stairs are the most common place in the home to have carpet, and yet they are also the trickiest. The staircase makeover is DONE! I redid mine a few yrs back but my steps did not have the curved fronts, then there was the stain issue….so I ended up putting peel and stick flooring that came in strips and looked like wood….but I love this. Shannon What did you use to fill the holes left by the staples before staining? Why did you wait so long??? Sooo many stairs. Gorgeous , thank you for the inspiration. They sprayed the balusters and the decorative trim pieces under the side of each step white. Master bedroom, carpeted, with en suite containing shower, WC & basin, tiled floor, partially tiled walls. I just don’t have a photo showing that. contributed by Cleverly Inspired. It’s so beautiful now!! At the moment I have the same tired carpet on the second floor as on the steps. Before you get started installing your carpet, you first need to determine the look you want in … Hi Mark – I hope I can explain how the carpet was done on the top step. Partially Carpeted wooden stairs in a house. I’m looking forward to mimicking your staircase! My pine stairs were full of imperfections, knots and staple holes. The dog we kept in our mudroom that has a gate so she could not get out. If your stairs are only partially carpeted, you will want a vacuum cleaner that is designed for multiple floor types. The stain also looks much darker when you first apply it, when it dries it does lighten up slightly. I never looked under myself and i just lifted rug on the bottom 3 and it looks like pine! Would this method of redo still work and still look good? Acoma Street Loft - Dining and Staircase. I’m also glad you’re so happy with the life choices you’ve recently made. You could also buy a box of inexpensive vinyl wood flooring and cut it to fit to the shape. Any tips? I fully expected to see chipboard, but lo and behold, mine looked exactly like yours, white over-spray and all. House bathroom with shower/tap mixer, WC & basin, tiled floor, partially tiled walls. Good job and thanks for the inspiration!! I’ve got a heavy footed husband, two school age kids, and two cats. I had a 60 lb dog that went up and down the stairs a few times a day. Any suggestions? $53.95 $ 53. Did you sand it all by hand or did you use a sander? Question what did you do about the small staple holes in the risers ; did you fill them in with something ? I am new to your blog, and LOVING your tips. We have a split level foyer AND a full staircase that goes to the third floor. I love your new stairs! How did you paint the risers? This enables them to complete the project within the budget and without any hassle. The paint on the risers is sort of out of the way. <3, Hi Adrianne – Do I remove the banisters? I think it looks so good especially with the white risers, but as we hope to move this year I’m not taking on any major projects. Then they put the carpet on. Now I just laugh at them. Fantastic job, really shines! It completely changes the entire look of the hall away! :-) I don’t think they like the smell and stay away. Did you poly the white kick plate as well? I just kept the carpet intact on the second floor. He of course was curious to see what I was up to every time I worked on the steps. Cons: Unfortunately, the carpet also tends to collect moisture and can suffer from mold issues if placed in a damp location. There should be a tool designed for use on every part of the stairs including the front risers and along the crevices. Elegant stays not only add a touch of class but they also keep the carpet runner in place. It collects all the dust and dirt. Thank you for your wonderful blog about your stair project. It used to be antique white. They look very nice and I am still thrilled at how they came out. Phenomenal! 10 months recovery. It is made by 3M. I hope mine can look as amazing as yours. Stairs are the most frequented and highly trafficked area of a home or office. That looks so great! How did you get them cleaned up enough for stain? :). x 30 In., and 9 In. My hubby help me sand them smooth to remove the paint and smooth the nail holes, but they were not perfect. I’d do this in a heartbeat, but have heard from other bloggers where the builder did a slapdash kinda job, that there were gaps between the risers and stair treads. I”m jealous……… in the middle of doing mine now but I have yucky stairs under my carpet so I had to buy treads. Happy painting! Wow, thank you for the inspiration! wow, this is amazing! We are in the middle of the same project! Or am I going to have to go full on sanding for this project? Or were you able to stain to right over it? I just got home from the store and was pricing treads since the guy who did my floors said he looked under the carpet on my stairs and said “nope can’t use those, they just have to be recarpeted”….so I assumed it was plywood! My husband wants to use high gloss white, but I think that might be too shiny? Be careful as there are a ton of staples and carpet tack stripping. If not – you will be left with spots of un-stained areas. Thanks! I can imagine. Having them all dark or the same color will give your home a better visual flow. We sold the house and I we didn’t have to do a thing with the stairs to get them ready to sell. It was SO worth it-your job is perfect! The hardest part of re-doing the stairs was the fact that they were opened on the outer edge. Popping over from TDC!! Replacing stair treads starts with tearing out carpet, then staples, and then cutting the old bullnoses. receives a small commission when certain items are purchased, but the price is the same for you. It reminds me of our staircase in the home we just bought….now you have my wheels turning!! And I’m so happy to hear of the life changes you’ve recently made…wtg! That is the same color or the steps? What a great revamp of the staircase! Stairs with storage underneath; 3. My husband though. It was a very inexpensive project. I can’t find the Zinsser Bullseye polyurethane anywhere (and I live in the Atlanta area); have tried Home Depot, True Value Hardware & Ace hardware. Replaced the carpet on our stairs with wood. ~Linda. Thanks. It turned out absolutely perfect! I have the exact same stairs. hello! Also it is worth the extra expense to buy a quality brush. Once the poly is over it, it may look fine. All this is done inside your house so just imagine where all the dust is going to go. What sheen of paint did you use for the white paint on the stairs? Mar 30, 2017 - Explore anurag's board "carpet on stairs" on Pinterest. That is one of the most amazing transformations I’ve ever seen and the fact that it was so inexpensive takes it to a whole new level! Hi I just removed our carpet and am starting my project today! When you are all done – you will be rewarded for all your efforts. How did you handle that? I have been wanting to try this but my husband thinks our three kids would slip down the stairs. I LOVE the stain you chose….going to share on FB!!! I am tempted, for looks and safety, to rip up the carpet on the stairs. Thanx. I am sure you will enjoy them each and every time you go up or down! It would fit right on top of the 90 degree angle of the step and would be level with the hardwood. Once it is dry you can step on it. Log in, My views and opinions are my own. My family runs around barefoot or in sock feet. Thanks so much! The spray paint is what the builder did when he was building the house. But the final product was worth it. If installed properly, it will give your stairs a brand-new look, and your stairs will be more functional, more comfortable, and quieter than before. They are not even straight but all those things were hidden by the carpet and were non-issues. I used the PreStain again and it really does help the stain go on more evenly. Once the staircase is done, you will be so happy with your efforts and any inconvenience you had to deal with will be forgotten. I have been sanding and sanding…. If you are staining the steps – the wood filler doesn’t take the stain in the same way as the the wood, so we opted to embrace the imperfection. I’m trying so, so hard not to pull up the carpeting just yet, to see what wood is underneath (rest of the house has wood floors, not original, but are in good shape). Measure each step individually and cut a quality carpet pad to fit each … Fixing a ripped or torn carpet is essential because loose carpet tears easily. What are your thoughts? Great makeover! Never underestimate plain old pine! In the process of remodeling, want to remove carpet on stairs, live in townhouse, 6 stairs up, 6 down therefore high traffic, concern is white back area of stairs, does it get scuffed from shoes, did y use protective sealant ? Any suggestions to remove it? Before selling the house 12 years later, I repainted the risers to give them a fresh look. Clean it off and then dab some poly with a very small paint brush back on to the steps. Even with a few knots in the wood, redoing them was doable. Thanks! Once I saw that they were nice, I ripped the carpet off. Right now I think the carpet may be safer for my little grand children. At the bottom we could put a small rug on the area before the tile starts near the bathroom. This will ensure that any tannins or wood stain in or on the wood boards will not seep through the paint and change the color of your white paint. It seems the norm is wood to carpet! Use the pre-conditioner that I show in my post. There was a separate piece of carpet going up the steps that ended right under that second floor bullnose. The bullnose and hardwood were welcome surprises but the white paint not so much. It has been over a year now, and they still look great. LOVE the stair make-over!! Greatly appreciate it. it sounds like a project more homeowners should tackle… the results are so worth it! Gorgeous! Found you through Tuesday’s Treasures! Beautiful!! In addition to that, he does not have that much patience doing this time consuming kind of work. I’m curious what your floor is at bottom of your stairs?? You did a tremendous job. If you have hardwood stairs and have the same concerns, you can easily install a carpet runner which can look great. What color is the stain you used? They look like dark swirls in the wood. I am so psyched to get my project started and thank you for providing photos and helpful hints along the way!!! I finally resorted to cutting the dress out in a small bedroom with the door shut rather than the large living room floor. Question, how long does it take each coat (stain, poly) to dry? Do they make a precut trim board with steps cut out? Have a look for yourself. I had the exact same type of stairs under my carpet I they were so painted and dinged up that I just went ahead and painted them white. Dark accents on either side – steps and the furniture. I believe your last words were GO DO IT! I wanted to ask you whether you stained your bannister. I would love to do this. Stairs can be very dangerous , no matter how they are finished – I have slipped and fallen several times on carpeted stairs! I started with a 1:1 mix, but kept mixing the color until I liked the way it looked against the darkest color wood tone from the floor in the room. Does this make your stairs slippery at all? 4.5 out of 5 stars 41. Diane – This post caught my eye as soon as I found your blog. We went with a glossy black for the steps and white risers- they turned out very classy looking. We’re in the middle of following your directions to do this to our stairs at the moment, and I have a question. Your stairs are awesome…I wanted to do this too but I’m scared I might not do a very good job as you, but the good thing is I will try :) I have question what or how did you do to the carpet on top the last step going upstairs? Thanks Diane! Follow the directions on the label in terms of re-coating times and the temperature of room when applying. Great job, 1: You can use a small piece of sandpaper or even a tip of a razor blade or X-Acto knife and see if you can remove the areas with paint on them. We’ll end up blaming each other if we did it ourselves and it did not turn out right. No falls on the carpets! Why did I wait so long to reveal your hidden beauty? I think the carpet must of been sucking up the light, who would of known! I have wanted to do this since we moved in our house. Prevent Slips with Non Slip Carpet Safety Strips for Carpeted Stairs. Every staircase is a bit different, but however yours is configured, I would stain the steps and bullnose and paint the riser sections. I’m SO FREAKIN’ IMPRESSED I could SCREEEEEAM- well it’s why I am screaming (LOL) ! Please feel free to stop by and grab a button on Thursday! My problem is we have a landing that curves about 10 stairs up. They are hardly noticeable after the stain and poly went on. Is that a Benjamin Moore color or something else on the walls, if you know the color please send it along to me. If you have a carpeted upstairs, you could have the upper portion of the stairs carpeted as well and then switch to hard flooring at the landing and below. The last bid we got was for $6000.00 to take off carpet, paint and refinish my staircase. To sand in-between the balusters I used a little 3M manual sander called Sandblaster Pro Detail Sanding Tool. oh diane – they look beautiful! The light adds a shine to them in the photos making them look lighter than they actually are. :) Quick question, though… From the pictures it looks like you still have carpet upstairs. But the final product was worth it. Did you use a wood filler or something to hide the staple holes? Did you use wood putty? Painted steps with white risers look very nice too. My kids are grown, but I do have two dogs and a cat who constantly go up and down on them. mine does not, just flat wall. Happy to hear you didn’t listen to the naysayers :). Thanks. Tread – The horizontal portion of the Step upon which one walks, which may be solid hardwood, capped with hardwood, carpeted, etc. Remove carpet from stairs. Does all of this paint have to be removed for the stain to look right? Hardwood stair images. If you have not seen this type of vinyl recently, it looks like real wood. I don’t think caulk will absorb the stain. I use a Swiffer. Do you have a staircase that could use some help? I really want to attempt this project. Enjoy them! This should give you a better idea of what I am faced with. When I removed the carpet the white overspray was on the steps. Its so tight and my handheld sander wont fit at all!!! I have two questions: did you use the conditioner before staining? How long did it take you to do this project from start to finish? I would love to convince my husband that the kids won’t fall:). The steps look AMAZING! Hi Eric – I did all the stain first and let it dry. Hmmm yeah that's a good point I didn't look at it like that! Beautiful, just beautiful!! I LOVE what you’ve done, my stairs have been bugging me for years too. Thank you for your tutorial. HI Jan- Your description is so easy to follow and understand! I just keep seeing your end result! If your stairs follow the standard dimensions, it will be much easier to measure and lay your carpet, as carpet runners designed for the standard dimensions will be easy to find. Hi Joan – Not sure the size of your landing, but you may want to look at a veneer. There are two pieces of carpet on the staircase. ;). Something I might try once.. thanks for all the tips and the inspiration! I just bought a new built and have carpet on the stairs, yuk!! Don’t they look so fresh and modern… and CLEAN? I just love love love your staircase! Because you deserve to love your home and the carpet you walk up and down! Great job! Hi Connie – The staircase makeover made the biggest difference in my house. I started sanding it off, but there has to be an easier way. One of the best parts – cleaning them is a breeze. The Pursuit of Handyness is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to To make the staple holes less noticeable, we sanded them as smooth as we could. For the tight areas around the balusters, he used a little manual hand sanding block with a pointed tip. There are a few place where a bit of paint was set deep into the wood that we could not remove. I had HIDEOUS mauve pink carpet on my steps and just assumed that I had plywood underneath. Oh my goodness, I just stumbled across your blog today and fell in love with your staircase! How to Install a Stair Tread & Riser. Tell him the more shine the more imperfections you will see. I didn’t want to go to the time and expense to change out the treads on my staircase, but if you have the skills and the means I would go for getting oak. did you have carpet at the top landing of your stairs? Please beware!! i even have 2 cats to keep you company!!!! Trim Carpet to Size Roll out the length of carpet needed to run the length of the stairs and cut it approximately 3" wider than the finished runner will be. We do have that soft pine but our steps turn and where the landing is, they used a piece of subfloor-yuck. Sure, new carpet would be great, but, wow!, it’s not cheap. It helps make the stain go on nice and even. After several falls down the beautiful stained stairs, we just couldn’t risk it any more. I went with using a darker stain on the steps for two reasons. Awesome stairs. He did end up one day with a bit of white paint on his tail. I had no clue about that stuff that makes the pine take the stain better. It would be so time-saving! Thanks for this post! Installing an elegant carpet runner on stairs is a simple project well within the skill set of even beginning DIYers. Looks great ! I am currently doing the same project with my stairs as you have and just wondering whether you could help me out with the white paint. I want to start tonight…but it is almost midnight :( Great job!!! It is a long piece of... 3) Fully Carpeted. Is this an open side of the staircase or is there a gap between the stairs/risers wall. Thanks Linda – We used a palm sander with a dust bag attached. When putting the stain on the stairs, did you have to sand the stairs to get the overspray off? Re-doing my staircase is something I wanted to do the minute I moved into my house – that was 17 years ago. Jan 5, 2017 - Explore HomeIncSales's board "Carpeted Stairs" on Pinterest. Love the look of your new steps…my staircase looks identical and I hope to do something similar. Hi Jeannine – Have you come up with an idea on how to make the plywood landing on your staircase look good? Hardwood surface stairs, while they look amazing, can be deadly. I need to repaint and poly and hope for the best or get a runner. I did basically the same thing in the last house I owned, except the treads were oak. Then dab poly over it and blend it into the step so you don’t see a ridge of poly on each step. It’s a very nice job, I must say. OMGosh, I totally love it!! Hi! If a sander, what kind? My staircase is very ugly w/ chipped plywood. You can see it on the other side of the steps also against the wall. Here’s a shot of the carpeted stairs. It is an inspiration to see people tackle remodel jobs that seem like so much work! I can tell how much work you must have put into that project and it looks like it was worth it! Now we are used to it and the aesthetic value far outweighs the noise factor for us. It is from Sherwin Williams. Thanks for posting this detailed project? How beautiful!!!! Hugs-Diana. I hope this makes sense. How to Install Vinyl Tile Flooring. The main bath and shower, in fact, are also built below the primary staircase. Excellent advice, thank you! :/. You may not even notice it after they are done. I peeled back the carpet last night to reveal…white, painted bullnose hardwood treads. Here’s a shot of the carpeted stairs. Sorry to hear that yours are plywood. It comes in a few different colors. Going to tackle it this week! 100% natural pressure- treated lumber means no staining or painting It is a lot of work – the sanding, the staining and poly goes very quickly. Great job, it looks fantasic. Will this look terrible if I stain them? Just moved to a new house…same pine stairs w/ bullnose and decorative moldings on side. It looks amazing and we are getting ready to do this at my daughters house! Sorry to arrive late at the party but I just found your site. I always thought since my home was a builders spec house that the steps had no bull-nose. Do you know the color of the paint on the walls by any chance? Baluster The smaller vertical pieces in the balustrade that help support the handrail – also called spindles, pickets or uprights. Image of residential, construction, stair - 186952609 Enjoy the beauty of your carpeted stairs and don’t worry about premature wear or excessive dirt. Hi Jess – I was told the same thing, but proved the naysayers wrong. I think you just saved me a bunch of money!! Hi Joey – When I removed the carpet I was so hesitant because I thought the wood would be junky and not bullnosed. Hi Catalynn – The staircase was and still is the best home improvement project I have done to my house. I bought all the supplies yesterday, and am sitting here contemplating whether or not I really want to take on this massive of a project. One question: What did you do for the staple holes? Look at you! We sanded the steps quite a bit. The second was to match a piece of furniture I have in my foyer – it is dark wood. La. Inspire others to do the same project….LOVE them! (I did the front entryway and third floor hall, but only partially worked on the back stairway.) I love all things creative, colorful, and DIY. Seeing your result is the push I needed. I have been wanting to pull up the carpet for that past 5 years. I’m planning to give it a go -with 4 cats!! – okay my throat hurts- I will stop screaming now ;). Again thanks! We sanded the paint off, my husband did most of it. But, how do you keep the steps from being slippery. and did you apply the poly with a rag too? It was, by far, one of the easiest to understand and follow. I am super happy. We did the same thing to our stairs; when we moved in, they had yukky carpet. OMG they are GORGEOUS!!!!! Love love love! Thanks for sharing! Hi Diane, Discover (and save!) I finally got it finished. Answer this. I wonder what lays under my ugly carpet.. hmmm. Simply wipe down for cleaning using damp soapy cloth. I used Minwax Pre-Stain Conditioner on each step before I stained them. Fresh, clean, updated, pretty… Great job! I actually can’t believe that’s the same wood! I have a feeling that would be my luck. Again a great job! I have always regretted that decision. Great job! Wow! Thank you for whatever suggestions you have. I know I’ve seen these re-do’s everywhere lately, and I love them each time, but seriously your explanations, and tutorial, is SO specific and detailed. If I can do it myself I would prefer it. We had a ton of staple holes also. Did you use a brush or roller for the risers? 3 years ago. How did you find the courage? I would do this exact staircase makeover immediately if we moved into another house that had carpeted cover stairs. If I removed it to have a hardwood floor upstairs I would have stained the bullnose to match the flooring. You see the hard wood on … you did an awesome job, it looks really good. This can cause subfloor nails to pop loose and the subfloor […] Your email address will not be published. In the (unlikely – but still remotely possible) chance I attempt to tackle this project can you please provide your supplies list. Here’s why, well first your work and the outcome are simply GOOOOOORGEOUS! 321 Comments, How to Remove Carpet from a Staircase and Refinish the Wood with Stain and Paint. Maybe a light sand would do the trick? I hope my staircase in the foyer will turn out the same as yours or even better than I expected. So far I have the steps stained, now I am going to paint the risers and balusters. Do you think this means I should paint instead of stain like Thrifty Chick did? Does anyone have any suggestions what we can do to match it to pine steps???? It is just the right sheen, not too shiny, but has a little reflection and easy to wipe clean. I bet they look beautiful! I know I can buy the risers and bullnose end caps but not sure what to do with the banisters. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do with my steps but I’ve been too afraid of what might be under the carpet. We have “out door” stairs as our inside entryway stairs, our “main” level is one floor up (so we can enjoy the view of the valley outside our home). Absolutely stunning! Great job! Click the link to see how I made it over. You did such a great job! :-). your staircase is BEAUTIFUL!! My question to you is how do I decide what color to use for the stain? Can you stain one side of the stair treads at a time, so that you can walk up and down? Photo about Image of partially Carpeted wooden stairs in a house. Thanks for the inspiration and how-to. I love this! There were thousands of staples holding the old dirty carpet (from the former house owner) in place. Love looking your stuff and i really feel great. It also doesn’t have to be BM paint. What a difference with sooo little money invested. Your stairs make me want to do mine NOW. Shown and discussed in this five page series is a collaboration of how an engineered plank was installed on a roughed framed wood substrate, or the actual surface once the carpet and padding is … Fully carpeted stairs are … Diane, I noticed in your photos that the wall side of your stairs has a board and trim. whole thing. The carpet was old and dirty giving the entry a very dark and dated feel., You can also look at a Ryobi Detail Sander that can get into tight areas. If so, what ratio? I want to make them darker like yours, but not sure if I need to thoroughly sand each step or if I can get away with just a deglosser or liquid sander? I need suggestions on what type of stair strip I should use at the very top of the stairs so that it blends in with the new hardwood flooring. My upstairs is all hardwood so it would need to match. It looks fantastic! Thanks for showing me the ropes! Love this! I posted on my blog Do you need a professional do that? What a lot of work…but what a transformation. I am wondering…I have an overhang on my steps, but it is not rounded. It looks lovely, and is a real inspiration -thanks for sharing, Hi Sheila – Having the cats around will surely add a challenge, but I did it with one and we all survived and no steps had little paws on them. on Jul 4, 2016. Image of partially Carpeted wooden stairs in a house. This is our stairs before. If you can go a bit lighter – something a bit closer to the floor downstairs it would look much better. You can see the carpeted bullnose at the top of the staircase in the photos. I love the dark stain against the white. Hi Michele – Chipboard can be painted but it will still look uneven. Would love to have hardwood upstairs, but that won’t be happening for a long time. is. Please excuse the typo: *fully* not “fulled”. Since I was going pretty dark with the stain and have not had luck getting filler to take stain well on previous projects – I opted to just sand the holes as smooth as we could get them to make them less visible. There truly were Oak Hardwood treads under that dreaded carpet. Well – my mind is trying to absorb all of this. If you have dementia a trip or fall Hi Lorna – Your steps may be configured differently, but I just left the carpet on the second floor alone. Did you mix the stain in the can together? I just paid $400 to have carpet removed and steps stained….and that does not include having the risers painted….that is something I have to do now! Thank you for all your amazing ideas! Can a Runner Be Placed Over Carpeted Stairs?. :-) I have not had to touch it up at all. I took some elbow grease, but it all came off. I’m with you regarding the wood putty. Great job Diane. Thank you for writing the detailed directions so I can have success working in my home. I don’t want a dark, but not a light either. It has one pointed end. My medium oak banister looks very dated; is there a way to darken them with a stain? They sustain more impact than flat ground because of the added force of gravity when you ascend and descend the stairs. Yours were very nicely done even with carpet covering them! What a gorgeous transformation! They all carry Zinssser products but not this particular one. I plan to do the stain on the steps and risers white. Tread Cap (Solid or Full) – The decorative horizontal face piece that partially or full covers the Sub Tread. Any suggestion how to paint these? 66024 views on Imgur. One question: do you notice a big difference in the amount of noise? The stairs are partially carpeted, but the portion where the oak balusters and railing sit on are the same exposed, finished oak. Hi Lorna – I left the carpet exactly how it was.!/pages/Cleverlyinspired/167658409911388, What a lot of work…that totally paid off! After a short break, I plan on moving forward with Phase 2: adding carsiding (wide beadboard) and ledge to the staircase walls, painted to match the risers and stringers. How did you get the white paint off the treads?? Did you use one or two coats of stain? I only wish I had done the project years ago. :-). Did you use wood filler or did you just embrace the imperfection and let it go? Okay, I told you I have been inspired. your own Pins on Pinterest To keep the cat and dog off the steps, I set the cat up in a bedroom with his litter box. I have seen it done with square edge steps, too – the bullnose does give it a more polished feel – but if the plywood on your steps is in good condition without not too many knots – you may not even notice that the edge is square not rounded. It prepares soft wood like pine to take the stain better. (Whatever was I thinking, having pale beige carpet installed on stairs?) The joints are crooked and the planks are usualy 1/4″ from the wall. This will make sure you don't get any misplaced strips protruding once the carpet is set. The previous owner had a runner down the middle of the staircase at one point, and the side of the treads are glossed.