Plantation Teak requires more maintenance to make up for these deficiencies. The Mys-Teak story began in 2001 with the question of where to start a teak plantation. It is still sold in the US market through importation from China or India, which bypass restrictions by milling and exporting the lumber themselves. Burmese Teak is the name given to naturally grown tectona grandis. Great natural durability and dimensional stability. As wide as 22″ and as long as 22′ Quality assurance. Teak hardwood Lumber products for Sale Home Fulfillment times may vary, but generally take 3-5 days to arrive at our facility. First of all, its growing conditions are excel­lent, but also high on the list was political stability and a healthy cultural and governmental respect for the … Because responsible harvesting practices are so important to us at OHC, we vet all of our sourcing mills/partners to ensure that harvesting, processing, manufacturing, and shipping meets and exceeds local, state, federal, and … Teak for sale from tropical hardwood plantation in Belize offering teak logs, teak sawn wood and teak furniture cuts which can be but to customer requirements. 418 plantation teak lumber products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which other timber accounts for 1%, other wood furniture accounts for 1%, and logs accounts for 1%. Search for: 603-798-5135. Teak Lumber Price Page . 3/4" Plantation Teak We will provide you with a 3/4" thick x 4-3/4" wide, high quality, dressed (D4S) Plantation Teak board in the length of your choice. Teak’s actual name is Tecona grandis. The price range shown is dependent on the sizes and volume purchased. Teak Lumber. The following kiln dried hardwoods are available in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4. St. Angelo Hardwoods stocks many different sizes of rough sawn teak lumber. Your bid is for approximately 10 board feet of 4/4 kiln dried FAS Plantation Teak lumber. Grading and quantities guaranteed. Exporting to Asia, Europe and United States. ... Teak Plantation. it's not the easiest building material to locate. Teak Lumber for Sale. Our standard milled teak sizes offer a lot of flexibility for creating projects that call for superior quality, ready-to-use marine lumber. More than 7.000 hectares producing high quality teak. Material has been machined on all 4 sides for parallel faces and edges. Initally the boards are thicker and wider, and are then surfaced on all 4 sides to achieve the final dimensions stated. Plantation teak versus Burmese teak ... it is very fast compared with other trees and produces a high quality lumber and decking product. It has long been thought that Plantation Teak is lower in density than timber grown in old-growth … Reader … Available in various lengths and widths, Seateak Lumber offers the classic finish that has been known for centuries as the best way to … Let’s start with the simple stuff: it’s beautiful. ... Plantation teak has gotten a bad name from some sales of plantation "thinnings". A wide variety of plantation teak lumber options are available to you, such as other timber. This lumber is all planed to approximately 7/8"thick. Both types of teak are characterized by dense, durable and beautifully grained wood. We offer extremely good prices on orders placed prior to the shipping of a container. Ready to sand and finish. Heavy, resistant and very durable. Over time, the high value of teak lumber has encouraged many entrepreneurs around the world to start their own Forest Stewardship Council-certified teak plantations, hoping to slash and burn the negative stigma that surrounds the beautiful tropical hardwood. The popularity of Teak lumber has been steadily increasing over recent years. Teak lumber actually has to be dried before it can be used as lumber for 1 to 2 years. Skip ... podcaster, blogger, teacher, and Director of Marketing for one of the oldest Lumber companies in the country, he really can't stop talking about wood and the beautiful ways it can be used. Our Plantation Teak have an excellent quality and density. TYPE: Planks (boards); TYPE OF SPECIES : Asian Hardwood; SPECIES: Teak; MIN ORDER VOLUME: 20 - 200 m3 Spot - 1 time ; THICKNESS: 1+ in; WIDTH: 3+ in; LENGTH: 3+ ft; Plantation Teak Lumber, 1+ in Register now for free! It is highly resistant to climate extremes, insects, fungus, rot, and does not become slippery when wet. This is because it is the only wood, which can survive the conditions of the desert without becoming dry and susceptible to conducting electrical sparks. Dressed Lumber Teak Plantation. Plantation teak is a tropical hardwood tree from the genus Tectona, endemic to Southeast Asia that is exclusively planted for the purpose of forestry management, for either commercial or ecological purposes.Although the genus Tectona is native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, primarily Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Thailand, the cultivation of plantation teak … Teak's high oil and natural silica content makes it one of the most durable species available for outdoor and high moisture applications. Plantation Teak producer. Please contact us directly for wholesale or bulk pricing and inquiries. Rough-Cut Teak Lumber We carry a full line of teak lumber products milled and ready for final finishing or direct use. Burmese Teak Wood Lumber pricing is subject to a 100/BF minimum order. Other Teak Facts. These are beautiful project pieces and great to work with! Pricing is by the board foot: Quantities are limited. Real teak (not farm-raised or plantation) comes primarily from Southeast … Dimensions shown are the actual sizes. It is truly one of the most versatile species of hardwood available and is … Get ready the pits measuring 45cm x 45cm x 45cm and keeping a space of 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, or 4m x 4m prior to rainy season, given that seedlings should be planted during the rainy season. Comments: Sometimes called Burmese Teak, this name is used to differentiate natural-grown trees (typically from Myanmar, aka Burma) from Teak grown on plantations. TYPE: Planks (boards); TYPE OF SPECIES : Asian Hardwood; SPECIES: Teak; MIN ORDER VOLUME: 20 - 200 m3 Spot - 1 time ; THICKNESS: 1+ in; WIDTH: 3+ in; LENGTH: 3+ ft; Plantation Teak Lumber, 1+ in Register now for free! The trees that teak comes from can grow over 128 feet tall. Prices are per linear foot. Florida Teak - Teak Lumber Importer. from 3.50. It does not need oiling and even if left in its natural state, it can last for centuries in near-perfect condition. A little oily to the touch. Teak has been the gold standard for exterior grade lumber for centuries. It is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all timbers, highly resistant to any rotting and almost impervious to the effects of … This method of ordering also assures a shipment of particular lengths etc. Other Milled Dimensional Teak Thicknesses: Teak wood plantation. Hardwood Lumber. The Plantation Teak Myth. ... Genuine Teak, tectona grandis, can be sold as either Burmese Teak or plantation Teak. Teak lumber is prized by boat builders for its strength, stability, and its durability when exposed to extreme exterior conditions. It has long been thought that Plantation Teak is lower in density than timber grown in old-growth forests. Used extensively in India and within its natural range for centuries, Teak has grown into a worldwide favorite. Lengths will be 24"-36". And like all the teak we sell, our nominal 1" teak boards are all FEQ Asian lumber that is free of the knots and sap wood common in plantation teak. Olive green at harvest, Burmese Teak turns a deep golden brown when exposed to the air, and it exhibits a natural medium luster. Seateak Lumber is made from the finest plantation teak available. Before preparing the pits for planting seedlings, land needs to be ploughed property for better soil aeration. Teak Lumber is a close-grained hardwood with high natural oil and silica content. Picture: Elephant carrying out Burmese Teak. It's unlikely that your local lumberyard has teak decking stacked on a pallet, and the world's primary teak forests grow in a nation that's under a US trade … The Plantation Teak Myth. CURRENT PRICES TEAK PRICES 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 Date 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade SG-1 Grade SG-2 Grade SG-4 Grade SG-5 Grade SG-6 Grade Plantation Plantation Make sure your teak is stamped by St. Angelo Hardwoods, Inc. Quarter Sawn 8/4 teak is … Plantation Teak Problems By limiting our Teak selection to Burmese Teak, we’re not being unnecessarily narrow; instead, such a policy is perfectly in keeping with our commitment to quality that pervades all our lumber selections and operations. Teak lumber can even be found in the oil fields of the Middle East. Teak lumber has been in vogue for centuries, but thanks to a number of limiting factors (deforestation, trade sanctions, etc.) Burmese Teak is the king of hardwood species around the work, particularly for outdoor applications: yacht building, decking, fencing, etc. Antiseptic resin that makes it resistant to the attack of termites, acids and fungi. 4/4 thru 16/4 x 6″ up x 6′ up. Teak Round logs, teak blocks, teak dimensioned lumber, teak decking, teak panels, teak for ... Burmese teak is of superior quality to varieties from elsewhere in the world and is not a fast-growth plantation teak. After four years of searching for the best location, Costa Rica was chosen. In fact, it shares very few characteristics with real teak. Why Burmese Teak is Superior to Plantation Teak First, let’s ask What makes Burmese Teak so Special?. Picture: Elephant carrying out Burmese Teak. Valencia Lumber and Panel has made a conscious decision to provide only genuine Burmese Teak to our customers rather than less expensive plantation-grown Teak. Kiln-dried before milling to ensure a long-lasting durability, the lumber is made so that all 4 sides have a smooth machine finish. Plantation Teak will have a greater percentage of pin knots, lower weather resistance, and color variation. All of our plantation-grown teak is FEQ quality, perfect for a wide variety of projects and applications. Widths are approximately 3” and 4". It is still sold in the US market through importation from China or India, which bypass restrictions by milling and exporting the lumber themselves. FSC certified teak from Central America. Keep in mind there may be a slight colour vari It is good for many wood projects around the boat or home such as cabinets, trim mouldings, and furniture. FSC® Plantation Teak LumbeR FROM PACIFIC COAST TEAK… Scientific studies have proven that the properties of Forest Stewardship Coucil (FSC) plantation teak and old-growth forest teak wood are virtually identical. However, we may have to special order some of our Burmese Teak Lumber from our vendor or sawmill.