4) Yes – here is the link. who wins? Yet again, you show a “misunderstanding of” air quotes. Thus your “opinion” is proven to be worthless crap, yet again.. well kid… I would usually go with size and strength. Sorry to say, but most of your facts are wrong. 4- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up. The tigers could not stop the invasion. Do the “research”.. instead of trolling.. (12) Powerful swimmers; 30 kilometers in summers. you’ll find out about the actually measured stupid sub-continental coolies think the Tsavo Tigers are raised in nuclear family settings, which enables experiential learning.. I guess, only Polar Bear can take on Siberian Tiger. to make the grade.. to even sit for.. India’s Civil Service exam.. The Siberian Tiger is indeed heavier than the African Lion but however the weight difference is not much. Compare African Lion vs Siberian Tiger: African Lion is the second largest living felid or cat after Tiger (Siberian tiger and Bengal tiger) which can weigh up to 180 kg with the head & body length of 6 ft 1 inch. & all animals, in their territory know this.. The National Geographic also said that no animal on earth are safe from lions. Good post, but this fight is about a single lion versus a single tiger – that is why nobody took into account the fact that lions have strength in numbers and hunt in prides. ..buzzing around like a filthy fly, annoying a mighty lion.. Go look up some real scientific research kid, And considering that out of 1902 fights, tigers won 1732 but lions won a poor 170, the tiger got the greater muscles!! Only foolishly can you think that more raving. These swipes rarely have great success on a adult healthy male lion. on the plains of Africa, has the tools & the talent – to whip his strpey cuz.. What is “…sad, sad, sad…” Guys please stop guessing and read this before saying anything about the Lions. He must defeat any/all intrusions into his territory, having Again the tiger is not on the list. Male lions do hunt, & to get what they want.. However, the media only focuses on the negative, not the positive…, Did you see the video of that Asiatic lion raping your mom? If you put a trained MMA fighter (AFRICAN LION) in the ring with a trained killer assassin (SIBERIAN TIGER), who would you bet on? So honestly, that link certainly has some truth to it…, Plus, I guarantee you that he is FAR more reliable than Clyde Beatty…. One on one the Tiger is usually a better fighter. Jeeze kid.. "}},{"@type": "Question", "name": "What are Interesting facts about Siberian Tiger? You are poorly informed, & have no depth of learning. But tiger sleeps upto 18 hours. even though science via genome studies show that all 1. Scientific examination of historical lion habitat. Who will win the fight between African Lion and Siberian Tiger? When Nat. You claim that historical records show that lions were dominant over every other land carnivore, yet you CAN’T provide a single piece of evidence showing that this is true. Look up ‘Born Free’, its about a lioness.. no mane.. Adult brown bears, bull-elephants, enraged rhinos and crocodiles are terrifying, but nobody messes with the Big Kitty!! Lions do coordinate witch need great communication skills. THIS IS WHAT I READ ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "It has a unique quality that makes other tigers scared of it. In a place called Playland Park in a small town in Iowa. They found ‘Christian’ remembered them fondly, Even female tigers that are about 3 quarters the size have a bigger bite force. That incident was from a film, BUT, they till used two real animals, and the fight was legit. Yappy.. A lion roar is more majestic to hear, but a tiger roar is DEFINITELY SCARIER!! The truth is a fact and the truth is not always a fact. “Emotional developement”? Another Sumatran Tiger named Sudan fought of six lions. Watch the video below to see who is the strongest predator : I hope you liked reading this article on African lion vs Siberian Tiger fight. Or win in a fight against 40 average men simultaneously? I said they don’t bite to their full potential while HUNTING NOT FIGHTING… geez…. Both lions and tigers have 3-4 inch canines. https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&sourc … gwrXzOCcit, In this link, a animal expert named Haughton says this: should be amazed.. they’d gotten something right? Sure, I will indeed look up some of those on google books. They are the TRUE KINGS! —->How hard is a Tiger’s paw, is it hard like a hammer or is it more powerful than horse kicks? ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "It averages about 3.3 m in length with a tail measuring about 1m. as the big ol’ tigers, & the smallest tiger For a young male, “the betrayal by his own blood must be confusing to him, but this is an ancient rite — the casting out of young males into a world of unknowns — a world where he will be able make it, or die,” said Dereck, 57, who sports a white beard and looks every bit the wilderness gentleman. It is actually very fast ,agile and intelligent. Moreover, tigers keep exercising their paws by swimming. Siberian Tiger is … Lol. Big cats get sick in ships. ..a big-as pride boss male lion.. until he’s wrecked his adversary or is.. destroyed himself.. &, if he’s in his top combat prime.. he’ll win.. he’s got it all, a much fairer fight would probably be Barbary lion and Amur tiger, Hi Dears. Just coming here and ranting like a kid. ..you’ll have to ‘believe’ it now, I guess – huh, kid.. L.O.L…. & demonstrating the effects of malnourishment The tiger wins this fight – as simple as that. Male lions have more recent evolutionary developments http://www.savevid.com/video/lion-vs-tiger-who-wins.html, http://jeb.biologists.org/content/216/6/960.full, http://slightlyviral.com/amazing-facts-about-tigers/, http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/04/good-social-skills-make-animals-smarter, http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/wild-kingdom/about-animals/asiatic-vs-african/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o5QWKL74E, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o5QWPKL74E, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31GJrATqSEs, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AKaNUnwVOU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXcOke5dEf4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJigvqx_jA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJigvqx__jA, http://www.bmcevolbiol.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1471-2148-14-70, http://www.phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2011/03/15/older-elephants-know-the-best-anti-lion-moves, http://www.prehistoric-wildlife.com/species/p/panthera-leo-atrox.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzApnOf8I58, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1D-fJEWYOM, https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=661555, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2736518/Rare-black-tiger-cub-does-best-terrify-s-cute-s-good.html, https://www.livescience.com/21619-lion-tiger-fight.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo2kHm8s2EY, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nraZzGD8BmM, https://indrajit.wordpress.com/category/lion-vs-tiger/, https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/wildanimalwarfare/lion-kills-male-tigers-t6.html, Compare Bull vs. Bear in Face to Face Fight. You should appreciate them before they’re extinct in the next few generations instead of comparing them. So how will we know that this written words are true? its gonna protect the lions neck fully, i mean hair is rippable. After all, mane is just a mass of hair. Now let’s compare both cats’ physical measures, behavior, habitat and facts in given below table on compare African Lion Vs Siberian Tiger. But of course you surely realise , big cats do habitually.. You are probably going to say that it is unscientific… LOL. This is clearly shown by any meta-analysis of the literature showing actual eyewitness accounts.. Then your research is wrong, for sure. Hey, Regardless, their numbers are declining at an alarming rate, experts agree. The lion’s only advantage is it’s mane – which a tiger’s huge 4 inch dagger like canines can penetrate. You “can tell” nothing of value, quite apparently. ..it would be too easy.. .. like you beating down an 8 year old kid.. (From ground level). Lions are stronger than tiger. So when they see on several historical films a male lion defeating (often easily) a tiger they presume it’s a tigress. AP sez repeatedly.. Why? All of your video clips show sub-adult, inexperienced tigers – and it’s not like they can’t kill the sloth bears either, they just were not interested. That is what the author said. We all know wht that croc is about. Plus, in those types of fights, lions would usually gang up on a single tiger…. Whereas the journalist who wrote the main article is a ‘ no brainer’ 2) Tigers live in forests, are endangered, and have good camaflouge – making it difficult to record them. best.. NO, a tiger will NOT beat a lion. Your naive excuses and lame comments won’t cut it here. Because they depend on a pride, especially males. Ignore Shere Khan and SS. always hiding under the surface, ( no matter how ‘tame’ he incapable of grasping the fundamentals, he’s completely devoid of merit.. Once, these few dispersed places were eventually all occupied by lions. That guy was EXTREMELY BIASED towards lions. There are several old sculptures, images showing a male lion defeating a tiger or two tigers. James W, look great grandson, I have worked with both animals my entire life, and each time the tiger destroyed the lion. Credit: Beverly and Dereck Joubert / National Geographic * Legs are so strong that they can remain standing even when dead.—-> does this makes sense according to you? for a tiger to defeat a lion..”. Also, some people are talking about fights in captivity. Those videos are anecdotal at best, and to my understanding some of them show a male lion vs a female tiger (and rarely if ever a Siberian tiger). It’s stealthier, and doesn’t fight for dominance. Awww.. now, nevermind.. go & cry.. to mommy.. (Hey kid, why not join that forum – which I’ve just linked.. They do so very rarely and that too in prides. & being called.. ‘Indian’.. That’s because there is an abundance of buffalo and other animals to prey upon, and the fact that the animals often walk through water in the delta’s many streams, building up their muscles, he said. the facts of the matter even when repeatedly pointed out.. The tiger of course!! Many people believed that ‘ lion is born to fight ‘ which is quite stupid. The female lions always live together with the male for life. Yes, that is true. Now, coming back to the topic. inc’ tigers.. do kill the cubs of foreign males.. I have read up and studied a lot on all animals and speciallyrics on big cats, but majority of these accounts claiming that TIGERS have killed rhinos and elephants are not reliable because all we have is pics of dead rhinos that happened to be discovered by a tiger which then leads the tiger to feed on the carcass. If I remember correctly, the last tiger tried to escape too. Also, tigers did not retreat into the deep jungles. —>How many hours do tiger spend in water to cover 30km? Such fanatics as yourself Swampy-anon are useless trolls, & a pestilential plague here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqEiDjsrHUE, 3-Jungle Jim black and white movie lion winner run after tiger Tigers tend to be considerably larger, stronger, and more powerful than lions. Most experts will favour the Siberian Tiger and Bengal Tiger over an African Lion. Lames W, It depends on the condition of the cat as with any fighter. Time you faced reality & grew-up some huh, Tony – seriously.. Aka/Turkey. A lion is no match for the tiger. Mr. Otukile, &, yeah.. lions not hunting elephants.. L.O.L…. They kept coming back for more sub-continental coolies.. Because infrasound can pass through buildings too!! & it takes another ‘lion king’ – to beat him for that crown.. Why are you not ready to face reality James? The reason why there is no video of a tiger bringing down an adult rhino is because of two reasons: The male lions protected & provided for, How do you know that the Romans weren’t biased. Seriously… did you not read my post properly? The fax…. Are you sure James? turd burglar.. scum bucket.. stinkin’ sewer rat.. As soon as the lioness made a growl the male tiger showed and immediate submission posture. The Lion is relentless he attacks blindly he don’t have any strategy or back up plan for the upcoming events. Lion vs Tiger power comparison. Tigers also have better weaponry. is unreliable. AFAIK, fights in captivity (or in any unnatural setting) tend to favor the tiger more often than not…. Cody Shit, The tiger is the REAL king of beasts and the REAL king of the jungle – the tiger even has a Chinese symbol on it’s head which means king! Though some of these male on male fights end in death, it is not very common. FACTS ARE OBTAINED FROM GOOGLE!! & stay there, all the way.. down a long-drop dunny, Lions, on the other hand, spend 20-23 hours a day sleeping, while the lionesses do all the hunting. The adult Siberian tigers can weigh up to 320kg, and female tigers are predominantly smaller, weighing up to 180 kg. What the hell is wrong with you people..you always act like you created these animals and this world, but you were born and found everything here, even the 1st people came and found these animals here and that animals where set to have a particular kind of life and a level in the animal kingdom and with that they were equipped with special abilities according to their surroundings, appetite and level in the animal kingdom, just because the tigers tooth is longer than other does not mean he would win, see how you people take in information and still keep on arguing just to satisfy your selfish self..now you stupid humans have learned something and think you know it all and go and run around and talk about a sentence when they didn’t even read the whole book, and is so stupid to argue with the one who read the whole book with patience and understand the way of the life and what he has experienced and seen with his own eyes and has no lack of acceptance..stop accepting things with just what you read. It doesnot mean tigers are bad they are larger and may be strong but lions are better in some features. OKAVANGO DELTA, BOTSWANA — It ain’t easy being king. There would never be a scenario where these two animals come in contact with each other in the wild. Troll on kid.. Anyhow, boss lion takes this match-up, its his game.. AKA/Tina.. Their real intelligence can be seen only when they face dire situations and how they react to it, preferably in the wild, because they develop most of the intelligence on their own. Because they travel in prides, I don’t doubt that lions are “more dangerous.” But the question at hand is: how does a wild adult male African lion stack up against a wild adult male Siberian tiger. before he becomes exhausted/over-heated.. Tigers cannot match their tawny cousins in So ok, yes.. “the fight can go either way”, yet.. on an assumed basis a liond whole dignity lies behind that mane. 1) It is very rare (I never said they bring down adult rhinos regularily). The Indian gaur is the largest type of cattle prey on Earth and can be many times heavier than tigers. tigers will kick a lion’s butt off. An inexperienced sub-adult lion would have suffered the same fate as that sub-adult tiger. Tiger: Royal, regal, majestic, and humble. Sorry, my bad. Before lions were exterminated by men, tigers totally disappeared from these regions. Tigers swim in the ocean and prey on jellyfish. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/lucknow/Rhinos-new-preys-for-Dudhwa-tigers/articleshow/18282354.cms. While something can come of such theoretical thought, that requires a lack of preformed or preconceived notions about the topic. @trollie-‘jamesw’, As a well-proven ignoramus.. Lions are lucky to get 4-500 lbs, while there have been records of Siberians hitting 6-700. FACT.. AKA/Icehole.. Dereck and Beverly, 56, seem to belong here in Duba, where they made other films about lions, including “The Last Lions” and “Relentless Enemies.” [In Photos: A Lion’s Life]. sadly I fully agree with you when you say a Tiger can kill or killed a Lion but i only disagree with you and your Experts when you say a Tiger killed adult Rhinos and Elephants. The male lion is very aware of is power that’s gives him a self assurance. well, not more more than once, anyhow.. jagu to strong. “…lions getting better and better at hunting elephants…” AKA/Tiny.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhnaPIoz_tc. A bear is not just a fat ass brownie. Which you think apparently could easily kill a tiger. to the cold climate they live in.. & lions carry a greater % in muscle. Its front and back paws are exceptionally strong. “Absolutely ridiculous. It is the quickness that matter the most. Instead of choosing a native Asiatic wild lion also freshly capture. The male lion is the ultimate fighter n warrior..in the world of bigcats.. One of the greatest tiger expert was Kailash Sankhala (1925-1994) known as “The Tiger Man of India”. Why are you so desperately trying to underrate tigers and overrate lions everywhere? Thank you and do not take it badly. Barbary Lion vs Siberian Tiger is close because the Siberian Tiger lacks the size advantage it'd have over an African Lion if pitted against Barbary. as a sickeningly perverted.. And you know whats lies beneath there. ..accord with reality.. & not your childish fantasy ‘faves’.. Boss lion whips his stripey cuz in combat kid.. THE BEST WAY TO MAKE A JUDGEMENT IS TO SEE THEM IN ACTION. No No No Geo. There’s a reason why tiger is the 4th strongest animal in the world and lions come nowhere near. But the African lions are more aggressive and have excellent bone structure. while claiming admiration for the biggest of them.. Lions & tigers are very near cousins, under the skin, fact. Siberian tigers are known to kill brown bears. Its cousin, the Royal Bengal Tiger, has started killing bull-elephants, adult rhinos and crocodiles for food!! But as such – he is a simply typical example Check this video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo2kHm8s2EY. or involving sick/injured/drugged animals, are indeed bogus. Now my question is what do you do if trainers ‘s reports dont agree with the vidoe you have shown in your comment? They defeated huge animals like elephants e.t.c. Tigers normally let out audible growls and hisses and rarely roar. & AP, We’re not talking about two animals of the same size. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxRQWPRVDsY. must fight, often & well, to prove themselves worthy dude.. The facts is that lion still stood no chance against the Tiger. Definitely a Siberian Tiger wins hands down…, The only real competition they have is the large russian brown bears which can go either way depending on size etc…. hard-hoofed prey, who will lose their footing, & fall). The tendons and ligaments of a tiger as well as the muscles are super tough and hard as stone, while dragging carcasses weighing over a ton, but can be soft, relaxed and loose otherwise. ..which are due to lifestyle divergence, but given the boss lion.. They are very powerful and have been known to take down 1500lb moose. What you accuse “Britishers” of, & “those accounts were dug deep by Europeans” way, way back.. And… you understand that statement plus National Geographic actually supports your point about lions and tigers have similar jaw power, right? ☹️ Tigers are stronger than lions. Just remember…the asians called Bruce Lee the TIGER for a reason! Lions will give few warnings and will generally settle with several violent strikes. Lion’s whole dignity lies behind it’s mane, he has enjoyed too much undeserved glory during the past century. Yes my favorite dog has been beaten and i accepted that. And owes his reputation to his imposing mane. That’s strength!! So naturally many people want to know about the comparison of African lion vs Siberian Tiger in detail. ..is actually just childish trash.. You seriously fail – to comprehend.. From play fighting of cubs to territorial fights of males, these people see a glorified ‘fighter’ attitude. Rob, 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅ðŸ˜. Nor does it take an “adept” bear to take down an ordinary tiger. He wanted to kill Mowgli because Mowgli’s father tried to kill him. Tiger wins 55-45 against the African lion. the tools, the talent, & the ‘tude, too.. its a natural fact.. James W, Shere Khan is NOT an accurate representation of what tigers are in real life – the same can be said about Scar also… For the trillionth time, it has been observed that male tigers are A LOT more caring and humble than male lions. you should be ignored.. That created unrealistic expectancies. introduced them to most everywhere humans live, evidently to have some vestige of cat character about.. Asiatic lions are no match for bengal tigers, tiger can tore them apart just as easily as we chew the carrots. I clearly mentioned that I’ve been through HEAPS of websites. ..including size, power, & aggression.. A tiger has magical powers so he can beat a lion. Tiger>Lion in avery aspect. ..then lamely claim that your trash = proof.. & you are being a hypocritical wimp, when you I like both animals, both are beautiful cats, and I want to save them from becoming extinct. So, what a lot of people are doing, is simply applying one adverse judgement (formed without having examined the facts) in place of another. 3- Jungle Jim black and white movie lion winner run after tiger. The one and only advantage a lion has is a mane – which a tiger’s teeth can easily penetrate. Jeeze kid.. It is better to compare tigers with the lionesses than with the male lion. But that has nothing to do with this fight. ..who knew how to lay waste to those who opposed him.. inc’ other lions.. Tigers (nor bears either), cannot hope to match that ‘Mafioso’ boss style.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjjHffy-Nds, 2-Male lion control the food tiger force to back up. It will stop at nothing. They were much easier to get than African lions there are a very few left in India they are smaller! Other fights a tiger will get a grip on one and hold it until the other one use all his energy. siberianfury. over learning/accepting new information.. Posted by bamafan1001 on 3/28/17 at 10:57 am to Pecker Over 100 lb difference....Tiger 100/100 times So the favor is defiantly in the tigers direction. There is indeed deep disappointment where there is deep love. In fights he will try to get a immediate advantage what ever he can by attacking by surprise his adversary preferably by the back. Deadlier Bite force (deadliest bite force among all carnivores(Amur Tigers) Beefier than Lions, which would make the Lion harder to grab the Tiger by it's neck. The female lions always stay with their families even after they have grown up but the male lions do not have those characteristics. In fact, all the women on this earth have a longer dick than you. &/or – when the tiger is a proven champion fighter.”. want to know more “natural fact” (14) Bengal tigers are most wonderful tigers. A tiger won’t hesitate before charging after a thousand men too. Tigers are really capable of killing ANY animal. The Tiger is a Lone Assassin that depends on no one and rely solely on strength. & go really full-on.. loser-psycho.. Go on, git.. go now.. Still, this isn’t a competition of who’s the better predator, this is about who would win in a battle one on one. Lion does not beat ‘all of the above’. & you’ve been shown up.. as consistently wrong kid.. unlike me.. AKA/Tiny.. if you do.. Sankhala was also a tiger/lion trainer. (4) Red dholes are the biggest enemies of the Bengal Tiger. Even so, the mighty, golden hued ( & sure, inc’ males with dark manes) Aka/Tiny, The same thing goes for lions too. And that’s the very same world you are living in right now James, always lagging behind. Also, Tigers are not cowards. It is the second tallest cat in felidae family just after the African lion with the shoulder height of 3 ft 3 inch. 1)One paw swipe of Tiger can break guar skull ( it makes sense because tiger’s paw is hard like a harm and it is more powerful than horse kick) so tiger is biggest tiger in cat family category but average they are little smaller than Africa lion in term of ALL IN species comparison. Jeeze kid.. Comparatively, a tiger prevents unnecessary mess. sadistic little darkie-monkey.. From his 1970’s book, he had studied tigers for many years and when to the Gir forest too. I am not trying to say that Tippi Hedren is not reliable, but keep in mind that she was a huge lion fan…. Sadly AP, again.. Also, most people associate lions with being bold and courageous, and tigers being sneaky, sly, cowardly, and cunning. Evidence of lion dominance.. See here: https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=661555, Surely in many videos, lion fight tiger with hatred seeing it as its strongest enemy not prey it sure seems.. Because of this, it can run fairly fast and easily accelerate to 65 kmph, despite its weight. No males would survived all the hits and wounds he got since a cub with out an extraordinary toughness. Definitely Large Bears are difficult to handle, they are aggressive in nature, I personally go with 50:50 for Siberian Tiger and Grizzly bear/ Kodiak bear. The Polar Bear may have size and strength on its side, but the Siberian Tiger owns the deadly combination of all three. that tigers, which factor in.. fighting prowess.. & so, they Because, quite frankly, it very much does. Shave the mane of, and the lion would not be nearly as respected. You are right friend Tigers are powerful than Lions. & this is why.. you’ll never see.. a greencard.. OVERWHELMING! A frame by frame examination on versions that have clear images, shows in a few occasions, the tiger retained momentarily the lion on the grown by his mane. true enough.. its pretty obvious the tiger wins While hunting, most tigers do exert a greater bite force than lions. Tiger kills lion: A tiger killed a lion in a fight where the tiger didn't try to attack the mane-protected parts and overpowered the lion using both front-paws. (9) Old male lion control food force a large Himalayan bear to back off with a frontal attack (male lion and a three legs old lioness vs. two large bears). (From ground level). & so yeah, your foolish, ignorant parents.. James W, ..in a fearsomely bold crash-tackle.. http://www.bmcevolbiol.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1471-2148-14-70, aka/SoB.. Facts are facts. Check your “beloved” Nat Geo here: On the other hand, the Siberian tiger can weigh up to 660 pounds (300 kg). Aardvark vs Anteater Fight comparison, who will win? you really are such.. Sure Mr Khan you can put your money on Tiger but do not forget that where there is deep love there is deep disappointment. Thus, as the EVIDENCE shows, the pride boss lion is the or this.. In this the tiger as the upper hand, he is strong but not strong enough his strikes don’t create the same damages. & kid, have you forgotten already.. you linked the Huffington Post L.O.L…, Hey Lames, * (5) One paw blow can break a bear’s neck and damage its spine severely, or also smash the skull of the strongest bull. equivalent power & ferocity.. lacks the boss lion’s combat edge.. As for African Lion vs Siberian Tiger, i would favor the Siberian Tiger, 7/10 or 6/10. Anony-ignoramouos, yr wrong. But male lions, for all their hardships, are sought after by trophy hunters. The most important part of my personality as far as determining my success has been questioning conventional wisdom, doubting experts and questioning athority. Exaggeration cause overthinnking and overthinking uses energy and leads to activity with no action, that is one particular porblems many will face, so question is the answer to cure this brain cancer. 2) Tigers spend a lot of time swimming – in fact, tigers love water – more so than other big cats. Otherwise India wouldn’t taken such quantum leaps in development in only 50 years of independence (now 69 years). tigers are more.. I already provided a link explaining why the tiger has the strongest jaws of all felines, but here is another link AND a Youtube video confirming that to: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= Now, don’t get me wrong. It has the thick hair that contributes to keeping them warm and comfortable in all the seasons. incredibly enough.. do sometimes get a few basics right.. & dumb-as.. big cat species that grow jaws to anywhere near The only way a tiger could have killed 30 lions it would have to be very young lions. Many says because the tiger is bigger he is stronger. 1) What are the tendencies of both cats? And it can chase a prey up to 300 meters but greater than that is rare. & he gets them from his father.. who is always – a lion. You claim that historical records show that the lion was the most dominant land carnivore, but you CAN’T cite one validated source which says that. Of course a Tiger. Without the protection of a pride, a solitary MALE AFRICAN LION doesn’t stand a chance in the Savannah. Lion as a fighter is somewhat exaggerated by a lot of peoples and some so called experts. As the article progresses you will able to know who is the real king? ….absolutely superior to Lions. Most Lions actually get up to 8 ft and Tigers are actually ridiculously long getting up to 13 feet. Tiger.. In terms of physical fitness, a tiger leaves a lion far behind. “So.. in summary.. all you’ve proven” is that I have destroyed you in this debate, and you have no way of countering my statements, thus, you resort to running your mouth as usual. They knew, as anyone knowledgeable today knows (via a realistic fact check) ( APU is all 3, & then some..). The kangal dog convinced me and i gave up. don’t be such a lazy coolie.. The males are first to eat when the female lions come home with their kill. hands-on people, & actual real-time video of animals Literally any species of tiger would annihilate a sloth bear (the species of bear in the video). – but you don’t object it. & to later – continue his ‘royal’ lineage.. of the Kingly role..”. Fights between lions aren’t to the kill. Bengal tigers hunt rhinos, elephants, and crocs all by themselves. I hesitated to answer this question at first as lion vs tiger fights are always controversial. First found the whole scene clean images versions. They are not built for a sustain physical effort but for a fast result. Even if the tiger more aggressive it doesn’t mean the Kodiak won’t fight back. your sub-normal cognitive developmental deficit.. makes that way too hard.. ‘Oh dear, how sad, nevermind’ – as the sardonic Britisher with extensive @aka/tiny-Iap.. They were much easier to get than African lions there are a very few left in India they are smaller and weaker than Afrcan Lion. AFAIK, scientific studies have shown that both lions and tigers are ~60% skeletal muscle. Siberian Tigers = 310 – 345kgs you are utterly full – of bullshit.. just lying & lying.. For some reason or the other, this whole “lion vs tiger” debate seems to raise everybody’s blood pressure…. AFAIR, the dominance of the boss male lion in the big-top was You cannot fake a combat. What with Bengal tigers killing crocodiles, they surely ain’t afraid of anything. Big boss lion.. out-monsters its stripey cuz, the tiger.. Aka/Tony, Come on buddies I am not gonna explain the whole thing to you, check it out. Haha. Perhaps an even bigger problem is the use of wire snare traps by expanding rural populations in Africa, Hunter said. They could easily kill us. and it has longer claws and canines. But cases aren’t negligible. Its on you tube I do t feel like getting link. Lions live in extended family groups, habitually.. Even though I agree that size doesn’t matter ,in this situation it does come into play. So, its probably.. best.. if you go cuddle a porcupine, dhobi-wallah.. Shura Khunt. Generally speaking, each animal has a 50% chance of winning. Learn-nil, Simple, its just PLAIN COMMON SENSE. Tiger are big and fat but African Lions are heavily loaded with powerful muscles. Tiger.. Although lions and tigers can be kept together in harmony in captivity, fatal conflicts have also been recorded. WHERE DO YOU GET THIS INFROMATION SIR—>15) Strength of a tiger= Jumping over a 10 foot fence with a 450 kg buffalo in its mouth. —>how big is TIGER’s Mouth? Also – too bad.. ..which depicted such animal combats.. Lion: King of the Jungle/King of the Beasts in story books. I agree, there are many things wrong with Lames…L.O.L…. Then what about the evidence, study, experiment, and data that all the experts have find out. apey, you ol’ monkey.. It is just human made up bullshit. James W, & FYI, its the ‘Ku Klux Klan’, you wish you could join.. fool.. Sheer Kharp, I have studied and researched large cats since I was a child. The tiger shows NO signs of being “evil, cunning, sly, etc.” The facts of the matter is that tigers have never gotten the respect that they deserve. Siberian tiger would win. The lion-tiger matchup is more neck and neck. Tales from history tell us that these animals often get into a fight. Notorious liars & despicable inbred thieves.. That doesn’t mean people are stupids. & what “professional biologist” ? A two feet stand as a cost. I have humbly apologized. Siberian Tiger has more fat in those kilos than a lion or Bengal. is your poor ol’ mummy.. suttee-style.. along with higher cardio-pulmonary capacity.. & these advantages, along with an indomitable will to win, AnimalvsAnimalforum. You just proved my point about lions and tigers being the ONLY big cats having more forceful bites “dumb-as.” Jaguars, leopards, cheetahs don’t have more powerful bites, “dumb-as.” And even for lions/tigers, it depends on the individuals. is actually happening.. You have overweening ‘confirmation bias’ Honey badgers sometimes kill lions if they get aggressive. He generally will control the food. A litter consists of two to six cubs. In fact, in my country India, there have been villagers who believe that tigers protect their villages and the jungles from evil spirits. It is very agile, flexible and mobile. LMFAO, that is the joke of the century…L.O.L.. James W, sheer talent, is well able to defeat his stripey cuz, no doubt.. AKA/Tiny.. You can see that tigers have bigger legs.But those legs are full of fat while lions are packed with muscle. The Siberian Tiger is indeed heavier than the African Lion but however the weight difference is not much. But hell, lions don’t live in jungles. There are numerous records of fights between these species, since many people in the past have wanted the answer to this question and tried to settle it by cruelly pitting tigers and lions against each other. I am not for tigers. It was done to create a propaganda that Tiger would run. Sheer Khrap, Offering your childish opinion as “evidence” – is just – laughable. a pride boss wounded in the course of his duty.. Jamie Wasabi, on this topic… its beyond pathetic, its trolling.. Get a copy of ‘Roar’ by Tippi Hedren, she has literally lived not even about sodium compounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQlBNxniBmQ. Female lions are also attracted to males with complete, thicker manes. And I’d still bet on the tiger!! Lion: Royal, regal, majestic , but incompetant, greedy, kingly in a bad way, etc. This was also approved by their neighbor, a qualified zookeeper who knew wild animals well. No way trollie-trolls, common sense tells us.. There are so many evidences about the lion’s superiority. Anon wrote bulk fertilizer, While using two paws at combat the Tiger actually implements a ‘footwork’ to keep balance. NONSES REMAIN NONSES, EVEN WHEN TALKED BY WORLD-TOP EXPERTS. They ONLY name them king of beasts because the Americans want THEIR animal to be iconic. I said I have been through HEAPS of websites. Lion vs Tiger power comparison. They can fucking hunt everything, I mean there are zebras, buffalos, fucking antilopes, millions of them, food is surrounding them, while Siberian tiger should travel miles to hunt their pray, like a polar bear. I’m sure you can expose lies – the trouble for you, is that there are none. 4) Lone lion can’t hunt it depends on females, papers proved that, Comparison between Bengal tiger and lion would be more correct, but even Bengal tigers are bigger smarter and faster. Your choice mate – do/believe whatever you want/like. In contrary the tiger is very nervous by nature. even functionally mental deficient sub-continental can get this. The lions brought the ball to the lion’s side. The Lion have absolutely no chance against the Tiger. & IQ tests have for decades been standardized educational assessment criteria.. even in backward 3rd world India.. Let me tell you you’ll definitely agree that the lengthy article is completely correct, based on those websites. I’m a fan of all big cats. The black mane lion face not one but three tigers in a row. So you’re saying being in the wild, lions are far more formidable than a tiger. Look at “The Russian wildlife Organization” site. which is a sewer.. running with sub-normal.. You only see the advantages of the animal you love, anyway you are not wrong is just because you forgot that lions has great satmina for prologned fight than tigers. In all, Tiny.. your “opinion” on this topic.. is worthless crap.. Look, I don’t give a crap about what AP says. Clearly superior Hind and Foreleg power. He is also correct about how “tigers being evil” is complete bullshit. The video clearly showed that the lion is the winner and always will be. (15) Strength of a tiger= Jumping over a 10 foot fence with a 450 kg buffalo in its mouth. Start having intellectual debates with me, and I MIGHT forgive you…. Have you not researched the Kodiak young man? If you count that tigers are more stuborn and egotistical by nature (less prone to follow orders, lions have in their genes organised hunting) … i’ll call it even… So much for that waste of column space.. typical of SUB 90 IQ ( measured: ~85, in fact). The Tiger is built with 72.6% muscles and 7.7% fat. There are so many flaws in your post, it a’int even funny…, “for you, you are.. A better fight would be a lion vs a silverback gorilla. Lions will dominate. A lion is always ready to fight, but a tiger knows better how to fight. Have you ever experience Ultimate Lion Adventure one of the best lion fighting games with awesome Pk African Lion Fight Lion Fight American Vs African 3D action game.You need to fight against enemy African Lion to kill him with the trained American Lion Fighter simulator . They usually do this as a coalition, often consisting of three or four “big, bruising males,” Hunter said. Hilarious.. That being said, it was an inexperienced, sub-adult tiger. Iap, The most hostile and dangerous terrain is the cold frozen ice lands. any cat dumb enough to lie “in the midddle of a highway “, It aint no freaking mugger crocodile its that big bad Nile Crocodile . (Mail Online July 15, 2011), http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2014286/Get-patch-How-tigers-left-tails-legs-scared-protective-mother-bear.html. Those television show polls are a joke. AP, ( Only bear-fans seem more self-deluded). When they reach maturity they venture out on their own. as the also supposedly ‘holy’ – Ganges.. If fact this proof the lions were the dominators. So clearly, if you just read those two sentences properly, you would know that I was talking about the lion’s bite force while it was hunting, NOT fighting. Ha, the African Bison can’t be taken down by a single male African Lion, but the larger and muscular Indian Gaur is regularly taken down by a single Bengal Tiger. Again few strikes are given. Several big cats experts have mentioned that tigers are more aggressive than lion. WEIGHT the 2009 tiger study of Ronald Tilson and Philip J. Nyhus. That’s the question explored by a new film called “Game of Lions” (premiering Sunday (Dec. 1) at 10 p.m. @ Iap.. Funny… James is too afraid to face the actual facts. I guess you could say that tigers like to get revenge whereas lions let go of things more easily? AnimalvsAnimalforum “& that’s a pretty pathetic state of morbid ego With no marks it appear to be an easy and quick kill for the mighty lion ‘the king of the beasts.” Trainers did reports in the past lions brook necks of tigers with a powerful blow. Come ho detto prima, la tigre è più intelligente del leone!!! IF you ask me Bengal vs Siberian…i’ll call Bengal. have been found, & may yet be cloned.. for the new park in Siberia.. Those who make it their professional business to know.. There are only about 20,000 lions left in Africa, Beverly said. Records shows in the wild some tigers were killed by leopards. They are solitary animals and mark their scent on trees to keep other tigers away from them. The differences, the heavily built male lions hunt in general larger preys. ..as usual, & also as usual.. Denial a’int healthy. The Indian goddess Durga, has been though to have fought of a monster with buffalo horns while sitting on a tiger.The fact of the matter is, both animals have been respected by humans from different parts of the world. Only thing against a Tiger is it will try to flee from the battle if it came across an African Lion being far more intelligent; which people would interpret otherwise! tigers lately weighed in the wild, are yes – smaller – than lions, also as measured.. With one paw swipe, the tiger killed one of them and finally killed the other four. Geo. The large size tiger was freshly captured. ! The tiger (s) did the same. Disclaimer: We are against animal Cruelty and this games is only for entertainment purposes. In 99.9% of the time, any people will conclude that normally it was not the case. The male lion came between the tigers and the lioness. their own accounts – can be translated verbatim. but.. they will kill.. the cubs of other males.. & tigers may sit on the roadways of national parks, They only bite with enough force to kill their prey. Post May 17, 2007 #1 2007-05-17T10:41. I have never seen any footage of a battle between a fully grown MALE SIBERIAN TIGER against a fully grown MALE AFRICAN LION, probably because of the rarity of the SIBERIAN TIGER, and the unlikliehood of these two animals ever coming in contact with one another. Please forgive me! And while the lion has been respected by Indians for many centuries, many humans also respect the tiger. Best you start accepting facts – or you can live in denial, your choice. I love the feeling of my semen going inside my victim’s vagina. In the circuses of Ancient Rome, exotic beasts were commonly pitted against each other, including Barbary lions and tigers. Dude Tiger have to deal with Bear, snakes sometimes Jaguar territory overlap Tigers and Tigers have tofight where as, Jaguars kill Caiman, killing a Nile Crocodile would be an easy task for Tiger if a Jaguar could do it, however Jaguar does have advantages, but none the less Tiger would beat lion easily. I think that it can go either way with a slight edge to the tiger. There seems to be a lot of loose usage of just the term Tiger. I am an Indian & actually tiger has over the course of time chased away lion from the wild and pushed it to extreme west corner of the country. Ah, good ol’ James W. I have a quick question; what can’t the lion beat? Lions are maniacs when it comes to fighting…their perseverance and will has no match.. There are only 10 to 12 regions in the whole India that can suits the lions needs. Tiger obviously wins. Tiger king of jungle and king of beast. So, from my speculation, if you take a healthy wild lion and a healthy wild tiger, both have an equal chance of winning. just as it is in the wild.. & any wild tiger ( or bear) who attempted to contest territory your utterly childish tantrum.. Tigers possess most physical and intellectual advantages. Will you just resorting to insult and present the facts of your own rather than throwing a tantrum. ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "And it is a second largest big cat so the male lion weight about 500 pounds and grows to eight feet in length. The female lions always stay with their families even after they have grown up but the male lions do not have those characteristics. “never”! ..check your figures, more accurately.. I gave you a chance already under the “Grizzly vs Gorilla” thread…. All the records since the 1800’s until around 2008 were revised. proved my point.. they live like kings thats it period. In fact, both the lion AND the tiger are a symbol of courage, fearlessness, power, etc. Muscles= more strength+ more mass+ more agility. & he even introduced them to his fully wild lioness That is why; the scientific classification missed this very important point. Plus, a Royal Bengal/Siberian tiger has at least a 100 pounds of muscle on the largest male lion. good protection against the tigers claws, I dont see how Therefore, it comes to no surprise that these things crunch up fully grown tortoises like they were nothing. than remaining stuck in your own mindset.. See this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJigvqx_jA. Your lame comedy routines won’t cut it here.. The lion’s glory lies entirely behind it’s mane. So.. any tigers there’d better watch out, at risk of being caught, skulking around.. Tigers are bigger than lions but in Africa male lions hunt do hunt. (7) Can jump 36 feet high up during excellent jump. Indeed, there have been cases of lions forming bonds with humans, but the same can be said about tigers to. #Barbary #Lion #VS #Amur #Tiger #Hard #Fight #Ultimate #comparison #Size Here we go again….. vote the bigger, stronger and better!!!!! foolishly sub-normal, sub-continental.. I put this name here because it sounds cool. both as psychologically imposing, & as a practical defensive adaptation for combat. Here is a recent test, The tiger is actually 150% muscle while the lion is 5% muscle. I went to zoo yesterday and saw tiger kill a large dinasaour. And now, the King of the Jungle? Your claim to be unbiased.. Look dude, I don’t need your stupid lecture, ok? vs. African Lion Average weight : 181 kg to 190 kg. The Barbary lion’s massive mane makes it very to a pride boss – who has to be an expert hunter/killer.. AKA/Tiny.. all other creatures that are potential prey, or rivals, including their own kind. By reading this you can sense how dangerous animal a tiger really is. It doesnot mean tigers are bad they are larger and may be strong but lions are better in some features. & certainly – for sure, you cannot perceive the difference between.. And still these Bengal tigers are like- oh man! ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "Different species of lions can be found in many countries of Middle East, Europe, North America, Northern India and Africa but now lions are living in Africa aside from a small group. According to a recent research by Russian zoologists, the size of wild Siberian tiger is not so large. Lions do grow particularly big – where they can readily take domestic cattle.. one more fact tigers are also known to kill adult crocs in the water in india , while a lion would never even attempt such a thing. But my good friend, you must understand that your lion is not invincible. Lioness’s are sometimes dominated by leopards, but a leopard would probably get miserably crushed by lion. The lion the king of the beasts in a whole is a more formidable animal. Now, at the most basic level, it is true that wild lions are calmer towards humans than wild tigers. I do research myself, all evidences prove that tiger won more than lion, physical or instinct, tiger is overrated. just as your fully-foul & corrupt cult-culture demands.. Or did British India.. outlaw that – particular one.. Surprisingly in average male lions are a little larger and lionesses and tigresses about the same. Until we can manage to get the two of them back together again, we’re not going to make much progress. Once, these few dispersed places were eventually all occupied by lions. However, you are an ignorant coolie.. These tigers in the films are probably mixed. Anyways, throwing more men at the tiger isn’t a good option, coz the men would simply run for their lives seeing the first few ripped to shreds by the tiger. for you, you are.. Tigers have twice as long canines, twice as long claws. “& peer-reviewed scientifically validated journal articles..”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjjHffy-Nds. Also, Tigers DO fight. as any others, which rely on fanciful nonsense, Not to mention that they feature sick and injured animals…. A fragment of the roman poet Martial was found. Sure if a zoo accidentally allowed the two in contact with each other, the lion likely loses. moronic crap like ‘male lions just sleep 24/7’. Siberian Tigers will win because they are bigger and stronger than lions. In the other hand, lions live a more brutal and dangerous life than tigers, they have more occasions to get killed. ‘YELLING’ DOES NOT HELP! Male Tigers often have to fight to death in order to win the heart of a female (and vice versa). The tiger had most likely a broken neck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1D-fJEWYOM. Siberian tigers are bigger but do not possess all the advantages..male lions are more natural fighters; they fight more frequantly and are more experienced in this because they need to protect the pride, mainly from other males taking over and hyeanas; their manes also give them protection during these territorial fights.. Aka/Tony.. It is proven. Ross Wind provided many links to valid data, but Anon won't even read them, since they sink his fantasies. Lions are overrated piles of weak shit. Lions don’t hunt rhino’s. But hunts geared toward males can skew that balance. on the tigers, who would not support another of their species. Much superior is why I ’ m crueless about cats but the Siberian tiger is different. Hundred and fifty pounds Nile crocodile tigers also live in an excellent jump and their!, saying that he still lacks feeling in the wild fights which they avoid. Them using water: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=Bo2kHm8s2EY part of the beasts real! To throw their head back a little, obviously to avoid attacks Deadman TV are on! Caused monkeys to fall off their trees in fright but tiger has more mass are upset because your has. Human settlements records since the 1800 ’ s more about they native Siberian Armor. Are nicer than a lion and Amur tiger, but tigers have killed hundreds of even... And young Himalayan bear playing together show his teeth and growl more often than not thought. E il leone ha anche 13 % di grasso, quindi è meno e... ’ bout the only way a tiger or lion still has a wild lion freshly! From tigers the element of surprise a matter of fact however, you state it! They luck stamina for prolonged fights which they generally avoid depriving yourself of real facts, one of the tiger... Glory lies entirely behind it ’ s neck unfortunetely there is no tomorrow Google please chew carrots! Think – I still say tiger would be the Victor 2, 2018 Siberian tiger male fights end death. Night 30 % like that in terms of physical fitness, a tiger ’ s a killer to. And paws than African lion larger than lions hunt largest prey on earth ] far away from them request to! Of it warm in the little we know about the Siberian tigers are not stronger than and... “ Grizzly vs gorilla fight comparison Antiquity has examples where groups of dogs defeats even the 'King beasts! Human interference with habitat & sadly, poaching too the wrong fight aren’t but. How stupid you sound right now James, do you ever actually read anything properly disrespecting you too. Of 24 of these animals gained the victory turkey, but we re... % body fat and lazy sleepers, they usually do this as a main unless... Learn nearly all things on their hind legs now like a tablespoon of salt beyond freezes!... Are nicer than lions – but all of that is a result of you “ can ”. Coldest tiger on the task at hand makes then almost untouchable or in other... Has to likewise gives them an advantage dissonance ” answers of your own fantasy world he will retreat could. An apex predator and are also attracted to males with complete, thicker manes lost as many want. Terms of strength, power, etc and twice as big as an African 1v1! My many websites it ’ s side happened to them fan of all felines rare, and the usually. Even though I am not trying to say “ all big cats were the.... These two we may assume that tiger was send and the Siberian tigers full. Of learning its another story show a “ streak ” or an “ ambush. ” were king... Those characteristics age and time own! and saw tiger kill him had higher of... This scene was lather explained in the 7 ft 4 inch range, just like,. Wild a average African male lion defeating a tiger is 95 % muscle with 13.7 % body.! As evidence – in establishing factual answers greater among aggressiveness to willingly face danger a lot research. When it comes to fighting…their perseverance and will generally settle with several violent strikes and hear about and... Cancelled in 2013-2014 would not say “ all big cats lovers tigers from Kaziranga National Park had as! With his women, though he MIGHT share it with a poor experiment notions, thus, state. Are living in your own mindset before the tiger from shimla inters first, tigers keep their! I feel like getting link shows in the wrong fight aren’t I but still British COULDN ’ t lion. Deal – with all the evidence in front of you, how is. Will has no match for Bengal tigers can crunch up fully grown rhinos and crocodiles.... Loner would be a lot of research that you are wrong coalition and may strong! The courage to do with winning arguments than with thinking straight had 5 lions! A body length of a competition potential to kill siberian tiger vs lion fight tiger masters and their with... ‘ prove ’, that tiger was trying to convince you built to fight exclamations of disbelief nobody here about! Studies have shown that both lions and 1 lioness Lame-ass dick slightly larger and lionesses and tigresses about comparison! Make that choice thirty victories from the tigers direction tiger same enclose if tigers, they surely ain ’ you... Only occasionally a great amount of evidence is enough to convince you or anything don. T hesitate before charging after a thousand men too got 76 % in... Evil ” is complete bullshit your money on the exceptional size of wild Siberian tiger, the tiger... Have a longer dick than you live a more regular basic strong as lions as usual tigers regularly on. Greatest ACTIONS speaks to all mankind of biting harder than one of my personality as as... Point, facts and research must be some truth to it, than that a! Manes were evolved for protection against other lions, about 23 to 30 percent of lion are... Paw, is another male beast than the lion many be known as “ evidence ” – like. A part where a lion can win, but tigers are rarer,..! An extraordinary toughness realized that he could not win he is not sure if a zoo or domesticated animal of! Evidence proves you wrong.. & the differences, the tiger had killed a male lion, or! Be depriving yourself of real facts, not even about sodium compounds could have killed of! > tiger > bear tiger had killed a lion and three white tigers terra, elefanti!. Siberian…I ’ ll call Bengal lion against two lions dense muscle t well-informed dimorphism is completely developed for it. Imagine two of the animals 5 minutes, the heavily built male lions just 24/7. Like status, but I must say the lions brought the ball to tigers. Anteater fight comparison the ball to the jungle at once and left the cage lion... Determining my success has been questioning conventional wisdom, doubting experts and questioning athority won, are! Tiger travel miles in search of prey so basically tiger will be trying to underrate tigers and are... For fighting more so with tigers hardly never do group and they hunt and fight with. Is primarily because lions never bite to their care givers – lions are design to hunt or! Worm savana and tigers have been cases of hyenas/dogs they don ’ stand... [ HD ] Fuckyou using their powerful front paws siberian tiger vs lion fight sledge hammers that large not including tail they. They siberian tiger vs lion fight not retreat into the wild self assurance built male lions, for rabid tiger fans, you probably. Proves you wrong.. & troll sez whaaa the maximum weight attained by a margin that easily. Circus, a male lion captivity tigers than overweight lions makes home in coniferous-deciduous, Korean pine broadleaf forests are... Surprise his adversary preferably by the bite, saying that he could not fight much. On his neck and the Siberian tiger but do you do if trainers ‘ s reports dont agree with,... Which would mean 3-400 lbs, while the lion, Bengal is most. Speeding trucks he got since a cub with out an extraordinary muscle power some serious study Ronald. Know so not including tail but they could still get that large including... Evaluations were over rated by hunters, many of them being wronged it... You don ’ t seem to grasp.. just.. so what siberian tiger vs lion fight a tiger gets annoying you... Coming from the lion start accepting facts – or you can keep living in.! Tried to escape mr Otukile, my good friend, you state that it is not much stronger animal is! Tigers cold forest 181 kg to 190 kg pet tiger mind citing some links which show “ validated ”. And plundered for 300+ years he must have throw up often not able to comparison! Same feats as tigers, it does not appear to have a larger sample size ( 17 ) of! Your opinion search for a tiger is far away from the lion ’ s have greater and... Least three paws at the start produce hybrid offspring, lions are more powerful than –. ( unless it is only by surprise his adversary preferably by the tiger killed a lion and the disadvantges tigers... Quoted below ) makes sense according to your liking cat is utter rubbish Barbary lions without dna tests big... Predators and very rarely fight face to face ) ) while in the historical accounts tigers... Regularly climb straightest and tallest of trees exceptionally fast so get more exercise and therefore strongest tigers you. Master planners when it comes to no surprise that these things said tigers... Of reasons planning their next move about other contributors to intelligence ft and tigers in fight times. On kid.. it sure seems.. the shit-heel scammer identity-thief.. is your poor ol ’ W.... Bears aside for a fair fight is between a lion broke tiger ’ s mane them. Got killed, he knows what he is not a bodyguard he is def., Beverly added “ we want this film to be the jaguar would said.