(*Granted, I already knew that my body does not react very strongly to nettle’s stings. Wenn you got stinged, look for Dock Plants. I’m scared! When used medicinally, nettles are often dried and made into a tea, or even better, an infusion. Well, clearly I had a lot to learn, because after some research I’ve found that stinging nettles are one of the most nutritious edible and medicinal wild plants out there. It’s best to use the most tender tips of the plant for cooking. Copyright © 2020 Grow Forage Cook Ferment & Cocos Creations LLC. Hi Colleen! Can I refrigerate the rest? Marinated nettles are even better. The juise will help, when you rub the leaves over the sting. The trip turned out to be quite a success, and my friend and I found and collected a large bag of stinging nettles. I would be the one to not get all the sting out before trying it. I reached for one of the youngest plants I could find (about 2 inches tall) and after feeling no sting, folded it in half and shoved it into my mouth. Stinging Nettle may be one of the most nutrient dense plants you could ever hope to eat. This year, though, my first nettle encounter was met with a new excitement and slight trepidation. dried stinging nettle leaf to 16 oz. Please see my, « Homemade Reuben Sandwich (100% Home Fermented). The plant is considered an herbaceous perennial, meaning that it has herbal properties and grows back in the same areas year after year. ago. I’m relatively new to your email newsletter but have been enjoying it greatly! Please see my Privacy Policy. How much nettle tea do you have to drink to achieve this? ( Log Out /  Here are the best ways to remove the sting so you can enjoy the flavor of nettles, risk-free, in your meals: –Blanching (drop leaves into boiling water for 30 seconds, followed immediately by placing the leaves into ice cold water, which stops the cooking process). Stinging nettle, another medicinal plant commonly grouped into the weed category, is known for its painful, sting and tendency to invade a garden. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The next day, I coughed up blood. If you want to learn more about the edible and medicinal weeds that surround us and how to use them, check out my eBook: Wildcrafting Weeds: 20 Easy to Forage Edible and Medicinal Plants (that might be growing in your backyard)! I just signed up for your email course and look forward to learning more! I use nettle tea for allergies or sickness. The Romans used to flog themselves with nettles in Celtic Britain. I wear rose gloves, which cover my forearms. It grows particularly well in the Pacific Northwest because of all the rain we get here, and March and April are the best time to go looking. Last updated on June 18, 2019. I’ve been interested in foraging for stinging nettles for quite a while now, but I have to admit that I was a bit scared because of the “stinging” part. Stinging nettle might have an effect like a water pill or "diuretic." Have you ever gone foraging for stinging nettles? After an initial sting and itch, the annoyance usually has subsided within minutes. You can also use them in your soup stock or green smoothies (blanched). All that to say, a special part squeals inside of me whenever I come across a patch of nettles. My husband has arthritis and so he harvests them for me and getting stung gives him his yearly dose of pain relief! You see, about a month ago, I had been watching one of naturalist Adam Haritan’s thoroughly informative videos on stinging nettle. The Romans used to flog themselves with nettles in Celtic Britain. You can unsubscribe at any time. And don’t forget the seeds in sommer! If I’m going to dry them do I still need to blanch first? gracilis) is native, while the other (U. dioica ssp. Lithium interacts with STINGING NETTLE. …Well, after hearing his account, I was determined to try it myself this spring. I encourage you to do your own research and know your body’s reaction to the sting before attempting to do the same!!). Nettles tend to like stream banks and disturbed areas. Stinging Nettle Herb Plants For Sale 3 - Stinging Nettle Plants For Sale !! So last spring, I decided to pick some & steam it like he said, saving the liquid from the steam process. I keep most dried for tea, but also make tincture from the fresh leaves and or roots. While no plant I encountered was over a foot tall yet, there were definitely some over 5 inches tall. . Normal leather garden gloves would work great. I hang the harvested nettle to dry for a week or so, shaking the bag well at least once per day. If you look at the leaves and stems of a stinging nettle closely, or use a magnifying glass, you'll see these tiny little things sticking out of the leaf surface, and they are hollow. There was a time when I nearly lived on Nettles and I was healthier than I’ve ever been. Firstly, they are a very nutritious food. And since that was my first time ever gathering nettles, the delicious aroma of fresh or cooking nettles has forever been paired in my memory with that refreshingly wild space outside London. They are particularly high in vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium. This is more time-consuming and less energy efficient, though. Nettle tea is a natural diuretic that … Nettle Soup is excellent! Nettle, or stinging nettle because of its stinging properties, is used both as a culinary herb and medicinally to treat various ailments, including those affecting the kidneys. Here are some ideas for making use of the free food and fertiliser that this under-appreciated weed has to offer. I like to roast them a bit and mix them in honey. Nettle tea is an herbal infusion made from stinging nettle leaves and, in some cases, even its roots. If, like my husband, you are suffering from seasonal allergies, stinging nettle can help. . Urtica dioica, often known as common nettle, stinging nettle (although not all plants of this species sting) or nettle leaf, or just a nettle or stinger, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae.Originally native to Europe, much of temperate Asia and western North Africa, it is now found worldwide, including New Zealand and North America. She whispers strength that flows from her fibrous roots, and smiles the truth in the sting of her tiny needles. No! It stimulates the movements of the bowel and is therefore recommended as a spring course of treatment. Removing the sting and some culinary uses. They have so much to offer! I was encouraged by the local knowledge in this area because the nettles, at least in this park, grew so prolifically that it would be truly a shame for the plant to go unappreciated and utilized by the local population. I was quite impressed that local people not only knew right off what we were picking, but ALSO, they knew a good use for it. Also Read:How to Harvest Stinging Nettle, How to Prepare and Use Stinging Nettle, How to Dry Stinging Nettle I’ve been picking and enjoying stinging nettle for over 10 years, ever since I brewed a batch of stinging nettle tea for campers at Camp Wasaga after I took a course with biologist and wild edibles expert Laura Reeves of Prairie Shore Botanicals. They are super nutrious. Stinging Nettle is our best blood cleansing and blood building herb. After plucking the stalks of some of the shortest plants, I carefully reached for the stalks of progressively older plants. Stinging Nettle Tincture. Learn more. The funny thing is that they won’t always sting you right away, especially if you grab them hard, or with rough and calloused fingertips. I found out the hard way after a foraging class I took with Landon Cook. … I could not have imagined how little truly wild space could exist in a city before visiting London. Each spring without fail, this smell brings me back to London, where I studied during my last trimester of college. Because of its high concentration of minerals, nettles are also commonly used for bone ailments such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Wear rubber gloves, long sleeves and pants. If you can’t find any nettles, or it’s the wrong time of year for collecting, you can purchase dried nettles from Mountain Rose Herbs. In his video, Adam states that you can safely harvest and eat nettles without fearing the sting in late winter or early spring when the nettles are no taller than 2 inches. Singing Nettle Farm is a certified organic, off-grid, horse-powered farm located in Brooks, Maine.We offer fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers directly to local customers through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in Brooks and Belfast, and through the Marsh River Co-op in Brooks Village. Her skirts rustle softly as she walks, a delicate breeze in dark green leaves. I’ve read that its important to not pick them once they start to flower because of the huge increase in the amount of Silica. May Reduce Inflammation. ( Log Out /  The nettle has sharp hairs on its leaves. Stinging nettles – my new early spring trail snack! I don’t take anything for my allergies except nettles. Stinging nettle is found throughout the world, from sea level to 10,000 feet above sea level, and is native to North America, Europe, and Asia. (If you really have your eyes open, you might be able to find new nettle growth in late fall too.) My older, neighbor told me how the Stinging Nettle was such a great herb plant over 2 yrs. The sting did persist for several hours, although it was more annoying than painful. While we did not use the nettles for tea, we did, however, make a huge batch of delicious nettle and squash soup. I would mix them with rice and eggs for breakfast. Since it has a good influence over the pancreas, it assists in lowering the blood sugar. I have an abundance of Nettle I harvest in Spring and early October. Anti-microbial. May contain affiliate links or sponsored content. Pickled nettles are a delightful appetizer. Wanted to share here that we harvest nettles every spring and then dry them to make a tincture for the next spring. Many use this tonic for relief from adrenal fatigue symptoms, anemia, allergies, liver health, hormone balance, and so much more! Just had nettle soup for lunch. She fills me with chlorophyll dreaming. We have lots of nettle growing on our land. . Yes, you could make a stinging nettle tincture if you like! It took me a couple of tries to get the sting, but when it happened I knew it! Deep in the woods? Once they are dry the sting is gone. Unless you’re crazy, you’ll want to avoid getting stung, so wear gloves. Or make your Nettle a house plant and keep it all year. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. They must be steamed or blanched in boiling water first to dispel the sting, but after that you can eat them like any green. I hope that you will, armed with gloves, still eagerly seek out this plant to incorporate into your diet this spring. Finding nettles is usually quite easy, and they grow in every Canadian Provence and US state, with the exception of Hawaii. It’s truly a miracle plant! So, I was not overly concerned about being wrong in this experiment. I mean, I know that you can (and should) wear gloves while collecting, but then what? Yes, for a day or two. I think I once read they are also help combat allergies…? True to its name, stinging nettle imparts a painful sting through tiny hairs on the underside of its leaves and on its stems. That’s where I drew the line after feeling a few stings here and there as I gathered from progressively taller plants. They are wonderful sauteed in butter, or you can even turn them into nettle pesto! I’ve dried for tea and have cooked in water then drained and eaten with salt and pepper. Here are some links for further reading on nettles: I think some nettle pesto and nettle chips(!) Nettle infusions are inexpensive, easy to make at home, and absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. They are also known as an all around tonic for women’s reproductive system, and are often used when trying to conceive, as well as throughout pregnancy (check with your doctor or midwife before using it during pregnancy). One of the best parts was having multiple Londoners come up to us, asking if we were going to be making tea with the nettles – like it was the most natural thing to be picking them! Stinging nettle rash presents as raised bumps or hives that are often light in color and up to a centimeter in diameter. I share information on foraging and wildcrafting, fermenting and preserving, cooking whole foods from scratch, permaculture gardening, and making herbal products. She comes to me in my deepest sleep. I want to inspire you to live seasonally, become more self sufficient, and protect your health. If you have ever had arthritis or carpal tunnel, stinging yourself deliberately provides dramatic relief due to the formic acid and histamines that the plant helpfully injects into you. Great food for free Following Christ always will look peculiar. hot water. A light brush with the back of your hand, though, and you’re likely to feel it for sure. 12 Ways to Preserve Apples: Canning, Freezing, Drying + More! Originally published on March 22, 2016. Your email address will not be published. I’ve also dried nettles in the dehydrator by snipping off leaves and the top of stalks. (Yes, he does still wear gloves, but sometimes it’s inevitable.) Not good. I’m also very interested in the medicinal qualities of nettles, and may try an infusion, possibly with other herbs. Know anything about that? They also often grow in masses, forming a monoculture. Nettles are also a potent medicinal plant. And so when I finally encountered the plant, I knew it was my chance to test this out. I like to pluck the stalk (with about 3 sets of new leaf pairs on it) just above the next lowest leaf pair. dioica) is introduced. the almost umami aroma of dried nettles is so wonderful! Also very good against allergies. This will also subscribe you to the Grow Forage Cook Ferment newsletter. Made with organic ingredients from the USA. Now, if this account does not inspire you to eagerly search out a patch of early nettles to taste raw for yourself, I’d like to make clear that there are MANY other ways to consume this highly nutritious plant. Realize, you must use great care when raising and preparing it for use. It was approaching the end of the term, and I had become unbelievably claustrophobic. Allergy Relief. With that said, stinging nettle is one of the most well researched wild edibles and has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient Greek times. I have some growing in one part of my back yard. Description: Although they can reach greater heights, stinging nettles usually grow to about three to four feet tall. The nettles are such a gift! The leaves have distinctly serrated edges, with each leaf margin looking like a row of pointed teeth. Stinging nettle is a very safe herb when used appropriately — although, there are a few precautions to take when starting to use it. The gather + root online foraging course will help you to safely identify, harvest, and use common edible and medicinal plants with confidence. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. All spring, I had been researching more and more wild edibles, but had come across nothing I could feel safe about gathering. ( Log Out /  Stinging nettle occurs in New England as two subspecies, one (Urtica dioica ssp. Hoping to make an infusion with my dried nettles and converting to salve. Yesterday, I stopped by one of my favorite nettle spots and happily discovered that the first stalks had already made an appearance. Stinging nettle infusions are incredibly nourishing tonics that can help support overall health and wellness. It thrives in nitrogen-rich soils of moist woodlands, streams, waste places, and pastures. How can this plant that literally stings you be beneficial? In this video I was shocked when he explained that nettles can be eaten raw – not by delicately and carefully folding a leaf in just the right way and squishing it in your fingers before fearfully putting it into your mouth. We made nettle soup and nettle pesto and, silly me, I ate A LOT of it that day. The real question is, why would you even want to collect stinging nettles? I shudder to think of it! Urtica dioica L. - stinging nettle URDI in the state of Maine. Very yummy. I fell into a large patch when I was a little girl. A Persistent and Useful Weed Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) originated in Europe but now grows on every continent … I use tongs to harvest them instead of gloves. The stinging hairs, called trichomes, are hollow like hypodermic needles with protective tips. We are proud to be certifed vegan. However, not all populations have been documented, so some gaps in the distribution shown above may not be real. It contains compounds that actually inhibit histamine release and reduce inflammation. All that to say, a special part squeals inside of me whenever I come across a patch of nettles. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. They were great. No, instead, he described simply taking the young spring stalks and eating them directly. I think she was pretty confused when I excitedly asked her if I could pull them all out and keep them. It might be better to blanch and freeze them if you have a lot. Turns out it wasn’t that bad, but I can see that if you were walking through a field of nettles in flip flops it wouldn’t be pleasant! They seem to like shady moist areas, look along shady gravel roads and stream banks. In fact, nettle is approved in some European countries, such as Germany, for treating certain kidney aliments. Your email address will not be published. They grow in any kind of soil and come back early each Spring. Please also be aware that stinging nettle is a blood thinner. If you see a group of such plants, look for those noxious bristly hairs along the stems of the plants and on the undersides of their leaves. Where would I have the best chance in finding them? I don’t have any growing in my yard, but fortunately, for me, my neighbor has (had) a ton! It’s best to harvest nettles when they are young, before they flower and set seed. Local residents can also enjoy our seasonal produce at Ralph's Cafe. No, they don’t need to be blanched before drying. Here in SW Washington the Nettle is home and food for butterflies and other beneficial insects, so never deplete a source. Stinging nettle, or Urtica dioica, is a common plant that grows in the United States, Canada, and Europe.It primarily grows in damp, fertile soil. If so, how have you prepared them? Rich in plant protein, it also has high levels of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, beta-carotene, and incredible amounts of iron. Stinging nettle leaves also taste Bitter and Pungent. https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/nettle_soup/ I was extremely intrigued by nettles at my first harvest season. use in dishes just as you would use spinach, blanched nettles patted dry store really well in the freezer to preserve for later in the year, toss the leaves whole or chopped into soups in the last 5 minutes of cooking, nettles also contribute a wonderful flavor to blended soups with potatoes or leeks, for example, without heat, nettles can be blended in the food processor and enjoyed raw, makes a great addition to pesto (think of combining with other spring edibles like dandelion greens, cleavers, wild onion, ramps, or chickweed), I imagine it would be very tasty to blend into a green salad dressing, larger nettle stalks can be (carefully) tied together in bundles and hung to dry. Or, if you have arthritis, I suppose you could go old school and use your hands. Increase Your Energy Levels: Nettles are used as a traditional spring tonic to strengthen and support … are in my near future. I do want to pick some, though, so will try the gloves and the tongs when I find some. Smaller, younger leaves are more heart-shaped. You see, about a month ago, I had been watching one of naturalist Adam Haritan’s thoroughly informative videos on stinging nettle. The lesson I learned was not to be over eager and take everything in small doses. If you have ever had arthritis or carpal tunnel, stinging yourself deliberately provides dramatic relief due to the formic acid and histamines that the plant helpfully injects into you. It remedies disorders and inflammation of the urinary passage and suppression of urine. Inflammation is your body’s way of healing itself and fighting infections. Steep for 2-3 minutes. I love to powder my dried nettles in a coffee grinder and add this powder to eggs, soups, savory breads, salad dressings, cookies, cake… almost anything can be improved with nettles in my opinion. The possibilities seem endless! But I have a field of them in the back so, this weekend I’m harvesting them and using them like spinach in our eggs. Preventing kidney stones and other urinary and bladder problems. Stinging nettle may seem like a risky herb to grow, but you can’t overlook its benefits. Keep in mind that the stinging hairs cover the plant, but are the most dense on the stem. I’ve also recently found out that nettles can also be used for fiber, animal feed, and as a type of rennet for cheese making. They are commonly used for kidney and bladder problems, including urinary tract infections. Great article with lots of helpful information. How to Harvest Stinging Nettles. The flowers grow along stems that shoot out fr… Stinging nettles are fairly easy to identify, but if you’re unsure you can always give them a little touch to find out for sure. When you have a runny, stuffy nose it dries it up very well. Our county data are based primarily on the literature, herbarium specimens, and confirmed observations. There is nothing that smells more like the fresh greenness of spring to me than a bag full of fresh stinging nettles. I recommend gathering the new leaf growth on this plant anytime in spring before it flowers. What to Forage in Fall: 30+ Edible and Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms, How to Make Soap For Beginners + Calendula Soap Recipe, Homemade Deodorant Recipe with Lavender and Sage, How to Make a Gallon of Mead: A Simple Mead Recipe. The native species can be recognized in that male and female flowers appear on a single plant (monoecious), and the plant has only sparse stinging hairs, especially on the stem. The so-called "five elements" theory in Chinese Medicine states that the taste of TCM ingredients is a key determinant of their action in the body. Old Nettle Woman leads me to the creek side. To brew the tea, add 1 tsp. Stinging Nettle has many health ben The flowers are greenish; they are very small but numerous. I live in southern Ontario, it’s late March- will I be able to find nettles now? It’s also best to harvest young plant parts, preferably in the spring. Do you know if this is true? They're made of silica, the same stuff that sand is made from. I make nettle beer, nettle flatbread, nettle tonic, and eat them as a vegetable. Urtica dioica. This was primarily a foray for violets, so the nettles strewn in there all were, by necessity, gathered gloveless. So as the term wrapped up and I found myself with free time, I planned a trip with a friend to the outskirts of the city to Hampstead Heath in search of wild spaces. Chris - The answer is that stinging nettles have - all over their leaves - lots of tiny needles. I will never forget the awful stinging so have carried that fear into my adult life. Where to buy Stinging Nettle near me? Stinging Nettle is easy to plant fast to grow. Precautions When Using Stinging Nettle. Stinging nettle is a plant that grows in North America, Europe, and Africa. Stinging nettle has a long and diverse history of use for food, medicine, cordage, and dye. Since I had no gloves with me on this particular walk through the woods, I plunged into this experiment partially out of convenience. (In the states, I would be shocked and amazed if I bumped into even one person in a park who had this kind of knowledge.) All that the many city parks consisted of was acres and acres of mown grass, cultivated (yes, beautiful) flowers, scattered (yes, impressively old) trees, and constructed ponds or carefully edged riverways. So, for the daring or the more cautious alike, I hope each of you will have a special excitement if you happen to stumble across a patch of stinging nettles this spring. There’s a definite reason that I don’t have any tattoos, as I’m not super excited about voluntarily inflicting pain on my own body. Traditionally, nettle is used topically on wounds and it looks like science backs this … Sign up to join the waiting list for the gather + root online foraging course here so that you are the first to know when it opens for enrollment. The leaves can be easily dried on a drying screen or in a dehydrator. I have spring allergies and the nettle tincture works wonders! I use large paper grocery bags and poke holes all around as they are my picking and drying bags. I even found a few among some thick blackberry brambles. The stinging nettle is a plant found practically all over the world. My online foraging course is a great way to learn about wild edible and medicinal plants! Riverside? More so than any other plant, the aroma of freshly picked stinging nettles has an ability to transport me to a different place and time. ( Log Out /  Let me know if it helps. Don’t know if it will be worth the time or not…but the soup is! Change ), The nettle powder remaining from last spring. It is one of the first forest floor plants to appear in the spring. They say stinging nettles taste the same like spinach if you boil it and chop it up Not sure where I seen it but it was somewhere about making stinging nettles edible?? I hold the stem of the nettle plant and snap the tops off. This year, though, my first nettle encounter was met with a new excitement and slight trepidation. When harvesting: A lways harvest stinging nettle with thick gardening gloves to avoid being stung. …Back to Wisconsin. Wildcrafting Weeds: 20 Easy to Forage Edible and Medicinal Plants (that might be growing in your backyard), gather + root online foraging course here, Harvesting Nettles for Spinning and Weaving, https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/nettle_soup/. once dried, store coarsely crushed nettles in air-tight containers and use in tea. Taking stinging nettle might decrease how well the body gets rid of lithium. And that’s just the beginning! . Come back later in spring, and you will probably find that two new leaf stalks grew from where the stalk was cut. The skin surrounding the hives may be red. You just have to be a little careful while collecting and preparing, but after that it’s all good… and good for you! Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Snow is nearly gone. Definitely wear gloves while collecting to avoid the stinging hairs as much as possible. Required fields are marked *. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Fold them and eat them raw scares the kids heh heh heh. I make nettle beer, nettle flatbread, nettle tonic, and eat them as a vegetable. After thoroughly enjoying the fresh nettle flavor, I was relieved to conclude that Adam Haritan’s assertions were completely accurate. the medicinal thought is interesting but ive been stung TOO many times to think about putting them in my mouth. If you’re a gardener who enjoys raising non-traditional herbs in your garden, stinging nettle could still be your herb of choice. And if you already have experience with nettles, please leave a comment with some of your favorite ways of using this special herb. Click the map above to view a larger image. Vitamins A, C, D and B complex are all in this wonderful plant as well. Old Nettle Woman finds me. Nettles are an awesome superfood, and they have a large amount of many vitamins and minerals. It has been used as an herbal remedy for thousands of years.