Gear History; If you looked at electric guitars through the lens of genealogy, the Stratocaster and Telecaster would seem like brothers born three years apart. Try again. Messages 6,764. Reactions: derekd. Fender Player Stratocaster HSH Pau Ferro Fingerboa. I've since bought other used Strats that came HSS and swapped them over to SSS. All of these Strats feature a newly revised two-point vibrato and trio of newly Alnico V single coils. 6 x SSS strat 2 x HH strat 1 x HSH strat 0 x HSS . Don't Miss. The usual reason for HSH is to get the ‘Strat’ sounds in the 2 and 4 positions on the switch, but in fact you can get pretty close to the same sort of sound if you split the two humbuckers to the inner pair of coils - a 24-fret guitar does this better than a 22 since the spacing is more similar. Mim or Mia. It sounds great, but it's not exactly classic Strat sound. The only real difference between these 2 guitars is the humbucker. This is more of a review of Andrew Robertson PAF humbucker pickups than an overall comparison of SSS vs HSS. Fender® Factory … zul. The Stratocaster HSS’s Diamondback humbucker and Custom Shop Fat ’50s Single-Coil Strat pickups work very well together and complement each other tonally, and the output remains consistent whether using just the humbucker or individual single-coils. Guy Named Sue Censored. It's easy to replace one or more of the pickups if you decide you find them lacking. Grab 5 guitars off the wall at your favorite guitar store. A Fender Stratocaster mounted with at least one humbucking pickup (usually a single humbucker replacing the bridge pickup) is often called a "Fat Strat." Dec 25, 2013 #7 KJP1990 said: These guitars are all totally based on feel. FRM150 (Paul Gibert's guitar) is wired in way he gets all humbucker combinations neck, bridge, neck+bridge, bridge+middle, neck+middle. I modded a SSS American Deluxe for HSS with a SD Custom Custom in the bridge, and SD SSL3's in the middle and neck. Messages 2,315. Ultimately, you’re getting a Strat that can do it all and look the part without breaking the bank. A Strat usually has 3 single-coil pickups and a 5-way selector with 2 tone controls, while a Tele usually has 2 single-coil pickups, a 3-way switch and a single tone control. Fender® 351 Shape Graphic Picks (12 per pack) $5.99 3 colors Spend over $50, Get $20 2-Day Shipping! SSS, HSS, HH or HSH? Apart from their differing designs, the main difference between Strat & Tele is the sound. The available Fat Strat configurations as of 2018 are HSS (all models including both Fender and Squier), HSH (Player and MIM Deluxe only) and HH (Fender Player and Squier Contemporary). They will all be different. With a wide selection of different American Fender Stratocaster series available, we thought we’d take a look at the differences between them all, so you know which option is right for you and why they differ in price. Nov 25, 2019 #41 I like to partial split the HB on a HSS. No, not which one is the best. Ie for a HSS will have more versatility as you can do spilt on a Humbucker to getta single coil tone? I had one of my strats as HSS, then HSH - now it's back to SSS. Fender Player Series Stratocaster HSH Service Manual; CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - $69.99 Spend over $50, Get $20 2-Day Shipping! The Stratocaster vs Telecaster debate has raged on ever since. 1. Best of all, there are options for a remarkably vintage-looking Buttercream finish and HSS configurations to compliment a Modern C-shaped neck profile with a 9.5"-radius fingerboard and a two-point tremolo bridge with bent-steel saddles. Nov 24, 2019 #18 I used to view HSH as the ultimate all-around setup and it was certainly the view back in the day. The HSS and HSH models extend this warmth even further, offering crunchier, hard rock tones along with the crisp single-coil sounds. Fender stratocasters. If you think they sound the same, you're wrong. Stratocaster vs. Telecaster: The Differences That Matter. Gold Supporting Member. The HSS branding means you get a humbucker in the bridge position and a pair of single coils in the middle and neck slots. Are the split single coils on the HSH as good as the single coils on the HSS? Yes, that includes the independent bridge humbucker tone control. Messages: 25,939. These offer more growl when need it most, while a new Treble bleed circuit allows you to maintain the bright, open Strat sound when you turn the volume down too! Add to Cart. They are both great guitars with some slight differences. * The only thing that saved the Ultra Strat VS the AZ Ibanez line was the HSS Strat nailing the AC/DC tone with an overdriven tone, so for me, it was a Thank God moment for me that there was an HSS Strat, but also, the hotter pickups that clean up nicely, clean (no surprise), dirty (very nice), also saved the day for the Fender. Screw coil (closest to bridge) for twang and bite, and slowly bring in the slug coil for body and girth, to taste. Thread starter Buck Woodson; Start date Nov 24, 2019; Prev. HSH examples. I would … The 10 best Stratocasters: our pick of the best Strat guitars. All in all, the Player Series Stratocaster HSH is a bargain for an instrument that packs a wallop in tone and features. $1,049.00. Of the combinations mentioned I have only used HSS, and even there I have to decide which concept I use - unsplit low output humbucker or split higher output humbucker. The first one gives you a good tonal balance at the expense of the #4 position (#1 = neck pickup alone). He sacrificed all real single coil sounds and left only two strat … I own a HSS Strat and a HH Strat. Recommended Gear. That said, your HSS config sounds terrific. 1; 2; 3; First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. Players closely capture the bright, snappy charm of the MIAs, while Standards offer a warmer take on the classic Strat sound. The Fender Stratocaster is one of the first mass-produced electric guitars dating back to 1954. Does anybody of you guys think it be better to getta HSS configuration strat rather than a SSS pickup strat? HSH also visually signals more of "shred" aesthetic in case you either want that or want to avoid it. Published Nov 05, 2016 by Peter Schu. They probably feel the same to play? My first Strat I listened to everyone who said 'get HSS since it's more versatile!' The Squier Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster HSS gives you all that old school aesthetic loveliness at an impressively low price. for thick Santana-style lead sounds or fat and mellow jazz sounds), HSH is a good way to go, though you'll have to pay a little more. This is hard to call Les Paul due to master volume/tone control but covers all entry level HH guitars. There are HSS, HSH pickup configurations, as and if you are feeling fancy you've even got the flame maple-topped Plus Top and HSS Plus Top – at around £729 street, these top the range. 22% OFF RRP $1,349.00. These are your ‘Fat Strat’ models. Most “studio players” related pro models had HSH and studio cats and sidemen are all about versatility. Together, they carry the coat-of-arms of the family Fender: single-coil pop, bright articulation, and endless versatility. The problem with me and Humbuckers is that while I can always make a single coil sound heavy I can't ever get a HB to sound really clean. Which Strat? but I found when I got a second guitar it was redundant and I missed out on some tones. Fender Player Stratocaster HSS 3-Color Sunburst Pa. $1,049.00. I've always wanted to make a super hsh strat with some awesome Duncan's or Dimarzios! Would like to hear it with overdrive and distortion too. Fender Player Series Stratocaster Guitars Fender’s most accessible instrument range offers heaps of choice and contemporary aesthetics that’ll stand out from any crowd. 22% OFF RRP $1,349.00. 1973Marshall Member. Have a listen and let me know which you prefer and why. Pre-Order. STREET PRICE: $674.99 MANUFACTURER: Fender, The Player Series HSH pickup configuration can command full-blown humbucking slice or be summoned for Fender’s textbook single-coil snap. Mexican Stratocaster vs American Stratocaster. Both are killer guitars. Neilena, Oct 2, 2019 #2. Player Stratocaster HSH, Stratocaster HSS and Stratocaster Plus Top HSH. I also installed new pots and a new cap. But which guitar is the right one for you? They have Alnico II Player Series humbuckers—in HSH and HSS configurations—but are otherwise identically spec’ed as the regular Player Strats and Plus Top Strats. Fender FE610 Electric Guitar Gig Bag. The Fender Player Stratocaster HSS and HSH models feature an alder body with a gloss finish, a “Modern C”-shaped neck profile, a 9.5”-radius fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets and a 2-point tremolo bridge with bent-steel saddles. The contoured poplar body plays host to a slim bolt-on maple neck with a tinted gloss finish for an aged vibe. Comments. Matt L Member. If you really want a neck humbucker (e.g. Cheap HSS strats abound. Well, allow us to talk you through the differences between these iconic planks. The Fender American Professional Stratocaster guitars are the new ‘Standard’ American Stratocaster guitars that come loaded with lush sounding, Tim-Shaw designed V-Mod pickups. This is mostly due to different pickups and electronics. Pre-Order. Which one sounds better to you? 22% OFF RRP $1,349.00. Fender Player Stratocaster HSH Tobacco Sunburst Pa. $1,049.00. Strat pickup config tradeoffs: HSS vs. SSS vs. HSH. Go. I've always wanted to make a super hsh strat with some awesome Duncan's or Dimarzios! So I swapped in classic SSS. My HH Strat has a SD Pearly Gates Plus in the bridge and a '59 in the neck with a 5 way switch. Don White on December 27, 2018: Mim vs mia. Singles seem to have more complexity and nuances to them, and while HBs sound great for rock and metal tones - I often then ended up sounding … This makes MIM Strats excellent mid-level electric guitars for almost every genre of playing, except for metal. If you find one that feels great by doesn't sound so hot grab some different pickups or electronics or both.. Messages 11,504. Which one would you pick? Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Plus Top Tobacco Su. Add to Cart. Let's try to settle the Strat vs Tele debate. I think I'm on my way to moving to HSH for my next strat, with mods to get extra pu combos. Which one is best for you. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Re: SSS vs. HSS vs. HSH vs. SSH vs. HH vs. HS vs. SH I like the classic S/S/S, or the same with a bridge humbucker, for the specific reason that a split humbucker, or a tapped humbucker, or a parallel HB, or split HBer coils on at the same time through a super switch, simply doesn't nail the sound of a Fender type SC alone, or in notch positions with other pickups. $1,049.00. The Fender Standard Stratocaster HSH offers a never-before-seen pickup configuration on a Standard Strat guitar. The Player Series of Fender guitars are made in Mexico, with the American Standard (or now the American Professional), being made in the USA.