The wiring diagram is below, and is able to provide the 250k volume for the single coils due to the use of resistors. #ASATOSUHRCONTEST Announcing Suhr’s biggest contest yet!This is your chance to win a brand new, Suhr Mateus Asato Signature Classic T guitar and even jam with Mateus himself. In the below custom wiring scheme, you can see that I get 2 different configurations in. Options for coil tap, series/parallel phase & more. Suhr HSS Wiring Diagram. As you can see, a normal humbucker is wired by connecting the Outside Leads of each coil together, and sending the Slug Inside Lead to ground, and the Screw Inside Lead to the switch (hot).. Anyone got a copy of this please? I've got an email into Suhr too for some direct advice just about their pups. Bare Knuckles has some nice HSS matched sets too. I understand that it is a very effective way of having Single Coil pickups 'see' k. Hi, I just bought a second hand Suhr Thornbucker for the bridge position and it didn't come with any instructions. The purpose of the Suhr style HSS wiring is to ensure that the humbucker sees a regular humbucker load (usually 500k vol and 500k tone = 250k load), and the single coils see a regular single coil load (usually 250k vol and 250k tone = 125k load). Let’s look at the above image. At Suhr we believe that great instruments inspire great performances. I want the volume to be relatively balanced. It's an HSS with a Suhr Thornbucker in the bridge and SD SSL-2's in the neck and middle positions. Standard Fralin Pickups Humbucker Wiring. Every detail of the Modern Pro was carefully considered when we set out to craft an instrument that upholds this belief. LEADS: Note that you need to have either 3-Conductor Wiring or 4-Conductor Wiring to split a humbucker. Easy to read wiring diagrams for HSS guitars & basses with 1 Humbucker & 2 single coil pickups. Another way, the one I use is Jon Suhr HSS wiring, which uses a 500k volume pot for the volume, a 250k tone pot for the single coils (wired to positions 1-4), and a 500k tone pot for the bridge humbucker. Re: Suhr HSS Wiring Diagram But then you've only got your 250K load on the neck-only position, and the others all go back to 500K. Suhr HSS Wiring Diagram. Hi all, I've been working on my 1984 Ibanez Roadstar II. WIRING DIAGRAMS Top Sellers -- S Style -- S Style 5 Way S Style 5 Way - 50's Style S Style HSS S Style 7 Way S Style 7 Way + 2 Toggles S Style 5 Way - Blender Pot S Style 9 Way -- T Style -- T 3 Way T 3 Way Series Parallel for Single Coil Pickups T 4 Way T 7 Way Nashville Brent Mason Eldred Esquire -- Gibson -- … The Modern shape is our high-performance take on the 24 fret design. Hi everyone, I recently modified the wiring scheme that Suhr uses in their HSS guitars to include a neck on and bridge split option. It is indeed a dummy coil set-up, but IIRC, wound very differently from an actual pickup. Since I want a split bridge + RWRP middle for position 2, to get hum cancelling, I want to go with a tried and true pickup combination and wiring scheme like with the Suhr pups. Anyone got a copy of this please? I understand that it is a very effective way of having Single Coil pickups 'see' k. In particular, Anyone have an HSS guitar setup to automatically split the bucker in position 2? There is a thread somewhere from years ago about this on Suhr guitars, but I don't think that thread got into the wiring of the thing, just how it works. This problem is why I ended up needing an 8-pole (well, 5 used) switch for my superstrat.