Look for those coming out of beginner’s protection. Once built, only upgrade your whse and granary as you need to. As soon as you get a raid report send out another appropriately sized raiding party immediately if you got spoils. One strategy they like to use is to reinforce a member to try and kill your troops. These opponents will most likely have no reinforcements – but it’s always a roll of the dice. That is the typical hammer. Afterwards, you can strip the city bone dry and continue to do so because the once infertile land of your neighbors in times past is now flourishing earlier than ever because the quest system forces them to build up their fields on day one or two. Preferably, you want your 13×13 (at least) free of friends. I’ve worked this thing out on S7 and I have no reason to believe that it wouldn’t be even faster and more satisfying on speed server. There's 3 … That’s 700+ CP in addition to the other structures in the village just for one day. Just make sure you can handle the resources when they return. Palace. Joining an alliance is something that should be done when you’ve established yourself as the ruler of your 13×13. A typical Teuton hammer will be maxed at lvl 20 blacksmith for each group. If raid conditions are ideal then this shouldn’t sting much. How long to replace them? Here’s an overview of what an ideal 13×13 might look like for a type-A Teuton gamer: • At least one 15 cropper AND 9 cropper within your 9×9 • Wheat oasis’ within the 7×7 of those croppers • Another 15 cropper AND 9 cropper within 13×13 • Varied oasis spots within 7×7 (one of each) • 50%+ Teuton neighbors within 13×13 • More Romans than Gauls. Your hammer is your second most prized possession next to your raiding army. 5. It’s an underrated feeling. If I get a big score, I’ll put more in the regeneration up to 100 or a bit short of 200. Quick Hits: -Tournament Squares should be built in all villages that produce troops – defensive or offensive. Main building (optional, but very handy to minimize gold and be able to destroy buildings), Treasury (build it, get the artifact, destroy it and replce it). Expanding on this good comment, don't make your WW hammer the 3 chief. Because it’s a clay village for me I begin to think about using the village for producing a clay heavy troop in the future. save hide report. There’s no time for nostalgia because losing everything is constantly before a Teuton. There’s no worse feeling than having a farm delete that’s directly next to you. For the troops over the 50k limit, you’d be better served by taking 2-3k of the cavalry troops and reinforcing your own nearby villages with adequate wheat. You will be recruited undoubtedly. If you want to always be confident in your ability to defend your Kingdom I’d suggest going with Romans or Gauls. Upgrade everything and replace it. And if you choose to use a lot of gold, you can start to build the cropper up at a pretty nice clip. DA’s are inexperienced, sometimes very much so. Eventually someone will decide to either stick it out, agree to pay tribute or just abandon the village out of frustration. They can be scouted when you attack (2 scouts in a short duration) to see how much crop you are losing and if your army is … My fourth village is either my cropper or my future capital 4x4x4x6. In most villages you won’t have to take the Blacksmith past level 3. Make 3 chiefs. It’s very durable and with the addition of an architect artefact they are quite difficult to beat down, especially if your hammer is balanced between rams and catapults. Once I get wood and clay to 10 I build the bonus buildings up to lvl 2 or 3. All infantry, cavalry, rams and chiefs should be researched. Link 1. If they truly understood how much stronger, more balanced and faster they are than Teutons, this tribe would become unmanageable to n00bs and would only be useful to the highly skilled. We’ll hopefully be building that tomorrow. Some people get nervous about destroying the palace as it takes long to rebuild and is pretty expensive. Most of them have a purpose within the alliances looking to seriously compete for the crown. Also, only raid single, obviously abandoned villages with no alliance affiliation when you’re moving your hammer. For the experienced, the new quest system is an albatross of monstrous proportion. Once it’s of no more value, Academies should be taken down. The rest of my Kingdom will be gifts from my neighbors. Master the art of ancient tactics as Roman, Gaul or Teuton! I’d prefer he recover quickly. Do not stop raiding. Screens changing, troops moving and resources disappearing. MIS’s won’t allow your storage to overflow and they won’t let your Axe production falter. Definitely no longer than 45 minutes to an hour – and that’s pushing it. The problem is that it took a day and a half to get the Macemen out. Also Teuton rammers are a lot better than teuton hammers, let the romans or gauls do hammers. This means that you can build a lot of troops quickly, usually before anyone else. As mentioned at the outset, your goal is to keep villages from deleting and/or building against you. But if you’ve all of a sudden got rivals for your farms or farms with 8 crannies you’re in a bit of a pickle. Only n00b alliances go to war in the beginning of the game. Make sure your alliance mates don’t get comfortable enough to just settle in your 7×7 though. A WW killer ( AKA WW hammer ) is basically a huge offense army which is solely used for destroying a WW’s infrastructure. Keep the parties going and make sure all of your villages (except your croppers) have trade offices for moving massive amounts of resources when needed. From time to time you’ll see me drop to the top 200. They will not use your armies or resources for personal gain or against their personal enemies. I write also for the aggressive, type-A gamer. If your report comes back empty and the round trip is an hour, you might as well send out one minimal raid for good measure. Travian Strategy- T4- Teuton early server So as soon as the server starts I recommend on a t4 serer registering as soon as the server starts. They will be diligent day and night when you need them. Troops 4 4. After the Attack rating is maxed out I’ll hit the defensive bonus to 20% and then whatever’s left over after that. If you carry 7 granaries at full capacity then that 560k of wheat storage. Also, do yourself a favor and only use Sitters that are in your alliance. Also, you’ll want some villages with good crop capacity to store your offensive overflow in from your Hammer Headquarters. I’ve debated this topic over and over and I’ve changed my views at least once on the issue. Tell them you’ll seriously consider it and thank them for asking. From clear to cata to chiefs to 2nd clear to reins to resupply – the process should take less than 5 seconds. Prerequisites: 1. Because of their confidence and Travian skill, MIS’s always have the potential to do “too much”. This guide is written without a crutch on major gold usage. Barracks- for infantry 4. Before and after artifacts. Only join an alliance that is determined to win the Wonder race, preferably one that’s done it before. Cavalry? You can produce 2100+ per day with minimal effort. ... Travian Strategy Guide Is it just one attack on one village or a more organized attempt? Sometimes even if I point this out, the MIS will acknowledge it and eventually attack anyway. I will make notations if a distinction needs to be made. Don’t volunteer to babysit the Wonder if your not willing to either spend money on gold for your own Wonder feeders or put in the time commitment which involves avoiding starvation every 3 hours or so. Too many details for the DA to deal with. Check your messages. DA’s follow directions implicitly. Teuton merchants are too slow to have a scattered kingdom, especially early on. This topic is very important and it’s probably crossing your mind about now as the nights get longer and longer. Be sure to refrain from attacking former alliance mates, even if you join a rival alliance. No doubt your first village is running at negative crop already. Teutons have the cheapest Catapult in the game (2760, compared to the Romans' 2990 & Gauls' 3130), but they have the least attack: only 50. From that point on I stack as many chiefs as I can. It’s also important to make sure that you’re alliance does at least have a decent presence in your quadrant…not your immediate area necessarily. It’s just been a well kept secret from the other tribes. Two taste good (Mirror Image and Devoted Apprentice) all other flavors taste like varying combinations of pralines and doo doo. A non-cap hammer will definitely be easier to feed with level 12 fields, easier to defend with the moat (but no mason, so still not too hard to cripple),and harder to conquer with 200 loyalty. 30k accumulated reins from my own stash (and that of my alliance mates) between 4:00:10 and 4:01:00 10. 1 1. Be quick to reinforce/restock your mates. People wonder why my guides normally only go so far and then stop. Main Building- level 3 2. If you make a promise, keep it. And regarding teutons especially, i would also never run GS on teutons unless the point is to make only one hammer. Rammers have 10k++ rams and are used to tear the wall down in heavily protected villages or ww’s. Don’t contact the offender. Something unassuming about you and if you’re inexperienced, something that will draw little attention to you. Use the subsequent days to throw continuous parties in all villages and continue this pattern and expand another village every couple of days. If you have far away villages in your alliances stronghold, as soon as you leave, send some resources from that village over to the largest player in the general area. They sometimes sacrifice their Kingdom’s well being to make sure your Kingdom thrives. Preferably you want to use it in conjunction with the chiefing of a cropper or the offensive against an alliance enemy. Also Teuton rammers are a lot better than teuton hammers, let the romans or gauls do hammers. Blacksmith- to improve the attack and defense of troops Each building that can produce troops works on one unit at a time, but all buildings act simultaneously. There still shouldn’t be many within your 13×13 with a second village in the area. -I don’t even research, let alone start building Axe’s until my cropper is up and running. Those that seek mercy should be respected but declined. What is their race? Workshop- for siege weapons 6. As a Gaul or Roman though I prefer to start a server on the day it begins, a good distance away from center map. Feel free to change this ratio depending on the resource flow to the city. Things move much faster. But running Great barracks with trainer, especially a bit later in the WW hammer only, is pretty common so if you have a large account you will want to make GB probably. I don’t plan on sharing their resources with strangers. At any rate I’ll be upgrading the 2nd village initially with a Settlement infrastructure that includes a lvl 10 residence and a lvl 1 Townhall. Soon I will have nonstop parties in both my cities. They can be scouted when you attack (2 scouts in a short duration) to see how much crop you are losing and if your army is sitting in 15c or in the city. The key is to survey the scene and be as active and helpful as possible. Residence or Palace - for settlersand administrators 7. From their I recommend doing all the tasks until you get to the long list of tasks. Exactly how many granaries etc. Well with all that risk, what’s the reward? ***Remember, there’s no FREE gold here to start so no extra wood, no Travian Plus, no offensive bonus right away etc. All kill points will go to ONE hero, making his ascension quicker.