Many psychological measures fall under the general heading of self-reports. 4.3. Intelligence, motivation, anxiety, and fear are all examples of constructs. Researchers in psychology often include multiple dependent variables in their studies. Any effort spent trying to think of new ways to measure constructs will be well rewarded! methods. Potter (2005) made this distinction between "traditional psychology and DP: This website provides definitions of major theoretical constructs employed in health behavior research, and information about the best measures of these constructs. considering the competing research paradigms, theory might suggest a determining law, or system of laws, as in the natural sciences, or a construct or set of constructs for ordering and understanding phenomena. Self-report measures. For any conceptual definition of a construct, there will be many different operational definitions or ways of measuring it. kiyathecancer. psychological construct. Third, theories provide guidance for future research by helping identify constructs and relationships that are worthy of further research. concepts that enable one to discuss something that cannot be seen, touched, or measured directly ... a type of research in which the same people are studied over a long time period. Scientific advances often depend on the development of novel ways to measure theoretical constructs, so do not be constrained by the following taxonomy. This resource is designed for health behavior researchers in public health, health communications, nursing, psychology, and related fields. DISCURSIVE PSYCHOLOGY Hepburn and Wiggins (2005) pointed out that discursive psychology (DP) is a "broad title for a range of research done in different disciplinary contexts" including language and communication, psychology, and sociology. When an independent variable is a construct that is manipulated indirectly, it is a good idea to include a manipulation check. Research objectives typically call for the measurement of constructs. Chapter 2: Psychological Methods… A construct is an abstract idea inferred from specific instances that are thought to be related. Fourth, theories can contribute to cumulative knowledge building by bridging gaps between other theories and by causing existing theories to be reevaluated in a new light. ... Psychology-Psychological Methods (Ch. Constructs and Variables Introduction • Concepts and Constructs • Variables • Uses • Types “This is really, really hard to grasp. 1.0 Theory Definition and Constructs There are customary methods for defining and measuring constructs. The primary reason is that this easily allows them to answer more research questions with minimal additional effort. An important goal of scientific research is to conceptually define psychological constructs in ways that accurately describe them. 2) 29 terms. The situation with constructs is even more fragmented. Constructs and Variables DSC 500: Research Methods Simon Kwan and Peter Wolf 02-Oct-02. Nunnally and Bernstein (1994, pp. Now would be an excellent time to pay attention.” (Kwan and Wolf) Constructs and Variables Typical marketing constructs are brand loyalty, satisfaction, preference, awareness, knowledge.