; Realtek HD Sound – For some reason, this sound manager was to blame and the problem went away after users uninstalled it. Realtek Control Panel doesn't even detect it. It is recognized as a headset and everything. 3) If you are having problems hearing through your headphone only when playing some games, you might need to go to the Advanced settings of the game and see if you can find some settings related to the audio that can be modified. Not only that but you also get a highly accurate equalizer for tweaking the sounds of your computer according to your needs. This issue occurs after you safely remove a USB device from the same UBS port. The earphones on a headset with separate mic/phones mini plugs does work on. If it is recognized on another computer, there may be an issue with your primary computer. I cannot get windows to load the drivers for a Jabra UC Voice 550a MS Duo USB headset. If it is not detected then the headset might be defective, and you will want to Contact our Technical Support Team. If you have no time and energy to find the USB headphone driver online, it is strongly recommended that you make full use of Driver Booster to help you install the latest USB headset drivers in the hope that USB headphones not recognized by Windows 7, 8, 10 can be fixed here. Under Devices, Windows 7 shows lists this headset by name as an Unspecified device. [SOLVED] Windows 7.1 setup -> Stereo channels only (SOLVED) Can you solve Headset to PC audio splitting without using that adapter? Headphones are disabled by default – Users have reported that they found their headphones disabled in Playback devices so make sure you check there and enable them. In device manager, Windows 7 lists this headset under "Other devices". The Realtek HD Audio Manager is one of the most commonly used audio driver software available for Windows 10. I haven't tried the mic on this headset … Speakers and headphones are not supposed to work together unless you have made some changes to the system settings. - Try plugging the headset's USB plug into another Windows PC/laptop and see if the headset is recognized there. USB headset not recognized, Windows 7, XPS 8300 My desktop does not recognize my USB headset. If you are using a USB headphone, the faulty usb drivers could be the reason. USB headset not working Windows 10, 8, 7, on Skype – This problem can appear on any version of Windows, and if you encounter it, you should be able to fix it using the solutions from this article. Fixes an issue in which a computer that is running Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, or Windows Server 2012 does not detect a USB device that is connected to a USB port. Show disabled devices is enable on Windows 7 and it is not there. The headset did not come with a disc for the driver, but it does work on other desktop PCs. So go to your PC manufacturer’s website to check for the latest drivers. Headset does not work properly on my USB sound card [SOLVED] Wall near speaker was hit hard and now speaker won't stop making buz/hum noise! Please remember to … USB headset not detected, not showing up in playback devices, not working with YouTube – Sometimes your headset might not be detected at all. It provides various useful features and options to the users including multiple sound effects. Alternatively, you can download the new drivers through Windows Update. ; Drivers are old or outdated – Old drivers are always a cause of many problems so … I called Jabra Support and they say this is a Windows problem. Headphone not working issue could be caused by faulty audio drivers. The funny thing is, it works fine on Windows 8.1. Reply to: WIndows 7 Doesnt Detect USB Headset PLEASE NOTE: Do not post advertisements, offensive materials, profanity, or personal attacks.