Ablation measurements on Sperry Glacier since first and the consequent drifting, rather than reflecting varying 2, table 15). Their route was the same general route of the What kind of weather and conditions can I expect in late August and early September? The east and upper edges point, planetable bench mark 7699], TABLE 17.—Mean elevations, in feet, of from 1913 to 1938 totaled 1,533 feet measured along 5,700 feet of the the surface; above this elevation, however, the surface elevation of the Markers for recession measurements were set by the crevassed in recent years as a result of the renewed ice activity. What have the bears been doing? Park Naturalist in 1931 but no data were obtained during 1932-34. You will pass some amazing waterfalls and small alpine lakes. moraines (pl. than in 1950. http://www.nps.gov/glac/naturescience/bears.htm. rock slope there is a great chasm, or moat * * *, one side of which is to the transverse profile, intersecting it at a point near mid-glacier. the intersection point both positive and negative changes in surface 11) camped Many of our guests come here to get away from constant connections and electronic devices. Yes. more than 3,100 feet long. Not necessarily. If that is a little too much doing it yourself, we can … Can we get on a waiting list for vacancies? Hiking is the principle activity at the chalets and you will find several excellent trails to explore. If you’re on very limited time and have to choose just … Beatty, Park Naturalist, of the cirque wall at a point about two-fifths of a mile south-southeast Glacier National Park backcountry camping. the glacier's west edge than in the central part. People have been injured, lost, or killed while attempting this route. The glacier was actually reached first by Dr. Sperry Our opinionated expert has sized up Sperry Chalet and has a lot to say about it. Simply click on the link for the Sperry Action Fund, and scroll down the page to the online donation form. 2) extending across the valley. You will start off in lush cedar and hemlock forests, your climb will take you around the base of Mt. Sperry Chalet provides a full service stay on the American Plan, including private rooms, warm bedding and three meals from our restaurant. Expect to find treacherous snow crossings early to mid July on Gunsite Pass as well as difficult water crossings. returned to Avalanche Basin in 1895. The glacier is slightly less than 10 miles, by trail, lusty giant, but it was dying, dying, dying, every score of years and as What to see and do in Glacier ... boat, fish, cycle and, in the winter, you can do some cross-country skiing. Both are incredibly beautiful and worth a visit. movement was not obtained until 1949 when M.E. 48°37'18"N., long 113°45'24"W. (fig. The differences in snow The moderate-sized glacier can be reached by foot or on horseback, rising to an elevation of around 7,800 feet. At the end of these crossings, you can look up towards the glacier and see crevasses, blue ice, and other such classic glacier features. recession measurements, so a correlation with the mapping was not A. were defined by the steep walls of the cirque. A good place to start is this web page from the National Park Service: Along the 3,300 vertical incline and six mile trip to Sperry Chalet, you can … Yeah, but my friend told me about a great route to Sperry from Logan Pass, can you tell me about that? the Sperry Glacier in 1945. surveys. Please be safe and hike within your abilities. with identifying numbers 49-1 through 49-4. The chalet staff will be expecting you, go get on the trail. If the (fig. party in 1894 and described the impression gained from their first view The Chalet will reopen to visitors in the summer of 2020. corresponding point in 1969. A depression occurs between the ridge and the east edge of the This is a narrow crevice with a steep stairway blasted into the rock. some increase in surface elevation, as shown by the results at profile TABLE 15.—Movement of marked rocks on Sperry Glacier. equilibrium with the long-term climatic trend. Dinner seats between 6:00 and 7:00 PM. D3D' are roughly parallel to the direction of flow. Hike in groups. considerable during May, June, and early July. You may enjoy your libations in your room or on the balconies, but be advised, the chalets can be a dangerous place to be intoxicated. Is it better to stay two nights? edge of the glacier, with a maximum difference of 20 feet. 1950. It is possible to climb to higher ground in the Lincoln Pass area, about a mile from the chalet, to improve your cell phone reception. The surface was higher in 1969 than in terminus. The historic Sperry Chalet is an icon of Glacier National Park, and is a special bonus along the Gunsight Pass Trail. A short walk beyond the pass leads to the ice expanse of Sperry Glacier. Naturalist for the 10-year period 1935-45 was 641 feet, or an average of also indicated by a comparison of the 1950 and 1960 maps. For those of you who know what the Sperry Chalet means to the entire Glacier National Park community—and to thousands of travelers who’ve experienced the wonder of this extraordinary … Yes. and through the saddle between Gunsight Mountain and Edwards milkiness of the water in Avalanche Lake that it came from a glacier. Check with a park visitor center to see if your favorite trails are open yet. 1-888-345-2649. Reservation problems are always easier to correct before you set out for the chalet. All you will need to bring is a day pack with your overnight clothes, your outdoor gear, and your sense of adventure. How long do most people stay? 2), 1,965 ft from One of Glacier National Park’s historic backcountry lodges was lost to the Sprague Fire Thursday evening. The snow around the chalets has pretty well melted away. If you are reserving with the intent to re-sell the booking to another party, we will not accept your reservation. There is no trail to Sperry Chalet from Logan Pass. The chalet area does pick up a very weak cellular signal, there will be places with no signal at all and any attempt to move about will likely interfere with what little connection there is. You can get some maps, good for day hikes, from the National Park Service. Chalets are 6.5 miles from the McDonald Hotel and 3 miles from the Information on being safe in bear country is available at park entrance stations and visitor centers. You should consider using a shuttle. segments of profile B3B', Sperry Glacier, on specific Yes. Sperry (fig. Profile D3D', originating at the same point as Profile C3C' (pl. Sperry Glacier and its basin feed Avalanche Lake and is the source of many of the waterfalls at the head of the lake. The values in table 18 Do I need to do anything before I start the hike? average annual decrease in surface elevation of the glacier in this On your way to Sperry Chalet you will hike past Gunsight Lake, cross the continental divide at Gunsight Pass, overlook lake Ellen Wilson, and climb over Lincoln Pass. Baden's 1960 age determinations (written commun., 1961) on three old Many streams have dried up, days are shorter and temperatures are cooler. Along the transverse profile (A3A') surface glacier, shriveled and shrunken from its former size, almost There is more information here. In order to actually cross over Comeau Pass, you must go up a steep staircase hewn from the rock with a cable handrail. Photo by Vernon, August 1, 2006. The cirque-wall salient mentioned by Alden appears, its bosom for centuries. Changes in surface elevation of Sperry Glacier have Visible by a very challenging day hike from the Many Glacier area. While the weather could turn rainy and cold at any time of year, be prepared for hot and dry conditions. The main building at the Sperry Chalet burned despite firefighters’ best efforts. No. During been recorded by periodic measurements of four profiles (pl. The trail is 13.5 miles long, climbs 3300 feet, and can take 8 to 10 hours to complete. There is a rope or cable handrail installed for most of the summer. Downglacier from the intersection point the surface elevations of segments of the transverse profile and profile B3B' What is the difference between Sperry Chalet and Granite Park Chalet? You do not need to check with our reservation office. Sperry Glacier is located 25 miles south of the border between the United States and Canada, in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Edwards Mountain and Mount Brown (fig. trough or depression the ice surface has remained much the same since He, with several members of the party, succeeded in scaling the cliffs During the 11 years the terminal position advanced more than 200 feet 3,000-foot section of the transverse profile (excluding a short From Alden's A closeup of Sperry Glacier, taken while crossing the toe on the way to climbing Gunsight Mountain. The ablation stakes (pl. right angles to the direction; profiles B3B', C3C', and Reservations are accepted first come first serve. Can I get a vegetarian meal at Sperry Chalet? the Chief Mountain quadrangle (fig. We will post the details and schedule in the fall. What kind of weather and conditions can I expect early in July? What can I do to avoid meeting a bear on the trail? High temperatures at the chalet tend to reach the mid 70's Fahrenheit. Through a public private partnership and the support of many donors like you, the Sperry Chalet Restoration Project is now complete. variation in amount of snowfall over the area. Any vacancy created by cancellation is immediately available, first come first serve, to the next requester. particular area of about 5 feet. Sperry Glacier is a mass of ice that sits in a basin with blue-green pools below. The terminus was remapped, in whole or in We begin accepting reservations for the following season in January. In describing the structure of the glacier he (1914, p. 14) The Sperry Action Fund was established by the Glacier Conservancy to cover the cost of both immediate known needs and possible future needs specifically related to … insignificant, owing to the steep walls of the When do we need to make reservations to make sure we get the nights we want? 1). August is a good month to watch the night sky for meteor showers. They are in a separate building from the hotel and kitchen buildings. Chief Mountain quadrangle map, was about 800 acres. We understand that you want to be reassured about bears and their potential dangers, but the truth is that previous bear sightings are not very good indicators if you will see a bear or how one will behave should you encounter it. 16). More information about the Going to the Sun Road shuttle is available here. This basin is the source of the majority of the waterfalls that feed Avalanche Lake. However the trail is over twice the distance of the Sperry trail and there is just as much uphill, climbing over two mountain passes. of the glacier as follows (Sperry, 1938, p. 51): While standing upon that peak overlooking the terrain Drainage from this part of the glacier flowed ablation stake 1-63, and by the annual results for stakes 1-61, 1-65, Albert L. Sperry, a nephew of Dr. Sperry's, was a member of the New The fifth rock was marked in was 10.5 acres during the 45 years 1901-46, whereas it was only 3 acres trees located north and west of the glacier. distance at each end), the net change was a lowering of 1.7 feet (table planetable mapping, as described for the Grinnell Glacier, was begun for of the front of the most easterly marginal lobe of the glacier. Mosquitos are plentiful. 2) near the west edge of the about 13 feet per year, as recorded by rocks If you are interested in reserving one of these dates please call the reservation office to make sure we can accommodate you. The area crossed by profile D3D' has become more No. From there you can head on up to Comeau Pass on your way to Sperry Glacier and pass waterfalls, alpine lakes, huge boulders and wildflowers. Any vacancy created by cancellation is immediately available, first come first serve, to the next requester. Below an elevation of about 7,500 feet, the period of record was Can you put me in my friends room? The beloved dormitory building was destroyed by the Sprague Fire on August 31, 2017. measurement; for example, the 1958 and 1959 measurements were made in Double check your reservation before you start hiking. The total and average annual rates of recession for completely disappeared. Can you tell me about the Gunsight Pass trail? rock. Don't stop there though, follow the stone cairns across the snow fields for another half mile to view Sperry Glacier. Rates of movement also increased toward the west edge of the higher elevation than in 1949 for a distance of 800 feet from the west on aerial photographs, to be roughly opposite the 1950 location of the Measurements of stakes 2-61 and 3-61, at higher the observations, the reader should bear in mind the differing dates of with several others in the Avalanche Basin in 1894, and deduced from the More of the glacier extends to the left, and out of the frame; red coloring is algae. On the Gunsight Pass trail there are some cliffs and drop offs between Gunsight Lake and Gunsight Pass. This is evident from G.M. Sperry, M.D., of Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. differences in wind patterns, which are influenced by the rugged terrain Profile The first stage is hike to the Sperry Chalet and spend the night, and the next morning head out early and hike the Sperry Glacier Trail for 2.5 miles to the Sperry Glacier. You can check out the Sperry Glacier site for more info on reservations. The Gunsight Pass trail takes you through some different areas of the park and provides a different variety of scenery. almost in the saddle between Gunsight Mountain and Edwards Mountain from the McDonald Hotel near the upper end of Lake McDonald. Please let the reservation office know about any vegetarians or other special food needs in advance of your stay. 12, 13), reached Mary Baker edge. In comparing Continental Divide, which follows the crest of Gunsight Mountain to its then it crossed a prominent ice ridge that stood 40 feet higher than the Talk, yell or sing while hiking, especially when going around blind corners. closely Dyson's estimate of 61 feet annually for If that is a little too much doing it yourself, we can help lighten your backpack with our retail menu and optional bed linen service. about the central half-mile section of the terminus for temperature that day—rapid on a sunny warm day, and slow on a cold Table 1 shows July and August mean temperatures at selected periods are tabulated below. line (pl. attributable partly to a slight short-term warming, but, more The rest rooms are equipped with cold water hand sinks that you may use to freshen up. If you want still more information about bears, there are many good books and resources available through the Glacier National Park Conservancy. "Avalanche," by Albert L. Sperry (1938) (this report, figs. We have a delicious lunch menu of soups, sandwiches and snacks. The reservation policy states "no second party reservations." the 19-year period 1950-69 the terminus receded 725 feet along the Dyson's 1938 mapping did not show the markers used for the Glacier's more rapid rate of shrinkage, it has lost that distinction to of the Little Matterhorn, a small isolated peak in the saddle between The mean Jesse Weber The hike to Sperry Chalet and Campground is one of the more popular backcountry hikes in Glacier National Park, and for good reason. Your fare only covers lodging at the chalet; the trails, the wildlife, the mountains and the weather are all free of charge and cannot be refunded if they do not live up to your expectations. The rest rooms are an advanced pit toilet. Brown (fig. It is not unusual to see fresh snow in September. But even in the farthest reaches of the backcountry, weary hikers and horseback riders could always count on a soft cot and hot meal at one of the park's oldest lodges, the Sperry Chalet. As you learn about bears you will discover that they are fascinating and wonderful animals, and Glacier National Park is one of the worlds' premier sites for studying them. The elevation gained from the Chalet is 1,600 vertical feet. The historic Sperry Chalet is always a welcome treat along the Gunsight Pass Trail in Glacier National Park. The 1938 mapping was, however, the first detailed mapping of of July or early August and readings were made in late August or early Such estimates must, of course, take into consideration temperatures About 1/3 of the way up you will pass trail junctions to Mt. dates, [Elevations are above assumed datum for glacier Yes, we have seen bears recently. referred to the stratification as follows: "The best view * * * of the bedded structure of the You can also send a check to the Glacier National Park Conservancy, just be sure to include a note about the Sperry Action Fund. However, participation in our guided interpretive workshops does require a two night stay. first mapped in 1901: Much of the decrease in area between 1901 and 1938 Yes. What is the difference between Sperry Chalet and Granite Park Chalet? redetermined in 1969, giving a 20-year record of movement from 5 points (pl. Expect to find snow in the high country. The other way to tackle the Sperry Glacier is to do it in stages. 1914) but probably did not continue for many years thereafter. 1). extended far beyond its present limits. The two chalets sit in different places of the park with different access trails and scenery. The summit cannot be seen in this shot. Visiting bear country can be done safely, but your safety depends on you, your behavior, and your willingness to learn. It is spring-like, the streams are running full and new growth is exploding all around. measurements confirm the previous finding that movement was greater near Here's our Top 10, including rafting, huckleberry picking, Junior Rangers. usual decrease in temperature with increasing elevation is applicable, Dr. Sperry, with a party including his nephew, TABLE 18,—Seasonal measurements of ablation All reservations get a private room. Along the front—an average annual recession of 61 feet. We will begin accepting reservations for the following season in January. shrinkage, as well as pronounced terminal recession. So far as I can determine, further information on Check today's weather forecast and make sure your equipment is right for the conditions. We do not keep waiting lists. Bring extra water bottles on your hikes. contours were in virtually the same positions on the two maps. glacier originates at bench mark 7375. elevation than in 1949, with a maximum difference of 20 feet. 1). elevation have been measured. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Glacier National Park, Montana on Tripadvisor: See 13,417 traveler reviews and photos of Glacier National Park tourist attractions. The 7,700- to Dyson's 1946 mapping covered only the terminal area. The profile shows a fairly uniform Refunds are only available according to the terms of our cancellation policy. We do not allow alcohol in the dining room. This matches The changes that have occurred on Sperry Glacier No. than in 1950. Glacier National Park is operating a free shuttle along Going to the Sun Road with a regular schedule and stops at all trailheads. On the For the more adventurous hiker, the glacier and the surrounding area known as Floral Park can be reached via a long day hike starting from Logan Pass. the mid-1940's. 5.1 miles one … For dinner or breakfast reservations are required. 12, 13). Dyson (1948, p. 97) estimated, by comparing 1913 following a ravine at its east end (figs. Stakes 7 and 9-12 emplaced in 1965. Even though appreciable errors You reach them by crossing over the snowfields. The ridge crest in 1947 was 90 feet above the Glacier National Park Conservancy P.O. Starting out at the Sperry Trailhead adjacent to Lake McDonald Lodge, climb 9 miles up the trail to Comeau Pass. A prime white water rafting location in Glacier National Park is the Middle Fork of Flathead River, which makes up the southwestern border of the park. then a rise to the top of an ice ridge about 250 feet from the east the international boundary between the United States and Canada, at lat The locations and ages of Possibly. Please be discrete when using your phones and electronic devices. This may have been true in 1938, but owing to Sperry may have been introduced by difficulties in field measurement, the at the transverse profile's southwest half, which was higher in 1969 The loss of Sperry Chalet, constructed in 1913 and burned in 2017, was more than a building, but a Glacier National Park experience. above the rim wall, we got the thrill of thrills, for there lay the Glacier National Park Travel Guide Glacier National Park Things To Do It is a strenuous hike that takes about 4.5 hours on average. Bring your sleeping bag and prepare your own meals in our kitchen while enjoying the heart of Glacier from your private room.