What was the result of the Punic Wars? Rome, Mediterranean . SURVEY . The Punic Wars gave Rome experience in combat, especially at sea (in the navy) which they never really had prior to the wars. As the history of the conflict was written by Roman authors, they labeled it 'The Punic Wars'. answer choices . Carthage, Asian. 30 seconds . The First Punic War was fought to establish control over the strategic islands of Corsica and Sicily. EDIT Carthage wasn't actually fully leveled after the third punic … The name Punic comes from the word Phoenician (Phoinix in the Greek, Poenus from Punicus in Latin) as applied to the citizens of Carthage, who were of Phoenician ethnicity. The first Punic War was It also taught them the skills of training. A result of the first Punic War and the Romans was the decisive naval victory against the Carthaginians at the Aegate Islands. Causes of Punic Wars. Fill in the blank. Punic Wars. Rome, Asian. This gave Rome full control of Sicily and Corsica. _____ became the leading power in the _____ world. This gave Rome full control of Sicily and Corsica. Q. The cause of this war was mainly the interest of the Roman Republic in expanding southwards by conquering Sicily, a territory that was dominated by Carthaginian Empire. After the second punic war, Carthage abandoned all hope of competing with Rome for the position of predominant power. It was deferential, even subservient to Rome even before the last or third punic war, and its conquest in 146 BCE. Battle of Mylae 260 BC. Which was a major result of the punic war A. Rome controlled north Africa and the west Mediterranean B. Christianity became the predominant religion C. Rome became an empire ruled by an emperor D. mesopotamia and Persia became provinces Rome and Carthage fought the Punic Wars during the span of years from 264 to 146 B.C. The Start of the First Punic War 264 BC. The Punic Wars had a number of important impacts to the Roman society and politics ... A result of the first Punic War and the Romans was the decisive naval victory against the Carthaginians at the Aegate Islands. The Third Punic … Tags: Question 11 . Print; Events. which of these was a result of the punic wars? The end of the First Punic War saw the beginning of the Roman expansion beyond the Italian peninsula. Rome's first naval win against the Carthaginian Navy. Carthage, Mediterranean . With both sides well-matched, the first two wars dragged on and on; eventual victory went, not to the winner of a decisive battle, but to the side with the greatest stamina. A. Rome lost Hispania to Carthage B. Rome's navy became higly advanced C. Rome developed trade relashonships with China D. Rome destroyed Cannae Ilphia Thank you soooooooo much for your time! The Roman fleet sinks 50 Carthaginian … The Punic Wars were a series of conflicts fought between the forces of ancient Carthage and Rome between 264 BCE and 146 BCE. Carthage, located in North Africa, on the shores of what is now known as Tunisia, was a commercial empire that had an incomparable maritime army at the time, which controlled the entire western … Finally, the wars provided wealth to Rome with all the money Carthage had to pay in war debt. Conflict in Sicily between Rome and Carthage sparks the First Punic War. First Punic War (264–241 BCE), first of three wars between the Roman Republic and the Carthaginian (Punic) empire that resulted in the destruction of Carthage.