100 Come, Cassius’ sword, and find Titinius’ heart! Cassius is led to believe that his friend Titinius has been captured by the enemy. ⌝ Alarum. ⌝ Thy Brutus bid me give it thee, and I Will do his bidding.—Brutus, come apace, And see how I regarded Caius Cassius.— By your leave, gods, this is a Roman’s part. Further, his death is transactional: he frees Pindarus in return for killing him. Instead, he asks Pindarus to do it for him, an action that strongly contrasts with the death of the tragic hero, Brutus. Kill Brutus. Cassius had decided (in the farewell scene) that he would commit suicide if they lose the battle as he was not willing to go bound as a prisoner to rome. So Pindarous will stab him with it. While Cassius thinks he is being honorable and fulfilling his fate, he does not have the courage to kill himself. Cassius gave Pindarus his sword, covered his own face, and demanded that Pindarus kill him. Act 5-q5. Lucilius Cassius asks Titinius to take his horse and find out whether a nearby group of soldiers are friends or enemies, and tells Pindarus to climb a hill and report on how the battle is going. Pindarus, now hovering around Cassius' body, claims that this wasn't the way he wanted to gain his freedom, and that if he had his own will (and hadn't been Cassius' servant), he wouldn't have done it. Pindarus descends the hilltop, whereupon Cassius gives Pindarus his sword, covers his own eyes, and asks Pindarus to kill him. Kill Brutus. At Brutus’s tent, Pindarus greets Brutus on behalf of his master Cassius. Why does Cassius give Pindarus his sword? So Pindarous will stab him with it. Cassius lacks the courage to run into his sword. Cassius , on hearing from pindarus that Titinius was captured by Antony's soldiers, is overcome by grief and decides to commit suicide. ⌜ He ⌝ dies ⌜ on Cassius’ sword. What do Clitus, Dardanius, and Volumnius refuse to do? Pindarus sees a group of men surrounding a dismounted Titinius. Pindarus stabs Cassius, who dies declaring that Caesar is avenged by the same sword that killed him. Cassius knows he will soon be captured by Antony and Octavius. Why do Antony and Octavious say that they will bury Brutus with honor? Why do Antony and Octavious say that they will bury Brutus with honor? Calling Pindarus back, he orders him to obey his master and kill him with his own sword; Cassius dies, believing Caesar revenged. In the last scene of the tragedy, Brutus realizes that he and his … When Pindarus cries that Titinius has been surrounded by horsemen who shout for joy, Cassius concludes he is captured and the battle lost. Upset by the news of what he believed was his best friend’s death, he commanded Pindarus to come back. Act 5-q5. Act 5-q4. Pindarus reported back to Cassius, describing Titinius surrounded by unknown men cheering. He will more than likely be dragged through the streets of Rome in chains so he orders Pindarus to hold his sword ready and he impales himself on his sword. Dying, Cassius’s last words are that Caesar has now been revenged by the very sword that killed him. Pindarus complies. Cassius orders Pindarus to kill him because Cassius believes he is personally responsible for Titinius’s death. Pindarus accommodated his request and killed Cassius. Fearing defeat, Cassius asks him to help him kill himself, so Pindarus stabs Cassius and runs away. Why does Cassius give Pindarus his sword? What do Clitus, Dardanius, and Volumnius refuse to do? Act 5-q4. Instead, he covers his face and has his slave run him through. Brutus asks to meet with Cassius, then privately asks Lucilius how Cassius has been behaving. ⌜ Laying the garland on Cassius’ brow.