Those Mustangs are fabulous amps, seriously under-rated. Even more worryingly almost none of his class actually play an instrument at all…well, it can all be done on you iPhone can’t it? Are you going to do the job yourself? The class-leading Pacifica 112V combines player-focused, stage-ready spec with no-compromise construction and set-up to create the best value player's guitar on the market. You mean the 112v or in general? Sorry for all the questions, do you know how long this model was in production and is it a Taiwan made model. Not sure if any of the major mods ‘improved’ the guitars in any way…sorting out the frets, nut, setting up and rolling the neck edges etc can transform a guitar more than a new set of pickups, certainly in the sense of making it feel more expensive. Incredible. Now I just need to find the serial number. The History of the Yamaha Pacifica Series. Bigsbys on both. I have a Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker in the white 112 bridge but only because it was in it when I bought it as a complete wreck for something like £30! ?? If they don’t sell in enough numbers there won’t be much of a second hand market for Revstars but the new prices may suddenly crash. Oooh, good idea. Plenty 721 about do price is not high – I see them regularly sell for anywhere between $250 and $300. I sanded and steel-wooled the body down to smooth raw wood. The humbucker ( I would problably prefer a P90) and the tremolo on the 612v look saucy, but i have developed a “thing” for telecasters… And all of this via the Royal Mail. Well then i realized it was a 412V and (since it is old) i wanted to replace some of its original parts (it still sounds amazing). But to be fair I haven’t played any of them for any length of time. Both about 12-13 ohms (I just measured the ones I took out of my own 120) so not super-powerful or anything. 112v new or 412v used? Peace to all of you. My son’s just doing A level music technology. Decided the black one looked pants so chopped up a 112 scratchplate I had lying around! Hard to know what the market is for these really. Would a 54 mm bridge make that much of a difference. He often uses other guitars, esp his P90 Les Paul Goldtop as on ANother Brick in the Wall. Hi! Personally I’d always check the nut by fretting at the third rather than the second, but, as I said, all these come down to personal taste. How are the 120s so hard to get hold of.? And welcome to the site. Neill in the UK has been musing on his ideal Pacifica…over to Neil to talk us through…. Respect to guitar on the Barry Gibb band, The guitar player is Tim Cansfield and yes, I saw this Pacifica, but I don’t know which model it could be. But it’s not an option for me. I recently bought a Gibson 490T humbucker for the bridge position. I have a Pacifica 612v with the Yamaha 2 Point trem. As I found no plate for fixing the body to the neck, with measures factory so I decided to use ferrules to screw it without having to make new holes. Hope that helps! JB in bridge is a classics for many guitars for balanced rock-sound. Here’s a link to a description:, Hey, Great site… Love my Pacificas.. (I have 2 a newer 112v and a 120SD (tele style…) along with other Yamahas (… does anyone know what kind of pickups they used in the 120SD? Should link to them really, now I think about it. I have a pacifica thats gutted and wanted to know if you might be able to help link the parts i would need to rebuild it? I wasn’t blown away at first, but seen a few vids now and I really like the look of it. God, I love that close-up photo of a baby blue Pacifica. I don’t know if the one I purchased was maybe reconstructed in some way or what but I just really want to know what it is!! Look forward to getting the pic, cheers! I have both and they’re both fantastic. Any use? 21 frets, 5 position blade, volume, tone, S/S/H pickups. The Yamaha Pacifica 604W is an offset double-cut strat like guitar featuring the Wilkinson VS100 bridge made by Gotoh and staggered Sperzel Trim-Lok locking tuners. Lou. Cheers! Well you’re probably right about the build quality but I’d still go for the 412 on looks alone. Late response, sorry, to put it mildly. It just dips down under the surface (and changes chemically) between the 2 areas. It hang in the music store where I used to work at that time and I immediately thought: that guitar just feels perfect ! hey where do I e mail you photos – can’t find an e mail address. I’m a new to Pacificas, traded in a 502V a couple a weeks ago. No problem, happy to help. Any pup set is effectively better at one particular tone than another. How would I send it? Again, thanx and great site! But measure everything on yours to check its spec. What made you go for the Fishman active pickups? I’d definitely go here: That ‘slight ding’ is where the ‘D’ has been dented out. They sound great and play like Butter. Is it possible to take a cast of the hole and thread size? Lou, P90s is a great idea! I just had a discussion with a vintage guitar trader and he says he can barely give strats away as whole guitars and often finds it better to sell them off as parts. You could, instead do a bit of a reshape and make it into a kind of Telestang. Great website, we love pacificas! I fancy the 620 though ,more les paul looking so to speak…I would order one blind as I have every confidence that there will be no workmanship issues with a yamaha but id love to get a proper review from an actual player first not a shop review like ive seen on youtube. Did you crown them yourself? My first instinct is that it might be a counterfeit? I’ve found them to be polite, helpful and useful. Hard tail is easy to do. There are some pics on the site somewhere of one with a single mini humbucker, gorgeous. Sneaked a non-Pacifica in there but as it’s a Yamaha we’ll let it go! Andere kleuren beschikbaar. Dan has a number of great trustworthy videos up on You Tube about all manner of things and he’s never let me down. De looks, klank én bespeelbaarheid van een high-end Yamaha, voor een verrassend lage prijs! Well the first person to get one should post a review on here….I have gas for a les paul type guitar for a while now but cant decide what to get..played a relatives old epiphone a red sparkle one think its just a standard and it was nice but newer ones ive seen in stores just seemed to look cheap and finishing issues I wouldn’t be happy with so never even bothered to try one. don’t think thtat the redburst finish looks as good as the natural finish does. I fell in love with Pacificas while i was travelling Europe and tested one in a Music Store. Help! How do these pickups function/sound with the Pacifica’s much flatter radius of 13.75″ – 14″? I’ve been thinking about investing in some of year output after reading the glowing reviews here so even more impressed now that you took the time to say hello! PS. I did something wrong with the email reveived from the site… Cheers, Tony. Description: The Yamaha Pacifica 812V is an made-in-Korea offset double-cut strat like guitar with an alder body that has the Yamaha R1000V vibrato system machined with stainless … As long as you know which are the live leads and which are the earths you’ll be fine. Bareknuckle are superb too. Like a higher-output version of the classic '59 humbucker, the Custom 5 was developed in response to players customizing their SH-5 Custom or SH-11 Custom pickups with Alnico 5 magnets for a more vintage, less distorted tone but retaining a deeper bottom end than the stock '59 I love the guitar but it looks like something from the wrong end of the seventies, so some fairly drastic mods are in the pipeline, with a tremolo conversion and a 3rd pickup. Search this site send. So I just got a 2004 Pacifica 412V for a fantastic price, I’m just wondering if anyone knows anything about a peculiarity I’ve noticed on mine — there’s no silkscreened mark on the back saying something like “made in Korea”. Guys, can anyone gimme some advice on electronics . The taping was perfectly adequate in protecting the board and I’d have no fear about doing it again. If you’re interested in some new humbuckers, have a read through some of the comments here. Wow. So i went back to my country and bought an used one without hesitation. Was mine skipped (manufacturer error), or does the “made in Korea” silkscreening only appear later in the original production run? So I was thinking this over and thought about trying them with the different cap and pots configuration I mentioned. Here are 12:30 noon but not there, so… good night people. Thanks for the reply by the way . The answer MIGHT be that I just need to record LOUD. A humbucker is essentially two single coils next to each other of course, that’s how it cancels the hum and smoothes out the sound but it does look like the 604 takes this a step further construction wise. Then stained the top and back a walnut brown. Up to say £900? On a different topic I was at the gentleman house not to long back who sets up my guitars every now and again sort of my local guitar guru ( he does it way better than me). .? Thanks to those who will help me about this question. Yamaha is well known around the world for producing quite a variety of different products, from guitars to motorcycles, pianos to robots. I only ask because you need to make sure strat type pickups are wired up correctly so that they cancel the buzz in the 2 and 4 positions…so buying a set is often more straightforward in some respects. Seems to be just the natural that doesn’t have the binding in the link you put up, that’s why it seemed so similar to the 112. Hi, I own a blue 604w , great guitar. Much appreciated. Dont think I could handle the dulled brush finish the blue 420 has now caught my eye although blue is a colour you really need to see in the flesh. Rare YAMAHA Pacifica … I have pictures of what it looks like posted here, Hi Ryan, start with the pick guard (or scratch plate) then just add the pickups, wiring and controls you want.Just go to Ebay and search Yamaha Pacifica 112 pick guard and you’ll get loads of choice. Then just finished up with wire wool and sink cream cleaner to buff out all the filing marks and get a mirror shine before taking of the protection. These guitars are a no brainer it amazes me why more people aint playing them ok I can understand if you got big hands you might not enjoy the neck so much but I suspect they just dont get a look in being a …”YAMAHA” . For example, 1.6mm on the low E to 1.2mm on the high E is a good starting point. I haven’t used them myself but I’m told these will drop straight in: Anyway imagine my surprise when at my guitar guru’s house he shows me a guitar stripped ready for painting and asks me count how many pieces of alder this guitar is made up from . Can I use the pictures on the site? Help. I’m loving so many of these (the green with cream P90s in particular) and I just fell in love with a prototype one I saw in this month’s Guitarist magazine that seemed to be a steely blue grey with a rusty brown tele shaped pickguard. I only changed the pickups and went on stage with it. The pickups and paint cost more than the guitar in some cases! As you can see from the site, I’ve done a few of these mod jobs so happy to answer any questions you may have. Loving the smooth overdrive though. Don’t forget you also have to pay import duty and VAT when it hits the UK. According to Yamaha, the 311H is designed to have the looks, feel and versatility of the 611HFM built in as standard, making real custom shop vibe more accessible than ever. Can’t remember if I paid import tax on mine but if I did it was a tiny amount. Scratchplate? However, the neck was right and the frets was well preserved. We basically knocked it up with tools, haha, scissors and a screwdriver. To be clear, the humbucker in the 604W is composed of two discrete single coil pickups wired together. Why not make it clear on your website that you hand-finish them yourself as you have here to avoid any further confusion going forward? I’m determined to do a control plate like that on a Pac and now I know the exact shape of a Mustang one I can try it on the 112 I’ve got. It should also have the model type on the rear tip of the head stock – the YMAHA looks odd, usually these are abalone, and unlike Yamaha to make such a basic error – their qc is usually oretty good. In fact this configuration has been used on much higher end ‘Superstrats’ like the Ibanez JEM series and a number of Suhr models. They have a 250k vol and 300k tone pot. As you rightly said, a lot easier and faster than I’d imagined – and the sense of satisfaction is immense. I have spent a week trying to get David Gilmour’s Final Cut tone out of my 112. tia. So THAT’s ironstone is it? And talking of odd headstocks, Henk in the Netherlands sent this pic of his 712. Here’s the spec. Thanks for pointing this out, haven’t looked at it for a while. Didn’t think to take pics or video this (I was too busy enjoying myself). It is supposedly a MIJ and made around ’85 or ’86. I will post photos of them all later. This sensational collection is owned by Kieran Dargan. Nicer neck, cutaway body, better hardware. Great to build up a resource file. Just repeating a similar reply I did earlier, the value of the cap determines both the maximum brightness you can get (tone control fully off) and the maximum treble you can remove (tone control fully on). Cheers. Are Fender Tele and Fender Tele Licensed Necks likely to fit on one of the 102s if bought undrilled? I read somewhere that there is also a 604 without the wilkinson or am I getting confused with the 812v/812w? Wilkinson stuff always seems to be well R&D’d and is great value. It all depends what you’re looking for. Cheap as chips on eBay, cheapest was £40!. New friend of the site and new Pacifica fan is Tapsa from Sweden. I’m glad it worked out for you. I think I’m right in saying that geologically the Ironstone that pops up in Rutland and the Cotswold stone of the Cotswold area are all part of the same rock seam. Playability amazing I have tougth go for a 112v (alder body 2s 1h, split coil), but found the 412v on internet and it look gorgeous. Id second that nothing wrong with slight buzz as long as the amp dont pick it up. Ironstone is actually derived from the workshop (in fact most of the village) is built of Ironstone, an aptly iron rich magnetic stone!×900/GRS320SYL.jpg I purchased an electric guitar 4 years ago under the impression it was a Yamaha Pacifica, only now looking at others and into buying others, have I notice there are none like it?? Gfs are usa based are they not..? The Seymour Duncan in it was immense . but I love all the appointments; Bigsby, Filtertronish pups…. I swear by MDF with a Hickory stump cap. 412 all day long if it were me. What does he gig I hear you ask a fender blacktop and old epiphone les paul. I emailed Yamaha and asked them about my ‘Natural Finished’ 604w, and they eventually replied and informed me that when the 604w was initially released they made a small number of them with a ‘Natural Finish’, mystery solved.”, John Ze from one of the Pacifica Facebook groups has done a great job on this 112 to make it highly unique-looking. Still considering whether to replace standard tuners to locking tuners, although the standard ones are not too bad. Service was brilliant and fast and when I wanted to change from black humbucker to zebra it was no problem. The 102 will give you one sound, basically. For the price id definitely give these a go and when they start appearing used id be really interested to see what they going for then could be bargains galore…maybe it be better to sit on this gas for a while and get a les paul till there is a used market for these. The neck and fretboard were near perfect. Thuis of op het podium, de Yamaha Pacifica … special white plate, Revstar ahoy! Hey Neill, just thought I’d let you know that I did some fret dressing and crowning on my old Epiphone, following your example. Cheers. Interested to know why you didn’t like the original Yamaha pickup? Bet that dull finish soon gets to look absolutely lousy with finger marks though. Overly bright is not an issue due to the relatively high 15.5K resistance pattern. Those are the predecessors to the Pacifica line from what I can see! They had a choice of making an electropop (?!) I haven’t seen one, no. I’ll give it another go tomorrow and if still failing I’ll send the file for your ears. I have a pacifica 112v but i don’t have the tremolo bar. 120 is a very different beast, much thicker and heavier than a 102 although the neck is identical. They look similar at first glance but they aren’t. Pacifica - Overview - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - Other European Countries Well I can only go by personal experience but I’ve only played one Epiphone that was any good, and that was a Zakk Wylde Les Paul, the black and white cirles one. I’ve tweaked all the amp settings on my Fender Champ 25 SE and mixed up my pedal chain but it just won’t be BIG. May be one day but you kinda lose all the character you have put into it then. They’ll probably get super rich and drive around in them. The Ironstone logo is actually a photo of one of my walls. Always wanted a P90 at the neck. Again just search ebay for Strat wiring harness or similar. Looks like a very expensive custom guitar now. What is your opinion? I installed SD JB humbucker to bridge position and SD STK-7 how vintage stacked humbucker to neck position. Even better email a DI guitar track too that I can treat from scratch. Hi Guys just a quick question I recently purchased my firts Yamaha Pacifica its a Pac 120 and really like the sound I get from the humbuckers but my sight is really on the Pac 102 sx and recently saw one on a local website here in Mexico my question is , in your opinion which is the better guitar should I purchase the 102 sx or just saty with the 120 I like both of them. Guys does anyone know if the old style 112j pickguard will fit the newer 112 v…..? Especially things like 80’s Aria Pros and so on. They do lots of P90s that will fit into a humbucker slot. Guys any suggestions for a drop in bridge replacement for a 112v mine is shot grub screws all rounded can’t adjust and thing. I think they do one for the 412. Other question is either the link about scrashplates posted by you, is there any other site where i can get more scrathcplates options? The pickups and wiring kit seem to be of good quality, nice alpha pots nice five way switch and orange drop cap etc. I guess that’s why I like my Pacificas old and a bit tatty. I’ve never seen any evidence that the wood in a guitar makes the slightest difference to anything, mind you, but I know a lot of people swear that it has be to be ash/alder/mahogany etc etc and one piece blah blah blah. Did this on the white one with the active circuit too. As far as I am aware the differences are just cosmetic, as you say. I painted it Dakota red and it looks great. Enough from the amp lets talk about Pacificas, any suggestions on the strat type as best purchase best player. I actually use the PP3 battery as the trem block in that one! Cost me nil pence precisely. Those specs look identical to the 112VM. It is PJ16058. I can’t seem to find any info on them…. His strat pickups are nice and not expensive. MY 112J NOW HAS A CUSTOM WOUND P90 IN THE BRIDGE INSTEAD OF THE HUMBUCKER I ALSO REPLACED THE STOCK SADDLES WITH THE SATIN ANODIZED ONES FROM A USA STRAT I LIKE THIS ONE A LITTLE BETTER THAN MY 112V I ALSO BOUGHT A HARDSHELL CASE FOR IT. Pacifica - Overview - Guitars & Basses - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - India Bizarely, Ironstone is not particularly magnetic. I took them out initially as I found they were a bit to muddy in my opinion compared to my other guitars. I’m thinking a P90 might do much the same thing. Thanks, Craig, I had no idea but no now I look at them you’re clearly correct. Fishman Strat Active Pickups Perfect for customising and generally mucking about with as you can see from the pics. when you replaced your tuners which ones will fit a Pacifica or Yamaha 112 EG?? I saw one for sale and the guy claims it is made in Japan. If you’ve got a specific link to a YT vid you’d recommend that would be great too. I assume this is because of how Yamaha organized which single coils were RWRP for the factory configuration. Due to my lack of flanger I’m going to try phaser instead. Muziek en Instrumenten kopen of verkopen doe je via Marktplaats! I emailed axesrus and I’m waiting for a reply. But it wasn't just the body wood, the Pacifica 112 - from the outset - employed good hardware and pickups and classy design. Different makes have different colour schemes annoyingly. The 612v is absolutely stock and almost untouched since it was bought. Maybe just a photo of original wiring inside a guitar’s body will be helpful too. Pac usa 1 and 2 (Strat and Tele) shapes – average $800-$1000 depending on condition – yours sounds like a USA 2 – no longer made. You won’t regret either, I’m sure. Easily as good as an entry level US Fender strat if not better. I got 2 120, lovely guitars, that I modified a bit. I play it through a Mustang l Fender amp downloaded a Roland JC120 from the fender community software and sounds real nice. My amp controls don’t seem to be able to save the day. Edge binding? Did you want to send a pic of your modded Pac? pic. Cheers. The Yamaha Pacifica has been, for the past two decades, one of the most popular beginners electric guitars ever. Whereas the FG series guitars were primarily affordable, budget instruments, the L series were designed as high-end acoustics. You can see them on the pic at the top of the My Pacificas page. Thank, for your comment. Did the 904 have a push/push? In the end I had to hold a laptop power source about 6 inches away from the pups to hear enough hum. The knobs are genuine Gibson Les Paul speed knobs. And as you’ll see if you look at the gallery here, some guitars even had Yamaha spelled wrongly on the headstock. 1., 2., 3. Hi Louis, I have a Pacifica 120SJ (natural finish, two humbuckers telecaster style) and it is made in Indonesia. Check the fret dressing on both guitars (my 112VM seemed to have missed the crowning and polishing process). You can see a couple here on the Telemods site: !20 sunburst And of course you can see my bright yellow one on this very site (although it started out as natural!). Then these revstars came along and I thought this could be what I need. Well there you go! Very similar names its true. I love a guitar thats not shall we say run of the mill..I was up for a les paul type guitar now I think I want one of these rs620 far there are non to try near me. Okay so mines is most like the second link you posted but again it is different. I’ll have to look that model up, not one I know. Nothing wrong with my stock tuners mind they rock solid this thing holds tune well…so maybe it not worth touching them.? Please can you let me know where i can find a top of the range pacifica and MIJ,USA pacifica guitars also thank you.. I assumed the 904 was a push/push too. Thanks for the reply and the link. The Yammaha Teles never really caught on in the way the ‘strats’ have. Personally, I have three 102s, because I love them more than any other guitar in the world (including my real USA Tele!). But with its roots in the music industry, don’t be fooled by the Yamaha Corporation’s broad portfolio; music was the company’s stomping ground and remains a prime focal point to this day. But on the other hand we all know numerous guitar mods that are very successful. Usually I played Schecters, a guitar made of Tom Anderson parts, Fenders and Gibsons, you name it. I’ll pm you the address. The build on both is quality through and through. Got a new bridge on order wilkinson wvp6 from axesrus . I’ve just discovered what the numbering systems means on Pacificas, thanks to a youtube post. I presume it will become a regular coil tap arrangement with your humbucker? Like them much more in the plain colours like the bright yellow…very Les Paul Special0ish Re-installing and rewiring the neck pickup into the middle position (and middle pickup into the neck position) solved the problem for me. However, it is the entry level 112V and 112J models that have cemented the Pacifica … And a P90 at the neck. He / she quite correctly identifies the inherent cost of building pickups from scratch here in the UK. Admin any opinions on straight drop in replacement locking tuners? Your first stop should be here in the United Kingdom. Just buy a bridge or do what I did on the Ricky one, just block off the trem with a piece of wood in the back and screw it all down, Clapton style. Nice thing about Plasticine is that, if it does leave some behind in the threads it acts a little like lubricant and will squash easily! Id play my ikea coffee table if it sounded good lol. OH MY WOW… I think it’s so awesome they remade the 612v. Failing that I will take to religion. Best £40 I’ve ever spent (and that was the whole guitar – ‘B’ stock, it said but I can’t find a single thing wrong with it! Especially the dull finish and aluminium aircraft-looking parts. By the way, I am not a pro, play for hobbie and study guitar in free time only, but love guitars. I guess Rutland Water would just seep away if it had been sandstone. I thought it was a good deal tbh needed a good clean mind. The 102 body is thinner and lighter too if that makes any difference to you. Wondered if anyone knows where to get them? Unless the pickups are VERY bad, replacing them usually makes a guitar sound ‘different’, but not necessarily ‘better’. My son’s 604 has the SD Phat Cat or whatever it’s called and it sounds amazing compared with the original bridge unit. Hmmm. I just don’t like the look of most of them. I own a Pacifica 120SJ: not ice pick sharp! Link on this site. Yes, the power of the logo is immense. I have found a few pictures of 412V serial numbers online (mostly on and the closest to mine in production order was also from January 2004, was numbered something like 1140, and had the silkscreened Korea mark. Anyway, there is the telecaster style, double humbucker guitar by Yamaha called the SJ 550 (HR, HM). Just changed the scratchplate on the Specialcaster again! Very old-style fat lettering on the Pacifica logo compared with most of the 90s models. I keep the range deliberately compact rather than the huge variety the bigger players are able to offer. There’s a link to the dealer in my links. I changed out the nut, bridge, pots, caps, knobs and it is a beast. Tony, the maker of Ironstone pickups is a great bloke and very helpful on the forum. Tony..thanks for your reply…I will check out your page and humbuckers as I feel my steamhammer although it is an improvement on stock pickup it kinda not what I was after…on the cap and pots subject what would you recommend for a hss guitar I do play humbucker mostly but use single coil neck too.? Yamaha Tele’s are quite possibly the biggest sleeper guitar ever made. Very middley tone, almost a slight cocked wah sound to it. (go figure!) And of course vice versa. And 2) whether the strings line up with the neck and nut properly. ... its got a distinctive high end and sounds shimmery. Im thinking bout putting back my 112vmx stock alnico 5s into my pacifica. My pac seems to be rolled ever so slightly. I can’t see that on the pic. A workhorse like no other. it only had the body, a pickguard and the neck and at first sight, I could see the finish very spoiled. I completely love loads of them. These 16 year olds had never heard of it…it’s older than they are. I needed a neck pickup for a Squier strat and ran into that problem of which way they were wound. In your opinion are these guitars worth fixing up. Not forgetting the skull and crossbones knobs! TWELVE top end Pacificas???? Hopefully this will be useful for lots of us. Thanks a bunch… that’s some good info… I just found a Pac1221MS and hopefully can talk the guy down from his $600 asking price… I’ll post a pic if it happens… Oh, and here’s a pic of my old Yamaha amp when I want to annoy the neighbors-…. The 120 pickups are just regular Yamaha humbuckers. I’ve been a fan of Pacificas and your website for years! Yes, the green is the 500 series which is a bit further down, then the really posh range! I set both Es then use a radius gauge to set the other four so they follow the curve of the neck. Cheers. If Yamaha were to create a high-end guitar, they would pick higher quality parts and electronics. The pick-guard is a generic Strat-type tortoise-shell. As for Billet Green (??!!!WTF!!) I have a ‘Wilko Johnson’ spec set and a 52 Broadcaster bridge wind in my ‘Fraudcaster’ Esquire. I’d get the exact specs if I were you. Thanks for any help. Then any Stratocaster type pickups and wiring harnesses will work. Any hint of where i could find a new/used one in decent shape would be appreciated. It’s very similar isn’t it! It was modded with a rail type neck pickup and duncan bridge. So after some searching I came accross the following guitars and summed up how they differ spec wise in an infographic. or Best Offer. But TELES, they’re all the rage. Think it might cream things up a bit. Hi there I just purchased a Pac120s and need to replace the nut it is not the original one but don’t know what the dimension of the original one should be any help is greatly appreciated. I'm still on a quest for a new strat-like guitar and since my first guitar was the Yamaha RGX 612A, another Yamaha line, the Pacifica series came to my attention. Could you point me to some spec sheets please? That’s exactly what I was referring to. May be a vailable from sellers such as this one, Not sure if the brochure link got attached so here it is again just in case: And, bitten by the bug, he’s now got a Tele-style 311 too! Thanks Tony…great to have an expert on hand for this stuff. I have to disagree with this I came across a 412v used and I have to say had I not had a 112vmx I would have bought it but I didn’t think it was of a better build . I don’t have an instrument to measure it with that’s why I was asking any information would be helpful thanks a lot. I doubt it. This will make drop-D tuning easier for if I want to play "Killing in the name of" by RATM. I particularly like their Gold Top with p90s. best wishes always But i will send the pictures … VERY similar names! The guitar’s roots are on the west coast of the United States, where the first model was designed in California. No more knots and suchlike. I’ve ended up finding that, when presented with an unknown instrument into an unknown setup, the sounds that I want ARE there. I can get the 102s for around 240€ and the 612v for around 270€, the price isn’t an issue (but getting both is, sadly). Very common on modern humbuckers to be able to do this. Kids won’t buy them because they don’t look like a Strat. But you pay the price..especially with Bareknuckle. Early in 2007 Yamaha introduced an upgraded model in all but price. Hey Kieran, please send to Look forward to getting them, thanks! .any experience of a 311h. Thanks for your post, Bill. Or call Yamaha and ask for the spec. Also do you think I would be able to pull out the p90 in the neck of a 311h and put humbucker straight in if I got the hh pickguard. 1 guitar isn’t cutting it I always turn to the Pacifica that I know won’t let me down. Or can anyone recommend any for one.? It’s about £450 I think, new? All of the knobs could be moved from their original Pacifica positions to new ones without leaving ugly scars except for one but, joy of joys, that could be covered if I moved the jack socket to the body front with a Strat ‘boat’ plate. I began playing on an old Yamaha acoustic. FRONT:Pacifica 721 (left), Pacifica 721 with Pacifica 512 loaded pickguard. £40 for a brand new guitar!!! Now, bit of an unusual one. Hi. Hi Simon, Thanks for that. Not only did he hand reset the pole pieces in his pickups to match my polarity but he also checked the winding direction too and checked that it did its proper job via an amp (apparently there is no industry standard to polarity or windings, so just buying one on ebay from Chinatown is a lottery as to whether or not you will lose your reverse wound reverse polarity hum cancelling and just end up with a low output phasey thing). It’s all Kurt Kobain’s fault! A heavy metal guitar! Sending guitar through a bit of drive into fuzz (hopefully emulating Gilmour’s Coloursound/Big Muff combination) into a phase pedal (that might be my mistake, I might try chorus there instead) and a bit of delay. Hope this info might be useful to you guys who are looking to buy a Pacifica on ebay. Quality in every single one, from the low end to high end. Just did a bit of reading, apparently the 112 bridge is a little narrower than a normal strat with an outside screw to screw measurement of 53MM?. It sounds quite straight to me. So I started my quest for a Yamaha Pacifica with slightly better parts than the 112. They’re based in Rutland but also have a nice website with loads of wiring suggestions and soundclips. Is it one like this? You have great taste! And STK-7 was purchased after I saw Jack Thammarat’s demonstrating it on Pacifica in neck position. My guitar guy I go to for setups and the like said “oh be nice to spray that ” think he thought it be easier than getting the usual poly finish of lol. In fact, I can see now that it’s clearly standard humbucker with adjustable poles and solid slugs. Which is just a US tele clone with a Yamaha badge on, in effect. Talking of mods, just added a new home-made scratchplate to the yellow 120. We basically knocked it up with tools, haha, scissors and a screwdriver. As Dorothy said, ‘There’s no place like home…’. HI thanks for visiting the site. You do seem them though.Mine is currently bright yellow with Rickenbacker style pickups, as you will have seen here. I have a spare one somewhere its off a 510v and is engraved with yamaha, i have a pacifica 112v good guitar right out of the box but i did some mods………love the stock pickups so no changes there added gotoh periloid buttons to stock tuners complete 6 point fender trem with big block satten steel saddles from us standard strat bolted right on in about 15 20 minutes had it ready to play planet waves elepical strap pegs gotoh roller string tree now this guitar is comparable to any fender strat even usa but way cheaper my other favorite guitar is a samick greg bennett sig series mb3 this guitar is the top line one wilkinson trem grover tuners fender usa custom shop pickup/electronics. Similarly with caps, 0.22uF (22nF) will preserve treble end response better than 0.47uF (47nF). Assuming the truss rod is giving the relief you like – ‘a bit’ to ‘none at all’ (my personal preference) – the nut is giving a bit of clearance over the first fret when fretted at the second (used to love Yamaha’s zero fret guitars as this fixes that problem) and the frets are all level, then I go with the expert in Dan Erlewine’s book who says, “lower the strings til they buzz somewhere then raise them till they don’t.” Seems like good advice to me. This one’s a mystery! That is insane . It was horrid. It was about 10 years ago, but I recall the factory bridge pickup being a little too mellow for my liking. Thats one sweet looking thing…if I recall somebody once told me the les paul copy ones were good. That’s why the Strat is the world’s best-selling guitar. I thought the 611 and 510 look quite impressive, everything to the hardware looks nice on those! Which all fits perfectly! Fantastic customer service too. So 604w I guess means level 6 quality, no humbuckers, 4 single coils, Wilkinson trem. By the way, did any of the UK folk see Barry Gibb on Jools Holland and/or Strictly? Unless you are the kind of person for whom even separating tea bags is a calamity zone, you CAN do it. Never ‘different’ to it. Complete the wiring work, Hi, thanks for coming to the site. I love a P90 in the bridge. Somebody’s managed to put a Yahama Facebook page up…and over 6,500 people have found it…and liked it! Originally developed in the 1990’s, the Yamaha Pacifica series has become one of the company’s best-selling entry-level electric guitars. I’ve totally replace the pickups and the wiring and everything on this guitar except the tuners and the nut.. But if it’s a Wilkinson bridge you should be able to get a direct replacement I’d have thought. Cheers, Simon. My first thought that it was a counterfeit but it has everything else present, Warmoth neck etc. I feel the calling…any religion…it’s calling…it’s calling…. Yes I agree 100% with you and the real magic comes alive with the FUSE fender community downloads there are quite a few to choose from depending on tastes. I’ll post a picture…Sergio, I’ve asked about this on the Yamaha Pacifica Lovers facebook page too. I have an orange stain 612v dated 2004 I believe. I agree with you that for useability it beats a push/pull hands down and is probably the only mod I’d make to my Pacifica and, even then, only if I was short of things to do. THanks! Check out my page; There’s nothing more satisfying than finding an unloved Pacifica and turning it into something great. Beware, guitar building can become a bit of an addiction! And you can get a pickguard from Guitars ELectric on ebay: HH pickguard, Does poly need a clear top coat..? I’d get onto one of the parts specialists and have a chat. Hey Tony, many thanks for posting this. Yamaha incorporated several major design changes with the L series, including increasing the scale length from 25 inches to 25 9/16 inches, narrowing the dimensions of the lower bout and offering fancier inlays and binding. Yamaha gitaren staat bekend om hun constante kwaliteit en gemakkelijke bespeelbaarheid. Brilliant stuff, thanks! now this was after a visit to my cousin who had just told me he didnt like my pacifica would never gig it etc which kinda shocked me as I think its one of the best guitars playability wise ive ever played at any price point. I found that after installing a 4-connector dimarzio humbucker, splitting the humbucker and selecting position 2 (bridge+middle) did not result in hum cancelling. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Yammie with humbucker bridge + single coil neck and vintage tremolo, as those only come with licensed floyd rose bridges. Another new visitor to the site, Rober Sanx sent me a picture of his very inspiring120S conversion, complete with reshaped body and headstock, scalloped frets at the top end, blow-torched and oiled finish, a pickup mod and fretboard inlay. Is it possible to find year from the serial number? Cheers, Tony, OK, thanks for the link. However since I received theses pickups why is it I find my stock pups ever so sweet. Hi there, nice site! I always found the stock pickups on the Pacificas (and most Yamahas for that matter) very usable. Looking forward to it and thanks again for the cool news! And the nice part is that you can get everything just the way YOU want it. Im planning to get my natural finish pacifica a nice transparent blue finish., I have a good Wilkinson bridge and would like some nice locking tuners but not overly expensive does anybody have any suggestions for a set that would drop straight in with no drilling etc.? I have a Pacifica 312ii old violin colour. By the way he’s just done me the enormous favour recently of hand matching a replacement neck pickup with one of his Alnico 5s of similar resistance because mine had ridiculously wide pole spacings. I have a 604w which is push/push, my son has a 604w which is push/push, but he just picked up another 604w which is a push/pull. I can’t think of much that makes a guitar feel great as much as polishing those frets so that string bends just glide across them – apart from having a decent action in the first place. I have a bit of a love affair with this one!”, To prove that our influence is spreading worldwide, here’s an unusual 604w sent by Bill McM in Australia. Hi again, Pot and Cap values do end up as a personal taste / experience thing really. The short answer to both your questions is ‘I have no idea’. What a dope. You think they would be in the current product line , I mean its a classic shape. So I started my quest for a Yamaha Pacifica with slightly better parts than the 112. Full QA and bench test. There are some instructions in my How to Customise page or this is a great video: and part two here: Cheers, Simon (site admin). Would you care to elaborate on that last comment about the latest Pacificas? There’s a huge ‘swimming pool’ route under the scratchplate. Just to say I’ve posted another couple of funky 120s on the Pacificas on the web page including a brilliant-looking three pickup job. In the corner of my room stood my Pacifica 112 and I soon realised that the body shape would be right, the new smaller scratchplate would be right too. As with most things, you can pay anything from a tenner to £150 for each pickup, depending on the sound you want and whether you want cheap Chinese or ripoff ’boutique’ models (which are generally no better than the cheapo ones!!) Any pickup designed for a Stratocaster will fit, there are millions on ebay. I never need to hold another LP or strat. Hey everyone, I have a black Pacifica 120s, found it on a portal, got it, but some amazing jumbo frets and it’s on fire, unfortunately i’m still having a bit of trouble with the last details of the set up. Now on the wiring side of things I put 500k switched pot volume and 500k tone pot with 47uf cap…on looking at the original I took out I could see it was 250k switch tone and 500k standard volume with 22 cap. I was just pondering a P90 there instead whan I got an email that alerted me to your post. I quite like being different and maybe this is why I bought one I mean its all to easy to get a strat everyone gets a strat and if thats what u like then fill your boot’s . So I got my action down so low that the bottom E actually buzzes at the lower frets (not that you hear it through the amp). Im sure you can find one in the UK or maybe there may be more people who appreciate them and don’t give them up so easy. Expecting to receive my new Yamaha Pacifica 612vii , about which I have a couple of questions: 1. In my mind this would cut a lot of the top end, warming up the mids and add sustain but not sound like a ‘bucker. This should solve your problem. Another reason to visit her more frequently… I also have a PAC311S waiting for me at the post office today. I think I could write that logo in gold on a cricket bat and string it up and some people would swear by it. But you can always get in touch with your nearest Yamaha dealer and get one straight from the manufacturer, they’re usually very helpful. ? I swap them all around willy nilly! There’s always some excuse. Quality in every single one, from the low end to high end. This has always been my least favourite thing about the Pacifica, when sitting down on the sofa, the cable catches on cushions and so on. So here are Neill’s ideas in pics. Hi, I have a 302s in brown with gold and mother of pearl guard. No problem, happy to help. So sorry for the very slow response. A coil splitting ‘bucker in roughly the Tele’s bridge position could be good too though, in retrospect, I may stick with a Tele pickup there. Interesting one this. A lovely aggressive biting Telecaster sound but just the one! I was amazed by the quality/price ratio and since then have bought seven Pacificas for myself. I really wanted a string through hardtail and was initially looking at a 311h which already has grovers graphtech nut so that would cut down on my mods. We’ll look at the features and how it matches up to other “beginners” guitars. I work with Vox tonelabs and I can get beautiful tones with most stock pickups and the type of configuration you mention. That’s a very impressive collection indeed. thanks I am very pleased with the 120 so much im considering selling my squier telecaster to go afetr and purchase the 102 sx The price for the 120s would be 60 British Pounds Dive bomb at the end, too. If it works for other people it might be a problem with my browser. I then bought a C70 classical guitar and it was then that I truly realized the value of these guitars and what Yamaha represents. Regarding the 904 – it should have a warmoth stamp on the back of the headstock, also it should have a black Yamaha name plate on the 23rd fret. I have three 102s, all modded. In case you hadn’t realised, the 120 has a much fatter, heavier body than the 102 too. Pacifica fan Rob in Atlanta, USA, sent these three lovely 112s for the gallery. Love to see a pic when you’ve done your mods. Or someone else will hopefully pop up and help out. It might be worth a little switching mod to get the neck and bridge on together to get some of the 102’s sound but, of course, for sheer scratchy searing tone, you can’t beat an actual tele style pickup and bridge. Heavier music demands more output, and the 120 is perfect as it is equipped with dual humbuckers. That’s why I advised only gently and only a small way in. Since I suppose that you are going to ask “what do you like to play?”, I am a new player that has gathered some knowledge over the last three months and I have been playing some surf guitar — I do like loads of reverb, some bluesy rock, such as the Dead Weather and Hendrix and lately I have been looking up to some jazz legends such as Pat Metheny and the Weather Report, but I also feel some urge (although rarely) to go Dimebag on it. Went home, researched it, and ran back to the store before it was gone. Now on the Your Pacificas page. I have fixed up and customised quite a few Pacificas and think they are fantastic guitars after a little attention. This video is most clearly: green with the P90s that really caught my eye. Leaves a nice clean line between the top/bottom and sides) Finished with 4-5 coats of hand rubbed satin varnish. I got my Bareknuckles several years ago when they were still a tiny company and about half the price they are now, luckily! Not sure if that helps! Hi all! Although I have lashed out £2 on some scratchplate screws as I’ve run out! Here’s a (small, sorry!) The pickups are indeed a humbucker and two P90s. They are about the same price — the 102s is already shielded and has a seymour duncan pickup upgrade. Yamaha Pacifica is the name of a series of electric guitars manufactured by Yamaha.The line was originally designed in Yamaha's California custom-shop by Rich Lasner, working with guitar builder Leo Knapp. I NOW ALSO HAVE THE 112J DID THE SAME FENDER TREMOLO STOCK STAMPED STEEL SADDLES 3 PLY MINT GREEN PICKGUARD STOCK PICKUPS SOUND VERY GOOD METAL FENDER TELE KNOBS GOTOH ROLLER STRING TREE PLANET WAVES ELIPICAL STRAP BUTTONS GOTOH METAL BUTTERBEAN BUTTONS ON STOCK TUNING MACHINES TWEED CASE WITH PLUSH RED INTERIOR COST A LITTLE OVER $500 DOLLARS AND RIVALS FENDERS COSTING DOUBLE EVEN TRIPLE. I agree with the 612. You could try someone like Guitars Electric who are good for Pacifica spares and parts. (I’ve added a link in the Links panel). If your budget can stretch a bit I recommend Sonic Monkey without hesitation. (will post all of my pacificas and yamaha guitars to soon), If you are looking to play lighter styles of music that require less distortion or output, then go for the 102, but honestly, you have a heck of a guitar already. nice guitars im selling my strat to get anotherone. Your makeover sounds brilliant. version of either Happy by Pharrell Williams or of Smells Like Teen Spirit. I emailed Yamaha and asked them about my ‘Natural Finished’ 604w, and they eventually replied and informed me that when the 604w was initially released they made a small number of them with a ‘Natural Finish’, mystery solved. The main time consuming task of winding is indeed done to my specifications in the Far East , along with other items such as sourcing covers (S.Korea for example). I can’t imagine anyone mistaking that for anything. Have you ever seen a Pacifica 904 with the logo on the headstock “YAHAMA” insted of “YAMAHA”? Groovy! Benton bodies are often basswood however rather than mahogany, if that’s an issue, and I have read of somebody stripping a Benton strat only to find some sticky and difficult to remove Photoflame layer. Korean made and by far one of the best playing guitars I own, over most.