Zinc formulations also differ in bioavailability, which increases the amount absorbed in the body and thus the effects on acne. As far as I know, the label shows the amount of elemental zinc. The inhibition has to happen in the skin because that’s where the excess conversion of T to DHT happens. None of the papers mentioned anything about this. However I'm not a fan of the pinkish residue left on your skin. I can’t really say what’s the best thing to do in your situation as I’m not at all familiar with KP. I researched further and found that Zinc is a 5-alpha-reductase II inhibitor which reduces DHT levels. How I Cleared Up My Hormonal Acne. I am thinking of trying a few different supplements and am wondering if it is okay to take multiple supplements or if this will cancel out or have adverse effects on the supplements combative properties. 6 – 8 Hrs of Sleep a Night I have taken doxycycline and monocycline and it’s too harsh on my body but temporarily does the job and I can’t use too much on my face of anything like creams and lotions because of sensitivity but I am now taking zinc and hopefully besides that and washing my face, this will be it but another thing drinking more water and away with the soda, I found to be extremely successful. I saw some papers that show zinc deficiency could reduce testosterone levels, and for people who are low in zinc taking zinc supplements could increase testosterone. Have you found anything scientific supporting either one of those claims? Altough I’m usually a person who believes in science, I’ve tried and believed a lot of nonsense when it comes to acne. I think supplementing is usually a bad idea because it causes even more imbalances in the body. What? This is one of those cases where every person’s body does not work the same and what works for some may not work for all. National Institutes of Health – Office of Dietary Supplements. So you probably can’t get so much from diet alone. I would really appreciate your opinion on the matter. Zinc is often lower in people with acne and studies have shown that zinc supplementation greatly improves acne. I know you have a post about NAC/sillymarin and other antioxidants, but I do not recall products/dosage are mentioned there. DHT is also 100x more potent than testosterone and responsible for much of the male secondary characteristics. Take it for what it’s worth . Listen up. Since the 1970s, scientists have been trying to determine the roles of zinc in acne patients. The correlation is no coincidence. If not, then it should work just as well as other supplements. BTW I tried the Now Vitamins 50 mg of Zinc Picolinate and I have also tried the Puritan’s Pride Zinc for Acne which contains Zinc Gluconate. How I Cleared My Other Acne I finally ended up clearing my acne with an oral antioxidant treatment (Derma). Address You should also consider the objective you want to achieve with your product. – dont take zinc while on antibiotics or keep at least 2 hours between Follow. Thanks for all the efforts you put on this site and books. I can take this form of zinc on an empty stomach and not have any tummy turning issues. Taking antioxidants supplies your body with antioxidant that can be used to protect sebum. Hey! Are there any NAC or sillymarin products/dosage you recommend specifically? I am one of those unlucky folks that dealt with lingering acne well into my twenties. It answered a lot of my questions about zinc and acne but i was wondering if it’s possible that the people whose acne got worse from taking zinc supplements could benefit from topical zinc creams? Up … or you take it to fight acne but it was not that effective ????? I started doing some research and I found out copper is needed by the skin to make Collagen and elastin (give strength to the skin) and I thought maybe all those years of taking a low dose (RDA) zinc supplement might of caused a copper deficiency, hence to lack of skin healing and the appearance of new scarring. Report. 4.0. With a decent number of available studies, we can better understand how this element can reduce almost all the known causes of acne. The first time my acne cleared I was using homeopathic medicine. Please welcome my sister Kelsey to the blog. It was also quite inspiring because I could finally understand why there are always green tea lines in all cosmetic brands here in South Korea. Zinc can definately help with acne. Can you point me to those studies? Both times that I’ve tried implementing zinc (first about a year ago via zinc pills, second in the last couple months via Michael’s Skin Solutions), I put on about ten pounds. Additional tips: This year I stopped eating dairy, limit my gluten, always go for the whole wheat choice, limit sugar, drink plenty of water, limit sodium intake, have a smoothie every morning with green tea. I have also started using 100% natural/organic products to lessen my exposure to zenoestrogens and improve my overall health. I will be short but whant to tell that zinc is cure for acne! How long have you taken zinc and what do recommend? Some people speculate that forms with better bioavailability could work better, but there’s no objective data to show that. It’s still hard for me to believe. I used to theorize that it was because it was making my immune system work too well (inflammation and pus are, after all, an immune system response) but I know from blood tests that it was definitely not helping my immune system as my wbc was really really low (like 2.4) while I was taking it at one point. How I Cleared My Acne In 10 Days . Most zinc supplements are sold as chelated zinc and available in many different forms, some of which have higher bioavailability than others. My skin is so much better when I’m taking it. Let’s assume one gets 50mg of zinc a day; 30mg from a supplement and 20mg from diet. However, several studies with good results have used 30 mg of elemental zinc daily. This is definitely more of an overnight treatment. However, 5 years later when I decided to go off birth control, my acne came back in full force. What is NAC ? I can’t really answer that question to you. I am wanting to try zinc, NAC, and milk thistle. It depends on the … I tested to see if it would have any additional effect and didn’t notice any. Maybe following posts soon will reveal some of my insights to you. They may, but I remain skeptical. I did a blood test to check my copper levels and it was low, but in range (14 out of 11-22). My skin is dry, but I still manage to break out a lot. Created with Sketch. Alls you need is a multi and a good diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Hi Everyone ,Today s video is about how to get rid of acne within 30 days. I have decided that Zinc is not for me. I am 28 year old female and still used to get weekly ance. Thanks Seppo for this wonderful information… After reading this article I searched for acne products which contains zinc in its ingredients.. Finally I did some more extensive research and found that as a vegetarian I’m more prone to a zinc deficiency that a non-vegetarian. (Literally, green tea cream, cleanser, cleansing oil… it is everywhere.) Zinc improves most causes of acne, and consequently, studies have shown that zinc supplementation can reduce acne by 50%. Just one question. But now i have decided that i will only try things with scientific proof. My skin has been great this year, and I wanted to share the products I have been using and my routine (which includes Zinc!). you said “u don’t take zinc anymore since u didn’t notice any effect from taking it.” 64 – 128 oz of Water Daily We recommend choosing the formulations with the highest bioavailability such as zinc picolinate and zinc methionine. Not necessarily. Sry for bad english but i remember now that i where angry on people why they don’t share cure for acne and because od that i wrote this. meat and daily) only provide a few milligrams of zinc. I recently started taking 50 mg of zinc per day and my skin cleared up completely in three days. When taken orally, there should be a difference in four weeks," says Patel. It hurt so bad! I can vouch for what Ronnie has experienced because I have experienced it too. My subclinical had gotten smaller, but it … 22 days ago. Anyway about a month ago (2 months after stopping zinc) all of a sudden I was noticing new acne scarring (I’ve had regular acne for 10+ years that hardly scarred), I mean every single pimple was leaving indents in my skin! I’m a bit scared about interferences though, seems like it might be problematic for Copper, Iron and Manganese. – make sure you take (if not enough from food) enough copper as zinc prevents copper absorption. In other words, how many capsules should I take to get around 30mg of elemental zinc? While some show positive results, the evidence is overall not as promising as the oral formulations.Our advice is to save your bucks for the supplements if you want to invest in zinc for acne. Zinc is one of the most studied natural treatments for acne. While zinc oxide is the most widely used formulation and contains a variety of properties, it is known to have poor solubility in water and poor bioavailability. I started a new regiment 4 weeks (Listed Below) ago and by the looks of it I finally have clear skin with no signs of new pimples or cysts emerging: Took me years to find the right products for me – I have very sensitive skin, My Skin Regiment: It was the kind that you couldn’t even hide with makeup. I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU GUYS ANY QUESTIONS, ASK AWAY! I also saw the effects of zinc in a good way but worth mentioning: Hi! I might be having too much selenium and vitamin A. I don’t think it matters where you get zinc. There are forms of zinc that are better absorbed. Be sure to note that the amount of elemental zinc is NOT the same as the amount of bound zinc in the supplement. You have to Google this one. The first is titanium dioxide (of course) and the second is zinc oxide. Instead of launching a full-blown attack, zinc holds the immune system back so it doesn’t make things worse. I’ve seen incredible improvements to my own skin from using Desitin (its actually a diaper rash cream) and i can only assume its from the zinc in it. I been dealing with acne for almost 30 years. The acne.org regimen cleared my face up. Have you ever considered taking zinc for acne? Zinc for acne works so well because it suppresses the immune system slightly when it tries to fight your own skin cells. Most labels will indicate the amount of elemental zinc, so you just have to be careful not to confuse the different amounts. The optimal dosage of zinc for acne is yet to be established. Here's a link to their research page. I chose these because they seem to offer good value for money. For example, a supplement containing 200mg of zinc gluconate does not contain 200 mg of elemental zinc. How I Cleared My Skin. Right now I make my own face cream. It was actually painful too. – Morning: wash my face with sulfur soap (great for acne) froth it up, slather on face and only leave it on a few seconds before rinsing it off. Sardana K, Chugh S, Garg VK. Does this mean that each capsule contains around 50mg of elemental zinc? I’ve tried Vitamin A and D and neither one helped. Product used? Vitamin E levels follow a similar pattern whereas acne has no effect on vitamin A levels.”. 1 Hr of Exercise per day (5 per/week), Thx mate! I started taking the zinc for acne and now my face is completely clear again. It usually takes serious effort to change body weight. Wesley. While these results appear to be a bit too optimistic about zinc, there’s fairly good evidence to show that zinc supplementation can indeed reduce acne. But going back to the skin. Really enjoyed reading this post! I wish I had discovered this natural cure years ago! 3-4 months ago i stopped taking zinc regularly because it was making me a bit foggy headed. I thought it was just marketing. I just whanted to tell all acne suffers that i had bad acne from 12 years now i am 18 and tryed roacutane and so much of creams that cures acne and nothing didn’t help me.Last decber i started taking 150mg zinc gluconate 3 times a day and it started working 2 months just from taking zink and after six months taking so big dose i could lower to 25 mg and had clear face and body because i had body acne. It’s worth noting that while other forms of zinc have higher bioavailability, they also contain higher levels of cadmium which is toxic. Thanks . In this post, we will go over the reasons why you should consider this inexpensive alternative to prescription antibiotics or steroids. Bagherani N. Comparing efficacy of topical tea and zinc sulfate in the treatment of acne rosacea. I can say that I had much better results with the Puritan’s Pride Zinc for Acne. The acne zinc connection was readily apparent. The most common side effect you might come across is nausea. I started taking high dosages of zinc picolinate. Just out of curiosity I typed ‘zinc libido’ into PubMed to see what comes up. Previous studies have even showed similar effectiveness between these doses. Hopefully it works, as nothing worked for me. Later I found there are products like Zinc cream and Zinc ample. …After never having dealt with acne as a teen it came as quite an unpleasant shock to suffer from adult acne in my early 30s.…The combination mostly cleared up my acne but I'd still usually have at least two or three spots at all times. I had been using acne.org  face wash at the time. I’ve also heard magnesium helps regulate keratin production as well. Nothing else has worked this well. Zinc absolutely helps. The antioxidant system has difficulties in coping with the load and acne patients show higher levels of oxidative damage and lower levels of antioxidants. Long story short, we are guessing, but the next zinc supplement I will buy is either picolinate and methionine. Yep, acne can do that for you. The treatment success rate, defined by more than 2/3 decrease in inflammatory pimples, was 63.4% with minocycline and 31.2% with zinc. I rarely see my face acne-free and to be honest, I am not sure how long the effect will last. The mineral zinc came up several times in my research. I know I tried many weird things in desperate attempts to get over it. But you have to keep in mind that 5mg and 10mg are massive doses when compared to body weight. I don’t know if those are better than competing NAC supplements, with such lax regulation there’s really no way to tell. Multicenter randomized comparative double-blind controlled clinical trial of the safety and efficacy of zinc gluconate versus minocycline hydrochloride in the treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris. As mentioned previously, different zinc forms may vary in certain characteristics, but as far as effectiveness against acne, it probably does not matter what form you take as long as you get enough elemental zinc. I knew that zinc indeed inhibits DHT, but it seemed very weak compared to EGCG or other inhibitors. Hotiveyelo. Since acne puts more demand on zinc, people with acne have lower zinc levels than those with clear skin. It is generally not recommended to take more than 50 mg elemental zinc per day, as higher doses may cause stomach cramps and irritate the gut. Fish Oil – pills (AM only), Other Things to Consider when trying to achieve great skin – Probably the most important too kind of afraid to stop anything just cause my skin has thank g-d been good. As mentioned above, zinc has many favorable properties and different formulations can yield unique advantages. What foods do you recommend that i should eat to get zinc? Within half an hour I was sick in the toilet. It was never extreme nausea, but any thoughts or similar experiences would be appreciated. its been a while since i’ve been here bugging you with all my questions.. well thats cause my face is doing pretty well I had a few questions i’ve been meaning to ask you… In general, higher bioavailability yields better absorption in the body so that you can get the most out of the product. Prior to that, I was pretty lucky. There have been a handful of studies on topical zinc. However the bottle does not specify the amount of elemental zinc per 50mg. People with moderate to severe acne may have a zinc deficiency. If those forms are not available, zinc gluconate is also a solid option. Or is it less? A few days after I had relatively no more ‘real’ pimples, I realized that the little bumps hadn’t changed much at all. It usually seemed to help only the first few days to a week and then BAM suddenly its like my system would go into overdrive and I would start to develop lots of cysts and pustules–and it didn’t stop! I also take Estroblock Pro which has been a lifesaver, but I do continue to get mild acne breakouts if I forgot to take the zinc. Citrus Clear Grapefruit Spot Treatment I agree that systemic inhibition of DHT is not a good way to control acne. It seems to me that targeting either the bacterial aspect or the inflammation aspect of acne seems to have less side-effects. I’ve noticed that, for me, I have to take it with food. 5 years ago | 7 views. I have never read anything to suggest otherwise, but I haven’t specifically looked into this either. Thanks for sharing your experience! How I Cleared My Acne in just 20 Days? Zinc is a pretty well known natural acne treatment with several studies done to back it up, but it’s something that I have never tried myself. Two good aloe vera choices are the Palmers Aloe Vera & the Made from Earth Aloe Vera. After removing Zinc, my libido had returned and I had gained my strength again in the gym. She put together this guest post on how she healed her own acne using real foods! Unfortunately very little. I’m about to share something with you that will change your life from this point forward. Thanks for such an informative article on zinc supplementation. But I’ve also noticed over the years that any time i try and take some form of pill or supplement to help with my acne (probiotics, antibiotics, herbal stuff such as evening primrose oil etc.) I just want to be clear, the reason zinc cleared up my acne was because I had a zinc deficiency, meaning the zinc deficiency was the cause of my acne. Hi, I wanted to ask your opinion on the role of/(if any) zinc or copper has on preventing acne scarring? Study after study, the results were being compared and the findings filtered in - there definitely seemed to be a connection between low levels of zinc and acne. As an example, I’m taking several supplements to fix my gut issues (and to prevent them from recurring again). taking antioxidants can reduce acne for this reason. However, most servings of everyday food (i.e. The same authors published a study in 2010 showing 80% reduction in acne using a zinc methionine, a zinc supplement with high bioavailability. Some of the studies that I have read seem to suggest that zinc could actually increase the amount of testosterone….wouldn’t this cause more acne then…I am very confused about whether to give zinc a try or not…. How I Cleared My Acne In 10 Days. I've always had at least 4-6 spots/whiteheads each morning, along with 2-3 monthly breakouts. And It’s alright to be a little skeptical, I honestly wouldn’t believe anyone telling me this unless they could prove it – which I will. Cervantes J, Eber AE, Perper M, Nascimento VM, Nouri K, Keri JE. In my last post, I mentioned that I was quitting Estroblock (for a while at least) and using this opportunity to try out some different supplements for my skin.. One of those things is the mineral zinc. Warm regards, While zinc is not a miracle supplement, a significant amount of research can support its use for acne. They also have zinc although I think is only 20 mg. I’m just wondering, I have a very good diet so I do not want to take too much of certain vitamin/minerals. Here are some known vitamin & mineral deficiencies that may cause acne: Vitamin D, Omega 3 (fatty acid), Zinc, Vitamin A, Selenium. But yes, do you research and you’ll find they are dry oils and perfect for healing active acne and fading scars, as well as keep skin it’s best) I apply tea tree oil to breakouts by using a Qtip / cotton pad. I'm just enjoying this moment though because who knows I might get acne breakout soon right? It might sound unbelievable, and I completely agree. Re switching zinc supplements. However, Zinc seems to be problematic for Copper absorption, so you should maybe not eat them together (and it's weird that some supplements offer both Zinc and Copper together). Over thirty clinical studies have evaluated the effects of zinc, both alone and in combination with other products. There is clear evidence that zinc can help acne. 3mg is actually quite a bit since the RDA for adult men is 0.9mg. You may find faster results when applying zinc topically versus orally. Zinc Fact Sheet for Health Professionals. Is it something you think I should just push through in hopes that my body gets used to it? I also am taking NAC, and upped my dosage to 2g a day and it seems to be controlled again. As I mentioned in this post, there is evidence to show that picolinate and methionine forms are absorbed better. in my town they only have chelated and picolinate form . This particular Zinc cream is effective in reducing my acne in days, in some cases just one day. Maybe different forms of Zinc work better for some people. Though this shouldn’t be a problem unless such foods constitute a huge part of your diet. The total pimple count dropped by 49.8% in the zinc group and 66.6% in the minocycline group. * Group B was given a topical Vitamin A cream plus topical aloe vera. Citrus Clear Sensitive Moisturizer Some scientists speculate that differences in the formulation of zinc can significantly affect the study results. Also, when zinc levels rise, your copper levels lower. In one 2014 study, researchers grabbed 60 people with mild to moderate acne and split them into two groups: * Group A was given a topical Vitamin A cream And the only one on the internet for certain. So I don’t think yours is a common experience. You may or may not find that zinc works in your case. I would assume (but don’t know for sure) that it’s ok to take many supplements at one time. I would know, as I suffered through about a month and a half of painful acne before I finally came to the conclusion that zinc did not help me. Anyway, really glad to hear your skin is doing better. Why not eat foods high in zinc instead? (for example: “Supplemental zinc caused decreased levels of iron, manganese and copper in the liver.”). Studies have evaluated the effects of zinc at various durations, but we generally recommend trying zinc supplements for at least 3 months for any noticeable improvement. She graduated with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Texas Tech University and has been exposed to a variety of healthcare practice settings. You need to use Vitamin A with aloe vera. I have struggled with adult acne for years. While none of this can hold the assumption that zinc is a miracle pill, it certainly merits consideration, don’t you think? My assumption was that zinc worked for acne because it’s 1) antioxidant, 2) reduces the immune system response to bacteria in the skin, 3) inhibits bacterial growth in the skin. ut when I got to the mirror it was always the same or worse than before. Keep in mind that with higher bioavailability the higher potential to cause gastrointestinal problems, especially with dose-dependent formulations like zinc gluconate. by Michaela Jane | Oct 28, 2019 | Self-Care. Does this make a difference in acne? Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. i have a question do u know which type of zinc is better?? This could be due to the different form of Zinc (Gluconate) as well as the other vitamins and nutrients that are added. Thanks Seppo for the article. A study in Turkey compared zinc levels in 150 patients based on their acne severity. Anyway, thanks again for this article. I’m going to tell you the story of how taking zinc lead to my acne being cleared and controlled, since it first appeared back in high school (now I’m 27). I’m sorry but I really don’t know. Give it a try! It’s an abstract on the absorption of the different types of zinc. What were People Saying About Acne and Zinc? I have a zinc deficiency because of my diet. And what is the best Zinc product to take and how much, sorry im asking these questions as im sure the answers are on this site, but I really dont have time to read it all, i just came across it but in a major rush, and can i buy from this site and if so what is the best 1 to buy and do you ship to the UK, i have acne on my face quite servere, on my back very very servere, on my chest quite servere, on my head servere (but my long hair covers it up but i hate it) and it hurts when washing my hair, and on my neck servere, I know there is no miricle cure anti biotics dont do nothing Roaccutane made me so ill as in mental health ill, I now suffer with bad depression anxiety and panic attacks because of that, even if zinc helps a little thats positive right, hope you can get back to me with my questions, Regards Ricky. I can’t stop taking it. Zinc and Acne. Quick question. But senior year of college, it was different. A handful of studies have also explored whether adding zinc to antibiotic creams improves results. I have started experimenting with making my own products. I've been taking zinc for about 2 weeks now. Browse more videos. I am 39 and plagued with acne and hair fall for the last seven years. When I’m consistent, I rarely have breakouts. Then, postpartum after my second baby, I decided to tackle the acne but not with homeopathic products. Thanks for the infos, I might start supplementing Zinc again. It started with a really bad breakout that just kept getting worse and worse. Studies evaluating zinc creams do not give much reason to support this formulation for acne. Available online. 3 years ago | 4 views. I can’t say. I constantly felt weak and had no motivation to exercise. Ps. For this reason I stay away from products containing any forms of processed sugars, liquor and chocolate. (no seriously do it..)\r Instagram: @sarahheartsphotos\r Twitter: \r \r Visit Memebox.com for the best beauty box!\r \r \r Camera: Canon Rebel T3i\r Editing Software: IMovie\r Thumbnail Editing: Pic Monkey/Fotor\r \r All My DIYs!\r \r \r FTC … For the most part they show topically applied zinc doesn’t really help acne. You get more bioavailability from it and without harming yourself with the risk of too much pure zinc in your system rather than in its chemical nature of food it should be consumed as. I have heard and read so many stories about how Zinc is supposed to be helpful for treatment of acne and that simply was not my experience. Dreno B, Foulc P, Reynaud A, Moyse D, Habert H, Richet H. Effect of zinc gluconate on propionibacterium acnes resistance to erythromycin in patients with inflammatory acne: in vitro and in vivo study. That said, it’s generally a good idea not to take supplements you don’t need. Can I take a zinc supplement (30mg) while still taking a daily multivitamin that already has 15mg along with 22 other vitamins/nutrients? After experimenting by removing different items, I had found that Zinc was in fact the cause of this. It seems, for males, reducing DHT (systemically) doesn’t seem to be the best option. reduce the amount of oil (sebum) produced by the skin. The general consensus here is 30 mg of elemental zinc daily. I seriously doubt zinc supplements would have any effect on weight. I wanted to comment on the oils. We don’t recommend taking more than 50 mg a day because higher doses can cause stomach cramps and irritate the gut. Zinc usually comes with mega doses of b6–and b6 is known to acne in excess amounts! Glad to hear you find the information useful. Puolikkotie 802230 EspooFinland, Zinc for acne: The Ultimate Guide to Erasing Acne With Zinc, Published: February 19, 2014; Modified: September 16, 2019. Zinc oxide, zinc citrate, and zinc sulfate are known to have lower bioavailability. Quite difficult to get enough zinc from foods alone. I’ve only been on this site for a day, but it is such a rare and good experience in this skin care scene, to get information from the one who tries to stay critical and science based. I have to buy it at the health food store as most grocers don’t carry it in the picolinate form. I’m now uncertain if I should be supplementing with either zinc or copper alone to prevent more scarring! That was a one way ticket to nausea city! Looking online, I see many articles touting zinc as a weight loss supplement and equally as many saying it will cause weight gain. Lorette G, Ermosilla V. Clinical efficacy of a new ciclopiroxolamine/zinc pyrithione shampoo in scalp seborrheic dermatitis treatment. I have had great success using Zinc Picolinate. See if you can find a zinc supplement that has some copper in it as well. Brandt S. The clinical effects of zinc as a topical or oral agent on the clinical response and pathophysiologic mechanisms of acne: a systematic review of the literature. Do not self supplement. . I often use different SPF but they are always oil-free. I would have saved myself a lot of grief. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19881149, I have never gotten far with taking zinc because I have found that it makes me nauseous. 5 Steps To Clear Skin and How I Cleared My Acne April. It’s Shea butter, pomegranate oil, and a few drops of frankincense and myrrh. I do get deep cystic acne every once in a while. At 5mg zinc increased libido, at 10mg it decreased, and 1mg had no effect. It’s worth noting that most prescription drugs for acne take 2 months at minimum for an adequate response. I think any antioxidant supplement with do, I usually recommend N-acetylcysteine (NAC) for that. Well, I knew that but what I didn’t know is that the zinc gluconate that was so harsh on my stomach that it would make me vomit (even if taken with a meal) didn’t actually do anything for me (see link above)! Comparative absorption of zinc picolinate, zinc citrate and zinc gluconate in humans. It has certainly helped me. But there was a noticeable difference within hours. Elemental zinc is usually attached to another molecule (called a chelating agent) to help it better absorb in the body. It has far reaching health factors and proved not to let me down when I looked into it further. Benzoyl peroxide seems to keep my acne in control but I was looking for an option that would give me better skin as well as hair. Barrie SA, Wright JV, Pizzorno JE, Kutter E, Barron PC. I started taking it after I had largely gotten acne under control already. I took zinc yesterday on an empty stomach – big mistake. Most studies on acne have used picolinate – so that at least works. It usually seemed to help only the first few days to a week and then BAM suddenly its like my system would go into overdrive and I would start to develop lots of cysts and pustules–and it didn’t stop! I’d taken a 15mg zinc supplement (without copper) on and off for 2.5 years and it definitely helped control my acne. You may have read articles with claims such as, “zinc cleared my acne in days”. Her main role is to edit and review the articles on Acne Einstein to ensure accurate medical information. Is that a common side effect? All through my teenage years, my acne was persistent and I was also diagnosed with mild rosacea. This alone cleared my skin about 50%. Scroll down further for a comprehensive guide on the best forms of zinc, how much to take, and why zinc creams are not worth your time. I read zinc is beneficial for wound healing/acne/minimising acne scarring but on the other hand I’ve heard copper is essential for collagen production…..i’m started to figure out why would my acne suddenly start scarring so easily now? France Torrence. WRONG! The role of zinc in the treatment of acne: A review of the literature. You can go ahead and close any other tabs to do with this subject - because I’m one of the few individuals on this earth who knows how to get rid of cystic acne. I tried everything… green tea, milk thistle, omega 3s, selenium, vitamins, zinc gluconate, prescription and otc medications, oil cleansing, you name it and I’ve tried it. is a registered pharmacist in the United States. In the light of these results, there is limited reason to use topical zinc for acne treatment at this time when plenty of other options are available. If the antioxidant supplement already contains zinc, then I don’t think there’s any need for another zinc supplement. I’m taking these ones: Now Foods, NAC, 600 mg. Playing next. While most studies have not reported any serious side effects with zinc, a small number of people have experienced some form of digestive effects, including nausea and stomach cramps. You can check out this fact sheet by the National Institutes of Health for more details regarding dietary zinc. This is the first time I’ve heard of this, but thanks for posting the warning. I swear by it. I’m 100% sure of that. You have to find what triggers your breakouts. 2 years ago. I’m just updating my Clear for Life course and the updated version will have specific supplementation recommendations for different acne types. I would know, as I suffered through about a month and a half of painful acne before I finally came to the conclusion that zinc did not help me. There has yet to be any reports of zinc causing acne, if used appropriately. Here are some favorable properties that make it useful for acne: In this next section, we’ll guide you on how to choose the best zinc supplementation for your skin. On my zinc supplement it says that you should not use it longer than 2 month. I tried it more than once and as soon as I stopped taking it my acne would get better. I still get the occasional break-out, but nothing serious. Due to lack of research papers available. hello nice post . And have taking accutane….antibiotics… All types of cream that my dermatologist have recommended…now it has help clear the acne on my face but not my backside.. You know how miserable the feeling is. because it tries to fix the cause of acne inside our bodies. While I like tuna, I don’t eat it enough to reap any benefits and I don’t think a pediatrician wanted to tell a young girl to take zinc supplements. How I Cleared My Acne In 10 Days. As far as Zinc.. the one I am taking is called Zinc fo acne by good n natural its, zinc gluconate.. do you think I should switch to one of the ones you’ve recommended? In your shoes I would try it for 2 months to see what happens. At 18, my complexion cleared up and I thought I finally had a handle on my skin issues. While there were various methods to measure acne in these studies, most have shown at least some positive effects of zinc supplementation on pimple count and acne severity (including hormonal acne and acne scars). When I fell asleep with my mineral sunscreens on, whose major active ingredient is Zinc Oxide, I found my skin quite good and soothed the next morning. About copper: from what I’ve read, you should try to keep a ratio Zn:Cu < 16. Is there any reason why you would choose to take a zinc supplement instead of the antioxidant pills you recommend in your book? While there is slight evidence that topical zinc may reduce sebum production, most of these studies have shown no benefit. They just sit on the surface of the skin. While my acne did come a bit worse I felt that It was not worth the side effects. Zinc gluconate has the lowest levels of cadmium, so may end up being a better choice. I have been taking 50mg of zinc picolinate for a couple years now. All of them contain Zinc in the form of Zinc Oxide. Design by. Eyes Green. But in a very specific way. It really dries up the sebum. I was taking about 150 elemental mg a day. Research over the past four decades have surprisingly shown clear benefits of this supplement. I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your tip! It was my senior year of college that my acne started to get really bad. Missed My Last Video? Nobody knows how your in particular react to the supplements. Doesn’t cause problems for me, but I know it’s an issue for some people. After reading this article and other information of zinc, I’m sure that’s what helped. Hey seppo, I’m really glad that i found your website. Once it disappeared completely, I only took 50mg every three days, then I stopped taking it completely because hey, my acne was gone, right? This pattern is similarly seen with vitamin E levels, though not as clearly established with vitamin A levels. I may be getting overly excited but would it be worth it to try taking zinc supplements to try and heal my acne further or should i just stick with what seems to be working for me? For example, a full serving of oysters may provide 74 mg of zinc, which is more than enough zinc for the day. Here’s a good paper that touched on the topic: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2872358/. But, in general, zinc supplements are one of the few things that work for many with acne. I do! Skin Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm. These days I am doing research on the effects of marijuana on your acne, which is a far more difficult topic than I thought. when I came across this clinical study done in 2014. I took good care of my skin but never had more than a few occasional blemishes. I learned this one day while I was looking online for something new. I battle a touch of acne, oily T... About reviewer . You would have to eat a lot of oysters every day. As far as I know, topical zinc doesn’t really help acne. Since people with acne have lower levels of zinc in their bodies, it makes sense that supplementing this element can reduce acne. My face started breaking out again and I had no idea why, then my boyfriend asked me if I was taking my zinc. If you don’t get any results then by all means stop taking it. Blog » Supplements » Zinc for acne: The Ultimate Guide to Erasing Acne With Zinc. Excess zinc intake can indeed lead to copper deficiency. I have tried zinc supplement to help me with acne. On the days that I DID. i greatly appreciate any advice/suggestions! I even tried ProActive! I don’t think any of the papers I read mentioned anything about this. Almost every morning I'd wake up hoping that it would look a little better. The dose per kg of body weight is orders of magnitude higher than anything humans could safely ingest. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3630857 But this doesn’t mean that zinc would increase T in people who are NOT deficient. I bought your book over a year ago and have been reaping the great results of it ever since I bought it. amberbrehaut. I did some reading on PubMed and seems what you’ve read is correct. Jooyeon (Pharm.D.) I am in my 40's. Do you know those days when you wake up wondering what the heck happened to your skin overnight? When I was younger, my doctor asked if I liked fish as fish contains zinc which can help with acne. Follow. After reading it I started dosing with Zinc Picolinate (30mg everyday) and after about 3 months I started noticing my acne diminishing (mainly the cystic ones). To Zinc or not to Zinc, does zinc cure acne after all? Thanks for posting this. I started taking it again and it disappeared. I learned this the hard way!). While modern day antibiotics (i.e. Have you come across any research that suggests that certain supplements should not be taken together? O started zinc terapy because of this site about zinc and whanted to give a feedback.again sry for bad english. But I’m not 100% sure about this. I haven't had a single blemish in over a month. I take zinc (30 mg elemental) for 1 month now and my supply will last for another month. Most of the side effects reported in studies involve the digestive tract, most notably nausea. You know how miserable the feeling is. Some decades ago there were quite a few studies that looked at topical zinc in acne. Yep, some people seem to have problems with taking zinc on an empty stomach. Zinc always made my acne way worse! Do you think that zinc would be my best solution for reducing the over-production of keratin in my skin? Most people with acne don’t have abnormal T or DHT levels. How I Cleared My Acne In 3 Days. Ozuguz P, Dogruk kacar S, Ekiz O, Takci Z, Balta I, Kalkan G. Evaluation of serum vitamins A and E and zinc levels according to the severity of acne vulgaris. It can be dangerous. Lately, I have been doing my own research on zinc. Finessa Regimen Set. I’m not sure that it matters. Probably one of the 3 I linked to, since they have the right dosage and are good value for money. Most people can tolerate about 30mg a day and start getting some side effects if they take more than that. I’m going to tell you the story of how I cleared my acne in 3 days after suffering for nearly 8 years. Unfortunately, after time I noticed that my strength in the gym and libido were declining. Second, I would like to share my story: How I Cleared My Acne In 10 Days. I’m going to tell you the story of how taking zinc lead to my acne being cleared and controlled, since it first appeared back in high school (now I’m 27). The study that showed NAC supplementation helps acne used dose of 1200 mg per day. There are quite a few food products that are rich in zinc. Greetings from ger. – Supplements: Rainbow Light Teen Complex (amazing) plus zinc 30mg once per day with food (have to take with food otherwise you’ll feel sick. That’s why zinc is already more powerful than any soap or cream. You should mention it’s a.good idea to supplement copper when taking zinc, since zinc toxicity can cause copper deficiency. So it might be a good idea to combine with zinc with a copper supplement. The short answer is that acne-prone skin produces too much oil that’s prone to oxidative damage (from sun light, air pollution, bacteria, etc.). Ima buy zinc today and Ima test how it will work! By the 3rd day I was about 90% clear. Hi, There are other supplements that can help but they are more case specific. Other studies show that there are no real differences in antioxidant levels between people with mild acne and no acne. Below are some facts about other zinc forms you may come across: The only study that compared zinc sulfate cream to placebo cream showed no difference in results. The video you've all been waiting for in my skin clearing series: the supplements I take that cleared my skin in 30 days! While the antibiotic was 17% more effective at reducing acne, results from the zinc group are nothing to sneeze at. I have KP on my arms and I’ve always wondered if the over-production of keratin in my skin was the real culprit causing my acne. Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but research quite clearly shows that oils applied on the skin don’t penetrate the skin. This is one of the frustrating things with acne. I don’t know whether their formulation somehow hampers absorption. What's the Problem With Drugstore Acne Treatments? After testing, it became clear I had a sensitivity to fragrance. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. I don’t think it’s something your body gets used to. 2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (AM/PM) I have also found that dairy does cause breakouts, so I try to limit it, but I haven’t cut it out completely. ?….I brought a zinc copper combo supplement I was planning on taking (15mg zinc Bisglycinate and 0.75mg copper Bisglycinate) but I’m concerned if I do have low copper levels that ratio will only bring levels done further? Nausea and GI problems are common side effects of taking too much zinc. Tried everything to home remedies..tired of spending money to the dermatologist and over the counter..and i need result..solution..help!!! I’m almost done with my ‘ Now’ bottle of nac and debating weather or not I should order more.. just because i take so many supplments not sure if this had a major effect on my acne getting better. So it’s doubtful that anything in those oils makes it deep enough to have a positive effect. So the past few weeks I started taking 2mg copper aday, but unfortunately I’m still seeing new scarring after most breakouts. Perhaps zinc caused water retention to you? Eureka Skincare I think this post should answer your question: https://www.acneeinstein.com/studies-reveal-almost-irrefutable-evidence-for-the-root-cause-of-acne/. my skin gets much worse very quickly! What do you think I should do? I don’t take zinc anymore since I didn’t notice any effect from taking it. Some of my triggers are refined sugars and chocolate. A group of Indian researchers speculates that it does, but they don’t have solid data to back it up. An observational study of methionine-bound zinc with antioxidants for mild to moderate acne vulgaris. But I'm crossing my fingers very tightly for that not to happen. I would appreciate if you can explain to me why NAC is good in helping for acne. As you can see from the results (shown below), zinc levels trend downwards with increased acne. I’d like to listen to your thought on Zinc Oxide as acne and general skin treatment. It helped me to clear up acne quickly.. Glad to hear the product is working for you. I don’t know how common it is to react to zinc like you did. Hello, folks! As part of my natural skincare routine. One study in rats showed dose-dependent response. 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