How To Kick A Union Out Of Your Workplace

Although unions will often try to trick you into thinking that if you bring the union into your workplace, you can easily kick the union back out, the process is extremely difficult and can only occur if certain conditions are met.  In addition, unions will often do everything in their power to block employee efforts to decertify the union from filing often-frivolous charges with the National Labor Relations Board to placing members on trial. For more information about decertifying a union, click here

If you and your co-workers are committed to kicking a union out of your workplace, there two ways you can go about it: 1) through a NLRB-conducted secret-ballot decertification election, and 2) by demanding your employer “withdraw recognition” of the union.

In both cases, however, there are time restrictions in which you can exercise either of these two options and your employer cannot assist you.

Please note: If you are a union member, you need to be aware that decertification is more than likely against your union’s rules.  Therefore, be sure to obtain a copy of your union constitution prior to attempting to decertify the union in your workplace, as your union likely has the ability to place you on trial for violating its rules.  For more on union constitutions, go here.

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