Klendathu James w-I never said Jaguars live in Asia.But I do very well now that an adult male Jaguar is capable of defeating a Lion under any situation. Who’s the boss now? that she’d be crippled & brought down.. so she departed, ..thus deservedly earning yourself the nickname of – ‘stupid boy’.. Are you unaware lions can hunt dangerous prey like cape buffaloes, giraffes, elephants and hippos. It will be equal in a fight between a male African Lion and a Jaguar. FYI: A large male Pantanal Jaguar was 350 pounds! At first glance it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between leopard and jaguar spots. out & destroy – any such perceived challenge to their authority. I stay in Africa. Who will win the fight between Jaguar and Lioness? Swapnil-I agree with you 100% James w.is a loudmouth lion fanboy klendathu. dried-up shit-stained teat.. again! ..a major advantage of experience in regularly fighting his peers.. Therefore, these two animals would never meet. That is a wild lion too. screeching a warning when big cats are about.. Jaguar: 1014N.. In the 19th century, a French naturalist conjoined two indigenous names for the jaguar -- which widely overlaps geographically with the puma -- to label the mountain lion “cuguar,” later modified to “cougar.” “Puma,” meanwhile, means “powerful animal” in Peruvian Quechua. jagaur to big for malw lions. No jaguar, tiger, nor grizzly bear either – could contend with a pride of lions, Jaguar vs African lion . Its really rough justice, & yeah, too funny! Apey.. you’re Jaguar got more powerful bite force, powerfully built body, Stronger jaws, Intelligence. You truly are underestimating jaguars. ..in the toughest, most competitive natural environment.. Africa.. How can you not get this? Lioness may be intimidated by testosterone pheromone signal, Apey/filthy dhoti.. Your email address will not be published. i have the life. But the stronger Jaguar overpowers her and creates some distance. Jagu to strong. .....arane, tigers too, can weigh as little as 145 kg, and sometimes a bit less. If its against a pack of tigers vs pride of lions… Lions have upper hand.. they are good at coordinated attacks… backing the lion – on that basis? As for this match up, after doing some research I have come to the conclusion that if the average forest jaguar (~220 lbs) were matched up with a prime lioness (~300 lbs), the lioness would emerge victorious. The lion would do you like a boss, needed to ‘pulverize’ large bones.. Pfft. Confidently run towards a whole lion pride… They all will flee… any lion would get scared if it see a tiger for the first time… because of those stripes. by attacking adult giraffe.. falsely presenting yourself – as me.. Well, as dumb-as you are.. you’ve just Apey.. So she left the lion to take what he wanted most.. a juicy meal.. It would be like you getting beat down by a high school letterman jock.. My third point, actual staged fights between wild animals happened commonly from the Roman Empire until roughly a century ago. Male lions habitually suppress other predators inc’ leopards – for sporting enjoyment.. see ( if you look, which you don’t, of course) just how he However, they alone can take down zebras, wildebeast. In fact, the cougar has more monikers than almost any other living mammal, around 40 in English alone. ’cause that’s your natural state.. of.. foul depravity.. own females down – for daring any kind of challenge to their authority.. You have to try & comprehend how the lion world view operates.. just so typical for your scammer cult-culture, apey.. lioness would kill any jaguar, dont even go there talking about africa male lion, lioness do hunt alone i have seen lone lioness kill huge zebra, buffalo, again jaguars cannot climb as good as efficient as leopards. Truth is with big cats small cats in rare cases hold their own against bigger cats by employing the on the back position and clawing at the guts. wrong.. again.. One of the biggest misconceptions about North Carolina wildlife is the existence of cougars, or black panthers, in our state. I will the rape you jamez w. i like raping the men. (after rubbing curry on it, that is)…. Attempting to claim lions can’t & don’t hunt such megafauna , YOU CAN”T SAY A LION CAN BEAT EVERYTHING!!!!!! Before I saw the video, you claimed that the lion “killed” the giraffe. for brain tissue, or marrow from long slender limb bones.. What they do not do, & indeed cannot.. so forget your & Swampnali-G, go breed a family.. Apey, but.. hilariously.. you do see yourself as a “pervert”, Too funny.. as if posting a link to a bogus site.. Now take glance at jaguar and lion strength, force and physical description at below given table on compare jaguar vs lioness. CASE CLOSED. Who emerges victorious? A large black panther found in the United States, Mexico, Central or South America that is not a cougar, mountain lion or Jaguarundi would likely be a Black Jaguar. Keep trolling all you want Lames – it is really not helping your case…. Jag big. Rhino is 3 TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black panther (melanisitc jaguar). [Laughs] The jaguar is the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere and the third largest cat in the world, behind lions and tigers. no… no… no… Required fields are marked *. Cause lion would totally beat the things that are only 12 times their size. However, keep in mind that a lone Jaguar/Tiger/Grizzly bear could hold their own against a lone Lion. And lions are bigger and stronger than leopards I have seen lion vs leopards usually the leopards climbs the tree. (Truthfully they sleep, eat, and make sweet love probably more, but that doesn’t make my point less valid.) Against such an onslaught, the leopard is totally ‘out-gunned’, & must run, or die.. A “normal” forest jaguar would most likely lose to a lioness. As far as intelligence goes, again, you might be right about Lions being smarter, but experts also say that Jaguars and Tigers have to navigate through dense jungles, which might give them edge in terms of intelligence. who need extra ‘schooling’.. L.O.L…, James just stop writing bull I’m agreeing with you so chill off ok I’m not trying to make you mad dude so just chill. There are hybrid cross-breeds between big cat species too.. James W loudest mouth in room is the ugliest. by crushing large bones – to consume them materially.. Hey Lames, (Not looking good for Jag!) jaguars average 53 - 100 kg in the wild ( i have many records). & he’s duty, honour & ambition bound to take them on too.. Indeed, Lioness’s do get ripped and reach weights of ~400 pounds. Trollie its you.. Well duh.. & along with size in a very similar body.. (like typical underfed sub-continental.. piglet). You seriously believe a jaguar could beat a grown male lion, African or Asiatic Gir Forest??? Mountain lions and panthers, both are very interesting carnivores of the Family: Felidae. They existed OVER 1,000 YEARS BEFORE EUROPEANS (Even counting the vikings) REACHED THE AMERICAS!!!! & your bogus attempt at sly denials of A jaguar is the apex predator. In fact, I even provided a link proving that jaguars are capable of biting through the heaviest bones of a bull, but your fantasy notions prevent you from comprehending this basic fact and lead you to making ludicrous claims, like “that site is not scientific.”. Sry for long ass story.. South America Jaguar?Jaguar take this easily. That's just my opinion. Sorry about the long winded argument, but I wanted to illustrate why the jaguar would absolutely lose 95% of the time. James w-why do you call me klendathu?I think that name is more suitable for you. the jaguar kill lion by bting sjull. unless as can be seen on video, a cat has a particular liking James W klendathu lion fanboy you go and sleep with a lioness. The Lioness might have longer legs, but the Jaguar will have stronger ones because it has more muscle mass. to the much smaller jaguar, which would surely find it suicidal to attempt Janindu Galaxy: PLEASE!!! Sure does, But the average weight for male Jaguars is 250-300 pounds. Its about who catch the throat first. this is Africa’s equivalent to the Panatanal for producing real big cats.. Again discount and underrating the lioness. not only can you – not even comprehend a proper journal article.. yes yes yes dirty apey.. And cats DO have the teeth to bite through bone, they just CHOOSE to eat the meat, and not the bones. Lioness or lion is the world second largest cat after tiger which can weigh up to 120 kg with the average head & body length of 5 ft 8 inch. No lions or tigers on Ceylon Is.. leopards are boss cat there, ok.. But in a fight between a lioness and a jaguar the jaguar has the edge. According to this page, the Jaguar is slower than the Lion but only a tiny bit slower. 1-on-1, Kingtheropod. L.O.L…. 19 thoughts on “ Compare Jaguar vs. Black Panther ” AP August 22, 2018. lions very rarely weigh 145 kg. Whats up with that, huh? Jaguar would lose, and quickly. Incompetent people don't know they are incompetent and are unable to recognize competence in others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3TkWLQGohY, Too funny! I am aware that jaguars are still good fighters and all it’s just that lions have all the better stats except for biting which is greatly in favor of the jaguar the only way I see a jaguar winning is by getting a bite on the head or throat or under belly but it has to be a hard bite not a small bite but other than that the lion wins every time. You present a valid argument, but you need to take a few things into consideration. But compared with a lion or a tiger, the jaguar looks like a fireplug. Jainnudu-G will be rushing on to the scene, & piling in with savage killing intent. Jaguar is the versatile hunter than lioness. Leopards are in my opinion the best fighters pound for pound of … Englese expressione, por favoure! ..so, as the video evidence shows – lions do hunt & kill elephant/rhino/hippo.. The Jaguar is hurt, but not crippled. The Lioness attempts to wrestle the Jaguar to the ground and tries to go for a throat bite. FYI: Most of your links either don’t work or they are bogus, LMFAO. black panther vs male lion black panther vs male lion . targets the giraffe’s hamstring & leg joints.. & the giraffe quickly understood ( unlike you, dum-dum), No, you couldn’t find examples of jaguars and lions fighting in ANCIENT Rome is because the Romans HAD NO IDEA WHAT A JAGUAR WAS!!!! of the foulest dysentary – so common to your shithole.. Crude, ignorant coolie, & criminally dishonest liar Your nonsense notion of “lb-for-lb” is heavily outweighed by the natural facts Why? After seeing the above facts and information there is no doubt that Jaguar is the stronger candidate than African lioness but still we have to consider all facts that lioness is larger and heavier than Jaguar. The cougar is a big cat known by many names including panther, mountain lion, puma and up to 80 more, but these are all the same species, Puma concolor. A jaguar mauled a lion in a zoo once, the only reason the lion survived is because the zoo service split them up. jagu to strong. So seriously. as usual.. must be your ‘puny’ brain.. fading. ha..ha.. now.. respect da facts.. However, if they were to cross paths, here is how it would go: A large male Pantanal Jaguar has killed a boar. Yeah, typical Apey.. jaguar rape lioness and eat male lion’s penis. likewise, a lion is more aggressive, and they have that protective mane of there`s. There is an account of both a jag and lion on the web somewhere at a zoo or circus, where a jaguar had escaped from its cage and a had ended up in a lion’s cage. The jaguar is the third largest cat (after tigers and lions) and they can be found in southern United States, Mexico, most of Central America, and across the north of South America. “Yes” – it will be like a male jaguar & lioness.. Death Of The King. all you “prove”.. Thin air, like yours.. L.O.L…). Ok.. End of story. If a particularly vicious lioness of such size & power spied any © Copyright 2014-2018 Animal vs Animal Comparison Blog. An animal that kills Giraffes and elephants. Bud. Jaguar is the world third largest cat after tiger in the first and lion in the second which can weigh up to 100 kg with the body length of 5 ft 6 inch including head. When a hungry young jaguar meets a lone caiman crocodilian, an underwater throwdown ignites. …are 1198.6N for the lion, 879.5N for the jaguar…”, & another.. Now while there are some places where African lions average 400 lbs, there are also places where African lions average 300 lbs, and since they are all still the same subspecies of lions, you would have to consider the weight of the highest and lowest to determine a fair average. Jag wins. But in a fight to the finish, the larger, heavier, stronger cat wins inspite of suffering injuries. However, there are literally HUNDREDS of accounts of lion vs. tiger . But did he? real piss weak posts.. & still with the same-same lame.. James W, Obviously, there were winners and lovers of both species, but on my word, the male lion would win 60-65% of the time, even outweighed by 25-50 lbs in some cases! It's a toss up. You “doubt it?” Why? Guys. A lioness can defeat 3 hyenas alone! Jaguar will win 70/100 in favour of the Jaguar. Lion only 50 pounds with bite force 2 PSI. ... such as lions. all the big cats, such a male lion would be totally intimidating For that reason, species are often misidentified as “black panthers.” If you run across what you think … Hilarious.. My name is Swapnil not Swapnali. ( & which was debunked in the 1st reply in the comments) seeing you ‘schooled’ – & on so many levels.. In head to head fight jaguar is the favorite and far better hunter or fighter than lioness considering all facts and will kill the lioness comfortably. As if.. The jaguar was found dead with no injuries to the lion. splattered.. shit-hole.. Jaguar got more powerful bite force, powerfully built body, Stronger jaws, Intelligence. Lioness depend on pack for hunt, not for fight. Lioness lacks in both these facts of Jaguar. the childish sites you cite.. are shit, just like you.. https://academic.oup.com/biolinnean/article/91/4/573/2701095, “The average bite forces at the canine tips… Jaguars do not live in Asia, I am a HUGE fan of the Jsguar. Jaguars are more similar to leopards and have a pattern on black/ brown spots on their yellow golden fur. How about actually presenting a valid argument like Raven has instead of trolling? You prefer.. to just make your bullshit numbers up, i the rape the jamez mom lazt nite, If jaguars were the same size as lions/tigers, than that would be one animal nobody would wanna mess with…. it feels the good too. ..constitutes any kind of valid supportive evidence.. dumb-as.. & as for the lion cub killed.. most every animal that is subjected I “duly” await your hilarious response, Lames… LOL. He is a great hunter, he’s bite can take down crocodiles more easily than Lion…More agi, int, angry, stealth, cunning than Lion(Stamina?Well…) Lions are smarter if not the smartest big cats, pack coordination says it all. As of today, we have over 400 Big Felines living at our Foundation – Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, Servals, and Lynxes. you unashamedly are.. a truly disgusting creature.. & so richly deserving.. of your ignominious fate.. On average, a Lioness will not cross 300 pounds – with 280 pounds being the average. So get back to the kitchen, I have seen one male lion take down a buffalo 3 lioness couldn’t. Nevertheless, he stands his ground. the penis taste the good. Yeah a lion would win this one for sure. I love raping the jamez w’s wife. just like you, see.. you fetid, impoverished, lying little monkey-rapist scum.. And, you can call my links “trashy” and “unscientific” all you want, but that does not change the reality…. jaguar 600 pounds. Now as for the black jaguar, the mountain lion is found in the same hemisphere as the black cat. Panther Vs. Jaguar: What Are The Differences? Lioness is the much better hunter than male lion and it is the lioness who hunts the prey in the group called pride for lions. But if it is a large male Pantanal jaguar, the fight would be close, but I would put my money on the jaguar. & here’s another research piece, which likewise proves Jagutnk killmale liion. Jaguar has the strong jaw built with larger canine teeth which helps him to kill its opponent or prey with a single bite. but CRAIG MULLAN you don’t need to say ALL that. he sees one every time he looks in a mirror.. So.. yeah, you wish.. Result: The Jaguar is hurt, but manages to win this fight using his nasty skull bite. The Jaguar will win easily… size doesn’t matter. Normally cats avoid a fight to minimise injuries and prefer a show of dominance, but In a fight to the death, the jaguar would be killed by both lion and tiger. They deploy tactics. Still not that much of a … Dead Jaguar in a matter of minutes at most. Faster (lions are the 2d faster big cat)…she can escape,Jaguar can not. The largest subspecies, the Kodiak bear… James W, Jaguars about twice the size of a Cougar or Leopard. Klendathu, That’s why I have chosen the Lioness who is slightly larger and heavier than American Jaguar so that we can judge the power and strength of world’s most dangerous fiercer cat (Jaguar). jaguar is 99% muscle while lion only 12% muscle. If I am not mistaken, panthers are basically melanistic leopards. One on one, a jaguar would defeat a lioness 6/10 times. This applies to all other rival predators.. except for – even more powerful – male lions.. effect on prime male lions – who are programmed to relentlessly seek Male jaguar is very powerful than lioness he can kill the female lion easily and male lion and male jaguar fight jaguar can win because jaguar have much strength then lion but lion have only one advantage that is weight with that lion can win some times weight of male lion is: 225 kg male jaguar weight is: 220 more advantages is jaguar only. while you fester.. DUDE! you have zero honesty, & even less standing, here.. Grizzly bear: 751N…, Awww.. apey is duly demolished by science.. L.O.L…. Just know that I am the real James W. The other guy is a troll. he carries on here – like a monkey up a tree, Unfortunately, a mother Lioness with two cubs catches the scent of the freshly killed boar. do some research reviews.. who will going to win the fight. But if one were to match a Pantanal jaguar (~300 lbs) to a similar sized lioness (~300 lbs), the jaguar would win, because at EQUAL WEIGHTS, jaguars have the strongest jaws, and are overall the strongest big cats. Don’t deny it it, If by ‘lion’ you mean a pride boss male in his prime.. since to stay.. would cause her death, & the calf would die Il signore qui sopra dice che il leone può uccidere un elefante o ippopotamo, 1 nessun leone può uccidere un elefante adulto, tanto meno se in gruppo 2 può uccidere un ippopotamo adulto , ma solo se sono almeno in 2 leoni !!! And in this case, the average weight of an African lion, then, would be about 350 lbs. Even female lions get massively ripped muscularity from habitually An ideal place for animal versus animal comparison. must mean you are ‘blocked’ L.O.L…. Home planet to mindless arachnid drones, I agree with you Janindu galaxy. his masculine prominence to good effect against some lions… The jaguar is the only big cat in the Panthera genus that can be found living in the Americas. ..if you really want to learn why they are so brutally dominant.. & parasites, all the same.. Janindu is my name and I am from Sri lanka.According to the language in our country Janindu means king.So please respect that you Lion klendathu fanboy James w. Janindu galaxy have you seen any toque macquaqes? Jaguar loves water and can swim like tiger and can climb on a tree like a leopard. & with you posting as ‘Troll’, your posts are Jaguar stronger, physically powerful, agile, flexible, more powerfully built and have stronger bite force. Black Panther vs. Anaconda. The angry Lioness lunges at the Jaguar and lands a few nasty paw swipes on the Jaguar’s face. Heavier, which means more muscle in that case. ..anyone above your ‘stupid boy’ level – is going to buy you – over him! Leone muay massivo, & el tigre.. ola pygmiento via Panthera comparativo.. jaguar 50/50 chance to win a fight with a male lion, because the lion have a mane to do some “protect” against the most powerfull bit and powerful creature weight by weight of the world, but lioness no chance even the two having the same weight. A fourth a ton! Jaguar is the solitary hunter and the apex predator in central and southern American jungles where he is on the top of food chain and survives mainly on caiman, deer, ungulates, tapirs, capybaras and even dangerous large anacondas whereas lioness mainly feeds on antelopes, wildebeest, zebra and buffaloes. That is the point. The distribution and other characteristics are also important to distinguish them separately. the lioness – just as hi-testosterone female hyenas may do.. those records upon waza lions are based only upon the measurements of 4 adult males, and at least one of whom was old and had a broken tooth...,...hardly conclusive. Is it due to ‘stupid boy’ syndrome? No. trying to breed a family.. Too funny.. Singh is an Indian word for lion.. not tiger, or leopard.. ..rather than a lioness/female .. ..then you are utterly wrong.. ‘King of Beasts’ is no mean title.. as the most dominating of Ask yourself.. how many very different large prey items Second point, size. But you actually have the ‘hide’ – to attempt minimise Joubert! jaguar live in african and prey on lion. Looks like Eaglesong banned you from posting, didn’t he, huh loser? The Jaguar will win easily… size doesn’t matter. If cats were not able to bite through bone, than how come jaguars kill by going for their prey’s skull? for its ludicrous claims.. I like how every match up with a lion in it on this site, has the lion losing. Lion alone, takes what he wants, At similar weights, I would favor a jaguar over a lioness. Your email address will not be published. are naturally available to the jaguar.. compared to lions.. No living jaguar can, or could.. kill a cape buffalo with a skull bite, you are disgustingly slimy excrement.. L.O.L…, No no no Lions are stronger than jaguars. African Lion is much larger than Jaguar and comparing Jaguar Vs Male African Lion is the injustice for the Smaller Jaguar though Lioness is also larger than male jaguar but still it is the fair fight between lioness and Jaguar. anyway.. I realize you will remain.. Because of the experience of fighting other lions for dominance, their socialization leads them to be less fearful of the solitary living tiger, and also because of their mane -causing a tiger to get a mouthful of mane fur when it goes for the kill, and the lion having no such natural body armour to keep it from having a killing bite. Fish and Wildlife Service says that most sightings turn out to be b… look you stupid boy.. you wanna start.. then cut your own shit.. If it is a male lion, than yes, the lion would win. The jaguar would need a skull bite in order to kill a lion – it is entirely possible, but it would be difficult for a jaguar to get it’s jaws around the huge head of an adult male lion. I have noticed that you have not been clogging these threads with your moronic crap for the past month or so. if u are talking about tiger vs lion tiger wins more. It was on youtube so it might be fake, it probably is. Trollie dum-dum.. Lioness is bigger and heavier than American Jaguar which is the only single advantage for lioness. While a large male leopard is capable of using the tools of to lion dominance.. will attempt to destroy lion cubs, if they can.. The facts though, are obvious, to anyone with a normal IQ rating, let alone a giant eland, a giraffe, or hippo/rhino/elephant.. You are such an ignorant inbred scammer.. aren’t you apey.. L.O.L.. Apey.. rather than do.. any actual fact checking.. & fooling no one.. & what a blind turd you are too, apey.. the lion in the vid ATE the giraffe! ‘stupid boy’ notions on the matter, is chew-grind bones Tiger is 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% muscle, while lion only 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% muscle. Thats your brave lion… An elephant wont dare to do the same thing with a tiger. This comparison is unfair, The jaguar vs big male leopard would be far more fair.

black jaguar vs lion

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