I also tried saying “ouch” loudly, but I don’t know that I was able to communicate to him that he had hurt me. Cats send subtle but clear body language signals it is just a case of reading them. Just like the rest of us, cats need food, water, shelter, and some attention to thrive. Some people are very bite averse and frightened others don’t care and are tolerant. What is the cat’s name? He made a noise of pain and bit her hand, but he let go right away and he didn’t break the skin. But with this cat, it’s different. Do not allow them to paw at or smell each other through a door. Do you know the full details? Children are often very interested in dogs and may want to touch them even when they are showing signs of fear or aggression. It seems natural to me. Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats. Perhaps you should disable your comments section or otherwise avoid social commentary (blogging) altogether if you’re so adverse to contradictory opinions–because it will come regardless of your intentions. We had the puppy spayed and 4 days later the dog went completely crazy, attacking me, my son, and husband over a few hour span. Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Well, let me tell you… Separating the aggressive cat from the other cat. The modern day barn cat is as close as we can get, With the complications of our ‘new normal’ created by countries and states going into strict quarantine due to COVID-19, many who care for feral cats are worried. He was upset because of the unwanted attention and ran out of the room after I finally had to tell my friend to please let Monty be because he’s semi-feral and might hurt her. Her intrusion scared him very badly. In one study of children brought to an emergency room for dog bite injuries, for example, the authors reported that “more than half of these attacks were not provoked.” I can't even sleep w/out worrying about him attacking. Thank you for sharing but please don’t misjudge the domestic cat. These attacks are not provoked, except for the snow incident, but that aggression occurred because a cat was attacking a dog unprovoked, just as the other videos show. So after hearing my cousin’s stories I googled a little and read some scary stories. I’m fairly certain he was abused - by women - who kicked him. She’s not doing anything to bother him directly, and I feel like I’m giving him enough attention, food and water. Obviously you are confused by cat body language. Cat play is imitating predation, so pouncing from ambush is a common play activity among cats and especially kittens. It could be redirected aggression but in an indoor-only cat living in a 2nd floor apartment and with repeated attacks, it just seems strange. Exactly Ruth, the rare and unusual situation where the provocation is not obvious and the act seems ‘random’ just means one has to dig a bit to find the reason because there is one. One cat might be dominant over the other and bully the submissive cat. They may be very affectionate as they ask their owner for food and then attack micro-seconds after the food is served, without even taking their first bite and without any prior record of territorial aggression over their food or eating space. Well, Barnara Ross. The dog dog bites the child's leg and begins draggi Thanks lou33 - this behaiour falls into the category "For the Rare Cat Whose Attacks are Unprovoked and Extremely Violent" but it is hard to know what action to take because the attacks were outside & unexpected - and so violent that advice not to move when attacked would be impossible to follow because the victim needs to get the cat off at fast as possible to avoid more … Most of the time he is a nice sweet lap cat. It is almost unimaginable that a domestic cat will attack a human in an unprovoked manner for the simple reason a human is too big. You don’t know the environment under which the cat lived. I am concerned about their welfare. To all of us, I agree that we don’t have a full picture from BR as to what is really going on. But I really wish I knew what causes my cousin’s cat’s aggression. But they are play bites (the cat is trying to instigate a play, some rough and tumble) in my opinion and this cat is not crazy. I knew the cat was nasty (hissing and swatting)to other people so I would just warn them if they came in the house. They live in that middle ground between domestication, living in the polished home, and a wild cat existence outside. It may have been transferred aggression meaning he was aggressive towards something else and then you walked in. BTW – I did read about some of the people’s complaints over aggression here. The approach of “Nobody wants to play with bitey cat” really did work over time. Suddenly, the Triantafilo family's cat, Tara, streaks across the driveway, … There’s no doubt in my mind that, if I began spraying with a water bottle, that I would have an attack on my hands. I was attacked by a 6 year old red tabby cat from behind, he cornered me in a laundry room, and came from out of no where, he jumped as high as he could leaving scratch and bite marks on my butt, and then scratched all the way down my legs,, then when I tried to shut the door,he leaped up and began scratching and biting my front,,it was a very frightful experience,, and totally unprovoked, this same cat has bit others who have come in the house and also his owner…. So a cat that is indoors and who wants to hunt, and can’t, finds an alternative. I am saying that if you go back far enough you’ll find a human cause. I am surprised that someone as arrogantly overconfident as you failed to understand that obvious statement. 6. The ‘new normal’ caused by COVID-19 may make this the wors... 16-year-old cat dropped off at a vet clinic to euthanize because owner... $2,000 reward for two cats dumped by a transport driver who ‘nee... Feral cats may be ‘outsmarted’ by the new Tomahawk “... Compassion fatigue: Animal rescuers can’t save them all and the ... We have the knowledge of the world at our fingertips yet we choose to ... Missouri man admitted he would scour Craigslist ads for free cats then... Australian professor claims that toxoplasmosis from cats causes 200 fatal car accidents annually in Australia, Nicola Sturgeon says that the coronavirus pandemic is no one’s fault, Why domestic cats getting coronavirus is irrelevant. It looks like she is insisting on his attention. By using the site, you consent to these cookies. He does have certain things that are no-goes and you will get scratched or bit, but my roommate is aware of these things and she doesn’t provoke him. You sound like someone looking to preserve your ego by attacking/discrediting others who insult or contradict you. It is play. This cat has never attacked me before, not even once. A cat tree will provide your cat a safe haven from the attentions of your dog. I am saying that the environment created by the human leads to territorial aggression. He always pierces skin and makes her bleed and go on a course of antibiotics. But I will have to repeat until then that cat do not attack wantonly and without good reason a person. You might have meant that a person’s resulting wounds from an attack could be indirectly their fault because they weren’t aware ahead of time of the animal’s aggressive mood, but that’s not what this states. Thanks for this Vickie. exactly was actually very disheartening reading all those comments which is why i didnt feel like commenting…I dont see how a cat could do that unless that cat was being hurt or feeling frightened in some way ive never seen a cat ever hurt a human in that way. Press J to jump to the feed. You are not telling me the whole story. lol. Obviously you know nothing about cats, they do NOT repeat NOT, attack for no reason! But she is 14 (at the end of this month I think) with multiple health issues, I realize that at some point in time – which I hope isn’t going to arrive for a while – I’ll lose her. Then it is usually the cat that gets blamed for being “vicious” and “aggressive”. Thanks for the response. These would be underlying reasons why a cat might demonstrate what looks like unprovoked aggression. I am not being contradictory. Aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem seen by animal behaviorists. Well said Michael, there are some people who should never be allowed within a mile of a cat! I guess he would say that. Authorities said that in all of the "random, unprovoked" attacks, the suspect has struck between 5:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. in the city 22 miles northwest of Boston. He's been fixed and everything has gone great but all of a sudden the last three weeks he's been attacking the dogs (7 and 13 years old) unprovoked! I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I’ve also tried to get her to give him pats and attention but she’s just scared he’ll attack her. Poopie (our cat) suddenly started getting very aggressive toward Claude (our dog). First she came out of nowhere and wrapped herself around my 10month old granddaughter;s head. If a cat does not like people in general (which is extremely rare I would say) he or she will simply avoid people. Instead, try to distract both cats by stamping your foot, clapping your hands, and shouting "No!" High pitched noises, visitors, a dog, a strange smell and being outdoors when they don’t wish to can make cats attack. Dreams about a ginger cat attacking: To dream of a ginger cat attacking you can indicate that there is somebody that is going to provide you with some important news going forward. My 13 year old lab was sleeping and the cat jumped on her, dug his … If one cat keeps attacking a particular cat, the first step is to separate the cats from each other completely — in separate areas of the house. Your cat wanted your attention. He also bit her once when he had a bee sting on his paw and she reached down to keep him from getting into her apartment and accidentally caused him to step onto his sore paw. Whatever the reason it is not an unprovoked attack. When will humans bloody well realise that anger, provocation, cruelty, destruction, jealousy are all human inventions. The aggression has been provoked by a territorial dispute with another cat. Cat play is hunting, right? I agree with Michael that humans provoke the attack in many cases. SOMEBODY needs to be rehomed. Therefore move the cat from the family to another better family or if he is unsocialized let him live in the wild or socialize him. The cat was almost certainly terrified for some reason, perhaps he was provoked beforehand or hiding from something, it could be anything but something in the human world terrified this cat and as a result he was in a defensive mode and so attacked the 1st person he saw. NOTE: VERY GRAPHIC ARTICLE. There is always a good reason why a domestic cat will attack defensively, which is what this is. You just didn’t feel too comfortable holding him in your arms when he was a kitten because sometimes he’d just jump up and bite your face. exactly!!!! Thanks, very informative, I’ll let her know. I argue that there is no such thing as an unprovoked attack by a domestic cat. The domestic, ginger cat has been the subject of at least ten council complaints on the Surf Coast in Victoria. Take my cousin’s cat for example. 4 books you might buy a cat lover this Christmas, Dog strokes cat who reciprocates the affection (video). The footage shows the cat attacking the pair unprovoked, sending them flying A neighbour tries to step in to help the dog owner and scare off the cat … Always look carefully for an underlying reason behind cat aggression and attacks. You might find yourself asking, “Why does my cat bite me unprovoked?” Well, r edirected aggression occurs when the cat becomes frightened or upset, but rather than run or go after the real cause, the cat instead turns on the handiest target. A cat is tiny and will not run at you unless severely cornered and frightened and even then you’d have to be a total doorknob to get scratched and believe it was ‘unprovoked’. At first, the incidents were small. He is more on edge around women, especially their feet, and my roommate is a woman. The cat is unable to make the connection that the punishment is the consequence of him biting. you can not have an animal in your house that will do that to you and your family. I pay the price sometimes. First of all, sorry this question is so long. See when you are provoked you attack, you wouldn’t attack for no reason would you? I am ok with it. Sure, she’s had a number of illnesses and run up the vet bill quite a lot including during the very first year, and was skittish and fearful as a kitten, she’s not so far exhibited any behavior issues. They may show aggression toward newly introduced cats, and occasionally other animals or people, that encroach upon their established domain. The Brits are well known for letting their domestic cat companions wander around outside as they see fit. Required fields are marked *, Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts, HTML tags allowed in your comment:
, You can subscribe to posts using the button below and unsubscribe. It doesn’t make sense because it is likely to end up with the cat being hurt or killed and the cat knows that. Advice. He’s 4 now, and has come a very long way since I got him, and he almost never lashes out anymore, and has become increasingly patient. Just one problem... he keeps attacking my dad. Instead, stop moving and reacting to the cat. Usually if a cat does attack, say like some people say ‘Out of the blue my cat runs and grabs or bites my foot’ well someone’s foot must have done something to the cat so many times that he is defensive of feet going by him. It is no different for any animal. Even experienced cat owners are occasionally caught off guard by attacks (as they readily admit), because the cat doesn’t always show signs of impatience, annoyance, or anger prior to an attack. Why should it be? Homemade ones are just as good. Even if he hisses or growls he hasn’t bit or scratched anyone in a long time. I haven’t talked to her for a while, so I am not sure if she managed to figure out how to stop it. I feel sorry for a cat who has ended up scratching a human. He always pierces skin and makes her bleed and go on a course of antibiotics. I am not saying what you have presumed. I’ve had him since he was 4 weeks old, he’s never been abused/mistreated or played with rough. It won’t be published. This was completely out of the blue and now I’m bleeding from my EYE!!! Furthermore, cats are notorious for sending mixed body language. But would it be fair to say that she has tried other ways to get his attention without success and relies on the last resort of an attack on his ankles which she has got into the habit of doing because she sees that it works. She has scars. This news could be adverse alternatively open new doors for you. I don’t believe any cat attacks without being provoked or terrified or hurt and naturally he then retaliates. In one of the videos, a cat gets kicked AFTER it has started attacking. I really don’t want my roommate to be afraid of him, and I would really like for him to be less of an ass towards her. cat is attacking a dog unprovoked past three weeks previously fine for 2 years? After speaking with my vet, he explained the following: Why is my cat attacking my dog all of a sudden? The solution might be for your cousin to buy some cat teases and play with her cat with the teases or other cat toys. Good point Ruth – people use the term ‘animal’ with derogatory meaning when the human who is using it is what we are all embarassed and ashamed of. This is not an unprovoked attack! They would be wrong. Yes humans talk about animals in such terms and it makes me mad if someone says someone behaved like an animal when the worst animal of all is the human! Is he neutered? I agree. In the latter case they could be both in on it. REDIRECTED AGGRESSION. One reason I am curious is that I feel like I really lucked out with my own cat. oh my God — get off of here you moron,,, what a stupid online blog area —. We may, A St. Peters, Missouri man who would scour Craigslist ads for free cats has been charged with felony animal cruelty. rather than an attack by a cat on him. First she came out of nowhere and wrapped herself around my 10month old granddaughter;s head. However, fearful or aggressive dogs pose an enormous risk to a child's safety. It is provoked by a domestic cat’s natural drives and emotions, which we as cat guardians need to satisfy. if you go to your nearest animal shelter and adopt a kitten and care for him or her properly,there won’t be any unprovoked cat attacks. People who mishandle cats don’t realise what they are doing. My cat is around 4, when we got him at the age of 6 months off a rescue. It cannot act without reason or reaction. Good point Michael, I said it was “pretty close to unprovoked”, but maybe I should have said it can SEEM unprovoked, since the rest of what I wrote about play aggression is that it still very often goes back to a failure by the human. If her cat play bites, it is best to keep the hand quiet and then distract the cat with a quiet voice and a cat tease that is close by. Perhaps he was waiting for the injuries to settle down as Mr Baxter’s claim for compensation says he continues to suffer from the attack. We think the same way. Please tell me who you are. and that’s play aggression. “The servals long legs [the lo, Feral colony cats may be outsmarted by the new Tomahawk live trap. If they must be in adjoining rooms, place a barrier at the bottom of the door. If a cat expects his food bowl to be replenished every day at 5 pm when you get home from work, and by 5:30 pm there is still no food, your cat may resort to biting to let you know they need something from you. They are living feeling beings of which you should never ever have any in your life because they deserve better. Fortunately the baby didn't get as hurt as she could have. They then get scratched and that is not good for the relationship. Overzealous play by a person with their cat can lead to getting scratched or bitten. He was quite an aggressive cat, attacking people and me unprovoked. You probably are right about his being bored stuck in a one bedroom co-op and with her working during the day. Whatever the reason it is not an unprovoked attack. Just in case you check in here, I can assure you that you are in the wrong place. She will sit or lay down in an area so the little one can not go to that area without being attacked. No graphic photos but the content is very disturbing. Children can behave erratically, move in unpredictable ways and make a host of loud and sudden noises. you are one crazy person giving advise on here,, cat people are so weird, love live the dog, you idiot, lol love live the dog? There will always be an underlying reason if we can’t see it or understand it. How you handle it is what matters…provoked or otherwise. I really think she is unusual: her fear response isn’t to attack but to cower and freeze, she freezes when picked up by strangers or at the vet, and as a kitten she’d run up to me with the intention to play-attack then freeze for a second about a foot away and run in the opposite direction. It is never that in respect of our relationship with the domestic cat. She’s currently at a Wichita, Kansas veterinary clinic where the staff was told to euthanize her by her owner because he was “done with her.” Freckles is FIV positive. Only once I know the exact circumstances in their entirety will I be able to then see the reason behind this so-called cat attack. He is more likely to be bored living in an apartment and has some pent up energy to release. I suppose you mean long live? of course there are animals that attack for no reason. if he were human i would think he was crazy. I would agree most of the time what appears to be unprovoked aggression is really the human’s fault, either due to being unobservant of signals of the cat’s mood , and they don’t see that it is time to leave the cat alone if it is overstimulated or just wants to go do something else… or else failing to provide enough activity and stimulation. Yes, I have bore some scratches and bites that were a result of my own foolish behavior. Surprise. She is no stranger to cats – her previous cat, the one her parents brought with them from Russia and which she took in when her parents went to senior housing that didn’t allow pets was a spitfire that couldn’t tolerate petting – I’ve never left unscratched when I visited, but it was my fault as I should’ve known better than to try to pet her, she was so gorgeous. A cat might have gone outside and had a standoff or a fight with another cat. I agree but it is not quite unprovoked. The footage shows the cat attacking the pair unprovoked, sending them flying A neighbour tries to step in to help the dog owner and scare off the cat By Jack Newman For Mailonline Sometimes, however, sudden unprovoked biting or scratching can be the result of a nervous system disorder or a serious disease. I didn’t read all of the responses but just want to add one for the heck of it My calico, Punkin, attacks my husband quite often and the reason is she wants him to follow her and sit with her while she eats, she is a social eater, if my husband does not get up and follow her she lashes out at his ankles and yes, draws blood. I have 2 big healing scratches on my hands like in the picture because me and Lilly are in the habit of playing fairly rough. To suggest that her omission of affectionate pronouns is somehow indicative of her lack of emotional attachment and, by extension, the cat’s aggressive nature, is outright ridiculous, bigoted, and irrelevant. I really don’t know if she’s played with her hands – our parents had a falling out and so I’ve never had a chance to visit when he was a kitten, even now, we normally meet either at my place or her parents’ place, so I’ve not even seen the cat except in a window. Quite a few cats are relinquished because of what people describe as “aggression” or “bad cat behavior” when truthfully the problem originates with the person. But don’t kill the cat which is what you are advocating. So I know this has been asked before, but I haven’t found any threads pertaining to my particular situation. Ruth – you are in denial — feral cats that really should live outside and have been brought inside are asking for big problems,, it is not worth getting bitten or scratched by these animals, you can get infections and a hoard of other problems,, this cat that attacked me, there is something wrong with his brain,, and can not be trusted,, he should not be around children especially,, everyone that comes in this house is afraid of it,, it stalks people,, I walk around with a spray bottle, that eems to be the only thing that stops him from being very dominant,, it should be removed from this house before he does serious damage, i had nightmares for weeks after the attack………………………… and NO i did nothing to provoke it….. Well that says it all Barbara Ross, you call the cat ‘it’ which shows that you think cats are possessions. If it were rough play like with me and Lilly then the human wouldn’t be saying ‘unprovoked’. Instinctive behaviour of an animal is reactive. I've had my kitty a year now. Exactly michael its the humans who are supposed to be looking after the cat in my opinion and im sure others agree. She is single, so this isn’t the case of someone else annoying the cat. There’s literally a hole in her foot (we cleaned it up) and now she wants nothing to do with him. Surprise). I never taught her boundaries in that way. He probably was taken too young from his mother and siblings, but there really was no help for that, since he was feral and lucky enough to be caught by me and saved from a life on the mean streets. May 16, 2014 - Hero Cat To The Rescue Caught On Surveillance Video. Wrong. They can make cats fearful or make them feel insecure and defensively aggressive. If a cat is fearful of people (more likely) and is trapped and the only way to escape is to attack then that may be a reason. Sometimes past experience is the key and I think that’s a really good example of a more unobvious or unusual situation. Are you sure that you were attacked? I was afraid Monty would suddenly realize he can get over that fence. I learned not to come between Monty and prey. You must have wasted a lot of your time going through all these comments to rant on some, don’t you know this is a web site where people who love and understand cats come? Additional charges are pending.