JavaScript is disabled. MMFS-WRX-01P,MMFS-STI-08P: ... SPAL AUTOMOTIVE 12V LOW PROFILE ELECTRIC FANS We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. Static pressure or equipment/parts that impede airflow needs to be taken into account. I was also surprised that the lines on the cooler are not 3/8" but slightly larger, I suspect the diameter is actually 10mm, 3/8" is about 9.5mm. For more than four decades, SPAL has a variety of electric fan solutions for your muscle car, classic car, off road vehicle, and so much more. Thus, both clutch-driven and mechanical fans are suited for mildly modified engines and should not be used for extreme performance builds. (car companies are not trying to make the thinnest fan to fit the most vehicles) Yesterday on the bench I fired up one fan on a Spal extreme dual 12 in unit. Initially I used a small (1" thick) radiator fan and constantly over heated. It is compatible with all types of vehicles and can be installed on positive or negative ground vehicles with no modifications. allow the electric fan to run and shut off automatically, and possibly cycle on again. At 3.39-inch total depth, this fan can fit into a tight space, but the straight blade profile creates a fair amount of noise with a less than pleasant tone. Adjustable fan controller. Aside from trying to adapt OEM Fans to our cars, I know many have tried the major aftermarket fans... was wondering what your experience might be with these four (Spal, Derale, Flex-a-Lite, Mishimoto)? If you already have a LS1 conversion efan kit from us after Dec 2011 purchase P-030014 otherwise choose your kit based on model year. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The curve extends from the center and its design provides more surface area allowing it to push a higher volume of air. All rights reserved. if the electric fan turns on too early, turn 02 aDJUsTaBle elecTric FaN cONTrOller INSTALLATION GUIDE UPROBE MishiMoto 18 boulden CirCle, neW Castle, de 19720 p 1.877.GoMishi WWW.MishiMoto.CoM CONTINUED ON FOLLOWING PAGE> As a guideline, a four-cylinder engine often needs 1300 to 1600-cfm. In order to find the fan that will work best for your system, you first need to determine that ideal amount of airflow required to meet your cooling capacity. SPAL has been a trusted industry leader in electric fan performance for decades. Mishimoto adjustable fan controller kit keeps idle temperatures in check. Spal Fans are designed to be mounted in various ways. 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Instead, the fan delivers strong air flow, mounts in a tight space and has a low current draw. We'll send you the most interesting Street Muscle articles, news, car features, and videos every week. We make an estimate of the static pressure of the system by answering some key questions. SPAL fans are durable, reliable, and the choice of many NASCAR teams. Have you used a big single, a pair of smaller fans, and did they deliver the CFM you needed? However, the curved-blade design is subjected to increased air resistance because the leading edge is longer than a straight blade design. And lastly, how much current draw is available? Constantly focused on excellence, through quality, innovation and service. The curved-paddle-blade model (VA33-AP71/LL-65A) streams 1918 cfm of cooling air and it’s the quietest fan in the group. It’s also somewhat wider at 3.75 inches. Quality, performance, durability, and are they a manufacturer who stands behind their product... are my initial questions. The amount of air flow at a particular current draw is an important factor. These are the cornerstones on which, over the years, SPAL has built up its credibility, presenting itself as the ideal partner for designing, producing and marketing engine compartment and interior cooling solutions for … Flex fans spin at a 1:1 ratio of the water pump, but that’s still too limiting. A properly designed shroud should be installed to ensure cooling efficiency. The reversible-style fan allows you to mount it either on the front or rear as desired. SPAL Application Engineer Brent Chuck said, “We take radiator sizing and spacing into account. Many owners will opt for the curved-blade fan that offers better efficiency than the curved, paddle-blade fan, even if the curved-blade fan isn’t as quiet as a curved-paddle-blade fan. I had to splice the high & low speed wires together because the spal setup only has one speed. SPAL offers a complete range of single electric fans up to 16-inches in diameter as well as dual electric fans in various CFM and amp ratings. An electric fan must be powered by a 12v source. Mishimoto rates this at 1850 CFM, but it doesn't move as much as the Spal High Amp Fan available here: If maximum cooling is a concern and the electric is a must we would recommend the Spal… Packaging is one of the biggest issues we run into. So I decided to go the electric fan route and bought a fan/shroud/wiring kit from Griffin. Each blade design has certain benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider before making a purchasing decision. This kit includes two high flow 12 inch spal fans and a custom shroud to mount them using factory mount points. Pusher or puller. Electric fans also require a fraction of the space a serpentine-driven mechanical fan would. From a young age, Paul Johnson has been captivated by cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and almost anything with a motor and built with passion. High-performance electric fans offer a definitive advantage over mechanical belt-driven fans as there is no parasitic drag on the engine. These are installed when there simply isn’t enough room to mount the fan between the radiator and engine block. What’s the highest performing fan package we could fit into the available space? This kit can be purchased two ways. SPAL electric fans and accessories are built to meet the most rigorous cooling requirements needed for today’s high performance automotive applications. The bracket and strap kit is the most popular mounting option. Spal Electric fans are perfect for your motorcycle, ATV, automotive, and/or oil cooler applications. A high-performance engine deserves to be supported by a high-performance cooling system, and the right fan needs to be part of your build plan. that thing is as loud as an old home air conditioner when its on. When selecting a fan, it’s a good idea to contact the fan manufacturer. From Flex-A-Lite cooling fans, to Derale fans and Be Cool fans, and other top cooling products like Proform radiator fans, Perma-Cool, SPAL, Dorman, Zirgo, and many more, Summit Racing carries a massive selection of electric radiator fans from the most trusted brands in aftermarket cooling systems. Its fans have also been tested and proven in racing and some of the harshest operating conditions. The … And lastly, do you think these four companies are 100% truthful when they state XXXX CFM, knowing that most likely that's a fan rated in a free-standing mode, no radiator or shroud in most cases? While some will tolerate the noise for the volume of air it streams through the radiator, others will not be able to live with the noise. When you explain what engine, vehicle, and application you have, a technician can help you determine the best fan for the package. SPAL offers a variety of high performance fans perfect for your motorcycle, ATV, automotive, and/or oil cooler applications. They are durable, reliable, and the choice of many NASCAR teams. © 2017 Power Automedia. my friend runs a fal black magic fan. The fan’s size must fit in the space available, and the vehicle’s electrical system must be able to support the increased electrical load of the fan. As a result, it will slightly reduce fan rpm and will require a greater current draw. Quality, performance, durability, and a manufacturer who stands behind their product are my initial questions. Equipment (radiator, A/C  condenser, etc) in front of the fan raises the level of static pressure, and it can vary significantly. There are also various length brackets available for custom mounting. For this article, we will examine similar 16-inch fans in the various blade designs. The pusher-style fan mounts on the front of the radiator, and as its name indicates, it pushes airflow through the radiator. :read: The paddle blades are larger and heavier than the other designs, so it requires a bigger fan enclosure. A mechanical fan uses a thermostat to regulates a clutch fans to either engage, or disengage, at predetermined temperatures or speed. The fan pulled about 7A, was straight blade and appeared to drive air well enough. SPAL can be a strong and reliable partner in order to increase the system efficiency in your advanced vehicle design . A built engine with larger heads, aggressive cam, high-flow intake, and headers often produces 30-to 40-percent more horsepower than stock. A fan controller kit is optional and is activated by coolant temp. Electric fans must supply a large enough volume of air-flow for a particular radiator/engine combination. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 3, 2017 (Edited) when it comes to fans and fluid coolers, does anyone have anything bad to say about derale? The curved blade or S-Blade model (VA18-AP71/LL-59A) displaces 2024 cfm, has a 19.5 amp total draw at 0 static pressure. Show Less The narrow-blade profile is a slightly heavier weight than the straight blade. A wisely chosen electric fan supplies vital airflow to ensure top performance and maintain reliability for any vehicle. Electric fans are rated according to the amount of air that can be streamed through the radiator – this is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). The pusher, puller, and reversible-style fans are the available options. Many muscle car and hot rod owners opt for the paddle-blade design because it delivers a large volume of air and the quietest performance among the three. Like other manufacturers, SPAL offers straight, curved, and curved-paddle blade designs. Come join the discussion about performance, builds, restoration, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, reviews, and more! Oh, the Mishimoto tranny cooler fan puts out an amazing amount of air - I was very surprised. When radiator thickness and other factors are taken into account, a static pressure estimate can be made. under a car cowl. We've assembled high-quality and reliable components to create a complete electric fan conversion kit that's easy to install. 2002-2015 Subaru WRX & STi Models. Owners need a powerful, properly-sized electric fan to meet engine cooling requirements, and fit into the available space in front of or behind the radiator. Aside from trying to adapt OEM Fans to our cars, I know many have tried the major aftermarket fans... was wondering what your experience might be with these four (Spal, Derale, Flex-a-Lite, Mishimoto)? SPAL AUTOMOTIVE is a world leader in the design and manu-facture of high quality electric fans and blowers for all types of vehicles and equipment. Increased airflow is crucial for modified engines, which generate much more heat than a stock engine. First Generation Camaro Info and Tech - 1967-1969, '69 LeMans Blue Coupe, White Interior, 030" over 454, Super T10 4-Speed, Holley 4150, Pertronix Ignition, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Picked up a C&R radiator with optional SPAL fan setup.. a while back. In most cases, engine builders have ditched clutch fans or flex fans in favor of an electric fan setup for several reasons. Some models are also perfect for your motorcycle, ATV, and/or oil cooler applications. So, these fans also solve many engine packaging and fitment issues in the chassis. Founded in Correggio, Italy in 1959, SPAL specializes in airflow cooling systems designs. A forum community dedicated to 1st generation Chevy Camaros owners and enthusiasts. In addition, an electric fan produces far greater airflow at idle or low-rpm, and it saves wear and tear on the water pump. Plus, each fan is individually Balanced for long life. We designed the SPAL fan wiring harness to enable the simplest installation of our performance fans. Mishimoto fan shrouds utilize stock mounting points for an easy installation with no cutting, drilling, or modifications required. WAS> Griffin radiator/Spal fan install NOW> Mishimoto & RF-39 fan install. The blades have different widths, profiles, and weights according to design – this effects performance.

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