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Just as the mightiest oaks can grow from the smallest of acorns, Tree Agate is able to help you to understand how best to nurture your ideas, visions and plans now, so that they can stand the test of time in the long term. Garnet helps to encourage you to make the most of every day, and it can help to heal you physically so you have the health and energy to do just that. In the mineral kingdom, there are many different crystal meanings that support a range of intentions, from wealth and abundance, balance and vitality, rest and relaxation, and more. Few crystals can really charge up your creative side quite like Sunstone. The striking colors of Fluorite make it a popular stone in its own right, but it’s the relaxing properties of this stone that have made it so consistently popular. But Kambaba Jasper will help you to retain your strength and perseverance throughout those processes, as well as reminding you to take it easy on yourself if things go wrong. Crystals have been revered for their beauty and their power for thousands of years, in every part of the world. If you are looking for some interesting information on gemstones, their meanings, and uses, the following article will help you learn about the specific powers of each stone. Purple crystals tend to be highly spiritual and psychic, red stones are often related to our passions, our hearts, our circulation, and our health, blue stones often promote clarity of mind and articulate communication, and so on. If you are looking to end bad habits or overcome what is holding you back, Pyrite is definitely your friend. I am creating these pins for those who would like to learn more about their benefits. This distinctive stone has strands and streaks of Tourmaline in the body of the Quartz, and it likewise combines clarity and strength in one handy package. Please visit again soon and check out more crystal meanings as this list will continue to grow. There’s a rich earthy quality to Picture Jasper that helps to promote grounding energies and an overall appreciation for taking things slow when you need to. Agate is a stone of strength and courage; it tones and strengthens the mind & body. However, you can also use it if you have been having problems sleeping, by placing it beneath your pillow. If you’ve somehow forgotten life’s little joys, or never seem to have fun in anything you do, this crystal can help you let your more cheeky side out to play. You can also explore crystals for signs of the zodiac, as well as crystals with cultural meaning in certain areas of the world. It seems like all the mystical and ethereal colors you could imagine swirl into shapes within a piece of Labradorite. There is an element of purity to Shungite that can help you to recognize the means by which to keep things simple when you need to. The speckles and spots that form the distinctive colors and markings of Leopard Skin Jasper help to illustrate that we all have our own patterns and quirks too. However, Bronzite is a stone that also has a great deal of protective qualities. That means that it has been used since ancient times as a healer against head colds, flu, allergic reactions and sore throats. Ever a guiding light to psychic practitioners, and a beautiful crystal for use in jewelry besides, Amethyst is both popular and powerful. Often it takes courage to reach out to new opportunities as they emerge, and this crystal will help you do just that. Smoky Quartz helps you to find emotional balance, and it also brings you into greater harmony with those around you – ideal if you have been confused by someone’s behavior of late. We have a growing library of crystal meanings. This crystal is also one of healing and introspection. As life changes, the crystals that you are attracted to will, as well. And there are so many different types of crystals to … Most people initially feel attracted to specific chakra crystals due to their glow or the sensation they create on the skin. Sodalite is, in many ways, one of the great equalizers of the crystal world. Posted by Michelle Gruben on Feb 16, 2018. Mookaite is a crystal deeply connected to all that is physical and tangible. This crystal is one that give you insight into life’s patterns, and helps you to recognize that sometimes you have to plant seeds well ahead of their harvest to make the most of things. Yet in the modern era, many of us are looking back to these ancient ways for releasing fear and embracing some grounding energy when our heads start spinning. Lavender or purple in colour, amethyst is fairly easy to find and is one of the most common crystals available. If your life has felt a little stuck in a rut, gemstone can motivate you to shake things up in a positive way. Nov 22, 2020 - Explore Glenda Endres's board "Crystals and their Meanings", followed by 174 people on Pinterest. $4.99. I’m curious about the spheres that are not full spheres, like the almost fully closed or half spheres we typically see with the druzy’s. It will bring energies of manifestation in your life so that you will be able to fulfill your heart’s desires. Turquoise is a crystal that has remarkable ties to the throat chakra. Crystal formations which start with S are also included. There’s a great sense of positivity within Agate that means that even the most cynical and world weary among us can find some hope for the future from letting this stone’s energies in. 38. more from shop . I’ve listed the gemstones by color and chakra on the top menu to help you. Many people look to place Selenite in their home or office to keep negative emotions and low vibration energies at bay. It’s also a crystal that draws abundance to you, meaning it’s popular with those looking to boost their finances or their good fortune in other areas of the material world. Yet that reputation for protection, inspiration, motivation and healing that Jade has is just as accurate today. Crystals are definitely minerals that are formed underground from the atom’s three-dimensional repeating patterns. Keep your Ocean Jasper close at hand when you feel as though you’re overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life. Use this guide if you are wanting to find the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals. The resonating energies of Mother of Pearl will enhance your communication skills and guide you in expressing yourself in a more effective way. Loosely speaking, there are three types of chakras. Our team is made up of spirit workers and faith healers who can personally attest to the healing powers of crystals – and can introduce you to how these stones can help you to release negative patterns, to embrace good fortune and to connect to the angelic realm. It inspires abundance as much as ambition, and has a feeling of good luck about it too. Use this crystal to help you see the bigger journey we are all on, and to not sweat the small stuff. When we explore the different types of crystals together throughout our articles, keep in mind that we are exploring more than just a certain named crystal and where in the world it comes from. Here are the most common healing crystals and their meanings and uses for all sorts of purposes. Crystals and Stones: A Complete Guide to Their Healing Properties helps readers to incorporate the healing power of stones into daily life. As you can see, there are countless varieties of crystal, countless shapes that they can take, and countless ways of healing and learning from them. Many crystal healers see Fuchsite as a stone of tough love. Black Tourmaline forms a strong barrier between you and others, and ensures that you can’t be dragged into drama or emotional blackmail. There are, however, 114 chakras, including the new ‘higher’ chakras. As life changes, the crystals that you are attracted to will, as well. Working with crystals can improve your personal energy, amp up your spellwork, and help you create the life you desire. Past civilizations valued crystals for their alleged protective powers against disease, bad luck, evil, and sorcery; and for their physical and mental healing powers. However, Obsidian is also a stone of self reflection, and it will coax you to examine and work on the imperfections within you that you’d otherwise not face up to. Healing Crystals & Stones Spiritual Meaning & History. Agate is a gemstone of strength. There’s a sense of playful risk taking involved with Aventurine. The healing stone meanings did not just become apparent at one time, but over many hundreds of years. These can be cuts off a larger natural formation or a striking centerpiece that accentuates the energies of the stone. ", followed by 759 people on Pinterest. This means that meditation undertaken with this crystal is often much more vivid, and a piece of this stone beneath your pillow inspires colorful, insightful dreams at night. With nearly 200 crystals (and more added all the time), you can easily access the details of the crystal you are looking for as well as finding everything that we currently stock of both the crystal itself and jewellery containing it. It can also help with chest pains, respiratory issues and even circulation throughout the body. For instance, tumbled stones are crystals that are often pocket-sized, and smoothed out to be easier to hold or place around the body. Many have dubbed it the Gambler’s Stone, believing that it connects you to good fortune and lucky streaks. Ooh! For example, the root chakra colors are red, brown, and black, so you would look to gemstones like hematite and garnet. Many stones are helpful to multiple chakras so be sure to read the descriptions for each. We’ll discuss not only how every type of crystal is unique, but also how even certain pieces of the same kind of crystal are distinctive each and of themselves. As you read more with us, you’ll see how it’s simple to see which crystal to choose. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. It can guide you intuitively when it comes to making investments or planning a career path, and can also help you to choose a long term partner with whom you can go the distance. Through these discoveries, you will feel emboldened in following your life path with renewed passion. For crystals to work their magic, you mentally have to remove the negative energy or skepticism you may have about their capabilities. This crystal can help to open your third eye chakra, and because of that, can lead you to some fascinating spiritual insights. If you have been feeling as though your progress in life has been obscured from sight thanks to negative feelings, Smoky Quartz can help to heal that, as well as overcome the pain. Crystals are rocks, minerals, and other healing stones that humans have used for thousands of years for their healing powers. But besides patience, this crystal also promotes peace of mind and the ability to respond deftly to unexpected changes in life. Look no further than the very name of this crystal to understand its secret healing power. In other words, Clear Quartz works by bringing clarity to all around you, letting you see into the truth of things. Whether as a protective stone, a talisman against harm, or a way of overcoming the negative energy of others, there are as many uses for these stones as there are varieties of crystal in the world. Chakras are energy centers that correspond to health, wellbeing, creativity and all aspects of the human experience. Green Calcite reminds us all that rest and relaxation are as important as ambition and accomplishment when it comes to progressing in life. Nov 21, 2016 1:09pm. Click on any mineral name or picture to see our new Encyclopedia pages. Explore Energy Muse crystals and their meanings!. Support us on Patreon and get personal crystal advice. It’s a stone of faith and of belief in something beyond oneself. Bloodstone is connected to the root chakra, which is that which anchors you most in physical reality. Jade offers wisdom and abundance to those willing to work with its energies, and it can open your eyes to the innate duality of life. Peridot has qualities of healing and inspiration that make it very popular among creative thinkers, but also a practical side that means that those looking for solid solutions can embrace its approach. . It’s an influential stone that will activate your solar plexus and throat chakras. It can also help to align you with other people undergoing the same journey. This is a stone of abundance, and it can likewise help to turn your thinking around if you often find yourself stuck in a kind of scarcity mentality. Its grounding and stabilizing energies will be beneficial during times of stress. As a note, you are about to read about gemstone meanings and their common uses arranged alphabetically. 7 notes. Quartz crystals are natural modulators, transmitters, and containers of the Universal Life Force. You can learn more about how to use your crystals over here. Our in depth articles can help you to choose crystals that help in any aspect of life – and can also awaken your intuition and psychic energies so much that you’ll soon be an expert all your own! Yet in the case of Chrysocolla, you’ll find that you’re able to inspire positive change in your life with divine guidance. Crystal healing is centered around chakras. Letting healing crystals into your life allows you to embrace ancient and mystical knowledge. “In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being” -Nikola Telsa Crystals hold the history of our world, and encapsulate eons of crystalline information, knowledge and wisdom. If you are looking to Manifest Your Dreams aventurine is crystal you are looking for. Overcomes co-dependency and emotional blackmail and gives strength after trauma. Pyrite also encourages self reflection though, and by spending time with the stone, you will come to learn the traits about yourself that aren’t serving your higher cause. In fact, it could be said that this is one crystal that’s ideal for getting to the bottom of some of yours, too. For example, we can imagine “the sea” from Aquamarine, and we can tell that Angelite is a gemstone that is related to “an angel.” You might find your favorite one just by glancing through the name list of Gemstone Dictionary. Hi Lovies! If you’re looking to get back into harmony with nature, or are trying to find ways to escape the madness of big city life, Green Calcite can prove just the ticket. Meditation with this crystal also awakens you to the cycles that guide much of life, and you can understand your own cyclic nature through this process. Crystals are rocks, minerals, and other healing stones that humans have used for thousands of years for their healing powers. Citrine boosts your confidence accordingly too, so if you’ve been feeling on the back foot lately, turn to this crystal to help you get back on track and ready to speak your piece. 1. If you often feel bowled over by the strong personalities of others, or otherwise have a difficult time overcoming boisterous people, this crystal can not only keep you safe, but also help you to speak your mind. If you sometimes find that fear and self sabotage is getting in the way of your relationships, this might be the stone for you. Some gemstone names are fairly easy to guess their meanings and effects. This is also a crystal of optimism, which we could all do with in today’s world of negative media bias and ever more challenges before us as a society. It brings them into alignment, and helps you to find out which aspects of yourself most need healing and attention. Aragonite is a good stone to have if you wish to form a deeper connection to the Earth. This crystal amplifies your psychic energies and your spiritual connectedness. Our in-depth articles explore numerous such means of tapping into these energies, as well as how to maintain and care for the more sensitive crystals in your collection. This makes it a good stone for those of us looking to enter a new chapter in life – a new relationship, a new career move, and so on – safely and with confidence. However, if you feel haunted by events from your past, or otherwise can’t let go of old hurt, this crystal can help to heal these spiritual wounds, but also sever your ties to them. #crystals #crystal meanings #crystal #witch #witchblr #witchcraft #witches #witchy #witch community. They are determined through a combination of experimentation, intuition, and sometimes channeling. This is a fun, shimmery stone that magnifies the energies of prosperity and abundance. However, at a more accessible level, this crystal is one that reminds you to take good care of yourself day to day. If you’re finding yourself overcome by pessimism in everything around you, this crystal can reset that perspective to a more balanced one. Despite its perhaps provocative name, Bloodstone is very much on your side, as you’ll discover if you start working with it for crystal healing. If you are looking for a particular birthstone you can find the birthstones for each month in the list below or more about birthstones here: Getting to the bottom of crystal meanings and understanding how to make those energies work for you is the guiding mission of CrystalsandJewelry.com. It will bring you the gentle healing power of the sea! Search our crystal shop collection by crystal meanings. Amethyst: Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone and it's believed to guard against psychic attack and negativity. Clear Quartz is able to heal the body and the mind with equal fluency, but its specialty is vision – both physical and spiritual. and what are their different uses? Crystal slices, whether pocket-sized or humongous, are also very nice ways of enhancing the beauty and color of a crystal as much as bringing out its inner energies. As one of the most well known of the green crystals, Malachite is a stone that is deeply connected to the heart chakra. This crystal also helps you to embrace the challenges that come into your life with a sense of humor – even the wisest of spiritualists know how powerful such a thing can be in the game of life! Crystal meanings including: clear quartz, smoky quartz,fluorite ,rose quartz, amethyst crystals and many more. Lodolite is a kind of included quartz that has different color and type inclusions. Likewise, if your life has become a little humdrum and boring, you can see it as if anew with the influence of the vibrations of Rhyolite. Some Wiccan people believe that the crystals are the manifestation of … You will find that when you are attracted to a certain crystal, it will contain the physical and emotional support that your body needs. Affluence Wrap. It’s important to respect what they can do for you. Chakra Crystals Crystals And Gemstones Stones And Crystals Wicca Crystals Types Of Crystals Green Gemstones Chakra … In this video, I will be sharing with you 3 stones and their meanings. Like many crystals that share its density and color, Black Tourmaline is something of a guardian stone, protecting you against negative energy. This makes this stone a popular one in overcoming anxiety, but also in staying true to oneself – especially in matters of the heart. We also explore how it promotes the flow of energy through your body, soul, and even home – as well as how it affects your capacity to open the heart to more far-reaching concepts like astral travel. Lepidolite is a crystal of progress, but also a crystal that reminds us that progress takes time. You’ll discover how you can use the energies of crystals to help your physical bodies, as well as illustrating how these stones are strongly connected to your chakras and overall higher self. The high vibrations of Lapis Lazuli make it a crystal that is very appealing to anyone wanting to fast track their spiritual growth. It will keep you from making decisions based on your wild emotions. For centuries, Agate has been heralded as a stone of remarkable balance and grounding energy. Let us guide you through both the sacred and mundane symbolism and use of crystals from A to Z. This stone has a wonderful color that enhances clarity in your mind, too, and it can be fascinating to sit with a piece and look at the patterns formed in its natural makeup. We do this not just with top level research, but also through communication with the crystal lovers’ community – and plenty of our own personal experience. When you are experiencing difficulties in moving on from difficult situations and relationships, Aquamarine connect you to your inner strength. It is sometimes referred to as the gambler’s stone. Overall, agates are gentle, nourishing, and … When choosing a crystal it's good to know their intended uses. One of the more interesting of these is the detoxifying properties of the crystal, meaning that poor lifestyle choices can be fought back against a little by this stone. This isn’t always easy, but this stone can help to make it happen. They remember the world before people, and remind us of the spiritual view of the world our ancestors held so dear. But you need the means to understand these stones as they behave in the present day, too. Smoky Quartz is a crystal that helps you to reconnect to the wonders of being alive. Many people opt for geodes or crystal clusters for similar results, as they are natural formations that are strikingly gorgeous as much as powerful and energizing. However, crystals in jewelry and crystal wands, pendants, and pendulums are all also more refined ways of attracting the energies of these stones, and working with them. Fluorite is a popular meditation aid, not least since adopting a state of utmost calm and a quiet mind is so important for entering the meditative state. wandererswayhome . It will work to send out the wisdom of the heart to the people around you. It’s also sometimes uncomfortable, or relies upon that which is old or outdated being destroyed or left behind. Since 2012 CrystalsAndJewelry.com has been the fastest growing collection expert articles, media and information on the powers of crystals and their meanings. Whether or not you are spiritual, a medical professional, beauty enthusiasts or curious about crystal benefits we welcome you to our world of the magical crystals as we reveal to you nothing less than your excitement about crystals and even offer you more. Article by Annie Johnson Amazonite is often seen as a stone of bravery – apt perhaps, when one considered Amazonian warriors! You may well feel as though the essence of life itself awaits you in this stone, so strong can its healing energies often be. And thanks to the strong themes of forgiveness and love that run through this crystal’s energies, it’s wonderful for healing and overcoming difficulties. The vibrant orange of Carnelian might look like the warmth of sunset, but this is one stone that will leave you anything but tired. Ambition and a sense of enthusiasm about life all get amplified when the energies of Apatite are let into your life. Read My Tips on the Law of Attraction. 40 thoughts on “ Crystal Formations and Their Meanings ” Star Wise June 26, 2016 at 10:26 am. 3. If you often find yourself kicking yourself for not speaking up against things that are unfair, or turning down favors asked of you that you know are too overreaching, this crystal can help you. May 8, 2018 - Learn about crystals and their meanings! You likely already know that Pyrite is often called Fool’s Gold, but don’t let its comparative lack of monetary value fool you! The crystal has therefore become especially popular with people who are natural empaths, or otherwise apt to pick up on the emotions and energies of others. Of course, the crystal also helps you have the self discipline to stick with a healthier lifestyle altogether. Reasons Why You Should Use Crystals and Stones. Looking for stones for your magickal toolkit? These original articles are a starting point and/or additional information for crystal meanings,how to articles, and more, with additional  articles on crystal healing, energy work, Reiki, Seichim,  gemstone metaphysical lore, crystal formations, and other metaphysical and spiritual topics. Its powerful but soothing energies can instantly put you in a deep meditative state. Each link will take you to a special page that is a fully annotated, and a rather exhaustive look at the myriad of metaphysical uses and properties of that mineral, crystal, or rock. That’s because self esteem and a deeper insight into yourself – your strengths and your weaknesses – is the kind of energy that Tiger’s Eye offers. May 8, 2018 - Learn about crystals and their meanings! Looking at the long game is what Rhodonite helps to encourage. Some can increase energy or bust a bad mood. Chakra Crystals and Their Meanings. Otherwise, we can so easily be dissuaded from what we set out to do. Lepidolite helps you in all aspects of transformation, including physical, meaning it’s a good aid for dieting or cultivating a new look. Crystal meanings are the healing properties ascribed to each type of crystal and gem. As your body unconsciously reacts to vibrations and energies, it might. If you want a good balance of keeping it real and looking on the bright side, Rhyolite is a good crystal to look into. Gemstones are widely popular as a lucky charm for people looking for peace and prosperity. They had them in their homes they became aware of their healing qualities. Some of the crystals in my pinned photos are not mine. It is, in fact, a combination of stones fused together, and its colorings are like a bright summer sky. Agate works because it connects you to a broader perspective, and it helps you to see the pros and cons of any given situation. With Goldstone in your hands, you can’t help but feel like a big windfall is just around the corner! This crystal meanings guide gives you the healing benefits of various stones. I do my best to check for copyrights. It’ll feel like a new lease of life, providing you’re able to commit to the soul work required. – Traditionally, chakras are linked to a specific area of life, body site or organ, and color. Home; Crystals ; A to Z of Crystal Meanings ... CrystalsAndJewelry.com has been the fastest growing collection expert articles, media and information on the powers of crystals and their meanings. Crystal Meanings. Learn about healing gemstones with this chart of stone meanings. This is a versatile stone, with plenty to offer all areas of life. It works by bringing the root causes of certain behaviors and poor life patterns into the light. Therefore, even if your spiritual side is not strong, or a big part of your day to day life, you can enjoy the benefits of healing crystals whether you wear them as jewelry, practice meditation with them or just place them around as home décor. Since 2012 CrystalsAndJewelry.com has been the fastest growing collection expert articles, media and information on the powers of crystals and their meanings. At times when your confidence seems to abandon you, or you feel unsafe, reach to your Abalone Shell for comfort and guidance. Sometimes all the energies and crystals in the world can’t change a bad situation as immediately as we need, and so we instead need to endure a process through to its completion before we can end it. Although it may seem a simple pale green stone at first appearance, Chrysoprase has a lot of hidden depths. It will inspire firm but compassionate words that get your point across, and also help you to see that most people making such requests really aren’t trying to be unkind to you. 12 Healing Crystals. In fact, this crystal is an excellent companion for helping you to find your own fortune, and to embrace the ideas you need for that. guide you to the stone you need. Crystals and gemstones are a part of the primeval earth. You can search for a particular type. Crystals that are rich in culture and folklore don’t come much more well known than Jade. guide you to the stone you need. Once natural crystals came into everyday use in their lives, healing stones were then commonly grouped according to peoples month of … The dreaded office bug that always seems to circulate suddenly might affect you far less often! Just as the seasons roll in cycles, you’ll also see the cycles in your own life for what they are – and feel empowering to nurture or break off those cycles according to your needs, too. See … Malachite is also a useful energy to tap into if you are healing from heartbreak, or otherwise looking to bring an unbalanced heart chakra back into alignment. Lodolite is also known as Inclusion Quartz, Lodelite, and Lodalite. I might do a series of posts where it's me going through the crystals I have, their meanings, what they're good for, and such. Even if you are intuitively drawn to a crystal shape, I would recommend you look up the properties of both the stone and the form to understand why. If you are so bogged down in the physical realm that your higher and spiritual selves are totally out of balance, this crystal can even the scales somewhat. Sometimes, it’s good to be a little stubborn! It is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high vibration. This stone is also fantastic for clearing away stress and worry. But it also gives you the compassion you need to forgive yourself, and any others who might have wronged you along the way. These inclusions often look like underwater scenes, landscapes, and gardens. Apophyllite is a stone that is as much about prevention as it is cure, though. 692. An example of a popular crystal meaning is that That means it can help you to get over sickness and injury, but also that it gives you greater resilience to illness and fatigue. However, we will also delve into crystals that help with depression, the birthstones for different months of the year, the crystals that are good for bringing peace in a troubled love-life, and more. Follow. Because of this, it’s a good crystal for stress relief, and for stopping your mind from cycling through the same handful of worries over and over again, disrupting sleep and concentration. This is a stone of truth and illumination, meaning that not only will you see behind the lies of other people, but also stop kidding yourself in certain areas of life too. This handy guide will help choose the right crystals for you, whatever your goals might be. Yet in keeping with the adventurous sounding nature of this crystal’s name, these energies inspire you to follow your heart with daring! They had them in their homes they became aware of their healing qualities. Here is our guide to the most commonly used precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and minerals and a list of their metaphysical symbolism, healing properties, powers, and spiritual meaning. Similarly, in terms of physical healing and health, this crystal shows us that some medical conditions have to be learned to live with. If you have been suffering brain fog, or have a scrambled mind due to stress you have endured, this crystal can really straighten things out for you, giving you a broader perspective on what to do. This stone works closely with your heart chakra, and helps you to find balance between doing for others and looking after yourself in as effective a way as possible. Here you will find our comprehensive Crystals A-Z guide. Jul 27, 2020 - Explore Alyssa Knowles's board "Crystals and Their Meanings!!! But of course, doing so means much in the way of healing and growth – so luckily, this stone can help you with that too. However, this is also a crystal that awakens your inner confidence, and can help you to find a healthier balance of humility and self esteem. The modern belief in crystal power is a reassurance of an ancient belief. By keeping light and airy, you are often able to be your best self. After a while, you will be able to choose chakra crystals based on your knowledge and their health benefits. See more ideas about Crystals, Crystal healing stones, Crystals and gemstones. Life can feel as unknowable as the sea at times, but Ocean Jasper reminds us that we can at least ride life’s currents accordingly. Crystal meanings. $38.95. Crystals were worn as amulets and in breastplates by ancient people. It can awaken you to your own courage, and help you to take a stand assertively but compassionately when shattering the illusions that keep you living the same mistakes over and over. 2. The Top 10 Crystals and Their Properties 1. Each of the seven chakras has a color associated with it. Here is our guide to the most commonly used precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and minerals and a list of their metaphysical symbolism, healing properties, powers, and spiritual meaning. Better yet, this is an excellent stone for confidence. Sweet and speckled, Dalmatian Jasper is a crystal of purely playful energy. TIP: Compound stone names may be under the type of stone, such as Blue Quartz may be under Q for Quartz. It's said to aid decision making and dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiousness. Moonstone can promote calmness and serenity to a worried couple, but also illuminate any flaws that are preventing a romance from working out. While belief in luck differs from one person to the next, a little extra good fortune coming one’s way hardly hurts! In especially pronounced cases, Amazonite can even help to expose and break through karmic patterns held over from prior incarnations and lifetimes. You will find that when you are attracted to a certain crystal, it will contain the physical and emotional support that your body needs. With its frosty white and cool blue hues, Apophyllite is a brilliant stone for calming an overactive mind. Each tumbled stone has its own unique energetic and metaphysical properties. Moonstone is especially good for healing rifts in romance, and also encouraging new lovers to open their heart to one another. Here’s a crash course in 40 of the most commonly available crystals and gemstones. If you’re finding your head in the clouds too often, or even if your dreams at night are so vivid that you wake up startled, this stone can give valuable grounding energy. Deep and mysterious, Onyx is a protective stone as many darker crystals are. They remember the world before people, and remind us of the spiritual view of the world our ancestors held so dear. Amethyst Crystal Card - Jewelry Display Card - Printable - Amethyst Meaning - Healing Stone - Jewelry Gift Tag - Chakra Kit Insert - Label. Peridot is a crystal that radiates light, and with it, a sense of positivity and plenty. These ancient humans, like us, could not help but be enamored of something that seemed to have a life all its own. It’s a real confidence booster! We delve into the science, but also the spiritual meaning of both decorative jewelry gemstones and more traditional healing crystals. You never know what astonishing progress you might make if you allow yourself to flourish like this! Crystal meanings and their uses: everything you need to know. Healing – Amplifies all crystals, centers in to the lowest point of energy and rebalances. Sunstone will encourage you to perhaps stick with those bright ideas a little more. Similarly, if you have been unwell, the energies of this stone can help you to make a faster recovery. This stone also encourages the emotions that go had in hand with love, such as kindness and forgiveness. Tourmalinated Quartz encourages you to be independent, but also to know who you can rely on when you’re in a pinch. or place them on your body to harness their healing powers. However, there are also the different forms crystals can take to consider too. Exploring beyond our physical bodies becomes all the more easy when Celestite is around. These ancient humans, like us, could not help but be enamored of something that seemed to have a life all its own. Many of these crystals have evocative names they have inherited over the ages, like petrified wood or Apache tears, but getting behind the mythology of crystals is simple if you know where to look. If you have been caught in what feels like an impossible choice, too, then Onyx can help to enhance your decision making capabilities. Thanks to its black color and overall luster, Obsidian is a crystal that is very evocative and mysterious. There’s an almost animalistic quality to Kambaba Jasper, especially in its appearance – but also in its vibrations and energies. If you are feeling so negative that you just can’t motivate yourself to make any changes to your life – or so inflated with positive emotions that your feet never touch the ground – Sodalite brings everything into equilibrium. However, this is also a stone about the tides of change in life. If you’ve been feeling down of late, this influence is very much appreciated!

crystals and their meanings

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