*Serrated scissors work best for cutting wool because they help to grip rather than push the wool when cutting. Mark the line to be cut. The adjustable tension screw permits cutting any thickness of material. 3. This saves a lot of time and works best with five-and-a-half inch scissors as they have a shorter blade. Hand drawn pattern on quality burlap. No clamping to a table or bench is necessary. A simple method for cutting wool is to take an eight-by-four inch rectangle of wool cloth, fold it accordion-style, and cut it into strips. Jeans can also be cut in the spiral method to avoid having to take the pieces apart into flat pieces. Try 1/2 inch strips first, again cutting lengthwise. Protected base (suction cups) will not mar fine finishes. If so, insert into the shed on the loom to test. 2. If it looks good, continue to cut into smaller strips. Put your hook down through a hole in the burlap backing, and catch the piece of wool… A colored photograph of the completed rug is also included for your reference. Hold your hook in the hand you use to hold your pencil, and the strip of wool in the other hand. Precision engineered and attractively designed, the Bee Line-Townsend Fabric Cutter attaches easily to a variety of work surfaces or our tote table. (The freezer paper will act like a stablizer for your wool!) Turn the hand crank on the side of the Rigby cutter, applying gentle yet consistent pressure and slowly guide the wool beneath the cutter head until the strip is cut from one end to the other. *For a more accurate cut you can iron freezer paper onto your wool when cutting out your applique pieces. There will be an additional charge for cutting the wool on the largest of rugs. See more ideas about wool, felting projects, felt crafts. Cut a strip of wool cloth about one quarter an inch wide, and about eight to twelve inches long. With a pencil and a square, draw a line across the wood, indicating how and where you will cut the wood. Cassettes snap into place and in seconds you are cutting perfect fabric strips. Attractive, safe, and portable. Roll into a cigar and see if it looks like a pencil. Use a tape measure to determine the size of the wood, and where it needs to be cut. The Model A cuts strips up to 1/4 inch wide. The Bliss has no exposed gears to crush careless fingers. CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO ZOOM IN KITS by Sara-Beth GOT WOOL 14″ X 18″ $125.00 BEAR IN THE WOODS 8 Each rug hooking kit contains pattern hand-drawn on linen, beautiful, cut, textured wool or hand-dyed natural* and textured wool, hooking instructions and finishing yarn. Ample quantities (bags) of #6 Cut wool strips color coded; Rug Binding to finish edge; Easy to Follow Instructions; All comes in a plastic carrying bag for your convenience! Oct 26, 2020 - Things to make with scraps of wool. 3. Take a strip of wool and hold it underneath your pattern. All kits include: pattern printed on monks cloth, traditional hook, precut hand-dyed wool strips and Basic Rug Hook Instructions. Pattern is numbered for color areas. Repeat this process as needed until all the strips you need are cut. Fabric Cutter comes with a Cutter Caddy, brush, hex wrench and one standard cutter cassette, your choice of size.

cutting wool strips by hand

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