Jace, Wielder of Mysteries is both a win condition and a source of consistent card advantage in this deck. New; 1:55:55. (If you haven't heard of…, When most players hear about a Stompy deck, they think ridiculously large threats. Like any good combo deck, you need to be able to find your combo pieces, and cantrips are traditionally the best way to go about that. . Incidentally, Narset and two maindeck Hero’s Downfalls were my concessions to the power of Jace in the deck. If decks continue to play multiple four- and five-mana spells, players are a lot more likely to tap out, which makes Censor’s value go up. Fabled Passage is a good way to both fix your mana and turn on revolt to let Fatal Push tackle slightly larger threats. But not in this case. Dredgeless is your typical “Dump stuff in my graveyard and get value out of it” style deck, reminiscent of … This deck bears a striking resemblance to a certain combo deck that used to be popular in Modern, so it’s no wonder so many of the game’s top players gravitated to it. It also shuts off opposing copies of Jace, Wielder of Mysteries in the mirror match, which is absolutely critical. The downside is because of the deck’s harsh mana requirements — UU for Thassa’s Oracle, 1UUU for Jace — colorless lands like Field of Ruin are often off the table. Should action be taken on the deck and if so, what? Derrick Davis won the Pioneer Classic with Sultai Delirium – a deck that didn’t make the elimination rounds of the Open despite it being the second-most played deck – while not worrying about facing Dimir Inverter as the deck didn’t make the Top 8 in the Sunday event. Format: Pioneer. Thassa’s Oracle may look innocuous, but like Jace, it can also team up with Inverter of Truth to produce turn five wins. Once I know what my opponent was on, I just delve non relevant spells. Control decks tend to give creature combo decks a fit as well, but luckily, Dimir Inverter has six discard spells and seven counterspells in the 75. It used Inverter of Truth and Thassa’s Oracle to deck itself and then win immediately, and had Dig Through Time, Thoughtseize, and Fatal Push as ways to interact and find the combo. Basically it turns a small graveyard into a one-card graveyard pretty efficiently. The Unexpected Success Of Azorius God-Pharaoh’s Gift In Historic. It’s hard to find a powerful early-game counterspell that has utility later on; an otherwise useless Censor can easily turn into a cantrip to help find combo pieces or more effective disruption. It is the future of deck tuning for the upcoming weeks in Pioneer. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Dig Through Time and Murderous Cut are the primary ways to keep your graveyard as small as possible and make Inverter of Truth an effective combo piece. It becomes a small subgame, minimizing the impact of this card by letting the game develop. Most players see a card like Dispute and rush to play it, but patient opponents will often know that you have it and put you in awkward spots. If your opponent removes your Oracle with its trigger on the stack, the trigger will still resolve and check your devotion count after the Oracle has died. Additionally, three-of Thought Erasure is a critical piece of supplemental disruption for opposing combo and control decks, and surprisingly plays well against the Torbran, Thane of Red Fell red decks. Follow Alex on Twitch, Podbean and Twitter … Without open decklists, it’s less appealing to have an Extraction effect in our sideboard, though it’s still a fine inclusion in our deck with so much card selection. My list for the tournament was (of course) unique, but used the same basic core. Isn’t this just a Theros Beyond Death draft common? Censor hasn’t seen much play outside of Standard, but it seems to be making itself a name in Pioneer. Its presence on the battlefield is a major constraint to opponents, and it’s really difficult to remove. Omen of the Sea checks a couple boxes: it’s an instant-speed spell that provides card selection, and unlike Opt, it doesn’t go to your graveyard unless you sacrifice it. Instant (16) 2 Censor 4 Dig Through Time 4 Fatal Push 1 Hero's Downfall 1 Mystical Dispute 4 Opt. Sultai Delirium: YawgmothPT. By now, you're probably familiar with Magic’s newest format, Pioneer. Note that without Hero’s Downfall, a Gideon of the Trials with an emblem is practically unbeatable, as you’d need two Inverters on the battlefield to attack the planeswalker down. If you can believe it, Inverter of Truth is the worst card in the Dimir Inverter seventy-five! is still a great threat against Dimir Inverter that can guarantee damage and help bring them to dead before they get to combo kill you. Last updated 04/07/2020. With four maindeck answers to enemy Jaces and four copies of our own, this list is never going to get outflanked in the Jace war. Additionally, against Lotus Field, the card is shameful. Ross Merriam calls his shots for the Zendikar Rising Championship. If you draw several copies of Thassa’s Oracle, it’s also a fine two-mana 1/3 blocker against aggressive decks. All you are really doing is cycling, cast DTT and removal. It may end up being worth a copy as pseudo-land number 24 or 25. But I have a burning desire to keep playing Pioneer, at least as long as Inverter of Truth is a legal card. Decklist Stats Sample Hand. Speaking of alternative ways to win, if you get your Inverters hit with an Unmoored Ego or an Infinite Obliteration, it’s often a disaster. The key difference is that Thassa’s Oracle costs two mana, so you can have a clean turn six win provided you have blue devotion equal to or greater than the number of cards in your graveyard. After seeing Dimir Inverter run the tables in both Brussels and Nagoya, I’m interested to see if anyone has found a solid answer to it in time for Players Tour Phoenix this weekend. Dimir Dredgeless. Drown in the Loch is an excellent pairing of both cards, and exactly the kind of answer Dimir Inverter is looking for. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Check out Martin Juza's updated deck guide . Yes, but it has plenty of use in Inverter. Both card types have their weaknesses: Counterspell doesn’t play to the board, and Terminate can’t always play effectively on the stack. Dimir Inverter is One of the Best Decks in Pioneer. Both decks did get hit with bans before evolving to perfected final forms, and if Wizards of the Coast (WotC) gives us a little bit of time to figure out the format, I suspect that we haven’t seen the best that Inverter has to offer. Dimir Inverter 2/15 Pioneer UB (Dimir) MrSensei2001. Five Predictions For This Weekend’s Zendikar Rising Championship. The other solution is to play Sultai Inverter, which combines the best of Sultai Delirium with Dimir Inverter, grafting the powerful Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath on top of card selection spells like Grisly Salvage. If you can believe it, Inverter of Truth is the worst card in the Dimir Inverter seventy-five! Dimir Inverter by Piotr Glogowski – 2nd Place at Players Tour Brussels, 3 Jace, Wielder of Mysteries4 Inverter of Truth4 Thassa’s Oracle2 Thought Erasure4 Thoughtseize2 Censor4 Dig Through Time2 Drown in the Loch4 Fatal Push4 Opt2 Omen of the Sea2 Choked Estuary4 Drowned Catacomb4 Fabled Passage2 Fetid Pools6 Island3 Swamp4 Watery Grave, 1 Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver2 Cry of the Carnarium1 Damping Sphere1 Grafdigger’s Cage1 Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet1 Legion’s End3 Mystical Dispute1 Noxious Grasp1 The Scarab God1 Thief of Sanity1 Ultimate Price. Far better than any sideboard plan revolving around The Scarab God or Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Coax is an easy one-of, and can be found with Dig Through Time and flashed back with Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy in case you mill it. By Luis Scott-Vargas/ January 31, 2020February 4, 2020 Last week, a curious deck showed up in the 5-0 Pioneer lists on Magic Online. Format: Pioneer. [Pioneer] PT testing 1 Dimir Inverter Combo - Duration: 1:55:55. Fetid Pools is a decent land to play early in the game; it comes into play tapped and adds both blue and black. Hipsters is proudly sponsored by: In a surprise announcement this morning, Wizards of the Coast banned Inverter of Truth, Kethis, the Hidden Hand, Walking Ballista, and Underworld Breach from Magic: the Gathering’s Pioneer format. . It is arguably the best deck in pioneer. They think…, Long gone are the days where turn one Glistener Elf was among the scariest starts…. My metagame read was such that I expected to need the extra percentage against the non-aggro decks, which ended up being more correct than not. Liliana, the Last Hope is your ace in the hole against Bant Spirits. Each of those cards was a key components to one of the format’s four most popular combo decks: Dimir Inverter, Kethis … If you don’t know Dimir Inverter, you don’t know Pioneer! Dimir Inverter by SUNOFNOTHING. Bryan Gottlieb sorts contenders from pretenders as he reviews the latest Zendikar Rising Standard innovations from the SCG Tour Online. However, it also counters Spell Queller, Shrapnel Blast, and Underworld Breach, and kills Soul-Scar Mage or Knight of the Ebon Legion with equal ease. How will Cedric finish? Magic sates his desire for competition and constant improvement. We’re reaching back a bit for this next one. It’s also solid against Mono-Black Aggro and any lingering Llanowar Elves decks that crop up, and the ultimate is a decent way to win games if you’re unable to combo for some reason. This deck floods out like nobody’s business once Jace gets going. Enough about Drown in the Loch being weak against Dig Through Time; Mystical Dispute goes dead against the two best decks in the format way, way more often. Edit Live Edit. Inverter Oracle: AlphaFrog. To get access to this and the rest of ChannelFireball Pro Content, check … Thoughtseize is on the shortlist for best card in Pioneer, and it excels in Dimir Inverter. As the game goes on, the ability to cycle it is quite a benefit. Corey Burkhart Wins Players Tour Phoenix. Opt is a one mana instant cantrip that gives you a little bit of selection while replacing itself. The sacrifice ability does provide a little extra value later in the game if you have extra mana lying around. Better is Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, which is excellent against control matchups, combo matchups, and Bant Spirits. Ari Lax shares his insights. I will argue that Dimir Inverter is the closest deck Modern has to Twin, even if the combos work differently. It was built with a few principles in mind, some specific to the open-decklist format of the Players Tour, and turned out pretty close to perfect. Mega Man 7 by PJ in 49:40 - AGDQ2020 - Duration: 1:12:32. It’s not going to be done in a day, but this is where Pioneer is truly breakable. In all seriousness, there’s a rich vein of deckbuilding material to be mined and refined here with Inverter of Truth, multiple sub-archetypes and multiple ways to build each one. Playtest v1. By Alex Ullman / February 9, 2020 February 10, 2020. It’s a source of devotion to blue (one pip). At the very least, four Fetid Pools is probably correct. Inverter Oracle (U devotion): D00mwake * All inverter oracle lists are the control version except for Ziene in 32nd. Dimir Inverter is a rare breed: it’s a creature-based combo deck that gets to ignore removal spells a good chunk of the time. } CardHoarder 127.25 TIX. It’s just good honest double-coverage in a deck that needs some mid-game countermagic to protect itself from the other powerful things going on in Pioneer. Last Modified On: 2/10/2020 1st place at Players Tour Phoenix - 02/08/2020. It’s no surprise to see Dimir Inverter playing the full four copies in order to stem the bleeding from early creatures. As such, this will be a shorter analysis than most. After all, metagames can correct, right? But I have a burning desire to keep playing Pioneer, at least as long as Inverter of Truth is a legal card. Notice how we’re often mentioning small numbers of cards with the logic that “They can be found with Dig Through Time?” Narset, Parter of Veils is Dig Through Time five and six. The manabase is clean, though it should likely drop a land for some more velocity cards. Capable of setting up a turn five win when coupled with Inverter of Truth or winning the game by itself against control decks, Jace has found an excellent home in Dimir Inverter. This phenomenon happened twice before in recent memory, with two decks that did later see cards banned: Four-Color Saheeli and Temur Energy. And, thanks to Underworld Breach taking some of the heat off the deck for a tournament, the chances that Inverter stays legal for at least a few months are significantly higher than they were a week ago! Copyright ©2020 Star City Games®. These decks were all about $20. Pioneer has been - and will always be - a budget player’s friend. Sullivan’s Satchel: Despise VS Duress, Arabian Nights Mountains, And The Worst Sports City. It also basically kills the need to play around a single extraction effect on its own, offering a massive recursive body and awesome card draw in one card. While most sorcery-speed cantrips are more powerful, Opt allows you to use your mana effectively in a deck with a higher density of instants. Mono R aggro: Ziene. It uses Inverter of Truth to exile most of your deck and then Thassa's Oracle or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries to win the game. Drown in the Loch is one of the more versatile cards printed in recent memory; it’s essentially a split card with Counterspell//Terminate modes.

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