It translates several Buddhist terms and concepts, most notably bodhi, kensho and satori.Related terms from Asian religions are moksha (liberation) in Hinduism, Kevala Jnana in Jainism, and ushta in Zoroastrianism. Moving on, the real problem is people in category “c”. An Enlightened Centrist/Moderate is a nickname given to mock certain political commentators who call themselves centrists, when their rhetoric suggests otherwise. 43 synonyms and near synonyms of enlightened from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 41 antonyms and near antonyms. Look it up now! The term is commonly used to denote the Age of Enlightenment, but is also used in Western cultures in a religious context. Physical signs/ qualities of enlightened person!! This does not mean that an enlightened person is never sad. An enlightened person has a cheery and positive mindset. Their respect for you as an equal capable of making your own decisions and dealing with your own consequences relieves them of any need to direct your life or worry over it. Learn more. The enlightened person are beyond qualities, they are in transcend state of qualities. Find more ways to say enlightened, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Dictionary: Definition of enlightened. An enlightened person will not generally put their agenda ahead of yours, even if your agenda will lead you into illusion and emotional suffering. Happiness. Distorting The Meaning. This is core to their being, as they have ceased to base their sense of joy on external factors and realised that happiness comes from within. ... More from Merriam-Webster on enlightened. Perhaps they confuse certain awakenings along the way with full liberation, judging themselves to be enlightened. Learning this greater meaning benefits all aspects of life including the body, mind, and spirit. Respected Sneha, Greetings! But what does that mean? enlightened definition: 1. showing understanding, acting in a positive way, and not following old-fashioned or false…. How a person who is enlightened can have qualities still remaining!!! They are distorting the essential meaning of enlightenment. While these qualities indeed characterize an enlightened person, enlightenment has a much greater meaning. He/she will often share that happiness to others. Enlightened definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Enlightenment is the "full comprehension of a situation". Another word for enlightened. Most people have heard that the Buddha was enlightened and that Buddhists seek enlightenment. Play the game. Nglish: Translation of enlightened for Spanish Speakers. Merriam Webster. Unlike typical centrists, who are more balanced with their views and oppose political extremes, Enlightened Centrists use their platform to almost exclusively attack the left while never attacking the right. The enlightened person invariably has happiness. Enlightened definition: If you describe someone or their attitudes as enlightened , you mean that they have... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples "Enlightenment" is an English word that can mean several things.

enlightened person meaning

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