Price: $21. A measure of vodka in your cola or ginger ale, for example, is the ground floor on the elevator to discovering an entire skyscraper of vodka cocktails.. CIROC X is the brand’s most expensive vodka, which costs $366.64 [6]. COUNTRY: Poland. The bottle is dressed with a deep black faux fur for a guilt-free touch of royalty. Royal Dragon’s most premium vodka is bottled in a 2 kilogram, 8-carat gold bottle, accented with a giant and rare yellow diamond, which, on its own, is worth $4.6 million. TASTING NOTES: Color: Belvedere Vodka 6L is a transparent color Olor: Light vanilla flavor. Light, soft and sophisticated, very versatile. ALCOHOL: 40%. But there are some fantastic cheap potato-based vodkas on the market, and Luksusowa is one. Taste: flavor, rich and well balanced, a subtle touch of maple syrup, a fantastic feeling of coolness... TASTING NOTES OF Snow Queen Enigma Vodka : Light color. #4. Best Value Vodka: Wodka Poland Select Vodka . Earlier versions of vodka were low in alcohol content and in quality. PRODUCER: Crystal Head. With exclusive flavours and limited edition bottles, our edit of premium vodkas are worth celebrating. Its vodka comes out tasting vegetal, slightly floral and citrusy. Japanese vodka is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and after tasting this, we know why. Cookies PRODUCER: Snow Queen. Smooth, clean finish. The most expensive bottle of gin in the world is the 700ml bottle of Morus LXIV Gin, which was sold for £4,000, which is $4,914.24 when it is converted to USD. COUNTRY: Russia. Despite it being the most luxury and costly, though, you do not get the incredible service that one would with the above Billionaire Vodka. From only £48.88 you can have more expensive Vodkas with free shipping! The filtration... ...and ecologically pure corner of Siberia, 300 kilometres away from the closest village. You might think that expensive vodka automatically means better quality and cheap vodka means your body will hate you in the morning. DETAILS OF PREPARATION: infused with lavender,... TASTING NOTES OF Snow Queen Vodka 1.75L : Transparent color. Click ‘I accept’ to agree to  Cookie Policy  or ’Manage’ to adjust your preferences. PRODUCER: The Absolut Company... ...grape and alcohol. The most expensive vodka as part of a limited edition series and is a sold-out item. It turns out that it’s not so much about expensive versus cheap, it’s all about the brand. COUNTRY: Slovakia. Taste: The palate is delicious, soft and fruity. PRODUCTION DETAILS: each batch of Double Cross is distilled seven times and filtered seven... ...a soft feel, but with a spirited attack pepper. Mar 25, 2020 - Explore Domenic Guida's board "Expensive vodka" on Pinterest. Known for its incredible purity, this vodka is based on high quality corn "peaches and cream" and has been... ...a little drier and hotter than its predecessor and with surprising warmth and slight sweetness in the finish. This concludes our cover on the most expensive vodkas in the world! Just look how producers estimulate your senses, with the ten most expensive vodkas in the world. PRODUCTION DETAILS: best corn variety "Peaches & Cream" is distilled four times and then mixed with... TASTING NOTES OF Vodka Beluga 3L : Color: transparent and limpid. PRODUCER: Snow Queen Vodka. In Drinks&Co you can get a large catalog of more expensive Vodkas with free shipping! Terms & conditions | PRODUCTION DETAILS: Ciroc Vodka is premium vodka that is made modern in southern France based on French grapes. Mouth: rich, full-bodied and complex, smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit. Having no additives, no gluten, sugar or glycerine. Thunder is a UK brand, but the inspiration for this “toffee + vodka” comes from the French Alps, where sweet spirits find their spiritual home in the apres ski lodge. From breakfast bloody marys to late night espresso martinis, vodka is at the heart of a wide range of cocktails – here are the best bottles to stock your bar with Mouth: soft and silky, shades of lavender, vanilla and rose. Smell: a balanced aroma, lovely floral notes. COUNTRY: Canada. Here’s a vodka from England and it’s the only one to be produced from 100 per cent estate-grown potatoes. 9. PRODUCER: Belvedere Vodka. It is produced in Austria with premium ingredients that have no impurities and the process is so exclusive for this pure flavored vodka that it has been patented. OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka – $6,922 HDW CLIX Vodka – $299.99-399.99 Photo credit: Harlen Davis Wheatley (fair use; no free images available; illustrative purposes only) COUNTRY: Canada. Flavour: rounded flavors and a distinctive freshness. The UK’s best priced vodka from supermarkets PRODUCTION DETAILS: developed... ...based on activated carbon and reverse osmosis. Give the gift of gourmet with our selection of luxury Christmas hampers. PRODUCTION DETAILS: quadruple distillation. Why the need of pouring vodka over diamonds we don’t really know, but that’s one of the things that makes this vodka so expensive. Privacy | PRODUCTION DETAILS: Dan Aykroyd was born in Canada and honors his Crystal Head Vodka country. 6. 7. Personalised Vodka makes the perfect gift for any special occasion and demonstrates the thought and planning that has been put into your gift or gift set. Before this was … Iordanov Vodka – $4,353. The vodka is then filtered through lava rocks to further clarify the spirit. PRODUCER: Belvedere COUNTRY: Poland PRODUCTION... ...vanilla. Creamy aftertaste with a delicate minerality in the finish clean. © 2020, We use cookies, both own and third parties, to provide our services. The Belver Bears bottle is a very non-traditional bottle design and because of it, it will cost you over seven grand to get one. The preparation process includes distillation... TASTING NOTES OF Beluga Allure Vodka : Color: clean and bright. Taste: lightly kicked the beginning, but then, much smoother. | Drink in moderation | RSS | Drinks&Co Celebrate the occasion with our edit of luxury vodka at Harvey Nichols. So it's time to get creative with new flavoured spirits that won't break the bank. Taste: silky and creamy with sweet hints of vanilla. PRODUCTION... ...creamy, balanced, bright flavors of white pepper and lemon zest. It is considered one of the smooth and pure vodkas made in the world hence was a favorite of the vodka collectors, enthusiasts, and lovers. You already know some of these expensive vodkas from our top list of the highest priced alcoholic drinks. Receive now the best wine & sparkling wine offers and recommendations in your email. By Seb Young, Joe Fleming. Taste: flow gently through the mouth, a light fresh dough. See more ideas about Expensive vodka, Bottle design, Whisky. 8. Vodka, one of the most preferred liquors, is an expensive alcoholic drink and it is also antiseptic. See more ideas about Expensive vodka, Vodka brands, Vodka. PRODUCTION DETAILS: Vodka Beluga Gold Line is a grain spirit made using pure artesian water and also includes rice extract and rhodiola rosea extract,... ...flavor. Whether you're catching up with friends or refueling after shopping, our restaurants are ready for you. Vodka from the Russian, zhizennia voda, "water of life", is a natural spirit (made from grain, fruits, or vegetables) that is distilled to at least 190 proof, bottled at a minimum of 80 proof, and devoid of distinctive character, aroma, taste or colour." Vodka is a spirit category inherently associated with hedonism and bling, but these are some of the world’s most expensive vodka bottles. PRODUCER: Underground Spirits. COUNTRY: France. at the best price. A spicy pinch the end, a long mouthfeel. 5. 1 to 24 of 328 products (More expensive Vodkas). Luksusowa is a Polish potato-based vodka. Taste: Mild sweet-flavored rye nice creamy mouthfeel. Taste: dense, tasty and delicate, silky, with a refreshing, balanced and deep end. The bottle boasts over 7,000 Swarovski crystals and speaks of luxury and elegance. If that wasn’t enough, the bottle is … If you continue to browse, we'll consider you're accepting our, Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Edition 1, Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Artist Series, Grey Goose Vive la Nuit Limited Edition 1.5L, Royal Dragon Imperial With Gold Leaves Vodka, Prices Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Edition 1, Prices Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Artist Series, Prices Grey Goose Vive la Nuit Limited Edition 1.5L, Prices Cîroc Vodka Snap Frost Eclipse 1.75L, Prices Royal Dragon Imperial With Gold Leaves Vodka, Prices Underground Spirits Signature Vodka, Prices Crystal Head Onyx Blue Agave Vodka. You will find numerous lists that explore beautiful bottles, many of which are so expensive that they're only attainable by the rich and famous. Click the heart to save your favourite pieces to your wishlist. PRODUCTION DETAILS: produced based Australian wheat and prepared in Canberra, this vodka... Related searches about More expensive Vodkas, SIGN UP AND RECEIVE THE BEST OFFERS IN DRINKS&CO. TASTING NOTES: Absolut Vodka 4.5L Color: Crystal-clear Smell: elegant aromas, notes of wheat. Let’s get straight to business and see which are the most valuable vodkas in the world. A 30ml bottle was also sold for £200, and that included the stirrup cup that came with it. COUNTRY: Kazakhstan. Belvedere Bears Vodka – $7,240 Cute name, cute bottle, and very expensive Vodka, selling for $7,240 a bottle, Belver Bears is the fifth most expensive Vodka on the list. Vodka, at a fundamental level, is supposed to be flavorless, colorless and odorless. PRODUCER: Belvedere COUNTRY: Poland DEGREE OF ALCOHOL: PRODUCTION DETAILS: four distillations... TASTING NOTES: Color: Belvedere Vodka 3L is colored crystalline water Olor: Notes of vanilla, spice and white pepper Taste: Full, soft, natural and velvety body. Jan 13, 2013 - Most Expensive Vodka Brands and Expensive Vodkas List. Flavour: notes of malt, soft alcohol. Released in 2008 for the most exclusive nightclubs around the world, the OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka is a high-end vodka made to attract looks. The Lakes Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur Christmas Cracker 50ml, The Lakes Vodka Miniatures Gift Pack 3 x 50ml. However, vodka made from grains (preferably barley and wheat, sometimes rye and corn) is considered the best of the batch. The Most Expensive Vodka. PRODUCER: Ciroc. Billionaire Vodka via So whether you are looking to create the perfect 21st Birthday gift, gifts for ushers & bridesmaids or just a special way to let people know you're thinking of them - you'll find the vodka brands and options to meet all budgets. PRODUCER: Crystal Head. This vodka is available in limited edition only for an outrageous $6,922 per bottle. PRODUCER: Beluga. Prepared without any additives and diluted in spring water exclusive use by Belvedere Vodka. Given the price tags, these 10 vodkas are unveiled by designers and represent the best. VODKA can be served on the rocks, in a multiple of cocktails, but the base is often the same. Vodka is celebrated as the perfect mixer, often used to give standard drinks a little more kick. Sep 05, 2017. Flavour: complex aroma, soft sweet notes, spices and a touch of freshly baked bread. Swarovski Studded Alize – $2000. Enjoy the added benefits of creating a personal account. This one of the finest way to demonstrate your wealth, as it comes decorated with almost two thousand diamonds set in gold. Expensive bottles per measure include the Black Cow Vodka (£2.50 per measure, £5 a bottle) made from milk and The Garlic Farm Black Garlic Vodka (£2.49 per measure, £19.95 a bottle) made from - you guessed it - garlic. Vodka lovers can only find this $6900 Swarovski Crystal bottle in exclusive nightclubs in London. Country France. Vanilla tones, with final Brazil nuts and almonds. Courtesy. Vodka was never meant to be a luxurious liquor. Each bottle has up to five liters of amazing vodka, which is perfected using an unknown Russian recipe. This may be one bottle of liquor where you’re paying for packaging and product. ...Very clean. Share This Story. A warm finish, long half, a clean dry palate. COUNTRY: Canada. If the price defines luxury, then they fit the bill, but they're out of reach for the average consumer. This is actually the most expensive vodka in the world. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year, they’ve perfected the vodka craft. Potato-based vodkas tend to be more expensive than their wheat-based counterparts, because potatoes offer less yield, are more expensive to procure, and take longer to prepare compared to grains. 10. Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka- $2,400. COUNTRY: Russia. Known as the most expensive luxury vodka in the world, the bottle has been designed by Leon Verres, who is a famous luxury designer knowed all over the world. Topping our top 10 most expensive vodka list is the 2015 iteration of Leon Verres’ Billionaire Vodka. PRODUCER: Crystal Head. COUNTRY: Australia. Trying to define a "luxury" vodka is a matter of perspective. It's a fine vodka to sip on the rocks, as well as a perfect mixing vodka because of its low price. Hints of spice and grainy notes. LEARN MORE | SHOP NOW. Vodka’s connection to the Russian government has a storied — and troubling — history, so it is really no surprise that it was in a document detailing who could have ownership of vodka distilleries that we have our first appearance of the word in Russia. Buy more expensive Vodkas from £79.07 quickly, with all facilities , and receive your Vodka Williams Chase Distillery in a few days at home with such an extraordinary value for money, as the Vodka Chase Potato 1.5L. Drinks&Co has a wide range of more expensive Vodkas with the best deals. PRODUCER: Double Cross Vodka. PRODUCTION DETAILS: Wheat is distilled five times with fresh glacier water Newfoundland. Stoli Elit: Himalayan Edition – $3,000. Image via YouTube/ultrapremiumvodka. Shop from limited edition Grey Goose bottles to premium flavoured vodkas.

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