AMERICAN ACOUSTASONIC ® STRATOCASTER ® Organic and clean, the Acoustasonic Stratocaster was designed for the ultimate Strat ® experience – mixing future technology with the familiar feel and playability of this iconic body shape. Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster Acoustic-electric Guitar - Dakota Red . Fender Telecaster Fender Player Telecaster. • With 2 distinct electric voicings in one instrument, the Acoustasonic Tele sets a new standard for what a guitar can do. Call it the shock of the new, which can be bracing in guitar culture where we are used to incremental changes and the careful evolution of design. Thanks to the Mod knob and a 5-way switch that provides endless possibilities and versatility to both of the variants. • The legendary Strat body shape is sculpted for comfort and playability. From acoustic shape-shifting to electric rhythm tones, these powerful guitars deliver new sonic expression from the studio to the stage. The iconic solidbody Stratocaster design is beloved for its triple-pickup configuration and, with this Acoustasonic incarnation, we get a different take on that trifecta, with a Fishman undersaddle transducer and under-bridge body sensor, and a Fender Noiseless magnetic pickup at the bridge. Both the and are Fender legends and two of the most popular guitars in the history of guitars. The five-way switch and two knobs are all you need to dial in a huge breadth of tones. The new Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster brings this recipe to the beloved Stratocaster body and name plate and adds a few changes. CYBER WEEK SALE: Save 50% on a Monthly Plan. In terms of acoustic emulations, it will take a little bit of time to get used to the new sound. Unlike other electric guitars, these Acoustasonic series guitars boast higher resonant qualities due to the unique Fender’s proprietary Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS). • The Acoustasonic Strat builds on our revolutionary voicing technology to affect new guitar construction parameters. From acoustic shape -shifting to electric rhythm tones, this powerful guitar delivers new sonic expression from the studio to the stage. Good tones if you were willing to play with the 2 band EQ, which wasn't horribly convenient on the fly. Around this time last year, Fender broke into new territory with the launch of the American Acoustasonic Telecaster, which came with the tagline – "acoustic, electric and everything inbetween." Copyright ©2020. • Our Patented Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS) uses a “waterfall” design to control the flow of air into the body, creating a naturally loud, resonant voice when unplugged and providing the foundation for the Fender and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine. Back in my teens, I wouldn't think of even touching a Telecaster. Check out this video to hear all the sound emulations of the new Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster: And this video below will provide a demonstration of all the sound possibilities available in Acoustasonic Telecaster: At this moment, it is expected that you know how all three pickups perform, and To hear both the models head to head in action, check out the video below: Check out the availability and current price of Fender Acoustasonic Series Stratocaster and Telecaster: Founder of,, and In this comparison of Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster vs Acoustasonic Telecaster guitar, we will cover all the important similarities and differences between these models. 99 • The Acoustasonic Stratocaster's Solid A Sitka spruce top comes in three new finishes: Dakota Red, 3-Color Sunburst and Transparent Sonic Blue. On the chart above, you can see up to 10 different position settings that model different guitar sounds, but that’s just the beginning. So the sound possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Via Mod knob, you can seamlessly make a transition from one type of sound (A) to another (B) or blend them together in different ways. The questions seem to mount as you scratch the surface. There’s more contact area in the neck joint and that adds up to more rigidity. ACOUSTIC • The Acoustasonic Strat builds on our revolutionary voicing technology to affect new guitar construction parameters. Tyler Bryant shows off the Acoustasonic Stratocaster – the newest addition to the American Acoustasonic Series – as he goes head to head with Daniel Donato and his Acoustasonic Telecaster. Piezo meets modeling—woot! ... Telecaster and Stratocaster Routing Stratocasters: Guitar: Series: Source: Routing: Richie Sambora ... Acoustasonic Telecaster: Deluxe Series: MEX: S: But keep in mind that their sound will not be as loud as typical acoustic guitars in such cases. It is always safe and secure under strict control. Fender launched the new American Acoustasonic Stratocaster at NAMM 2020, just a year after originally launching the American Acoustasonic Telecaster.Now, the new guitars are finally available for purchase — so if you’re interested, you can get them for yourself straight from Guitar Center.. Shape aside, it has less crunch for the electric voice and the acoustic sounds are slightly different from those on the Stratocaster. • Integrated back body contour and modern forearm bevel. Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster vs Telecaster | Review. I saw that guitar as something only … The final word on Stratocaster vs. Telecaster. Stratocaster vs Telecaster: The History. • The classic Telecaster body construction is thin and comfortable with an open-pore satin finish. I … Soon after the two-pup Broadcaster was revealed. Although these guitars feature the same new three-pickup system, they sound much different due to the difference in the modeling emulations. The American Acoustasonic Series embodies the spirit of innovation that Fender was built on. While the new Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster aims at producing clean sounds like the signature Strats, the Acoustasonic Telecaster focuses on emulating the dirt and grit of the classic Teles. Following last year’s Acoustasonic Telecaster acoustic-electric guitar, Fender has announced the new Acoustasonic Stratocaster.Like you, we at Musician's Friend had plenty of questions about the new Acoustasonic Strat, so we reached out to Billy Martinez, Vice President Category Manager (Acoustics and Squier) for some answers. These two instruments are loved by millions of guitar players all around the world. B y now, you’ve probably seen the new Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster splashed across pages of websites and guitar magazines such as this one. As you start tweaking the Mod knob, you can blend more of A with B or vice versa. I'd strongly consider buying the Fender if I could find a band. I had a T5 and kinda liked it. This is my take on the rather old argument of Stratocaster vs. Telecaster and which I personally think is the better guitar. However, they still inherit the signature contours of their original models. Both of the models feature the same wood, finish, pickups, strings, neck shape and more. $334 per month for 6 months Or $334 $ 334 /month § for 6 months . Starting at $1,999.99 A Fender Telecaster Demo. That's why the American Acoustasonic Telecaster's control layout looks so familiar. • The SIRS system has been updated, repositioned and resized specifically for the tonal characteristics of the Strat body shape. The Acoustasonic relies on what Fender calls its "Stringed Instrument Resonance System" which sits just on the other side of that soundhole and works to broaden and enhance the natural tones of the Acoustasonic’s hollow body. Advanced modeling is great, but Fender wanted to make sure all of this tonal mojo could be easily accessed and adjusted on stage. • For example: Start with a classic – like the full-bodied Mahogany Dreadnought in Position 5A – and hear the harmonic complexities as it shifts into a tone that recalls a slotted headstock, short-scale Rosewood Concert model in Position 5B. Both of the variants feature a new slim semi-acoustic design. 99. The Fender Acoustasonic Noiseless Magnetic pickup can be played solo for hum-free Fender electric tone, or blended with an acoustic voice to create new tones. ‘Acoustasonic’ has been used by Fender in the past for a range of acoustic-guitar amplifiers, a Strat-shaped electro-acoustic and most significantly, the previous Acoustasonic Telecaster model, launched nearly a decade ago. The whole guitar is more solid than a Strat, too, because of the bigger neck pocket. Below, you can find a comparison chart showing the emulation difference between various A and B settings of both Acoustasonic series Stratocaster vs Telecaster guitars. Guides » Comparison » Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster vs Telecaster | Review. The Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul had just come out a few years prior. Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster Review. • From a full-bodied Spruce/Rosewood Dreadnought (an Americana staple) to a Walnut small-body parlor, this guitar delivers all the classics in one stage-ready package. When Fender unveiled the Acoustasonic Telecaster, a unique hybrid of classic electric guitar and next-gen acoustic design, many a mind was blown and there was some collective hysteria. The American Acoustasonic Stratocaster proves that Fender still aspires to innovate and push the boundaries of guitar design. Eve Audio SC3070 3-Way Studio Monitor: A Filler b/w SC307 & SC407, Universal Audio Apollo X4: A New Entry in Apollo X Family, JBL EON ONE Compact : Smallest & Loudest PA in its class, Warm Audio Announces Bus-Comp: Stereo VCA Bus Compressor, iZotope Neoverb: A Sophisticated AI Reverb Tool, Pendulate: Newfangled Audio Synth Embraces Chaos, iZotope RX8 arrives with new Audio Restoration Capabilities, Arturia releases MicroFreak Vocoder Edition hybrid synth, Engelmann Spruce / Indian Rosewood Dreadnought, Blends electric pickup to the above voice, Sitka Spruce / East Indian Rosewood Dreadnought, Sitka Spruce / Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought, Sitka Spruce / Walnut Small-Body, Short Scale, Sitka Spruce / Mahogany Americana Dreadnought, Sitka Spruce / Rosewood-Concert, Short-Scale, Slotted Headstock, Fishman Acoustasonic Enhancer (internal body sensor), Fender Dura-Tone 860CL Coated Phosphor Bronze. • A 5-way Voice Selector and shape-shifting Mod Knob combine to unlock infinite sonic possibilities. The design may be new for 2019, but its name isn’t. The Acoustasonic Stratocaster is equipped the same as the Acoustasonic Telecaster, an under the bridge Piezo, a Internal Body Sensor and a N4 Noiseless Electric pickup give the player roughly 10 tonal settings. The Acoustasonic Stratocaster follows Fender’s release of the Acoustasonic Telecaster last year, which was well-received by the guitar world. • For example: Start with a classic – like the full-bodied Mahogany Dreadnought in Position 5A – and hear the harmonic complexities as it shifts into a tone that recalls a slotted headstock, short-scale Rosewood Concert model in Position 5B. All Rights Reserved. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. CALL 1-844-202-0924 MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM-11PM EST SATURDAY 10AM-2PM EST. • A Strat-slanted switching layout (with skirted ebony knobs) is designed to move from acoustic strumming to clean/dirty electric tones with ease. Like we alluded to in the introduction, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Fender has played it safe for a few years. From acoustic shape-shifting to electric rhythm tones, this powerful guitar uses a revolutionary Fender and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine to deliver new sonic expression from the studio to the stage. • Leans slightly more electric with 7 acoustic voicings and 3 electric tones. As a benefit, you can play these models as acoustic guitars even when they’re not plugged into the amp. • The ability to blend between acoustic and electric tones in Position 2 offers a double-tracked effect similar to classic mid-century studio techniques. Fender PlayCYBER WEEK SALE: Save 50% on a Monthly Plan.UNLOCK THIS OFFER. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. We never share your data with anyone. TALK TO A FENDER SPECIALIST! • The solid A Sitka spruce top is available in five classic Fender finishes: Black, Natural, Sonic Gray, Sunburst and Surf Green. But it’s not just the shape that differentiates them, there is a lot going on under the hood. • Features a standard horizontal Tele control layout with dome knobs. Page 2 The American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster represents the next era in Fender craftsmanship and innovation. • When paired with the sound and style of our most iconic body shape, the Acoustasonic Stratocaster is capable of blistering solos, gritty power chords and delicate finger-picked acoustic runs. As with the Telecaster version, Fender teamed up with Fishman to create the Acoustic Engine, a mix of an undersaddle piezo pickup and an internal body sensor. Also, are endorsed by many iconic musicians in almost every single music genre there is. Learn more about Fender electric basses. The American Acoustasonic Telecaster embodies the spirit of purposeful innovation that Fender was built on. This Strat’s obvious competitor is the Acoustasonic Telecaster, which is priced the same. Telecasters have a more meaty tone, particularly with the bridge pickup.It’s a bigger single coil and sounds fatter than the bridge pickup of a Stratocaster. But the Stratocaster has a noticeably larger headstock, whether the original iteration or the bulky one that was used from 1965-81. At Winter NAMM 2020, Fender introduced a new American Stratocaster variant to its recently launched Acoustasonic series following the Telecaster model (announced at NAMM 2019).Both of the models feature the same wood, finish, pickups, strings, neck shape and more. Fender's new Acoustasonic is the ultimate all-round guitar The innovative new Acoustasonic has the ability to sound like both an acoustic and a Telecaster electric. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. • Features 8 voicings of the most popular acoustic guitar styles in recorded history. The body and parts are clearly different at first glance but as you focus on the various aspects of the guitar there are more changes. It’s an instrument that provokes some people, while inspiring curiosity in others. When the Strat debuted in 1954, players weren't sure what to make of it. Stratocaster Necks vs. Telecaster Necks Both the modern Telecaster and Stratocaster bolt-on necks largely feature 22 frets and a 25.5” scale, with identical nut width and 9.5” fretboard radius. Of course, they are aware that their guitars will always be popular, with iconic models like the Stratocaster and Telecaster setting the precedent for electric guitar designs back in the ’50s. Fender Acoustasonic Tele. Fender Acoustasonic 40 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier - Brown and Wheat Bundle with Instrument Cable, 24 Picks, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth 4.5 out of 5 stars 47 $219.99 $ 219 . • A modern forearm bevel offers ease of playability. Fender Stratocaster: Glass, Bells, and Quacks. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Music Producer by profession and also a Tech Enthusiast. By the following year, a single pickup version called the Esquire was launched. Sign up to get weekly audio gear news and announcements in your inbox. Without even changing the guitar, you can access true acoustic and electric sounds, that’s the beauty of these Acoustasonic guitars. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. At Winter NAMM 2020, Fender introduced a new American Stratocaster variant to its recently launched Acoustasonic series following the Telecaster model (announced at NAMM 2019). The 25.5" scale of the Fender should offer a lot more twang than the T5. • While the Voice Selector and Mod Knob offer the same amount of flexibility as the Tele, the Strat's voicings are laid out in a complimentary manner for a more "Set-It & Forget-It" switching experience. • Sturdy, twangy and punchy, this guitar offers an undeniable Telecaster feel. Hybrid Acoustic-electric Guitar with Mahogany Body, Spruce Top, Mahogany Neck, Ebony Fingerboard, and Magnetic/Piezo Pickups - Dakota Red ... $1,999.99 $ 1, 999. Leo Fender and his team in Fullerton, California, began work on the guitar that would become the Telecaster back in 1949. People were still trying to figure out exactly where solidbody electric guitars fit … iZotope Neoverb uses AI-assisted processing to deliver high-quality, custom reverbs for a variety of situations. Though the Acoustasonic Stratocaster has a simple layout, there’s a lot going on under the hood. Mid-priced like the Fender Player Stratocaster, yet still fully-featured like American-made Telecasters, the Fender Player Telecaster is beautifully built, great-sounding, and perhaps the best way to go for those that want a Telecaster without spending too much cash.

fender acoustasonic stratocaster vs telecaster

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