Given all this, you might be tempted to wonder why any of the supposed experts predicting imminent environmental catastrophe still get taken seriously. Park officials have known that the glaciers would still be... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Over the next two months, the scientists traversed the 80-mile wide embayment in front of the glacier in a back-and-forth pattern known as “mowing the lawn.” The researchers used a multibeam echosounder mounted under the ship to collect sonar images of the seafloor that were assembled into a 3D map. ✨ Optimize your home life with our Gear team’s best picks, from. Posted at 7:20 PM, Jan 06, 2020 and last updated 2020-01-09 13:07:35-05 GLACIER NATIONAL PARK — Glacier National Park is removing signs that state all glaciers will be melted by 2020. A recent sobering presentation by Professor Valentina Zharkova suggests a new Super Grand Solar Minimum will begin in 2020. A 2003 reportwas based on modeling a scenario of doubling pre-industrial atmospheric CO2 levels by 2030, which would have melted the park’s major glaciers – and presumably the minor ones, too – by 2030. Want the latest on tech, science, and more? Second, “how and when we act” will not make much difference to the world’s glaciers. One of the big questions is the speed of the melting, and whether it will reach some kind of tipping point where it will be unable to be reversed if society is able to contain carbon emissions and somehow slow climate change. Figure 1: Long-term changes in glacier volume adapted from Cogley 2009. ... have noted that GNP’s most famous glaciers such as the Grinnell Glacier and the Jackson Glacier appear to have been growing—not shrinking—since about 2010. Predicting glacier ice movement is difficult because ice behaves as both a solid and as a liquid, says Penn State University professor of geosciences Richard Alley, who was not affiliated with any of these studies. Many factors can speed up or slow down a glacier’s rate of ice loss. Antarctic Glaciers Are Growing Unstable Above and Below Water. “It was dark and foggy. ... 2020. The latest poor saps to join the oops club are the authorities in charge of Montana’s Glacier National Park. This strongly suggests that glacial retreat is the result of natural causes — the end of the Little Ice Age — rather than of so-called “anthropogenic global warming.”, The National Park Service is not the only institution to have been caught out by the failure of “man-made climate change” to accord with the alarmists’ predicted time schedules. Glacier National Park removes signs saying glaciers would melt by 2020. A group of researchers from the United States and the United Kingdom took advantage of an unusually calm period in Antarctica in January 2019 to explore the two glaciers and the ocean nearby with ships, unmanned submarines, and aircraft to find out what’s happening to the ice and how fast. “We approached Thwaites at night,” Hogan recalls. Lhermitte says the goal of this model was not to predict the exact date when Thwaites will collapse. And by late Nov 2018, Hudson Bay was already 40% iced up. “In combination with seafloor bathymetry, the data has revealed the shape of the seafloor and that there are deep pathways to allow warm water to move onshore, across the continental shelf and go in contact with the ice.”. (A 2014 study published in the journal Science by University of Washington scientists used satellite data and numerical modeling to predict that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, including Thwaites, may collapse in 200 to 1,000 years. Glacier National Park quietly removing “Gone by 2020” signs “Rush Limbaugh closed his show today with an article from Glacier National Park (Montana) who says they are taking down their signs warning that the glaciers are melting because they are GROWING!!! She declared, “The climate scientists were just joking about the glaciers all melting by 2020, and you were an idiot if you believed them,” she stated. “We hope that it allows governments to see where the hot spots might be for glacial lakes growing in the future,” he said. NASA's Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) project has revealed Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier, the island’s biggest, is actually growing, at least at its edge. James Delingpole is executive editor of Breitbart London and host of “The Delingpod” podcast. Melting Glaciers Causes Growing Pains for Greenland. Lhermitte thinks his study results mean that Antarctic glaciers need to be closely watched in the coming years for any signs of rapid change that might lead to an environmental catastrophe. And by late Nov 2018, Hudson Bay was already 40% iced up. All rights reserved. New studies show fractures on surface ice and warm seawater melting the ice from underneath. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. After publication of that report, field observations showed glacier melt to be years ahead of the projections, causing scientists in 2010 t… At the same time, they are seeing troubling signs of increased melting that can still cause a slow rise in sea levels around the globe. Glacier National Park removes signs saying glaciers would melt by 2020. Greenland and the Arctic have also gained ice over the last three years, 45% more than normal in fact. Sitemap It began doing so last year but was rumbled by a visitor, Roger Roots, who reported the skullduggery at the website Watts Up With That? See Growing Alaskan glaciers the start of a new Little Ice Age?.. Lhermitte led a separate study of Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers with a group of Dutch, French, and US scientists, who used a 21-year dataset of satellite imagery to reveal the first signs of structural weakness—crevasses and open fractures in the ice shelves that could signal their disintegration in the future. Thai landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom draws on local history and culture for innovation, Photograph: Alex Mazur/International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, Photograph: Linda Welzenbach/International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, Illustration: International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They have been retreating since 1820 — long before the 20th-century explosion in man-made CO2 emissions. “The ice shelf slows down the traffic behind. including all the glaciers on Mt. This also confirms what I’ve been saying all along. Not melting. Its signs will now say: “When they [the glaciers] will completely disappear depends on how and when we act. Mainly, though, it’s because we’re living through an era of green groupthink when even institutions that ought to know better have been overwhelmed by enviro-doom scare narrative. Monitoring on Sept. 6, 2020, revealed that Wedgemount Glacier receded 30 metres between 2019 and 2020, which is almost five metres more than the 10-year average. Glacier National Park quietly removing “Gone by 2020” signs “Rush Limbaugh closed his show today with an article from Glacier National Park (Montana) who says they are taking down their signs warning that the glaciers are melting because they are GROWING!!! That’s next to impossible right now, because there are too many other unknown factors to consider, such as the pace of climate change that is warming both the air and water temperature around the glaciers, as well as the movement of ocean currents around Antarctica. Also left red-faced this year was the Pentagon, which in 2004 warned that by 2020, major European cities would be under water, Britain would experience a “Siberian” climate and the world would be on the brink of famine and anarchy — all because of our old friend “climate change.”. The segment that once said the glaciers would for sure be gone by 2020 now reads, “When they completely disappear, however, will depend on how and when we act.” The USGS still insists, “The overall picture remains the same, however, and that picture is that the glaciers all continue to retreat.” Nor did he do any better with his famous wager with economics professor Julian Simon about the scarce resources that would dwindle to dangerously depleted levels by 1990. Never put a time limit on your doomsday predictions. Glacier National Park has reportedly removed and replaced signs that say, "the glaciers will all be gone by the year 2020." A recent study team from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, determined that water transported to the area around the glacier by a key ocean current has been colder than it was prior to 2016, when the growth began. Wired may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Two-thirds of glacier ice in the Himalayas will be lost by 2100 if climate targets aren’t met August 3, 2020 11.02am EDT Ann Rowan , University of Sheffield And it isn’t just Iceland’s glaciers experiencing expansion. Figure 2: Percentage of shrinking and growing glaciers in 2008–2009, from the 2011 WGMS report. The fact we have these big underwater channels going all the way up to the base of the glacier—because they are deeper and larger, you get more of that warm water and would increase the ability to melt.”. The second paper contained new data from another group that flew over the glacier in a Twin Otter aircraft with ground-penetrating radar that was able to look through the ice. WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. c.2020 The New York Times Company More stories “They are important because Thwaites is vulnerable to changing quickly under climate change,” Hogan says. For two months in the winter of 2019, Hogan was part of a joint US-UK expedition to the region, a trip that began at Punta Arenas, Chile. You can tell that the National Park Service is secretly embarrassed because it has been trying to replace the signs by stealth. Scientists say Thwaites and the other glaciers are not likely to collapse in the next century; they are simply too big to fail right now. Share on Facebook. 64,619, This story has been shared 29,333 times. For several years, scientists have been worried about the retreat and eventual collapse of Thwaites Glacier, a Florida-sized plug that holds back the West Antarctic ice sheet from the Southern Ocean. Park spokeswoman Gina … Figure 2: Percentage of shrinking and growing glaciers in 2008–2009, ... 2020. The ‘gone by 2020’ claims were repeated in the New York Times, National Geographic, and other international news sources.” “Almost everywhere, the Park’s specific claims of impending glacier disappearance have been replaced with more nuanced messaging indicating that everyone agrees that the glaciers are melting,” Roots added. What we have done with this study is look at this damage, the tearing apart of these ice shelves, and what their potential contribution to sea level rise could be.”. In 1968 Paul Ehrlich warned in his bestseller “The Population Bomb” that by the end of the ’70s “hundreds of millions of people” would have starved to death. But since 2008, Franz Josef has been rapidly shrinking. Jakobshavn's growth did not come as a surprise to scientists. I meant only the glaciers in the Alps. GROWING! These underwater channels are up to 3,280 feet deep and between 12 miles to 25 miles wide, says Porter. Glacier National Park recently confirmed the changes to CNN but is maintaining a defiant public face. Plenty of green (or proto-green) and other doomsday predictors — have been proved similarly wrong through the ages: from third-century Carthaginian priest Tertullian and 18th-century economist Thomas Malthus (both of whom predicted population growth would outstrip the planet’s ability to feed humanity) to Rachel Carson (who warned of a cancer epidemic due to pesticides); from Peter Wadhams, the Cambridge professor who predicted summer Arctic ice would be gone by 2015 (it’s still there) to the Prince of Wales, who warned in 2009 that there were just “100 months” to save the world from climate change (but then had to extend the deadline, Harold Camping-style, when doomsday failed to materialize).

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