What does not is blind activism for activism’s sake. I agree completely. I use Ravelry to catalog my family through items made with love. I’m still on the fence about deleting my account but am seriously considering it and looking for alternatives. Do you have any information about that since you mentioned 50%. There are not enough skeins in the world to calm me enough to speak when it comes to his policies, words, and actions. Blessings to you and yours in the coming months. To be clear, Ravelry called Trump supporters ‘White Supremacists’. But Ravelry has just put itself at the very top of my [expletive] list. Was even contemplating giving up knitting for a while. Well said Annie.I have also left my Ravelry account for the same reasons. I would not be at all surprised to learn that, just as it did in 2009, after first silencing conservative speech, Ravelry then starts purging conservative crafters. Took me a minute to become a member. In EllieJane’s McCain group, we started getting other people joining … some who’d been dissatisfied with the Conservative Knitters, some who enjoyed the GOP Knitters but were also looking for a more active group to play in. I love seeing my granddaughter in a handmade item. There’s nobody gonna grab the yarn out of my hand and tear my project apart like Jen C described. You write extremely well. That was awesome. I downloaded 115 purchased patterns and deleted my acct. I thought it was the American way that a person can do what they want with their property. Ravelry does not speak for me…they claim they speak for the marginalized while they marginalize people. This is defamation of character to thousands of people and the owners should be reprimanded for making such a statement! To combat inclusiveness, Ravelry decides to use oppression! #iwasbannedonRavelry.com #badgeofhonor. Thank you. Of the profiles without avatars, and the 100,000 that are visible, the oldest dates back to April 5, 2019. We have God and Trump on our side!! This is clearly a blanket response someone needed to sleep on before initiating. If you appreciate this blog and would like for it to continue, please donate to help keep it going. I support you wholeheartedly! https://vb.ourunraveled.com/, Well said Gregory. Also, for those who do crafts and have marketable skills, whether it’s teaching or designing projects, the internet is a godsend for bringing together seller and buyer. That is where they lost 50% plus of their users, plus income stream. Mimi – I was at an LYS Sock-A-Long and everyone was bashing Trump. The owners at Ravelry have stated several times that once a pattern is added to someone’s library it will stay there, is the file copied to another part of their server for that persons library? For anyone with an ipod or iphone, Lovecrafts has an app that allows you to transfer your patterns from Ravlery to Lovecrafts. I guess everybody sees what they want to see. However, a F*CK TRUMP hat pattern (you insert the U) is allowed to remain. Its best to keep patterns of him or any talk about him off the site to keep the peace. Wonderful post. You want to “build bridges”. Yarn builds bridges. You should start a blog! I am quite skilled at creating my own projects and have oodles of crochet magazines going back for decades anyway. I came across your blog because I was looking for a “I deleted Ravelry” pic to use for my Instagram feed, read your post and all I can say is “AMEN”!!!! The problem is that people who objected to the “F” Trump patterns were also demonized. It took the route of calling all Trump administration supporters, or even those who wanted to find some good in his administration White supremists and banned any supporting words for dialog. Period. Don’t believe me? I’m tired of people hating each other. In order to become a member, anyone can sign up for a free login. Ravelry, which says it has eight million members, was shut down to new users on Monday, and the site’s leadership did not respond to multiple requests for comment. As hard as I’ve worked on this current hedgehog head I’d be a screaming mimi if someone pulled it apart. It’s all about breaking down society and any sense of community one might have. Thank you for sharing the link! I,too, deleted my account and am trying to put all this behind me and get back to doing what I love. I want peace, and community. These forums remained relatively un-political to the point where I missed the original post about the knitter who wanted to visit India. 1) Go to your "about me" page. I’m conservative, and have never once posted anything derogatory regarding their obvious leftist bent. . I don’t care who on there is LBTQ or any variation thereof – it has nothing to do with me (I just live and let live.) But to say he hates any one group of people is ridiculous. It’s laughable. Everyone should be allowed to support their US President, no matter who is in office! So no one will be missed, no one will care. It is a basic forum right now but they think it will only take about 2 weeks til many more features are added. I no longer buy yarn from manipulative and entirely unkind indie dyers. Ravelry’s announcement on Sunday, June 23rd came as a surprise to many users and followers. You can’t unring that bell that we all heard loud and clear.. it was on Tucker Carlson’s show for goodness sake Ravelry took a side (insulted an entire group of people) and then broadcasted it for all the world to see. https://web.archive.org/web/20190727194236/https://deborah.makarios.nz/ravelry-and-the-rule-that-must-not-be-named/. The fiber community lost one of its most joyful members this week, with the death of Cat Bordhi on September 19. It never even occured to me to do so! I want to delete my account, I don’t know how. Accusing people of racism and homophobia and white supremacy IS ABUSE. Thank you Greg for your eloquent post! Lottsa books out there. Asking members of Ravelry to turn in other members for possible wrong-think is McCarthyism. That was beautifully written. I dare you’ and ‘your different opinion will be removed’. Lol. No political stuff would have been easy and acceptable, but instead they went the way they went. I doubt I will attend another sheep and wool festival. Ravelry excluding not one person. The divisiveness, finger pointing and intolerance is seeping into everything, I so wish knitting, yarn, needles and patterns could help fix it. So it’s about knitting and fiber arts and the politics THEY allow. Well done! Otherwise it will be like, but not like, Ravelry. I lost a few friends over the past few years over politics. Thank you for sharing. Discussion in 'The Women's Room' started by MollieA, Sep 1, 2011. The Red Cross does not just work on locating recently displaced person. I just feel grief-stricken for everyone on all sides. I just heard about this today from Crochet O’Clock and I am saddened by this accusation of being a white supremacist. Crafting brings so many people together, it’s such a weird stance for them to do so! I’ve knitted primarily for a decade. Ravelry is big (with over 2 million users) and there are many kind users who want to help you make the most of your experience. Ravelry had come “unraveled” – too bad…. And you want to sit at a table with me still? It’s slander. Politics is a dirty, dirty game to grab power and money and hold on to it. The only hatred I see or hear is coming from the MSM, members of Congress, groups like Antifa, and the left in general. I downloaded my 115 purchased patterns and deleted my account. MollieA Senior Member … I just read my own thoughts and reaction to this decision in your words. You hit all the parroted talking points and everything! I keep my politics out of the sewing room and the backstage area, as do my friends. I’m sure most conservatives were underground/undercover about their views (doing their best, like me, to not make waves or rub anyone’s nose in Hillary’s loss), but people still have to be alienated even further. I said goodbye to all of my patterns and closed my account too. My conservative gay daughter will love to know there are others who share her world view as well!!! I deleted my account, too. Patty. A hurl of insults will come flying at you because obviously you disagree with their new policy because you’re a (fill in any derogatory slur you can think of). I can’t go to my local LYS anymore for the same reason. Just a lofty elitist pinnacle made of clay. I am also a Southern, Christian woman, not a POC. Can you export the account? Since this whole mess started, I have been struggling to find the words to express the sadness in my heart. ... Deadliest Catch has been on the air for more than 14 seasons now and the audience still comes back each year for more drama! When I first started facilitating bereavement groups, I sort of assumed that people would be coming for help for “just” one loss. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. The trolling got so bad that. But, being devoid of political content was not what Ravelry said. And this all started with those stupid pussy hats.. Plus, I honestly don’t understand why ravelry is taking this position now. We are putting a label on you called white supremacist and must either adhere to our way of thinking or.be banished. If you don’t like it then hire some tech people and get to creating your own site. Thanks for this, you have put it very well. “LSG”) … their parents must be ever so proud. I respect your decision, as I respect theirs. or political hate speech. If you want to keep politics out of it, then do so, but don’t be a HYPOCRITE! Ravelry.com is a social website for anyone who likes yarn. Not my business, just an observer but I read the announcement (lots of people are talking about it) and you’re welcome to your pro-Trump opinions just as long as you never even *breathe* them to anyone. But Jackie, they ARE keeping politics on their site – just the politics they want to see. I deleted my account and am praying that a new site for us crafty yarn lovers will rise above this and provide a platform that will be even better. Big difference. They didn’t say “We don’t want politics being discussed” or the like. And yes, openly disagreeing with them just creates a huge shit storm. There have been a couple of Presidents who outright purged their Cabinets. I just wanted to thank you for your Honest writings, here. He has done more for people of color and women than any other previous President. Now you can be as crappy as you want about Trump, and it’s applauded. What does knitting have to do with politics? I am keeping my Ravelry account, not because I am a liberal, but because I still want that creative connection. I don’t mix politics with my knitting and I pray for all men and women on this earth. Thank you. More importantly what boundary issues preclude individuals from keeping their political opinions to share on the multitude of sites dedicated to that sharing. There is a new site coming to give Ravelry some competition: They will offer the same amenities as Ravelry but with upgraded new technology. AT ALL. This was a very stupid and classless move on their part and has done nothing to help their business. I also handcraft for relaxation, family, and charity; not for activism, but it would be heart breaking to give it up just because the ones who yell the loudest are on the opposite side of us politically! Your observations are spot on. I’ve seen so much division from the “inclusives” that I’m not sure I shouldn’t just leave those groups. I know it will take time to transfer everything, but I don’t want to give Google revenue from the ads it runs on my “free” email. My beliefs , political, religious, are my own. I hate that they chose to handle things this way. The truth is that there are a small percentage of very loud, angry people who wake up every morning looking for outrage. Thank you, thank you!!! Indeed, the better the student, the more they’ve absorbed the indoctrination. Goodbye ravelry you once had a site for all yet you chose to divide. Revelry became bullies. I don’t care what your gender is or your age or political stance. Instead they said all who supported his “administration” which is basically the entire White House and 63 million Americans were white supremists. As you can guess, many of the actors we sew for are gay and we know each other’s beliefs. And after having undergone treatment for cancer I’ve discovered life is way too short and way too precious to waste time on futile endeavors. I still don’t. It was the only conservative group on ravelry that was really vibrant and popular. Many of you will recognize the name Ravelry, and you should. No place for politics or racist, gender biased bullies. The resignation on Monday of three ministers over Brexit means Theresa May has now lost more than 30 members of her Government in the past 12 months. You have stated it clearly. The whole point of the creative arts, such as knitting, is to engage in an activity that is de stressing and creates something beautiful. Lumping people together is what got us to where we are right now. Required fields are marked *. Very well said! At least Greg’s words give me momentary solace and have reassured me there are at least a few reasonable people left in the knitting world. It’s not about bridging gaps or bringing people together. THAT IS A COUNTRY. They need to hear from the liberal side of people also find these policies unacceptable. I have enjoyed Ravelry as a fiber art resource that I haven’t found anywhere else. Here’s the statement I found on the main page of Ravlery’s website on Sunday, June 23, 2019: “New policy, effective immediately We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. When another woman wrote to someone in Ravelry’s administration, the response referred to the conservatives as “children.”. It’s such a shame to see Ravelry doing this. Take heart and watch it Unravelry!!!! I will cite the quotation again, as venomous and as divisive as it was, from their own site! I, too, am a southern, Christian White woman who knits and crochets. Instead of dragging down a book, within seconds at my computer I can summon up videos or information pages (or patterns, free or otherwise) that far exceed the contents of those now out-dated books. Thank you for trying to bring us all back together. I also want to mention something else. But they will allow F*** Trump patterns to be sold and they did say that anyone who supports Trump is a white supremacist too.. As a rational person, I know that it’s virtually impossible for anybody to agree with 100% of the ideas of any party, given how few of them there are to choose from. Thank you for your words. There is no sense anymore. Thank you for posting such an eloquent response. The world has gone mad. Not cool at all. It did so by openly and boldly announcing that all references on the site that in any way support Trump will henceforth be banned because (and I quote): “Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.”. Right there with you. They see hatred when he bullies people by calling them names, calls refugees rapists and murderers, refers to the free press as the enemy of the people, uses the name of a Native woman as an insult, responds to an accusation of assault by saying the woman isn’t attractive to him, etc, etc, etc. We need to see where things started in order to understand how they ended up — and in order to prevent this type of technological takeover from happening again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2WRSepMM3s&app=desktop. KnottyBelles – From the bottom of my heart and the hearts of family, THANK YOU for your SERVICE and your BRAVERY ❤ ❤ ❤. I also will be leaving soon…need to save all the many patterns in my library first and let some friends know. Why do you think people who agree with Ravelry aren’t thinking for themselves? So that had to die a hideous death in the name of "fairness". I’ve seen name calling and vulgarity on both sides, and my respectful posts disagreeing with the policy have simply disappeared. Much love ~C.~. If I was at all interested in politics, I would join a political platform. I plan to use her inspiration and my creativity to express my artistic side. I feel the same way that you do – and hoped it could be a place to come together. Seems you missed the point of their actions. OH, I couldn’t stop laughing! You understand that pain, yet you stand against other who experience that same pain in different ways. How are Trump’s people scum? You have a long way. Parenting took away my time to socialize on the internet and, eventually, any spare energy I might have had for knitting. The world has enough chaos, biases, division, and corruption. The only request is that conversation is kept kind and civil. Now I’m labeled something ugly for agreeing. It’s only in the last few months that my life has settled into a rhythm that sees me knitting again. In 2009, Ravelry first silenced, then banned conservatives. Shame on them for their nasty rhetoric!!!!! Or belittled. Thank you. I had an email from one of the Russian knitters I had purchased a stunning pattern from who asked me what kind of idiots were in charge at Ravelty. It has morphed into a site with “groups” for everything from people who like certain TV shows, to those who have particular affection for their pets or their pet cause, to people proud of their ethnic, religious, or political affiliations … to those that proudly proclaim themselves to be Lazy, Stupid & Godless (a.k.a. Please tell me why a person who voted for Trump is automatically a white supremist. My decision to leave Ravelry was not politically motivated. And I just don’t want to be involved in that. The reaction that Ravelry took is what is dividing this country, rather than bringing us together to have the necessary difficult conversations we need to be having. . I was a proud member of the NRA. Thank you Gregory for your thoughtful post; I have been struggling with the decision to leave Raverly, its hard because the knowledge base is helpful to a mediocre knitter like me. (Seriously, I can’t stop laughing!). I have been very sad since Ravelry’s announcement and the outpouring of hatefilled rhetoric that is tearing our community apart. But by honoring deceased relatives and friends in a way that feels true to your relationship, it allows those people to be there in spirit. Neither theory has basis in Ravelry's own narrative, though, as in their announcement, the site’s admins pointed towards a similar decision by roleplaying game hub … https://www.gofundme.com/f/fiberocity-online-fiber-community-project?fbclid=IwAR2d1ygyc26OhAllRDq2jIJPTPlqAvjSrhzbMsI7mwM86CWE8fgHnq8WS0M. I became pregnant and on April 14th I drove myself to the hospital hemorrhaging from a miscarriage. There are plenty of appropriate political sites where you can discuss politics to your hearts content. Right. And we listened! I just laughed! Just kidding….keeping a list. Add in all my other hobbies and I think I am good. It actually took my breath away, to be honest. Somebody please explain to me! I agree with you completely. I will miss that early days diverse knitting community. Thank you, my feelings, exactly. Just ridiculous! I hope there is a huge class action lawsuit put against Raverly! I was shocked to hear a knitting community say not everyone is welcome. I can love you and not like your decisions! That shop owner was stupid. There is currently a FB page titled ‘Walk Away from Ravelry’ where many of us have congregated. No, YOU’RE dividing us. What I do judge people on is their content of character. It is insanity!!! And with that, Ravelry shut The Bunker down. As a designer and teacher, Cat was known for her innovation, ... For many years on Ravelry, we'd release new features or site changes and work together with users in the For the Love. Now I see a threat to the industry of hand knitting. That they can’t see the irony in their own statement makes me shake my head. Shame on you ravelry for being so judgemental. Conservatives are being confronted all the time on that website because they don’t care about that. But, I will respond. And, out of respect for the office, I want him to succeed. That, however, does not go along with their agenda. That’s how Communism has taken hold of countries historically. I think the best way to impact them is to contact their advertisers and enlist support of others to stop purchasing patterns. Thank you for this. But you can’t have it both ways, and have it be respectful to the wide diversity of membership on Ravelry. Well said. I moved all my patterns to the LoveKnitting app then deleted Ravelry. Thank you. Would love to be a part of it! This research she has done is kind of an eye opener. All political statements and items reflecting hate towards a person or group should be banned and removed. Secondly, I fail to see how anything could have been any more offensive than a project reading “F” Trump. The last sheep and wool festival I attended, all the left-leaning TDS knitters did was bash POTUS when no one was even discussing him.. they were so obsessed and it all started with those stupid pussy hats. How many Scientologists do you personally know? But they had to jump on the bandwagon with the liberal bullies. And if they are basing friendship on a political leaning they are REALLY not worth the tears. Thank you. That was apparent to me from their opening statement. As a knitting and fiber website, it has a shocking 9 million members. I would encourage people who are feeling outraged and confused by Ravelry’s behavior to read George Orwell’s novel “1984.” ThoughtCrime, FaceCrime–we’re living “1984.” Ravelry has fully revealed the fascism masquerading as liberalism. None of that matters. For interaction with other members, the site includes forums, groups, pattern sharing and yarn contributions. I actually felt pretty terrible for her. It a workhorse yarn. You may be right, but I haven’t been on Ravelry much in the last two years. To try to influence them is an extreme exercise in futility. I may just give up this creative outlet once my stash is gone. They don’t even know me and apparently they don’t even want to get to know me. I don’t want that for myself or anyone else. Being a gay man who knits in this community is nothing novel. I don’t judge anyone, I don’t care of you are green, purple, black, white, gay, straight or in between. But yet anti-Trump politics is allowed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I began praying again, in earnest, for the removal of pure evil from this world. I did not delete my Ravelry account but I totally agree with your views. I would happily knit with you any day! With that said, I have friends of many beliefs. Also, you say that you’re gay right? After he got over being offended that Moi wanted to know if she was talking to a real attorney, Craig stated his bottom line: “Trust me, the laws on this afe [sic] simple. Sheri Shaw @ crochetaulait.com, So very well said, thank you for expressing what I felt in my own heart. I live in a country with sooooo many issues and a government that I would rather not talk about. Cool for liberals, eh? Also remember they are acting like truculant children who can’t have their way and must be guided and educated. I got hit with so many hateful comments INSTANTLY that without five minutes I deleted my comment. This policy came about because of one designer who doxxed a user for not liking and reporting their pattern, they should have left it alone after banning the designer and anyone else who was involved instead of lumping millions of innocent people into it. I am a hard core liberal. I’ve yet to see one person show evidence that President Trump is a white supremacist. The Church of Scientology has often asserted that it has approximately ten million members worldwide. just didn’t suit a group geared to discussing politics … after all, in polite conversation don’t you avoid religion and politics? Or judged. They didn’t say NO POLITICS they said trump supporters and supporters of his administration had better get in the closet and stay there or they will be banished. You obviously didn’t read or understand the post. Susan, Pingback: Bigotry Is Not Ok (or Ravelry Is at It Again) - Dreaming If. It is very simple. Very sad and I was hurt by it. Many of us had supported others, but when it became apparent that McCain had the blessing of the Republican “powers that be”, we decided to do what we could to support the man … mostly because we knew what a disaster Barack Obama could/would be, and it was apparent that the way was being made clear for Obama….McCain was going to need all the help he could get. I saw several, but chose to ignore them because I support freedom of expression even if I disagree with it. I hope other entities follow Ravelry’s lead. The new site fiberocity.com is up and running.. But when they pretty much accused any Tump supporter of being white supremacist, I felt instantly jolted. Ravelry has always been a very lefty place, where all the cool kids posted their p-ssy hat patterns. I assure you that it’s possible to think for yourself and be liberal. I don’t care if they are male, female, or undecided. We have to make our choices for ourselves, I am here and love you all ❤ regardless of which side, whose 'right' or barriers to communication. It was a breathtakingly self destructive thing to do to their business if so…. Here’s what I’ve been able to piece together by reading the two blogs. I look at blog and YouTube tip jars as nothing more than what I would pay to rent a movie, buy a magazine, etc. Thank you for your sensible comments. Gregory–THANK YOU– you put into words much more eloquently than I ever could. Actually, I find it amusing that people who claim to be so inclusive are so bigoted. Fine. 25% are Etsy shops and 50% spend less than $15 with us each month. Ravelry is a private group and have a right to make their policies as they see fit. Before the fake Trump comments came along the discussion was fairly civilized. I just so upset! They singled people out in particular. When owners of the largest watering hole for knitters now say to millions of knitters that because you do not agree with our politics..that you are not welcome. The site is for sharing the love of all the needle arts. Ten million, you say? I love ravelry and have purchased many patterns from their designers, but to use it as a political arena is not my idea of a welcome to all. As you can probably imagine- self preservation would deem that I stay in my bunker and let those people talk among themselves. I don’t think he would like it. Val – I hope you will give this some thought. I saved my patterns and deleted my account as soon as I heard. This means that, just as those old ListServs saw us conversing about things other than knitting, people on the current sites also want to talk about things other than knitting. Despite other answers on here, that take this as an opportunity to Bash our sitting president, the truth is - resignations and firings are indeed kept statistics. I felt like new people entered the picture. Bravo. I’m glad you left Ravelry. Another that was started last week is Ourunraveled.com. Haven’t heard back yet….then I noticed she is a volunteer rav editor…. I so wish Ravelry had a change to their policies that said, “Everyone come to the table, bring your projects and lets talk.” But, instead they insisted that some of you aren’t welcome here. They must not have known that “racist” Trump got an award from Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition for helping black youth in New York. An absolute joke and contradiction of who they profess to be! It’s not just an innocent description. I’m wondering why politics found their way into knitting anyway. Which was it? Good luck in the future. There are more things going on with their decision other than just Trump issues. 479 reviews for Ravelry, 3.3 stars: 'Ravelry no longer accepts Trump projects or supporters EXCEPT if you make projects that say "$#*! Moi explains the official attitude towards the SJW attacks on conservatives: Only behind the scenes [the site administrator] told our admin not only that he KNEW he was throwing them under the bus even though they have worked with him to clear up any issues that were flagged, but that he appreciated that he could work with our moderators without being attacked. I have SO many cute photos of my babies in booties, Grandma in mitts, step Dad in hat, etc. I actually didn’t even vote for Trump, but I’m one of those crazy people who support the office whether my preferred candidate made it there or not. The people who think that they are being “inclusive” are the most bigoted of all. Unless you have met them in person they are only virtual. No one cares that you deleted your account, and Ravelry is a better place without the likes of you. The NRA has never provided solid numbers on how many members it has, yet a look at what data is out there suggests that its claims may be wide of … We need to celebrate our communities and who we are. The Bunker’s moderators eventually had to seek help from Ravelry’s site administrators — again, not because of what conservatives were doing, but because of what trolls brought to the group. Well, you would think I would write that the trolling got so bad Ravelry told those sore winners to go elsewhere, either to another group within Ravelry or to another fiber arts site altogether. Started by core members of the original Sphinx team, Manticore's goal is to deliver fast, stable and powerful open source full-text search solution C++ GPL-2.0 68 0 0 1 Updated Aug 14, 2020. I recently bought a patten by Jenn Steingass who has a flair for patterned yoke sweaters but apparently has no web site and her presence in the knitting world seems to be only on ravelry. So censored for nothing. Sorry but I don’t buy what your saying either. So, where is the site that we can regroup, and um, rival, raverly? That is what political sites and open forums are for. It could have used its platform to draw people together, it took the opposite road. They enjoy sharing ideas and untangling knotty problems. Ravelry never said that only some people belong here. Oh, that would make it a perfect world, wouldn’t it? I too will be deleting my Ravelry account due to their intolerance, and looking forward to finding another site where we can share our love of crochet/knit etc and chat. Here’s what MizDi has to say about those groups (and keep in mind that this was all taking place back in 2009): For those that haven’t been keeping up, Ravelry used to be just a fiber arts community-type website. Ravelry’s “evidence” ties back to an RPG site that bases their white supremacist verdict on the President’s statement in a speech that he is a nationalist. All I care about is how you treat me. Yes, I am discouraged with both political parties but I love our country (most of the time) and I do believe most people are just doing the best they know how. It isn’t safe for conservatives, so it isn’t truly safe or inclusive. I’m a lesbian. Be calm and Knit On!! Be polite, do not allow your anger or upset to color what you write to them. They have the resources to police the political beliefs of members, but no resources to vet patterns that might be copies of someone else’s work, even when designers make complaints about copyright issues. But we have to call it as it is. You are less than. I have been SHOCKED at people who state openly on IG that only their specific group woes and concerns matter. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. I understand your point of view, and I tried to see it your way at first. Poverty, health, opportunities, heck even birthplace or knitting vs crochet can be a factor. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hopefully this time around people will see how crazy their policy is. So the math of the members with avatars is roughly 100,000 people in four years, averaging 68.5 people per day. So have several of my friends. Thank you. That’s a double standard, it’s wrong and it’s far from even handed. I loved Ravelry in the beginning and inspite of the fact that there were things happening that I did not agree with, I ignored it and still supported the platform. Also, I am open minded enough to realize that not everyone who voted for Hillary engages in hatred and vulgarity. I can’t stand them even more if this is true. Liberal bullies stooping to liberal name calling tactics. You think you’re welcome to eat with me? I agree with everything you said. The hysteria over race, inclusion, exclusion, and anything else they can think of, keeps pushing division and devisiveness into Instagram and it increases the level and amount of vitriol being spewed with each attempt. I’ve been reading thru your posts and listened to a YouTube video. . Knitting, spinning and raising sheep, designing yarn is a haven to me in a very loud intrusive world. The writer is not caucasian, so this was written as an accusation, a condemnation. So when Ravelry decided that I’m a white supremacist just because I don’t rabidly hate every single idea that comes out of Trump’s head (though I do wish he’d put that damn twitter account down once in a while), I had to leave. #walkawayfromravelry. I’m white. Ravelry chose to divide and destroy a fun site. MyDailyFiber quickly made a name for herself in our group and endeared herself to all members not only with her wit, common sense and unique perspective, but also her ability to churn our pro-McCain “Ravatars”. I agree. Knitting is the one place I could always talk, laugh, and connect with anyone, just on the premise of a single common interest. know that my principle desire has been to always search for the optimism. He didn’t beat me either, nor leave any bruises. That starts with promoting tribalism, the us vs them mentality. the political opinion. No evidence of the alleged doxing incident leading to the new Ravelry policy has ever been provided. (Again, just dumping all knitting, yarn and pattern IG pages. ; that’s all I want to talk about or think about in those groups. There are just no excuses. I could have accepted “no hate tolerated ever, by anyone” or even “check your politics at the door” but the misguided application if everything bad at the feet of one small aspect of politics just blows my mind. Why do I have the audacity to think that? I deleted my account too. I look forward to following your wise blog. WHEW! Knitting and Crochet will still go on. I will miss being able to search through so many patterns to find my next challenge and project. Folks can call it right to expression if they want, but any educated person sees the wrong in that. You are brilliant in your explanation. So for you l, hateful=any Trump? I listen to him and watch him all the time and fail to to see or hear any of what you accuse him of. Yesterday, Ravelry, one of the largest fiber arts social media sites, with a member roster 8,000,000 strong, made the equivalent of a loud, rude farting sound in the conservative blogosphere. Hi! Here is the link if anyone would like to take a look. AND, politics should be avoided on a site like this and that would have been the best way to handle it. My heart broke a little that day, and I’m still looking for that place where we come together to knit, just because we knit. Please don’t give up your hobbies and the joy they give you because of hate! That was really sweet of you. Can I say, too. Your email address will not be published. Ravelry seems to be using tactics championed by Antifa, a group which promotes Communism and Anarchy. I was so disappointed, and I too felt unwelcome. This is about patterns, not forcing your personal agendas or feelings….at the end of the day, it is Ravelry’s decision. It is like a gut punch reading your comments. The Main Stream Media is applauding this outlandish turn of events. It has a page where you can keep track of your hooks, another where you can queue patterns that you find online that you want to make. Although crafters usually work in the privacy of their own homes, they are in fact a congenial group. Today we have about 1,500 active advertisers - most are active Ravelry members and many are very small businesses. Well said! Thank you! However, I will be leaving a comment about their decision on their site. Unfortunately, many conservatives are louder and in your face and use Trump as their excuse to spew. What The Bunker’s members discovered in 2009 was that they were also poor winners. I understand your point. You know, I overlooked d*#ks for teddy bears, f you “magic scarves”, and p*ssy hats. Why on God’s green earth would politics EVER be brought into our craft. Makes me sad. I could not agree more! Thank you, thank you! Labeling, stereotyping, name-calling and silencing does not promote positive change. Thanks for the update on Lion Brand Wool-Ease. … you are amazing! Hi Gregory. If you attack me, I’ll delete your comments. I care for ALL of our fellow men. I used to tell people that knitting was an emotionally safe space. He has been painted that way by the dems and the main stream media. Yes they did ban people. Ravelry gets ~180,000,000 page views a month and we could probably cash in on that in a big way but we're very committed to keeping the ads pretty, relevant, and accessible to very small businesses. When hate supercedes anyone’s logical reasoning and narrows their ability to see beyond that hate. But of course that’s not what happened. Thank you. Ravelry was the site for fun patterns but a few years ago they allowed vulgar patterns then politics. I mourn the loss of the patterns, and the friendship I originally found there. anyway, We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. I urge you to go look at what anti-Ravelry people are doing now, a week on. Likewise, our moderators simply deleted troll posts. There’s only love in knitting…keep rocking the needles, my friend! When Moi pushed back about being permanently banned from Ravelry, Ravelry’s management referred her to their attorney, Craig. Dear Eyeamdust, But I do have patterns in my library and comments. I’ve seen their support of the LGBT etc etc community, but until today, had not heard anything regarding Trump. It was a warm-up for what’s happening now. You have to question the sanity of people with so much hate in their being for one man that they would alienate half their business because of it. What didn’t seem to have changed since my time on the ListServs was that Ravelry was intended to bring people together around a shared interest, not drive them apart over something unrelated to the craft itself. I just knew that Ravelry had made it perfectly clear that no bridges would be built on their platform.” That was my reason too. No way are there nearly as many Scientologists. In 2011, they lost another 212,903 (4.98% of the entire church at that time). They are not banning trump supporters but they are banning any open support of his policies. Ravelry has a consumer rating of 3.26 stars from 478 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Anyway, thanks again. I agree. Ravelry has unraveled because they apparently aren't bright enough to comprehend ACTUAL tolerance. Maybe someday they will realize their awful mistake but then again…. And then have the nerve to say you’re upset that a knitting website is dividing us. I will be praying for you. It was started by Cassidy and Jess Forbes in 2007. God Bless you! But if we allow hate speech, people will be even more divided. I’m old! Thank you, Diana! I don’t want to hear the reasoning behind their hate. I’ll stop here and take my leave, my stash and needles in towe. But at least Grandma could post her Trump2020 dishcloth. Another kidding! Make sure to explain why you are deleting your account. But at least Grandma could post her Trump2020 dishcloth. Greg, your post is eloquent, and the comments here are a sincere testimony to the true feelings of the Ravellers whom Ravelry would simply prefer not to hear from. This division between us is growing at a rapid rate and instead of helping to reign it in, pull it back, and find a way to get us BACK to the table, Ravelry decided that keeping us separate worked better for them as a company. I agree that their “company is not about knitting anymore.” So I join my voice with you and all the commenters here that have written exactly what I am feeling. It will have a link to delete your account. I for one fail to see how it helps inclusivity or compassion to implement the policy Ravelry has with their banning of anything Trump. But I guess as a conservative, Christian, Canadian woman, they didn’t want me anyway. They had no idea that Trump would be the man to release the anger pent-up in conservatives for eight long years of insults and silencing. While the label might run true for some of them, it does not for all. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I don’t want to be connected to people like this. Is there ANYTHING any more that is exempt from politics? It functions as an organizational tool for a variety of fiber arts, including knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving.Members share projects, ideas, and their collection of yarn, fiber, and tools via various components of the site. But now the highest-level positions of his Cabinet … Keep spreading your wisdom, and your beautiful knitting!! I have been with Ravelry for years and when i saw their post i was at a loss for words then. in a perfect world it would happen. I will speak out against injustice and bigotry, but none of that belongs in a creative environment (unless someone is disparaging someone else’s creative endeavors!). As a kid, I compared my NRA membership to being a Boy … Having apportioned blame to its satisfaction, Ravelry first shut down conservative groups and then shut out conservatives entirely. And please let it be facts not theory. I certainly will not be visiting again as I too have deleted my account after contacting them and telling them why. like people judge me no matter what, and so I say little because in turn I fear the Presently looking for an alternative. But another question: Why do you need donations? Which is exactly how they acted just by making it an issue. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that watches the show, that crab fishing on the Bering Sea is tough. They are disgusting . Maybe it’s time for some self examination. Donald Trump's administration has seen a revolving door of Cabinet members in its first 2 1/2 years. I haven’t deleted my account for selfish reasons. We are NOT the enemy, we should look deep to find out who is . We cannot seem to support an LYS here in Louisville.. Three have gone under in the last 6-7 years. Basically, conservatives are sitting ducks who can’t make a sound when they are attacked. Ravelry isn’t trying to make people feel safe, it’s making them question how safe their neighborhood is. Some react with anger, others with sorrow. I’ve been asking that same question over and over again. Trump bashing and hating all who supported him was OK! But they can’t seem to… at the NY Sheep and Wool festival all I heard was Trump hate.. On the other hand, I can see how they are trying to protect their followers globally that are being tossed around. I go with that I’ll treat everyone with dignity and respect, as long as I get the same from them. I just spent an hour reading your post and will be following you and your creative talents.

how many members has ravelry lost

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