The orcas' steep population decline of 20% from 1995 to 2001 is a reflection of the problems and issues facing the greater Puget Sound marine and watershed ecosystems: declining salmon runs, PCB contamination, and the effects of a rapidly increasing human population including habitat loss and resource depletion. Here is Orca Network's October 3, 2020 Whale Sighting Report: J pod takes their first autumn trip into Puget Sound and departs under a gorgeous sky; K pod stayed to the north, with splashes, blows, and bioluminescence in the Haro Strait moonlight. Amber Fouts, 12/05/2019 Factor in the ease of social distancing on sand, and land-bound whale sighting—traditionally a pursuit for only the most patient marine observers—has all the elements of a prime pandemic pastime. By Scientists have known for years that Chinook salmon are important to southern resident orcas, but Chinook are not the only fish the whales eat. Because of the federal ban on marine mammal hunting since 1972, transients are feasting on seals and other plentiful marine mammals, including Pacific white-sided dolphins and even gray whale calves. -Burt Miller, WSF * 07:10 - Marie Waterman, WSF Marine Ops, emailed: The CHIMACUM just reports 2 orcas SB off T Buoy. Nicole Martinson and Zoe Sayler, 08/20/2020 Onshore, offshore—it didn’t matter to her. This fervent Whale Sighting Network isn’t just a coastal cabal for seasoned watchers; newcomers regularly submit write-ups of grays and humpbacks and southern residents. Haight would agree. Subscribe to OregonLive. October 1, 2020. The sighting network was thus born—as was its earliest informant’s addiction to scanning the sea for a breach. Illustrations by The gray whale is typical in every way but its color, said Howard Garrett of Orca Network. Their presence briefly delayed ferry service near Elliot Bay. Annika Lindburg, 11/05/2019 Scott Griffin spotted the pod of Bigg’s transient orcas swimming in Case Inlet near his home in Allyn, Washington. Jun 29 2020, 2:53 pm @janineharles/Instagram Whale, whale, whale… it seems that the orcas haven’t gotten the physical distancing memo, as Edmonds-based nature photographer Janine Harles spotted a group of transient orcas swimming together in the Puget Sound on Sunday. Here is Orca Network's November 28, 2020 Whale Sighting Report: another J pod visit to Puget Sound, J pod calves documented by Center for Whale Research in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Bigg's KWs from Deception Pass Bridge! GROUP TWO - NORTH PUGET SOUND Bigg's Transient orcas. “There is a certain mystical quality.”. With no warning from her sighting network, Susan Berta of Orca Network was first to hear the Southern Resident Killer Whales return to Puget Sound this afternoon (Monday, 02 Nov 2020). She would relay her reports to Howard’s brother, Center for Whale Research founder Kenneth C. Balcomb, who then connected Berta with a bunch of rapt researchers. An orca pale in color as a winter moon has been wowing onlookers all over Puget Sound. Thu, Nov 26, 2020 LOGIN Subscription Offers It appears these endangered orcas are now heading to Canada in search of Fraser River Chinook after foraging within Puget Sound, likely on coho and chum salmon runs. Puget Sound was an orca's playground this weekend with dozens of killer whales observed. By ℹ️ Be Whale Wise info & link in comments. — A rare white orca is causing a stir in Puget Sound. 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When the Oak Harbor resident was 14, she spotted her first orca on a trip from Omaha to the San Juans. Anna Coumou, 11/30/2020 The full webinar can be seen HERE. Then the family was seen in the deep south of Puget Sound, in Case and Henderson Inlets, Garrett said. Amber Fouts, 11/23/2020 Not truly an albino, as social media has dubbed it, the orca is actually gray, rather than the typically deep, dashing orca black. With Increasingly, the thrill of shore-based whale watching is proximity. Herschell Taghap Orca Network Sightings Archives Click HERE for a map of the Salish Sea showing the most recent sightings reported to the Sightings Network. What’s the State of Commercial Real Estate in Seattle? 0720. “They are powerful, graceful, beautiful beings and to see them right below your feet!” Garrett said. After their first foray of the Southern Resident Killer Whales into Puget Sound this fall over the last couple days, J pod was recorded in Haro Strait during the pre-dawn hours this morning (Wednesday 9/30/2020). Scott Griffin spotted the pod of Bigg’s transient orcas swimming in Case Inlet near his home in Allyn, Washington. That noise in Puget Sound can come from a variety of sources, including (but not limited to) small and large recreational boats and all sizes of commercial vessels. Garrett spotted the whale April 7 at Holmes Harbor on Whidbey Island, along with other people gathered on a dock. Seattle Met The endangered southern resident orcas are expected to return to Puget Sound in the fall to feed on salmon and the Orca Network is trying to get the word out. Haight never would have come this close to the transient T46B and T65A pods in a boat. But beginning in April, the whales made their first documented trip down to Admiralty Inlet, spending four days in Saratoga Passage between Penn Cove and Holmes Harbor. White whales are so rare that only a handful have been documented worldwide. By August 31 BIGGS/TRANSIENT ORCAS - Mon, Aug 31 - Puget Sound - 19:50 - Discovery Park at the South Bluff lookout. It separates the Kitsap Peninsula and the Olympic Peninsula. Seattle Met. Will Repairing the West Seattle Bridge Pay Off? Volunteers like Haight confirm these sightings via photograph and video. Seattle Met Staff Last year, facing calls to temporarily ban whale watching tours, governor Jay Inslee signed a bill that increased the buffer boats must give endangered southern resident orcas to echolocate Chinook salmon. Photography by Gray whales (2020 newbies) are still here feeding in areas around No... rth Puget Sound. Dozfy, 11/23/2020 The whale is a male and a member of the transient orca ecotype. Edited by In places like West Seattle and Whidbey Island, it’s already pretty popular. As many as eight killer whales will swim by on this April afternoon, including Tl’uk, a rare white orca whose passage marks the first big splash of the spring whale sighting season. By By [between S Bainbridge and Alki] * By 3 Seattle Bars Nominated for Big-Deal Spirited Awards, Exercise Your Right to Drink at These Seattle Speakeasy-Style Bars, Ditch the Chilly Weather and Warm Up Inside These Cozy Seattle Bars, Washington Guide to Snowshoes and Winter Hiking, How UW’s Virology Lab Helped Forge the Nation’s Covid-19 Testing, How to Keep It Together During Coronavirus Quarantine, An Ultramarathoner Is Running Every Street in Her Seattle Neighborhood, The Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine Runs Through Fred Hutch. Then, an aquatic explosion of the kind that drew the Nebraska native to the Puget Sound region years ago: A pool noodle’s length from Haight’s right foot, an orca surfaces and spouts a geyser-like column of vapor. Orca Network. Marine authorities have generally required more than a football field of distance between vessels and whales, but Washington laws are even stricter now. During environmental volunteer work at Admiralty Head Lighthouse, Berta realized she could spy orcas from her perch overlooking the Salish Sea. “I don’t know that there is anything different about him or his family. They will often hunt close to shore, since that is where their prey is found, lounging on rocks. “He stands right out,” said Garrett, who photographed the whale recently and added his report to sightings on Orca Network. By Rachel Haight scampers up the dock, camera in hand, head on a swivel. Meat eaters, rather than fish eaters, transient orcas — not really whales at all but the world’s largest dolphins — are seen from Alaska to California and all over Puget Sound, hunting seals, sea lions and other marine mammals. He seems to be the right size for his age, and traveling with them, perfectly normal behavior. For a couple seconds, Holmes Harbor ripples around her. Southern resident orcas face a combination of threats, including pollution, boat and ship noise and disturbance that makes it harder for them to hunt, and lack of chinook salmon, their preferred prey. There are seven species of whales and dolphins that frequent the Puget Sound and Salish Sea (the waters that run up to the west of Vancouver Island): orcas, transient orcas… “It is great to see that guy, just amazing,” Garrett said of Tl’uk, who does appear white in the dark green of the water. Published in the July/August 2020 issue of Here is Orca Network's September 2, 2020 Whale Sighting Report: Abun... dant Bigg's KWs, grays still in N Puget Sound, dolphin "Cinco", and mystery cetaceans in the south See More. Seattle Met Staff Close to 20 orcas have been seen in Puget Sound since Friday and approximately 40 were sighted in the Strait of Juan de Fuca on Saturday. He is nicknamed Tl’uk, a Coast Salish word meaning moon. Sometimes, you can get closest to an orca by land. By Orca Network encourages shore-based whale watching, or watching for whales while commuting on … 8/3/2020 at 9:00am Underwater noise impacts the killer whale’s ability to hunt, communicate, navigate, and avoid danger. - 10:00 - We’ve got 2356 and 2262 east of Hat Island right now. Photography by He is only the second such whale known to have been seen in the Salish Sea, the transboundary waters between the U.S. and Canada, including Puget Sound. Transient orcas will team up to take down a really big target, such as a sea lion. There was also a group of about 20 southern resident orcas from the J pod in Puget Sound all weekend in front of Seattle. Orca Network's third in a series of webinars as part of Orca Action Month 2020 took place June 15 to discuss shipping traffic and underwater noise disturbance with Scott Veirs from OrcaSound and Rick Huey and Adrienne Stutes from Washington State Ferries. — A rare white orca is causing a stir in Puget Sound. Photography by Scott Griffin spotted the pod of Bigg’s transient orcas swimming in Case Inlet near his home in Allyn, Washington. The Orca Network, an educational nonprofit that runs Langley Whale Center, delivers the latest marine life reports from the Puget Sound to more than 15,000 email inboxes and over 161,000 Facebook followers. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Edited by Quieting the sound Allecia Vermillion Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Get breaking news coverage as events unfold. Whale watchers saw nearly 40 Bigg's killer whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Belfair is … Not truly an albino, as social media has dubbed it, the orca … Annika Lindburg, 09/16/2020 November 27, 2020 The two orca calves born to J pod in September are still alive and doing well, according to Mark Malleson of the Center for Whale Research, who spotted J pod on Monday near the Canadian city of Victoria. By Allecia Vermillion Orcas are native to the Puget Sound and are an endangered species. Here is Orca Network's Feb 6, 2020 Whale Sighting Report: humpback and unidentified large whale sightings around Central Puget Sound and Saratoga Passage area, Bigg’s “Transient” killer whales in … Transient orca populations are healthy. By Amber Fouts, 07/29/2019 Allecia Vermillion and Seattle Met Staff By But the whale is a thriller nonetheless, aglow through the green waters of Puget Sound. Orcas use sound to hunt for salmon. 10/08/2020 She heard them first around 15:40 through the live hydrophones that Orca Network hosts and which are deployed under the outer wharf of the Bush Point B&B. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. In Puget Sound southbound between Blake Island and West Seattle. (Check out Mark’s encounter report.) © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Stefan Milne and Carli Ricker, 09/10/2020 August 12, 2020 by Joe Viechnicki, KFSK - Petersburg This grey/white orca T46B1B, nicknamed Tl’uk, was identified by Alaska Sea Adventures off Cape Bendel, Frederick Sound, August 7th, 2020… At least 5. They don’t judge. Adding to the thrill, the whales were very close by. Scott Griffin spotted the pod of Bigg’s transient orcas swimming in Case Inlet near his home in Allyn, Washington. Unlike the transient orcas, southern resident orca whales, the salmon-eating whales that frequent Puget Sound, are fighting extinction. As autumn begins, many of us were wondering if they would go north towards the big Chinook of the Fraser River in BC as they often do during the summer, or south into Puget Sound for a first pursuit of coho or fall chum salmon runs… “Even if you think it’s a log,” says Haight, “we’d rather check up on a potential whale sighting than miss out.”, Susan Berta and Howard Garrett founded the network after the couple settled on Whidbey Island in the late 1990s. Today (9/27/2020) at least two pods of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) came into the Salish Sea from the Pacific Ocean. At the moment, chum salmon are returning to Puget Sound, and recent orca sightings suggest … Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Tl’uk’s family is rarely seen in local waters. Orca Network. May 13, 2020 12:54 pm. The gray whale is less than 2 years old. Photography by Allecia Vermillion The first was Chimo, a whale captured back when hunts were still allowed on orca whales to supply the aquarium trade. An orca pale in color as a winter moon has been wowing onlookers all over Puget Sound. Herschell Taghap, 11/20/2020 The gray transient whale is a member of the T46Bs, a family of transient orcas that includes T46 B1B, the gray whale. The Orca Network, an educational nonprofit that runs Langley Whale Center, delivers the latest marine life reports from the Puget Sound to more than 15,000 email inboxes and over 161,000 Facebook followers. She vowed to move to Washington one day, just so she could see the whales. Seagulls squawk. Benjamin Cassidy Click here for Mapof August 2020 whale sightings. Usually the family is seen north of the San Juan Islands. Archives of actual sightings reports Sightings reports are listed by year and month Current Sightings King County Home Sales Continue to Defy the Calendar. All rights reserved (About Us). - GO SLOW & STAY 100 YARDS FROM BALEEN WHALES - Baleen whales can have random travel patterns, stay submerged for long periods, and can surface very unpredictably. The Pandemic Has Raised the Stakes of the Virtual Home Shopping Game. ... Whale Sighting Network Coordinator for the Orca Network, ... Puget Sound. By June 15 – Our Orcas Live in Noisy Waters. “I don’t know what it does to us,” Berta says, “but it changes a lot of people.”. A moment later, a different dorsal fin dips below the wooden planks. At least two individuals. Orca Network would love to see increased efforts in education, awareness, and enforcement for recreational watercraft of all types, particularly in the narrower inland waters of Puget Sound. There are many opportunities to observe the orcas from the many miles of shoreline on Whidbey Island, the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas, and the inland waters of Puget Sound. — A rare white orca is causing a stir in Puget Sound. 07:20 - Orca. But he sure glows really bright.”. Can Washington's New To-Go Cocktail Law Save Seattle's Bars? — A rare white orca is causing a stir in Puget Sound. In places like West Seattle and Whidbey Island, it’s already pretty popular. Today at 10:16 AM.

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