This is what you can take away from his site: Teju Cole is one of my favorite contemporary authors, so I had to include his website, especially after I saw its clean design. To learn more about Pat’s journey, check out Thomas’s interview with him in Episode 7 of the College Info Geek Podcast. Nicole is a photographer located in Boston. Thomas interviewed him way back in 2014 on Episode 41 of the College Info Geek Podcast. Creating Your Portfolio in Isolation is Hard. For example, while your portfolio website could host your professional work, Instagram would be great for more personal photos. (UK-based web designer/web developer Kean Richmond recently discussed this trend in an article about “undesign”, and the possible reasons why this trend is becoming widespread.) Eleven Made. Here’s what her site can teach you about branding: At College Info Geek, one of our main goals is to show you that you can go to an excellent college and have a great experience without taking on student loans. Briefly, it’s the field of getting your website to show up as high as possible in Google search results (or technically other search engines, but in practice that tends to be Google as its the dominant player). These graphic design portfolios hit all the right notes. Dan’s site is a great inspiration for those who want to use imagery and video in their portfolio. You need to think about maintaining, improving and evolving your portfolio throughout your graphic design career. 2. Film . Photography Art Design Illustration Fashion. Start your 14-day free trial and build your own online film portfolio with Format today! Create a stunning Portfolio & CV free website, tailored for Portfolios now. 3. Get inspired by the best examples of artist portfolio websites built on Pixpa. Here’s what his blog can teach you: Nat Eliason has an excellent blog, as well as one of my favorite weekly email newsletters across the internet. If you’re a student, you absolutely need a website. Tom Biskup. Cody Sielawa . This is another grid-based layout design which looks stunning. Get inspired with these 10 Web Developer Portfolios. Much of that book is built from the writing, research, and thinking he did on his blog. He’s best known for founding Smart Passive Income, a site that teaches people how to start their own online passive income businesses (while still remaining ethical and helpful). That’s why we created this resource. Film portfolio website examples. David Justice loves the details from a photographers perspective. Some of them are online freelancers, while others own brick and mortar businesses. 3. Aside from weddings and couples, he also offers portraits and senior picture packages in addition to film options. And even if you take a full-time job, you can still learn a lot about personal branding from the way these folks have set up their sites. Find your inspiration with some of our best film portfolio website examples. Demonstrate your depth with your web design portfolio. The site is a design masterpiece: Want to start your own side project? Welcome page. Fabrizio Del Gaudio Here are my favorite parts of the design: Chris Brogan is a speaker, NYT bestselling author, and business storytelling consultant. Here’s what his site can teach you: Ashley Diers handles all things graphic design and illustration here at College Info Geek, as well as running an Etsy shop where she sells prints, stickers, and postcards of her original illustrations. Here’s what his site can teach you: Up next, we have a roundup of some solo professional websites. If you’re interested portfolio websites, I suggest reading these posts next: Beautiful Personal Web Portfolios: A Showcase; 15 Free Online Portfolio Hosting Sites; A Conversation About Creative Portfolios; 10 Free WordPress Themes for Portfolio Sites; 30 Beautiful Examples of Design Agency/Studio Websites Genevieve started her company back in 2005 and has been working on wedding, engagements and corporate projects ever since. It’s sort of an online business card or CV that will help you find partnerships, show off your work, and even land your first job. And when you’re ready, you can follow our complete, step-by-step website building tutorial, which will help you get it done quickly and easily. Above all else your website needs to be usable— you don’t want to frustrate your visitors! Clean and minimal design along with necessary content, navigation bar, social media icons, and other important elements make a website more efficient. 50 of the Best Personal Website and Portfolio Examples in 2020. Michael is an artist located in Tennessee. Learn how to create a system that works and reorganize your life. Both are authors, but in very different areas; their site designs reflect that. ePortfolio Examples Welcome to the Auburn University ePortfolio Examples page. The one-page portfolio site is a tricky thing to pull off, but Kfouri succeeds well in giving his colourful and impactful visuals – including single images and collages – room to breathe. You can find commercial work, head-shots, and architectural photography. This way, viewers can visit case studies and art direction talent. It has a unique heading, which uses a pixel design image to clarify that the website is a personal portfolio. He features some eye-catching images on his homepage. How to design a portfolio? Here’s another uiCookies free html5 template that is ideal for your next online business, Aside! If you’re stuck, take a look at these 15 samples of web developer portfolios for inspiration. To start, let’s look at a selection of websites from public figures. Working with these companies has given him a huge amount of knowledge, and he provides that expertise to you with presets and other packages to make your editing process more simple and unique. A portfolio website is generally a static website featuring work samples and other details as explained above. This is a good example of an elementary teacher’s portfolio. Dejan Markovic Here’s what his site can teach you about creating a portfolio: If you’ve made it this far, then you must be really dedicated to creating a personal website. He tackles all of his crafts on a deeper level, and invites you to join him on his road of exploration worldwide. After 25 years in the business, we was able to hone in on what he could offer to other artists and now creates tools that simplify production. Join in, and I'll also send you a free copy of my book on earning better grades! We’ve handpicked the top 26 unique design portfolio examples as inspiration to create your own. Matthew Scott is a Cinematographer that creates awesome film projects, works in still image photography and has an educational blog. If you’re looking to build your own online portfolio , or revamp your existing website, these 18 painters will spark some inspiration. 100s of designer-made HTML website templates to choose from! But he also has a well-designed website to serve as an online home base for his writing and advocacy. He specializes in weddings, portraits and has some gorgeous fairy tale like images worth taking a look at. What should you showcase first? You can find beautiful stories of different places he's visited through his unique way of capturing what he sees, when he isn't at home in Australia. But what most caught my eye about his site was its design: Scott Santens is a writer and basic income advocate. They work out of New Orleans and offer wedding services for the romantic couples looking for simplistic images. Irene operates a Bed and Breakfast called Valdirose in Italy. Brent Stirton. Though these examples are all different, they all stand out through the unique use of features such as clever animation, a quirky and memorable aesthetic, or an entertaining user experience – a touch of creativity and innovative thinking will take you a long way. Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start creating. Because of this, it can be helpful to see some examples of what other people are doing. No matter what field you want to pursue, writing regularly is a way to clarify your thoughts and show potential employers that you know how to communicate (an essential soft skill). Beware portfolios that are too unusual. Martin Boehme is in charge of all things code and development here at College Info Geek. See more examples at Getting an employer’s attention can be quite a tough task in today’s competitive market so you have to constantly work on getting better than the competitors. There should be plenty of white space in the background. She loves to be bold and comical in her work, and has worked for several companies bringing different projects and ideas to life. She got started writing when she was still a student, earning enough to pay off her student loans and build a solid income stream even before she graduated. Grant Baldwin is a seasoned professional speaker, and he’s taken that experience to create online trainings for others who want to learn how to speak in public or improve their existing speaking businesses. Additionally, the site is a masterpiece of personal branding: Isa Adney is a writer and webinar producer for ConvertKit, as well as author of the forthcoming The Little Book of Big Dreams: True Stories of Dreams Come True. We all know a winning portfolio is vital when you’re going for a new job. His work is in animated thumbnails, which are large and static. Her upbringing has made her a fun, passionate photographer who has an obsession and admiration for capturing the love of couples around the world. Assemble is a free online portfolio websites, a place can make your awesome portfolio projects very well displayed. This site is surely one of the unique graphic design portfolio examples. Whichever style of portfolio you follow, it must come out as a simple portfolio. And that might have you searching around for some quality design portfolios examples. Here’s what you can take away from Roxine’s site: A former writer for College Info Geek, Elizabeth is a great freelance writer with a website to showcase her work and tell her story. It provides insight into your personality and work ethic. Your portfolio website shouldn’t be too unique, think of it like an art gallery— pretty and … She specializes in weddings, portraits and family sessions. His book Deep Work is one of the most influential non-fiction books I’ve read, and his latest book Digital Minimalism is an intensely relevant read for our current time. Jordan Flaig. A lot of designers prefer one-page portfolios; some designers put personal photos on their sites; many of those whose websites are listed below are fans of minimal design, and so on. Cher Ami. For example, photo galleries that scroll horizontally (left to right) are unique but can be difficult for visitors to browse. Landon Wiggs is the talent behind this portfolio who serves the Phoenix Arizona area, but is available to work globally. Check out his site for his awesome artistic portfolio as well as information on his craft as a whole. This allows you to see all the projects at a first glance. That way, when you create (or even update) your website, you’ll have some ideas of what to do to ensure that your website doesn’t look (or sound) like it’s from 1995. 14. Instead whitespace should frame and showcase the photography, videos, illustrations etc. Elna Cain. Here’s what her site can teach you about branding: Tasha Meys is an artist, photographer, social media consultant, and world traveler. 35 Best Graphic Design Portfolio Examples + Tips To Build Your Own. In the past, she did the design for College Info Geek, and she continues to be a collaborator on the site. Stop stressing and take a look at these ten great examples of Web Developer Portfolios… Matthew Williams. Here’s what you can learn from her site: If you’re a long-time reader of College Info Geek, then James’s name may be familiar. © 2020 Site Builder Report Back To Top ↑ Sitemap Contact Terms Privacy. There's no one single way to lay a portfolio out. Beware portfolios that are too unusual. Here’s what Pat’s site can teach you about copy: If you want to start a blog, you should go for it! It cocntains18 beautiful homepages and you are free to pick any of them. Made by: ToyFight Andrew Huang is a musician, producer, and YouTuber. This allows you to see all the projects at a first glance. Online Portfolio Examples. Here’s what you can learn from his site: I’ve already touched on personal branding a bit in this post, but next up I want to look at some websites that are killing it with how they showcase the site owner’s personality and style. Beautiful web portfolios from the best online graphic design websites that will make you want to update your own. I would be truly honored if the authors of these portfolios placed this badge on their websites. Dan is a multidisciplinary designer. Mike Kelley is a photographer located in California. He loves the world of art and design and merging these together in his projects. To inspire you, we’ve hand-picked 18 outstanding art portfolio websites created with Wix. A creative approach in order to stand out from the crowd. On top of that, you will learn how to create a portfolio website … I’ve been following his YouTube channel longer (and more consistently) than any other (except for the CIG YouTube channel, of course). This portfolio website has a simple but very effective design with a full-screen layout that takes up all the space. So to help you start building your own portfolio site and winning more business and better clients, we’ve put together 20 inspiring examples of web design portfolios from a mix of freelance designers and creative studios around the world. Wear shirts, drink from mugs, and have even more of our eternal gratitude. His portfolio contains animation and technical direction projects, as well as downloads to learn and watch projects from start to finish. Here’s what he can teach you about starting a blog: James Clear is a writer, speaker, and the author of Atomic Habits (one of the best books written on how to build good habits and change bad ones). In a way, that's good as it means you're free to experiment and showcase your creativity when designing your website. They take their personal experience and apply it to other's special days for a unique experience. But that same “anything goes” approach can be a struggle if you’re a graphic designer, an illustrator or a web designer looking to create your own portfolio website to reach potential clients. Great portfolio websites get out of the way. He currently works for Sizigi Studios on projects that have a fiction and fantasy vibe to them, and you can easily contact him via the site for illustration work to be done. He is currently located in Pennsylvania. Creating stunning graphic design portfolios is a task open to interpretation. Stay up to date with the CIG content universe. Chris and Annie are a husband and wife team of photographer and videographers in the UK. Putting together a kick-ass graphic design portfolio isn’t just something you need to worry about when you’re a student. Here’s my biggest takeaway: Pat Flynn is a podcaster, YouTuber, blogger, author, and entrepreneur. Web Developer Portfolio Examples to Inspire You. A portfolio should be simple— weird scrolling mechanics might be unique but they can also frustrate and alienate users. You can view his amazing work that is focused on architecture as well as his love for airplanes. See my recommended website builders if you'd like to build your own portfolio website. It’s your chance to establish an online home base, impress recruiters, and provide something that will set you apart from the stacks of static resumes that everyone else is submitting for job applications. She’s one of my (other) favorite contemporary authors, so I was delighted to see that her site is also an excellent example of design: Charli Marie is a designer, speaker, and self-proclaimed “side project addict” who currently works for email marketing software company ConvertKit. Learn how to be a more effective student, even while you're doing your laundry. They have 3 children and live in Mexico currently. Israel has a passion for photography, documentaries and editorial images. Jeremy Peters. Here’s what we can learn from her site: Aja Frost is a senior content strategist for HubSpot. His experience and skills are displayed expertly by embedding videos, images, and scroll effects in a single page. Closing Thoughts. Thanks for reading; I hope this guide gave you some inspiration and direction, whether you’re building your first site or giving your current one a facelift. Full Stack Web Developer — His experience and skills are displayed expertly by embedding videos, images, and scroll effects in a single page. Francis and Sarah offer wedding photography packages and live in Ireland with their dog. 14. He travels to beautiful locations around the world to practice his skills and has portfolios in commercial, non-profit, editorial and more. Ruwen is an illustration artist. Others use a minimalist approach, choosing to use multiple links and texts, while others focus on their general skillsets and languages. To learn more about how to create a personal website, have a look at our other guides: Over 220,000 awesome students are learning how to dominate their classes, get more done, and land the jobs they want — and you should too. Here is an excellent example of a portfolio website which has a beautiful design with a grid layout. 47 Examples of Inspiring Portfolio Websites. Below are links to ePortfolios from Auburn students and alumni. All of them serve as an inspiration. It may not come with animated Giraffes but it features all the perfect elements for creating professional portfolio websites. Her goal is to make you relax and have fun while working with her. Today, James is an author, book coach, and founder of Heroic Business Authors (as well as a friend of mine). He is also a destination wedding photographer that has been creating his portfolio since 2011. She’s also been a mentor to me in my writing and freelancing career; Thomas interviewed her back in Episode 27 of the College Info Geek Podcast. You can find tutorials on a variety of elements associated with these topics and access free downloads too! Best Artist Portfolio Examples in 2020 Nowadays, artist websites remind one more piece of art. You can add what she calls a "Super 8" film to your packages which she feels adds a whole new level to remembering your day. From there, you can modify as desired. Belle Art photography is a destination wedding photographer offering deep and emotional packages for weddings, elopements and more. This website makes … You find a place to view a person’s works and lose track of time enjoying the digital story that brings all those works together. Here are 9+ useful portfolio examples to use for inspiration. Shanice Miller’s story shows you that you can do just that; she earned so many scholarships that she actually got paid $10,000 to attend college. 100s of designer-made HTML website templates to choose from! Here are 11 online portfolio examples. You find a place to view a person’s works and lose track of time … It's perfect for the couple that considers themselves to be eclectic yet simple. C.I.G. Brit Cochran is a makeup artist in New York City. Jorge Atgu. She shares her expertise for food, atmosphere and photography with her audience through Instagram and hosts workshops so that others can learn her techniques. Furthermore, his books about college success were influential when Thomas was starting this site and remain on our reading list for students. Though these examples are all different, they all stand out through the unique use of features such as clever animation, a quirky and memorable aesthetic, or an entertaining user experience – a touch of creativity and innovative thinking will take you a long way. Harry Frank is a creator and teacher of design, technical and engineering art projects. Here's how to create one in 5 easy steps. Great portfolio websites get out of the way. By Tom May 29 July 2019. Lisa is an illustrator and artist that has created some truly unique stuff. Sean O’Connor is…well, many things, and his site reflects that. He’s such an influence that Thomas interviewed him twice: first on Episode 35 of the College Info Geek Podcast and again on Episode 100. He's the Art Director of BETC located in Paris, and collaborates with Emile Defert on creative projects. 1. His videos are creative, funny, and always impressive. Web Design Portfolio Examples. Holger is a professional in the world of 3D images and creations located in Germany. But creating your own website can be overwhelming. Elena Saharova’s web design portfolio gives a clear look at how a client’s brand directly transforms into the design of their digital product.. 6. Her website has a lot to teach anyone looking to build a website to sell their services: All Kavadlo is best known for his in-person workshops and YouTube videos of gravity-defying calisthenics and gymnastics. It also has a background animation featuring an orbiting planetoid, which represents outer space. Studio McGee is a design studio that will bring to life amazing spaces within your home and personal space. To inspire you, we’ve hand-picked 18 outstanding art portfolio websites created with Wix. Here’s what you can learn from his website: The other half of the Vlogbrothers, John Green is best-known for his bestselling novels, though he also collaborates with Hank on projects such as Crash Course and VidCon. Sidney is a designer and artist that has worked on some truly amazing campaigns with companies such as google. Jesse is a videographer and photographer that is currently serving Toronto. Credit card debt can be scary and overwhelming, but it's possible to conquer it with the right plan. Here’s what you can learn from her site: Daniel Grindrod is a camera operator, videographer, and filmmaker. The following are some of my favorite blog examples: Scott Young’s blog covers all aspects of how to learn on your own. The main aim of using social portfolio website is to gather a social following which might serve many purposes. More Portfolio Website Design Resources. (And if you want even more guidance on building your portfolio, look here.) It may not come with animated Giraffes but it features all the perfect elements for creating professional portfolio websites. A personal UX designer portfolio website is a way for you to be yourself and tell your story. Work, learn, and succeed from the comforts of your own home. Making your portfolio can be tough. Karl is an avid traveler and documentary photographer. If you’re a student or a professional looking to get ahead, you need a website. From concept, to font sets, grid, and color palette, to display mockups on laptop, tablet, and mobile screens, this web design portfolio example is a blueprint for how to showcase the entire design process. You can view her Instagram and shop her looks as well! Here’s what her blog can teach you about writing online: To close out this post, I want to highlight a few of my favorite portfolio sites.

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