Finger foods are ideal for a baby shower because they can be easily eaten while guests mingle or watch the mother-to-be open gifts. A simple fruit tray will be just as pleasing to the eye, since good fresh fruit is quite pretty on its own. Rainbow fruit tray by Rainbow Birthday Party. Above & Beyond " Above & Beyond " Olivia S. Voted up and shared. Start by cutting your cauliflower into small bite-size pieces. Enjoy these unique veggie tray platter designs for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday parties. Eunis Ong. by the Produce Mom. The key to an amazing meat and cheese platter is variety. Full of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and fresh produce, this is a great plate to accompany grilled meat — or a few pizzas. Pot luck style is the way to go when you're feeding a crowd. It features stone fruit, strawberries, and even cherry gold tomatoes-they're a fruit too-to create a sunset-like palette of oranges and reds. 10 impressive Baby Shower Fruit Tray Ideas so anyone won't need to seek any further . While we're all confined back in our homes with the declaration (and extension) of the CMCO, this doesn't mean your mini celebrations, small gatherings, and parties can't still go on (with … Not to worry—us Produce Moms are here to help you find the perfect wedding fruit trays and veggie trays to serve at your wedding reception or wedding shower! Nov 13, 2013 - Fruit Tray Displays | Love this Fruit display Your guests will be truly impressed! 30 Oct 2020. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I don't believe they can be visually enjoyed laying flat on a serving platter. The tray is $7.99 a pound, so you can choose a smaller or larger platter depending on your budget. You could make a fruit and cheese tray. Place them on your tray and then arrange into a snowman shape. This can whole, unpeeled fruit, a display of an exotic fruit, a decorative holder for toothpicks to use with the fruit, a mini bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers, or anything else that gives the fruit platter "balance". It looks impressive but won't strain your budget. An amazing appetizer doesn’t have to be difficult and these cute vegetable trays are … Slices of melon and cantaloupe are easy to display and are fine for both brunch and dinner parties. Platters seem to look prettier when you’ve got rows or sections of the different components. For example, use tropical fruits, such as pineapples or kiwis for a Hawaiian-themed wedding. Set the fruit trays around your reception or near the buffet. Get motivated! I wanted to share how to build a beautiful fruit tray, because this can be especially useful in the spring and summer. More fruit platter ideas. via Pinterest (source unknown) Easter Bunny fruit tray by Produce Moms. Fruit Christmas tree tray by Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. The following trays are super easy to make, affordable, and beyond delicious. Just buy green and/or red grapes and lay them on a tray along with cubed cheese and crackers. Pretty Palm Tree fruit tray – perfect for a summer party! Group each veg in its own space. Photo Credit: @areenazainal, @splatterme The Celebration Must Go On. Jun 16, 2016 - Explore Telina James's board "Pretty Fruit and Veggie trays", followed by 318 people on Pinterest. Updated April 17, 2019. Fruit skewers make an excellent addition to parties BBQs wedding receptions brunches etc. See more ideas about Fruit, Veggie tray, Creative food. Pretty fruit ice cream cones by Giggles Galore. Discovering a exclusive plans has practicallynever been simpler. If you are planning on having the fruit dip in a bowl separate from the fruit platter itself, find another "focal point" for the fruit tray. Our summer fruit platter is whimsical and bright, reminiscent of long summer days. SHOP: Fruit at its peak is an essential element of the platter, so shop your local farmers' market or ask at the grocery store what's being harvested now. Party food can be extra fun with some simple designs such as creative vegetable trays! Make a fruit tray to supply your wedding guests with a healthy snack that adds color and decoration to your reception. A pretty fruit tray can act as the centerpiece of the food table. These elegant fruit gift tray arrangements are pleasing to the eye in their beautiful presentation and are chock full of flavor - from apple chips, to dried kiwi slices, to almond stuffed dates in a sweet sugary coating - we have the dried fruit basket that is perfect for you! Chop and I’ve come up with some fruit platter ideas for you to inspire you to do create your own :) Fall/Winter: Grapes, Figs, Plums, Pomegranate, Kiwi. The ingredients for this veggie tray are pretty simple. Consider using a few less-common fruits: This platter includes several low-key surprises — dragon fruit, star fruit, cape gooseberries, and yellow kiwi. Adorable Sesame Street Fruit & Veggie Trays! Fruit which tends to turn brown quickly such as apples and bananas are not recommended for this fruit presentation. They are incredibly convenient, easy to find, and best of all affordable. Mezze platters are a great way to spread the (nutritious) love. Hosting a baby shower can be fun and exciting, especially when the menu is easy to prepare. In particular, fruit trays are light, cool, pretty and easy to eat. They are perfect for any kind of gathering or holiday, and it is just fun to treat food as art. Melon and Cantaloupe Cantaloupe, apples and cherries. The white offsets the colors of the vegetables, making it so appealing to “eat the rainbow”. We are firmly in the middle of BBQ season, which means lots of picnics and dinners with family and friends. Cuteness Overload with these 20+ different ways to serve up fruit and veggies! I like the idea of serving the pretty fruit tray with a delicious dip, too. A simple white platter is a great vehicle for your vegetable tray. Arrange it all on a pretty platter. While less-common fruit can be more expensive (and is not strictly necessary), people love when you include at least one unexpected item to shake things up a bit. Check out our pretty fruit tray selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on May 28, 2013: Incredible idea for a fruit platter you have created a fruitful thought, looks so attractive. Thank you! Celebrate From Home This CMCO: Get A Pretty Fruit Or Cheese Platter Delivered To Your Doorstep! However, you can pick and choose any theme you like. It's obvious which people long for special recommendations , primarilyfor specific event - on this website are certainly 10 fun Baby Shower Fruit Tray Ideas!. Can you tell I can’t wait for winter to be OVER already? We chose carrot sticks for the top portion, because Olaf has a carrot for his nose and it was a cute match! I feel the whole reason for displaying fruit pieces on a skewer is to make a beautiful display. BEST Fruit & Veggie Tray Ideas … My fruit platter is kind of tropical inspired. " The Pretty Platter Company exceeded all my expectations and delivered the most unique and decadent platters of fresh fruits and cheeses. You will also need additional veggies to surround your snowman. This post may contain affiliate links. Note - the list of fruit below is what I used to make the rainbow fruit tray pictured above, however, you can easily substitute different fruits that you prefer or have on hand, for example: kiwi slices, purple grapes, honey-dew melon, or red grapes. With that said, I love that I can rely on my local Food Lion store for variety of meat and cheese platter items. One of my favorite things to contribute is the fruits and veggies. Choose the types of fruits you want to include based on the theme and season of your wedding. All you need is a design idea & your favorite fruit & veggies. You can also ask … Putting together a pretty platter of food might be my favorite thing to do in the kitchen.

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