Height and spread in 20 years: 8 x 8 metres. In January, remove up to half of the previous year’s growth, leaving just a few buds on each stem. Buy with confidence from CZ Grain. 2 Artificial Wisteria Tree Purple - 150cm Clevedon, Somerset This artificial Wisteria Tree stands 150cm/5ft high. All parts may cause severe discomfort if ingested. Our nursery is a busy despatch centre, so please make an appointment to collect or view trees. See more ideas about wisteria, dream garden, beautiful gardens. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. The pendulous flowers and twisting stems of climbing Wisteria trees have an enchanting quality. Beautiful Purple Blooms make this a unique specimen indeed. Standard Tree: A more mature tree with an upright clear stem of approximately 1.8m-2.0m (measured from the soil to the lowest branches of the crown). In time the stem will thicken and become a small trunk, with strong branches. Ad posted 5 days ago Now, you get color and huge blooms faster than ever before. This climbing Wisteria can grow to 10 x 10 metres in 20 years, but is easy to maintain by pruning if you desire a smaller specimen. This Double Purple Wisteria plant is a beautiful variety, offering great seasonal interest. All our Wisteria are grafted (rather than cuttings) so ought to flower earlier. It can be propagated via hardwood cutting, softwood cuttings, or seed. Single Stem / Pruned and shaped: Classic shaped tree with a single stem that has had pruning to help create a beautiful, natural shape. Not sure which Wisteria to pick?Compare All Wisteria, Buy Wisteria floribunda 'Royal Purple' (Japanese Wisteria), Great Plant Combination Ideas with Wisteria. Wisteria, especially Wisteria sinensis, is very hardy and fast-growing. The branches are covered with a mass of mid-green leaves which turn yellow in the autumn before they fall. Blooming in late spring or early summer, the flowers are followed by attractive, bean-like pods, which ripen in late summer and may persist into winter. Among the darkest purple Wisteria cultivars, award-winning Wisteria floribunda 'Royal Purple' (Japanese Wisteria) produces stunning tresses of sweetly scented, pea-like violet flowers, up to 20 in. Wisteria Flower: Its Meanings & Symbolism The pea family, Fabaceae, is full of purple blossoms ranging from tiny roadside weeds to massive trees. Kentucky wisteria bears mildly fragrant bluish-purple flowers after growing only two to three years, making it the quickest wisteria to bloom. There's no need to be in to receive your order and you can request where it is left via the checkout. 375 sold. A mature wisteria can reach around 10m (33ft) in trees or spread up to 20m (66ft) against a wall. ‘Prolific’ is outstanding, living up to its name with 30cm strings of bluish-violet flowers that all open together for the most dramatic effect. These branches can be removed if a clear stem is required. Once planted, it is important to keep the area free of competing weeds and grass for the first couple of growing seasons. £2.79. Foliage Type: Deciduous Foliage: Green Fragrance: Flower Flower: Purple Exotic and Rare Indeed. A long-lived climber, this Japanese Wisteria can grow vigorously up to 20-30 ft. tall (6-9 m). Join now and start creating your dream garden! It's a stunning tree in any space - order your Purple Wisteria Tree today! A New Twist on an Old Favorite Why Wisteria Trees? If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in.. © 2020 Ornamental Trees Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Follow the guide on pruning wisteria for details on caring for your plant. Equally attractive is the dense foliage of fresh green, pinnate leaves which consist of 11 to 19 lance-shaped leaflets that turns to vibrant golden-yellow in the fall. Below are definitions of terms: Supplied Size: Height measured from the top of the pot. Despite our concerns, here’s a round-up of your best snaps of the purple stuff. A fantastic benefit of Wisteria sinensis 'Prematura' is that it will reliably produce flowers from a young age, starting in the first or second year. That's what the flowers of the wisteria Caroline' (Wisteria sinensis) are. Needs regular pruning in order to control size and shape of the plant and to promote flowering. Choose growing sites wisely because plants dislike being transplanted. Attractive to butterflies but ignored by deer! We use cookies on this website, you can read about them here. Now, you get unique lavender blooms nearly anywhere. Take the pot off and gently loosen the roots, then place into the planting hole. long (50 cm). To help your tree establish more effectively, especially if you have poor soil, we advise sprinkling root grow in the hole. 1 small tree (most trees under 1.5 metres in height) : £9.95 + vat, 1 medium tree (most trees 1.5-2 metres in height) or 2-4 small trees: £11.95 + vat, 2+ medium trees or 5+ small trees: £14.95 + vat, 1-4 trees delivered by pallet (inc. mature Japanese Maples): 24.95 + vat. For collections, despatch charges will be refunded. Mature and pleached trees or orders too large for pallet: Cost is calculated in the checkout process and varies by postcode rather than quantity (starts from £48 + vat). Climber: A plant that is a natural climber and will be delivered usually running up a bamboo cane, ready to position in the garden. The young stems cling by spiraling around a fence, pole or other plants, so that the flower-clusters hang down. Soil: Will grow in most soil types, but prefers moist, well-drained sites. Blooming in late spring or early summer, the flowers are followed by attractive, bean-like pods, which ripen in late summer and may persist into winter. Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Beginners Growing Seed Starter Kit 4 Types Of Trees. Trees on pre-order are still growing and an estimate of when they will be ready is given on the basket page. When pruned at the correct times, Wisteria is easy to control and a pleasure for everybody. Mature Himalayan Birch Trees | Betula utilis jacquemontii, Mature Japanese Maple Trees | Acer palmatum, Mature Rowan Trees | Sorbus | Mountain Ash, Join Our Online Newsletter For The Latest News & Updates. 3 WISTERIA BONSAI SEEDS, GROW YOUR OWN BONSAI. To create additional collections, you must be a paid member of our site. The plant can be affected by potential pests and diseases so keep an eye out for this. Varieties of Wisteria sinensis have the benefit of flowering in May and June before the leaves develop and start to mask the display. Flower colours include white, lilac-blue, pink and a dramatic dark purple. For further information, visit our help and advice section. Our pot grown Japanese Climbing Wisteria can be planted at any time of the year. Waiting for wisteria . All trees are carefully packed by our experienced team and most are delivered within 10 days of placing the order. The scented flowers come in shades of pink, purple, blue and white, creating long racemes of flowing colour that move beautifully in the breeze. Feathered: A feathered tree has branches from the bottom of the trunk all the way up. Combining these two plants together has the benefit of... Two fragrant and vigorous climbing plants for a spectacular... Use our interactive toolsto design your dream garden. Japanese Climbing Wisteria needs to be pruned twice a year. We stock a range of irrigation kits, suitable for a variety of planting schemes. Note this is the default cart. Accept Plant these wonderful climbers along sunny walls or over garden pergolas for the best effect. Wisteria sinensis bonsai tree seeds winterhardy. Cookies, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Wisteria floribunda 'Domino' (Japanese Wisteria), Wisteria sinensis 'Jako' (Chinese Wisteria), Wisteria floribunda 'Rosea' (Pink Japanese Wisteria), Wisteria brachybotrys 'Showa-Beni' (Silky Wisteria), Great Climbers and Vines for Mediterranean Gardens in Cool Countries, Want Garden Inspiration? Your Purple Wisteria from Fast Growing Trees Nursery will arrive with a good, solid root system, made to quickly adapt to your yard. The flowers are produced in pendulous racemes 10 to 80 cm (4 to 31 in) long and are purple, violet, pink or white. Pot measurements: 17cm (Ø) x 13cm (h) 27 flowers & 504 leaves The beautiful artificial wisteria tree is one of our most eye-catching trees. It climbs by twining clockwise (from left to right around the axis). Attractive mid-green foliage that turns warm yellow in autumn provides added seasonal interest. A naturally occurring hybrid, this Chinese Purple Wisteria has good sized racemes that are covered with an abundance of mauve/purple, pea-like, scented flowers in summer, which are very popular with bees and other pollinating insects. You get authentic Wisteria seeds shipped from Iowa. This late-season bloomer is native to the southeastern U.S. and is similar to American wisteria (it is sometimes considered a variety or subspecies of American wisteria). In a matter of days the entire wisteria vine will be a riot of bright green leaves and fragrant, opulent flowers. Clematis and Wisteria can be perfect companions. AKA Wisteria floribunda 'Domino', Wisteria × formosa DOMINO, Chinese Wisteria. Top grafted trees do not require complicated pruning and are ideal for small spaces. Create a membership account to save your garden designs and to view them on any device. In summer, after flowering, prune the green, whippy shoots from the previous year’s growth. £2.75. Check these Great Plant Combination Ideas with Wisteria, A Super Climbing Duo with Clematis montana and Wisteria, A Super Climbing Duo with Crimson Roses and Purple Clematis, A Cheerful Border Idea with Monarda, Clematis and Artemisia, A Super Climbing Duo with Clematis 'The President', A Super Climbing Trio with Clematis and Roses, A Super Climbing Duo with Clematis alpina, A Super Climbing Duo with Clematis x durandii, A Super Climbing Duo with Clematis montana Grandiflora, 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Wisteria floribunda 'Royal Purple' (Japanese Wisteria). This tree is part of our premium range, the most realistic trees that we stock Leaf stems are wired so this can be arranged to fit your space perfectly. Bush: A plant with many stems low down, rather than one clear stem. Top grafted: A height noted next to this form refers to the length of clear stem, which will not grow taller. Covid-19: We are still open! Despite the... Wisterias are vigorous, deciduous climbers that... All Wisterias are scented. Mix 50% of the original soil with 50% compost, then fill in the hole and firm around gently, making sure not to bank the soil up around the collar. Dig a square hole as deep as your root mass and approximately 2x as wide. It can grow 30 feet as a climber if left un-pruned, or with regular pruning grown on a medium-sized arbor or pergola. If you’re planting in autumn, you may only need to water your tree a little. But these little flowering trees are wonderful as a single specimen accent anywhere in your front yard, patio or perennial garden. Wisteria is a vine that produces cascades of purple to bluish flowers during the late spring and summertime. These vines make a spectacular addition to your pergola or patio, providing a visual element that enhances your yard’s living areas. £100. If you love the spectacular beauty of wisteria. They attract butterflies and bees! It is suited to any free draining soil in full or partial sun. Susceptible to foliage-chewing insects and fungal diseases, but none are significant. Please note, photos are a guideline as all plants are unique. The purple colour and delicious smell of the flowers create a Mediterranean scene! Chelsea Manor Street I was quite literally heading home when I saw that familiar hint of lilac among the brickwork. Multi Stem: A multi stem tree has two or more stems arising from or near ground level, growing from one root system. We are dealing with orders as quickly as we can and will be in touch about delivery if you already have an order with us. A prized Bonsai Plant 10 seeds of Chinese Wisteria, "Wisteria sinensis" to grow as Bonsai Plant No stratification needed. Purple Wisteria is a climbing plant but it can also be trained into a beautiful and different small tree. Propagate by layering, softwood cuttings, hardwood cuttings or grafting. Ideal for growing against a sunny wall or up a post, Wisteria 'Prematura' can also be trained as a tree (using a tree stake and tie). Its gorgeous growth is full and lush but can be pruned for a clean, neat shape. Clump: Several plants in one pot that can give the appearance of a multi stemmed and very bushy tree. The blue-purple flowers are like those of a pea, but gathere… Gift trees and those required by a specific date can be accommodated with pleasure, although we accept no legal responsibility for late deliveries. The climbing plant does well on a fence. Each year … Wisteria plants have a reputation for being high maintenance when it comes to pruning, but this is not the case! Wisteria is known to grow to colossal heights in warm climates in the south, but practically everyone can own this lavender beauty in tree form. Unlike big-box retailers or local nurseries, your Purple Wisteria is shipped right to your door with healthy, intact roots. The wisteria is known for its stunning flowers. long (50 cm). The wisteria is a member of this family that doubles as an attractive cut flower. The description of these plants has been written based on numerous outside resources. £2.25. Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. £2.99 postage. Kentucky wisteria (Wisteria macrostachya), which grows in Zones 4 to 9. Standards are available in different forms relating to their girth size (circumference of the stem measured 1m above soil level), not height: Standard  either 6-10cm or 8-10cm girth, approximately 2.5-3.0m in height Premium Standard  10-12cm girth, approximately 3.0-3.5m in height Heavy Standard  12-14cm girth, approximately 3.5-4.5m in height Extra Heavy Standard 14-16cm girth approximately 4.0-6m in height, Ornamental Trees Ltd. VAT no. These grow in the spring once the tree is over about 12 years old. For, at over 150 years old, this wisteria arch is typically in bloom from May-June and features purple and white flowers. In the woods behind out house, our neighbor allowed long wisteria vines to clamber up into tall ash trees, which would transform into bloom in May with long, purple blossoms making what could have been a boring street tree to suddenly become a giant wisteria tree, to memories of Nice, and Cannes in France, where like many of the coastal villages on the Cote d’Azur, wisteria arbors come into bloom … Deleting this collection CANNOT be undone. If you’re planting in spring, summer or dry weather, water well and regularly for the first few months. Free postage. 10 Bonsai Tree Seeds, Purple Chinese Wisteria Vine Plant. May 19, 2015 - Explore September's Color's board "Wisteria Tree", followed by 161 people on Pinterest. To use the website as intended please  The Purple Wisteria Tree has both. We have a fantastic range of wisteria plants for your garden. Our courier charges are not viable for just one or two trees, but if you have a larger requirement then please do speak to us to see if we can find a solution. Latin Name: Wisteria Sinensis English Name: Chinese Wisteria, Chinese Kidney Bean Species: Fabaceae Genus: Wisteria. Make sure to keep an eye on young Japanese Wisteria and increase watering if there are extended periods of hot or dry weather. It can grow in fairly poor-quality soils, but prefers fertile, moist, well-drained soil. We've already seen a few wisteria trees in bloom in 2019, their purple blooms adding a dash of colour to otherwise drab buildings, so the season is underway. Unlike other similar varieties, the Wisteria Tree delivers the color and whimsical blooms you love...just in a manageable size! Free postage. IF YOU KNOW THE NAME OF THE VARIETY OF TREE, PLEASE USE THE SEARCH BOX ABOVE. All our Wisteria are grafted (rather than cuttings) so ought to flower earlier. - in July or August and then again in January or February. It has stunning silk petals against a backdrop of gorgeous greenery and twisted liana style stem. As If you provide us with your name, email address and the payment of a modest $25 annual membership fee, you will become a full member, enabling you to design and save up to 25 of your garden design ideas. Currently on wisteria watch waiting for these beauties to start blooming again in London. There are Liana vines twisted around the stem of the fake Wisteria Trees and plenty of purple Wisteria Blooms to adorn this tree. Orders will be despatched when all trees are ready. The length of Wisteria racemes is an important... Wisterias are deciduous climbers. The light-green leaves are large with many segments. Planting Advice for Wisteria sinensis 'Prematura' Tree. Among the darkest purple Wisteria cultivars, award-winning Wisteria floribunda 'Royal Purple' (Japanese Wisteria) produces stunning tresses of sweetly scented, pea-like violet flowers, up to 20 in. Only the head of branches will develop. This encourages flower production and helps to control the overall size. A stunning climbing plant, wisteria will smother a building, fence or trellis with attractive foliage during the growing season and gorgeous plumes of flowers in the summer.Choose from our wide choice of wisteria at excellent prices. Flowers: Purple flower racemes appearing in summer. Start by removing all weeds and grass within a metre of your intended planting hole, which is ideally next to something the Wisteria can climb up. However, wisteria is known for growing rapidly and taking over the local planting area. GB 133 4164 42. The above prices exclude the Scottish Highlands, where delivery starts from £24.95 + vat and is calculated in the checkout process. Wisteria Shrubs. Only plants will be removed from the collection. Wisteria floribunda species is native to temperate Asia, Japan. There is a slightly longer timescale on pleached and mature trees (trees over 2.5m in height) because we group orders together for specialist delivery - we will contact these customers to notify them of the delivery date. AKA Wisteria floribunda 'Kokuryu', Wisteria Yae-Kokuryu, Wisteria floribunda Violacea Plena, Double Purple Wisteria tree The seeds are borne in long, narrow legumes and are poisonous. Foliage: Green leaves in spring and summer, turning yellow in autumn. Encouraged by the daffodils, which have already braved the cold weather and opened their faces to the sun, clusters of purple and pink wisteria blooms can be seen suspended on vines, trailing in and out of the still barren tree branches and along fence lines. Colour: Purple Our artificial plants and trees have incredible attention to detail and look very realistic. Purple Wisteria floribunda Bonsai Tree Garden Flowering Plant - 10 Seeds. The product table at the bottom of the page gives the forms and sizes available for this variety. It thrives in full sun. While every effort has been made to describe these plants accurately, please keep in mind that height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates.

purple wisteria tree

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